Dreaming of Deceased Mother Meaning: 14 Scenarios

Losing a parent is always painful. It becomes even more difficult to handle when it is your mother.

Mothers are the symbol of kindness, nurturing, intimacy, attentiveness, commitment, and unconditional love. It’s not surprising to dream of her, especially if you miss her presence in your life and the pain and grief of losing her are still fresh.

dreaming of deceased mother

Dreaming about your deceased mother is a way for your mind to process your feelings about her. It could be upsetting, a source of comfort, or both. What you dream about will depend on your emotional state and the life situation you’re currently in.

This dream may leave you asking a lot of questions. What did your dream mean? What to do about it? Why did you dream about her?

But don’t worry. We’re here to explore and answer your questions. We’ll give you the possible meanings of these dreams and some reasons why you’re having them.

Let’s begin.

Why Do You Dream About Your Deceased Mother?

Dreaming of Deceased Mother Meaning

There are no sets of rules that dictate the interpretation of dreams. Depending on what you believe, your dream could hold vast meaning or nothing. However, you are always the best option in understanding what your dream meant.

To do that, you need to carefully detail every minor element of your dream. Those might include people, objects, or the emotions evoked in you. Let’s take a look at some meanings of these dreams.

1. You Are Grieving or Processing Your Grief

Dreaming about your late mother is a way for your mind to process and cope with grief and loss. You’re trying to process your feelings about her and what her loss means to your life.

Dreams are our subconscious way of fulfilling our desires. If you have been thinking about your mother often, you might end up dreaming about her.

However, this dream could also occur if you’ve experienced another tragic event in your life. This might have caused you unbearable pain. Perhaps you’ve lost a dear friend or you’ve been involved in an unfortunate accident.

Such events might trigger memories of the pain you felt when you lost your mother and cause you to start dreaming of her again.

2. You Miss Your Mother

Your relationship with your mother is a major defining point in your life. It might have been good or bad, but it still holds a prime spot in the foundation of your upbringing.

For many of us, the mother is the primary caregiver. She takes charge of helping with our emotional and physical growth. She is the most profound figure of our formative years.

Losing a mother is always a source of intense grief and this pain can last through the years. Dreaming of your deceased mother, especially if her death was recent, simply means you miss her. You miss the role she played in your life.

You could also be thinking of all the good and bad times you spent together. This could make you wish to relive those memories and, in turn, trigger you to dream of your mother.

3. You’re Neglecting Your Obligations

Dreaming about your dead mother means that you’re failing to honor your commitments. This could be at home or school. Perhaps you are not doing your part of the chores at home or you’re falling behind in your team’s school project.

Also, you may be neglecting your responsibilities at your workplace and this might get you a lot of unwanted attention. Your mother might have been the person who encouraged you to meet your deadlines beforehand. Seeing your mother in a dream tells you to change your stance and work ethic. To be helpful and to work better with others.

4. You Need Support or Guidance

We often turn to our mothers for practical advice. If your mother appears in your dreams, it might be because you have a situation at hand that you feel you could really use her advice. Some people believe the dead communicate to us through dreams and a deceased parent could pass information through them.

Did you heavily depend on your mother for guidance? If so, there’s a chance that your mother might appear in your dreams while you’re grappling with a problem. You feel you’re in over your head and your thoughts are full of your mother helping you out through such situations.

Also, dreaming of your mother might imply that you need her support in a decision you’ve made. This decision might not have been easy to reach and you might be hurting over it. This could trigger dreams of her, as she had always been your support system.

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Biblical Meaning of Dreaming About Deceased Mother

In the Bible, dreams are mostly associated with prophecy and warning. It isn’t uncommon to dream about the people in your life or events that are about to happen. Dreaming about your deceased mother might be a confusing and emotionally charged experience. It can be difficult, but it’s wise to remember that she is still a part of you.

If you dream of a dead mother calling you, it might imply the end of a friendship, a romantic relationship, or a career. It can be a sign that you need to move on and let go of things that aren’t beneficial to you anymore. If your relationship was abusive or your workplace was toxic, this dream tells you to cut your losses and look ahead.

Additionally, dreaming of your dead mother might suggest that you’ve been cold and callous about someone else’s feelings. It cautions you to rethink your opinions and re-evaluate yourself. Perhaps you’ve adopted this attitude at your workplace and it has led to misunderstandings. Learn from your mistakes and grow from them.

Dreaming of Deceased Mother: 14 Common Scenarios

Talking To Your Dead Mother in Dreams

In certain situations, you might find yourself talking to your deceased mother in the dream world. If this happens, it shows you’re ready to deal with the emotions your dear mother represents.

We understand this can be an extremely hard process, but remember, your mother is still part of your life, even after death. As such, her presence can offer you the comfort and support you need.

It will help if you jolt your feelings and thoughts before going to bed, particularly if you want answers to certain troubling questions. Also, try to stay true and let her know what you want. Of course, don’t get surprised if she talks back.

However, if the dream feels too overpowering, don’t fear waking up immediately. That said, talking to your dead mother in dreams can provide you with the closure you need to heal.

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Traveling With Your Dead Mother in A Dream

A dream where you see yourself traveling with your dead mother means you’re dealing with an issue or you will find yourself in a situation that will leave you wishing your mother was around. Perhaps you feel you’re losing control of your relationship, or maybe things are not working out so well at work.

Your subconscious mind presents your mother as your confidant. By traveling with her, you can benefit from her advice, particularly if she talks to you. She will act as an encouragement to face your problem head-on and avoid losing control.

Dreaming Of Your Dead Mother Being Happy

To see your dead mother happy in a dream means your life is about to change for the better. Maybe you’ll land that position you’ve always wanted at work or you’ll afford a trip to your favorite destination. Either way, something extraordinary will happen that would have made your mother extremely happy if she was alive.

Dreaming Of Your Dead Mother Being Sad

Absolutely no one wants to see their mothers sad, whether in real life or in the dream world. The sight can tear you up from the inside, causing you to feel guilty for her emotional state.

Most dreams where your dead mother seems sad or even crying reflect sadness. Chances are the loss of your mother still brings you sorrow or you’re going through something that’s making your life miserable. Either way, you need to embrace your pain, but don’t let it dictate your decisions.

Dreaming Of Your Dead Mother and Sister

Dreams of your deceased mother and sister signify your inability to change. Although you want to stand out by becoming a distinct individual, you lack the drive to do so. Because of this, you’re stuck in the same route and your life seems repetitious.

Alternatively, the dream shows your tendency to place the needs of others before yours. You feel insecure, and as such, you try too much to be accepted. Also, it’s a sign you lack love in your life.

Dreaming Of Your Dead Mother-In-Law

Dreams of seeing a dead mother-in-law can have several interpretations. But the one that stands out is it means you will have a prosperous relationship with your spouse and her relatives. If you and your loved one are currently arguing or dealing with some challenges, you will get to the bottom of it.

Such dreams could also indicate that your fortune will improve soon and you will attain financial comfortably.

Dreaming Of Your Dead Mother Dying Again

If you dream of your mother dying again, it shows that the pain of losing your beloved parent still hunts you. You have not accepted the loss or taken the time to grieve her. As such, the thoughts and emotions that she represents still impede on your plans and goals.

Even though you still wish she was alive, it’s time to accept the reality and let go. This way, you can create room for progress in your life.

Dreaming Of Your Dead Mother Coming Back to Life

Such dreams represent your commitment to changing your way of life for the better. It means you’re doing things that your mother would be proud of. And if you continue on the same path, your efforts will attract more success and glory. Let the dream inspire you to maintain your newly found way of life.

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Dreaming Of Your Dead Mother Cooking Food

Dream of dead mother cooking reflects your willingness to accept certain qualities. It’s a sign that something significant will happen and you need to positively respond to it. And when you do, try to remain aware of the feelings of the people you surround yourself with.

The dream highlights different aspects of your life that contribute to the larger picture. It encourages you to embrace transition, especially if you’re searching for spiritual enlightenment.

Furthermore, the process of cooking embodies your emotional desires and sentiments. And calls for efforts toward evaluating different components of your life.

Seeing Your Dead Mother Being Sick in A Dream

A dead mother being sick in your dreams shows that your subconscious mind is yet to wrap itself around her loss. Because of this, you keep replaying her death.

Alternatively, your mother can represent the important things in your life. So, if she falls sick in the dream, it might mean that your relationships, business, or career might be in danger. Therefore, it’s wise to take caution and re-evaluate all the choices that you make regarding different aspects of your life.

Dreaming Of Your Dead Mother Calling Your Name

If your dead mother calls you by your name in a dream, don’t get scared. It’s not a sign that your time has come, but rather, an indication that anxiety, fear, and worry have seeped into your life.

What’s more, these feelings can be irrational or real. But since they exist, try to work on them or they will hamper your growth and progress.

Dreaming Of Your Dead Mother Giving You Money

Receiving money from your dead mother is a sign of good things coming your way, including happiness, good health, and prosperity. Most things will work in your favor, whether it’s a relationship or career-wise. Also, you’ll handle your current problems or issues with ease.

It’s wise to leverage these positive things to the fullest to meet your dreams and life goals. Another thing, dedicate more time to things that build you to enjoy the desired results.

Frequently Dreaming of a Dead Mother

A recurring dream about your dead mother serves to draw your attention to important events currently happening or about to happen.

In our daily life, we hardly notice the full scale of the challenges we face. And if we do, we’re not ready to deal with it.

Your subconscious mind will present you with the same problems over and over again until you choose to change your situation.

Dream Of Your Dead Mother Holding a Baby

Dreams of your dead mother holding a baby (whether yours or not) represent your hidden abilities that need to be awakened. Like a baby, your abilities require nurturing to be brought to life.

In the dream, the baby stands for your abilities and gifts, and your mother holding the baby shows that you can count on her for support and guidance.

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Closing Thoughts

It’s never easy to deal with the death of a parent. That holds, especially for a mother, because she’s the primary caregiver. We usually develop deep love and attachment with our mothers throughout our lives. So, her loss can bring about extreme feelings of grief, sadness, and sorrow, which can get echoed in your dream for years to come.

However, don’t get frightened when you experience such dreams. They’re just a sign you miss your mother or trying to resolve your feeling of loss. They can also reflect certain challenges in your life that you need to act upon.

With that said, take time to understand the hidden meaning of your dreams for a better interpretation. By doing so, you will expose your vulnerability and enjoy better control of your life.

17 thoughts on “Dreaming of Deceased Mother Meaning: 14 Scenarios”

  1. I dreamed about my late mother sitting in our house and Making ice blocks and giving me and my 2 daughters with a smile…. the amazing part is that the ice blocks she put them in water and they were frozen without putting them in the freezer but in water she wanted us to see that miracle. she gave us to eat it….. thank you.

  2. I dreamt of my late mother ironing clothes and I still wanted her to iron out more creased shirts I have in my closet

    What does that mean?

    • We understand a dream of a deceased loved one can leave you feeling emotional and we are truly sorry.

      In this context, seeing your late mother ironing your clothes implies you still miss her and desire her guidance and support. The part where you wanted her to iron your creased shirts points to unresolved issues.

      Probably, there is something you wish you had shared with her before she passed. In this case, your mother appears to encourage you to move on since she is in a happy place. It’s time to let go of your grief and focus on your happiness.

  3. Feb-28-2023,,, my mom died sept 28-2021 and I was dreaming mom sleeping next to me and I woked her up mom it’s time to get up and she answered me like aha like real and I look at my side what that means?

    • It seems you had a visitation dream. That means you are yet to fully process your grief.

      In this case, your mother appears sleeping next to you to help you deal with the pain and sorrow of her loss.

      She’s there to comfort and assure you that she’s doing well in the after life. She also answers you when you woke her up because she wants you to know you’re not alone.

      Your mother still lives on in your memories and heart.

  4. I saw a dream of my late mother “she is watching us (I and my Son) from a forest, and I lost her when I was pregnant. What does it mean?

    • Your deceased mother pops up in your dream because she watches you and your family from the spirit world. It’s also possible that you are still grieving or processing your grief.

      If so, your mother appears to offer you comfort, love, and reassurance that she’s okay, and that you should move on with your life.

      Since your mother died when you were pregnant, the dream could be a representation of your maternal instincts or a manifestation of your nurturing personality.

      It’s a reminder to rely on your maternal instincts to better care for your kid and yourself.

  5. I am constantly dreaming about my dead mother and she’s saying that she’s alive and i am agreeing with her. What does it mean ? I am so confused is there any messages she’s trying to tell us ?

    • Recurring dreams usually help us process trauma and work through unmet needs or unresolved issues. In your case, you constantly see your deceased mother because you are yet to process your grief.

      Many individuals think of grief as a short period of pain and sadness in response to loss. But it’s a long emotional process of coping with the loss of a loved one.

      If you feel guilty or frustrated over your mother’s death, it’s time to accept reality.

      Let’s go of your negative emotions and feelings and take care of your well-being.

      You can also talk to your family members and loved ones about your mother to keep her memory alive and lighten the load.

      Similarly, the dream might imply that you believe your deceased mother is still alive in some way.

      It’s also possible your mother is trying to tell you she’s alive and doing well in the afterlife, so you don’t have to worry anymore.

      • Dreaming deceased mum telling me that you are going to get a good job and you are going to have a house with more rooms.

        • Our deceased loved one’s visit us from the afterlife through our dreams to help us cope with the pain and grief of losing them.

          In your case, your mother visits to bring you news of success. You might not secure a new job, but may get a raise or promotion in your current workplace.

          The job could metaphorically stand for new opportunities. As for the house with many rooms, they reflect your goals, desires, and hopes for the future.

          Your mother’s presence should encourage you to put in more effort and to remain patient as you pursue your life’s objectives.

  6. My mother just died recently and it’s sudden. and this week i dreamed of her with no mobility aid walking towards me, asking me water to drink in 2 litres container. In my dream she was young and strong. but she was 83 supposed to be last month. and at the same time my son dream of her as well this week too looking at him. can you advice me what’s the meaning of this.please

    • We are truly sorry for your loss. Although the dream might seem like a bad sign, it’s not. It’s just your subconscious trying to help you process and cope with the grief and pain of loss.

      In the dream, your mother appears young, strong, and healthy because she’s free from the limitation of the physical world. She’s now a spiritual being, and she visits to comfort you and help your family heal.

      The vision also reminds you of your mother’s love, strength, and influence in your waking life. So don’t be sad anymore because your mother will always protect and guide you, even in the afterlife.

  7. My mother died 2021, but I dream that I called her on phone and she complained that she is feeling waist pain and seriously hungry.
    If fact she said hunger want to kill her, and she said that in pain.
    I have been crying since I woke up.
    What is the meaning please?

    • We are really sorry to hear about your loss.

      Mothers are important figures in our lives and when we lose them, it’s easy to feel abandoned, sad, and depressed. In your dream, the phone call to your mother implies you miss her and long for her comfort and support. It’s a sign of ongoing sadness and difficulty to cope with the loss.

      Some dream experts also say such a dream could represent unresolved issues or emotions. Your desire to connect to your deceased mother becomes evident through the phone conversation you have had. Her pain and hunger reflect your emotional pain and sorrow related to the loss.

      From another angle, this dream might represent feelings of guilt and regret. Possibly, you didn’t spend much time with your mother when she was alive or you had a complex relationship with her.

      Another interpretation is that you’ve gone against the values taught to you by your mother and she’s not happy.

  8. My mom died almost 2 years back and she never appeared in my dreams but this morning it happened for the first time she came in my dreams. So my dad recently got remarried and in my dreams it’s the same thing my dad getting married and my mom she’s still alive. I can’t get this thought out of my head. What does this mean. Thankyou

    • Your father’s re-marriage triggered a subconscious memory of your deceased mother. This allowed her image to manifest in your dream world.

      Even though your mother passed away, you still associate her with your dad’s role as a husband.

      Your father remarrying feels like he is moving on in his waking life, and you have conflicted feelings about this.

      The dream also reflects unresolved emotions around the loss of your beloved mother.


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