Dream of Being Sick: What Does it Mean?

Did you recently dream of being sick? Should you be worried about the dream?

Dreams are often confusing and unpredictable. One night you’re eating the best meal in your life, and another night you’re in an accident or being buried alive.

However, most individuals usually dismiss these visions as a figment of their imagination. But a few people like us love to decipher dreams and find hidden meanings.

dreams about being sick

Today, we shall focus on dreams of being sick. Sure, sickness is not the most pleasant topic to discuss. But you’ll be surprised how common these dreams are, especially among people feeling exhausted (physically or mentally) or craving affection.

Whether you have experienced dreams of being sick or a loved one dying from an illness, you’re in the right place. Here, we will provide you with all the potential answers you need to decode the meanings and interpretations of your dreams.

Is It Normal to Dream of Sickness?

To be sick is human. But people fear illness because it’s unpleasant, violent, and painful. It limits what a person can do, stops plans in their track, and suspends the normal flow of daily activities.

Sometimes, individuals are unable to support their loved ones when they get sick, since it means confronting the possibility of death.

For this reason, a majority of people don’t even like to think about illness, let alone openly discuss it. They fear such topics could make them appear self-indulgent or weak.

The fear and anxiety of being sick or seeing people close to you dying because of an illness form the basis for dreams about sickness. In the dreamscape, your unconscious mind can play out your thoughts and emotions in several scenes to take out the painful sting of the reality of a life-threatening illness.

Despite its unwelcoming, painful, frightening, and violent nature, sickness must be endured because it’s inevitable. As Freud puts it “we each owe nature a death”.

To answer your question: Yes, it’s normal to dream about sickness.

What Does it Mean to Dream of Sickness?

Dream about sickness first links to low energy levels in levels. This applies if lately you’ve been working extremely hard by staying up all night studying for an exam or finishing a work project.

Spending too much energy during the day or night without resting can leave you drained and exhausted. Resting allows the body to repair, recover, and replenish its energy store.

But if you don’t provide your body and mind the opportunity to rest, be ready to deal with the outcomes. Besides muscle pain and mood shifts, you will also experience dreams of sickness.

Secondly, a dream of being sick is a warning about your health. Sometimes, you might experience these dreams when your normal body temperature shifts due to a viral or bacterial infection, tumor, or inflammatory conditions.

Doctors refer to these dreams as fever dreams, and they’re particularly intense. But don’t fret! Dreams of sickness don’t always mean you are sick.

In fact, they carry other meanings relating to your current situations in life. For instance, you could be emotionally and mentally drained due to recent experience or have something toxic in your life. Read on to discover more interesting meanings and interpretations of these dreams.

Obstacles or Obstructions in Life

Sometimes, visions of being ill during your REM stage of sleep could indicate some problem in your real life.

Probably you’re dealing with some obstructions and obstacles in your relationships or friendship, which are causing conflicts between you and your loved ones.

If that’s the case, consider this dream a sign to reevaluate your relationship with your girlfriend/boyfriend or friend. You also need to learn how to overcome your greatest obstacles.

A Loved One in Trouble

Dreams of sickness reflect the struggles of the people you treasure, be it a friend, spouse, or close relative. Chances are, they’ve gotten themselves into trouble and can’t get out easily.

However, your hands are tied.  You can’t offer them the help they desire, even if you want to. As a result, you have somehow become a secondary victim of the mess unwantedly.

Your best move here is to reach out to your loved ones and get them talking. Perhaps you might figure out a working solution together.

Constant Unhappiness

Everyone deserves happiness in life, but because of unavoidable situations, the feeling of sadness makes its way into our lives.

Sickness and diseases might pop up in your dream if you’re dealing with a situation with no potential solution. The specific challenge sucks the life out of you, leading to a state of constant unhappiness.

Sadly, the solution to your problem is to keep trying until you find a solution that works. Instead of worrying too much, do things that bring your joy, like talking to a friend, exercising, or eating healthy.

Toxicity in Your Life

Most toxic things in our lives go unnoticed, but other makes such a tremendous impact that it leaves signs in our subconscious minds. Hence, the dream of being sick.

The dreams will get more vivid the more you assume the toxic situation or experience. So, it’s wise to eradicate the toxicity in your life as soon as possible.

The best way to do this is to identify the specific details in your visions. For instance, a high fever might mean there’s something malignant in your life.

If you vomit in your dreams, try to remember the color of the vomits. Yes, vomit is disgusting. But understanding what it means can help you get to the bottom of things faster.

Your vomit might take different colors in the dream world.

  • Red means you will encounter some roughness or brutality soon
  • Blue means you feel guilty because of a decision you made or a situation
  • Black symbolizes vulnerability
  • Green signals a lack of control over your actions


Some dream interpretations experts believe being sick in dreams points to hopelessness. This might arise from a situation you have no control over.

Loss of hope will affect your ability to handle the issue at hand. But instead of complaining, take steps to find a solution or a way around your current predicament. Otherwise, you will be caught in a state of despondency for a period.

Possible Danger

Besides toxicity, these dreams might imply that something terrible is about to happen or someone plans to hurt you.

That being the case, it’s wise to take care and stay alert. Trust your instincts, and if someone reeks of bad intentions and betrayal, stay away from them.

Remember, a person might not hurt you physically, but may target your property, career, or inflict emotional pain. So, always be a little suspicious of people in your circle.

Something New Is About to Happen

While most dreams of being sick embody negative connotations, there’s still room for some positivity. If the sickness kills you in the dream, it’s a sign of new beginnings.

It means forsaking your old life and receiving an opportunity for a fresh start. Just like a phoenix, you will rise from the ashes and become the best version of yourself. Of course, it will not be easy, but embracing the inevitable change will be worth it.

11 Situations of Dreams About Being Sick

Situations of Dreams About Being Sick

Dream of Being Sick With A Cold

Seeing yourself sick with a cold or flu in a dream might represent the feeling of detachment from your loved ones.

You are having a difficult time connecting with your spouse at an emotional level, and this could possibly lead to communication and relationship problems.

The solution to this problem is to talk about your feeling with your partner. It also doesn’t hurt to seek the help of a licensed therapist.

Another possibility is the dream points to an underlying health issue that you don’t know yet and may be manifesting. The dream advises you to focus on your health, especially if you’ve been neglecting it.

Dream of Having a Fever

You spend too much energy in your daily life trying to do several things simultaneously. You also fear failure, which explains why you’re constantly nervous and worried.

But remember, you’re human, meaning at one point your body and mind will give up. So, take a break and rest. There’s always tomorrow!

Furthermore, it’s easy to lose sight of the important things in life if you try to handle everything at once. It’s therefore crucial to brace your energies and identify priorities.

Dream of Being Sick with Cancer

You might dream of having cancer if you’re suffering from a loss of a loved one. The same can happen when feeling a sense of hopelessness or anguish because of a situation or toxic relationship. You feel like you’re wasting time for nothing.

The dream could also point to serious issues arising from wrong decisions or the mishandling of a situation. If you can face these issues head-on in your dream state, you’ll probably find a solution for them in the real world.

Dream of Seeing a Family Member Sick

To dream of a sick family member might imply an unexpected occurrence or event in your life. This could stir up trouble and destabilize the strong bonds you share with your family or the peace in the household.

Even though the event might catch you off guard, it’s wise to be flexible and deal with it with a positive mind and a cool head.

Dream of Seeing Your Dead Mother Sick

You seek fulfillment, tranquility, and comfort in your life. Besides that, you focus on achieving your future goal every single day.

What’s more, the dream could remind you to pay attention to what happens around you and think carefully before making any decision. Also, it could symbolize wisdom, wealth, prosperity, and blessings.

On the negative side, the dream stands for repressed anger resurfacing.

Dream About a Sick Person Recovering

If you’ve been going through a tough time, view this dream as a sign you will overcome your various challenges. You will also enjoy success in all your future endeavors, so don’t fear taking calculated risks.

Dream of Being Sick and Dying

Seeing yourself dying in the dream space due to an illness implies you need to embrace the notion of death. Moreover, it’s a message to show gratitude and appreciation for the things you’ve received over the years and your time on earth.

From a spiritual angle, the dream shows your ability to prioritize important things and to work consistently toward your goals in life.

Dream of Sick Person Getting Well

To see a family member or friend recovering from an illness is a sign of success around the corner. Your dreams will manifest soon.

You will also achieve the financial independence you desire because your investment will pay off and your income will increase significantly.

In addition, you will enjoy more success in your project, whether business or work-related.

Dream About Throwing Up

Vomiting is perhaps the most common side effect of most dreams. But what does it mean when you throw up in your dream?

Well, it might mean you’re trying to get rid of feelings that upset you in reality. Maybe you’re tired of a situation or someone, and you feel like calling it quits. In other cases, you might need a change of career or environment.

Dream of Skin Disease

In dreams, the skin acts as a barrier between you and the world you interact with. So, when it gets inflicted with a disease, it indicates feelings of insecurity and shortcomings in life.

Additionally, a skin illness could also stand for suppressed negative emotions or irritabilities you need to examine.

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Final Thoughts

As we wrap up, the dream of being sick can take many forms, as demonstrated in the examples above. Such dreams carry a variety of meanings. The most common ones include obstacles in life, unhappiness, toxicity, and hopelessness.

However, dreams about sickness are hard to decrypt. You must focus on every detail, from the images to the characters, to gain a deeper understanding of the vision and get the right interpretation. Luckily, this piece can act as your guide in your journey to decipher your dream.

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