Seeing a Dead Person Alive in Dream Meaning

Death is a devastating event that brings pain and misery to loved ones, family members, and friends.

Despite being sensitive subject, most people exclude them in their normal conversations. Some even consider talking about death taboo. Like birth, death is part and parcel of life and could happen to anyone.

With that said, death dreams tend to be unsettling and terrifying, more so if it involves people close to you. According to a 2003 study, death dreams, particularly the return of a deceased loved one or the death of living relatives, are very common.

So, if you’ve recently experienced the loss of your significant other or friend, don’t be surprised if you see them in your dream. Sure, it’s scary, but don’t be afraid, thinking it’s a bad omen.

In fact, there’s a medical explanation for this situation. Researchers believe you will encounter such dreams due to your close relationship with the deceased. But that’s just one of the many explanations.

If you wish to learn more about these dreams, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we have explored the different meanings and interpretations of dream visitation. Continue reading to find out more!

What Does Seeing a Dead Person Alive in Dream Means?

Seeing a Dead Person Alive in Dream Meaning

Many psychologists and other experts believe our dreams have deeper meanings. They often convey a message and reflect our real-life experiences. That’s why it makes sense that dreams about dead individuals can have an endless list of explanations.

In this section, we will discuss some possible themes that might pop up about if you dream of someone already dead.


Grief is a common triggering factor of such dreams. Losing family or friends is difficult for anyone. You may be afraid of losing memories of these people who are dear to you.

This could lead to having recurrent dreams of them and finding your mind diving into your memories of them. This dream is a sign that you are not at peace with their death, and you need answers to some concerns you have.


Dreams about death could serve as a reminder to deal with the important issues you have been procrastinating in your life. Perhaps you’ve been ignoring your health, avoiding certain confrontations, or assuming certain behaviors in your relationship that may put you at risk.

We understand confronting some issues might seem stressful, but it’s necessary to handle. Because the longer you wait, the worse they get.

Seeing a departed loved one in your dream, particularly one who used to help and guide you into solving problems, is a sign that you need to get a grip on your life and get down to business -no more procrastination.


Dreams about death could symbolize the end of something important in your life. These dreams are a message from your subconscious that you should relinquish your hold on the past and move forward.

It implies that you should accept the coming changes in your life, especially in your personality. It could also show that you should get rid of old habits and aim to live a proactive and fulfilling life.


Dreaming about a deceased person being alive can symbolize a feeling of fear. Maybe you’re concerned about the welfare of someone alive, and you don’t want him to end up like the dead individual. Perhaps the person is involved in something dangerous or is in a compromising position.

The dream might also reflect your fear of dying. It might imply that you worry a lot about yourself and often give in to dark thoughts. If that’s the case, it’s time to think more along the positive lines. Yes, life is full of challenges, but that doesn’t mean you should live expecting the worst.


Sometimes, dreaming about death or talking to a deceased person foretells a season of transformation coming into your life. This transformation could encompass your workplace, family, or relationships.

These changes may also occur internally. This is a good sign. It means you are ready to forgive yourself and reconcile with your past. It means you are willing to learn from your mistakes and forge a new path.


Dreaming of seeing your deceased loved ones is a sign that you have deep-seated remorse, especially regarding the person. This may be an embodiment of the past or the memories you shared. The context of the dream determines what your dream is conveying.

If your dream is dull and sad, it represents a subconscious need to forget something from your past. These may be your shortcomings or embarrassments that prevent you from moving on. You may want to bury them, but some are too big to ignore.

This dream is a sign of the internal struggle you’re having. It is advisable to come to terms with your failure and start the process of acceptance.

Situations of Dreams of Dead People Being Alive

Dream Of A Dead Person Coming Back To Life

This dream is associated with your relationship with the deceased loved one and how important it is to your life. It casts a shadow on the effect of their absence in your life.

If you dream of a dead person being alive and they are trying to tell you something, it signifies that you need a new mentor and someone to advise you since you have lost the one who used to.

Seeing a dead parent in your dream is a good sign. A mother is an epitome of nurturing, comfort and guidance. Dreaming of your late mother alive might mean you miss her or wish to take on some of her qualities in your waking life.

If you are talking,  it represents your need for her guidance or comfort over something that is giving you a hard time.

A father represents independence, protection, safety, and authority. A dream like this signifies your desire to have those qualities in your life. Or maybe you may struggle with establishing authority or decision-making.

Alternatively, perhaps your subconscious is gently nudging you towards acting as your father would when confronted with such a situation.

A sibling may signify unity and harmony at home. Also, it might imply having a good friend who always has your back. However, if you are fighting with your sibling in the dream,  it might signify the end of a friendship. Or maybe you’re about to fight with someone dear to you.

Dream Of A Dead Person Talking To You

This dream often occurs on the eve of an important event. It means the deceased is trying to reassure you that everything will go okay. By luck, you might discover pointers on ensuring things go smoothly. Talking to your parents in your dream symbolizes wealth and happiness in your waking life.

Conversations with your grandparents foretell a grand family event might happen, and with a deceased brother, it implies happiness. However, talking to your dead sister might signify uncertainty in your life. A dead husband portends trouble, while a dead friend is a prediction of bad news.

Traditionally, dreaming about talking to departed friends or family was regarded as an answer to supplication.

For instance, if a woman trying to convince encountered a dream visitation from a dead relative or friend. Then, the day she will get pregnant, she would name the child after the person. Or give the child a name special to the deceased to show gratitude.

This move ensured the kid received great spiritual backing from the dead.

Dream Of Dead Person Not Talking To You

Dreams about a dead person not talking to you may represent your resilience and ability to bounce back from seasons of adversity. It also shows your independence of thought and capability to face your problems head-on.

However, it may also be a symbol of your materialistic attitude. It implies that other people’s opinions sway you easily. Or perhaps you’re running with a crowd that’s negatively influencing several aspects of your life.

It shows that you lack a sense of individuality. Also it serves as a warning that you should strengthen your will and stand up for yourself.

You should seek wise counsel and form honest, unbiased opinions of your own.

Dream Of Dead Spouse

Losing your other half is difficult. It leaves a huge hole in your life, and you might face lots of challenges on your own that you might not have imagined. When you keep dreaming of your dead husband, it suggests you miss him and long for his company. The opposite is also true.

The dream also shows that you haven’t accepted their death. You are hanging on to a slight hope that it is not true. This dream encourages you to grieve. You should cherish the memories you made together and strive to find peace in your life. It is a sign that it is okay to open up your heart again.

Dream Of A Dead Friend Being Alive

Dreaming of a dead friend being alive shows that you are not ready to let go and still holding on to their memories. It is a pleasant dream, since it symbolizes the revival and restoration of lost things. It foretells that whatever you have lost will eventually come back to you.

This dream may appear during a stressful time or when you are struggling to make a tough decision. This portends that you need a little support when making such a decision.

Sometimes, it shows that you miss a quality that your late friend possessed. Maybe they were logical, practical or fun to have around, and you miss the difference their presence used to make.

Biblical Interpretation of Dreaming of A Dead Person Being Alive

Dreaming of death sometimes leaves a nasty aftermath of feelings when we wake up. Contrary to popular belief, these dreams are not a premonition of misfortunes that will befall you. Instead, a reflection of change within you.

Biblically, it is taboo to commune with the dead.  While the scriptures say we can heal the sick and raise the dead, conversing with the dead is detestable to God.  Furthermore, the bible does not support dreams of talking to the dead or learning the art of consulting with the dead.

In addition, most Christians believe that any communication with the dead, whether in dreams or through mediums, is an act associated with demonic presences.

In fact, some demons have masqueraded as dead relatives through dreams to give instructions to the living. People who fall for this farce end up being instruments for demonic purposes.

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Final Thoughts

A dream visitation is always considered a positive sign. When deceased loved one, sibling, parent, or friend come back to you via a dream, it means they are doing alright on the other plane of existence.

Therefore, you should not be held back by grief or regret. It’s time to move on and make the best of your life.

11 thoughts on “Seeing a Dead Person Alive in Dream Meaning”

  1. Hi, I recently dreamt about my mom who passed away 2 years ago and I know her 2nd death anniversary is coming.

    I saw her in my dream, I feel happy and relieved that I even shouted “My mom is alive! You are alive!” So I hugged her and try to notify our closests relative.

    Then when I brought her to one of my relatives one of them gave me this fear that they might kill me. Which I grab my mom and carried her out from the house. They were chasing with claws and knife that I had to shout “Help me!” I tried to hid from them and they found me, I went on running from circles until I climbed the top of the tree whilst carrying my mom . Which gives me an anxiety and fear that if she gets scratched she will disappear from my sight.
    So I was able to escape and hid behind the jeepney and one of the kids asked me what I am doing and told them I am hiding from people who wants to hurt me and my mom. They helped me hide and the scene changed into the bus stop and my mom is gone.

    I guess I was too sick and no one is taking care of me right now that I dream of her6

    • Hey…
      Yesterday night I had a dream about my friend’s and relative’s dead dad being alive. He has been the sweetest person all his life, feel like never did anything wrong, while his son said a lot of wrong things to me which he may be sorry for or no but anyway.

      I had a dream of him, being alive and all of the family members were acting like there was nothing strange about it. I was kinda scared as I knew deep down that he wasn’t alive in real life and that’s when he gave me a weird look, like he knew it too but the rest of the people in that dream didn’t know it.

      I read over 10 articles and the only answer I’m getting at is that I am mad at his son and I shouldn’t be. I don’t know how to forgive but I know how hard it is for him as well.

      Yet still, here I am in confusion.

      Hope you will feel better, stay strong, you’re never alone.

  2. I had a dream this morning of my mother and my aunt. My mom was older and my aunt was teenager. My mom was busy doing things while my aunt was sitting on the couch patiently. I asked the teenage woman, how do you know my mom ? She started crying when I asked her the question. I was there cause I wanted to talk to my mom about something or just see her. Just weird to see my aunt as a teenager and my mom of age. The dream was in color but my aunt was in black and white with the brownish patina of an old photo. Both were alive in the dream. It was close to my grandfather’s house.

    • The dream points to a past trauma or experience caused by someone you trust and love. Although you forgave the individual, you are yet to overcome the pain of the experience.
      It’s deeply rooted in your subconscious mind and often pops up in your dream in various scenarios.

  3. Hi, Amelia. I am 52 years old, and never in my life had I dreamt of the dead. But recently, I dreamt twice of a too-soon departed friend of mine. The first time, we were in an airport, and he told me: “I’m glad you have come”, calling me by my name. He then went off to “take his last flight”. I thought I wouldn’t hear of him again, as it seemed clear enough from a symbolical point of view. But a few nights ago, he was there again, joyful and smiling, to tell me I had to be wary of someone I thought was a friend but who was secretely jealous and hated my gut. Once again, you can take it as a cristallization of some subconscious feeling. Anyway: last night, the dead, again! And this was strange enough to be told. At the start, I was with someone, prob my girlfriend. I started looking into a painting showing small fishing boats or pleasure boats moored in a marina. There was a boat whose pilot was looking at me intensely. I couldn’t help but staring at him, too. Then, as I wanted to turn, I saw him who opened his mouth, as if he wanted to tell me something, but I couldn’t hear anything. Now, I was in the picture, on the peer, and I saw an old guy in another, green (why green?) boat, whose right eye was vitreous and about to fall from the eye socket. I offered to “take him home” (?), and he answered kindly, while getting out and going away: “No, no, thanks: I’ve been dead since December 2”. That’s it. I think it MUST mean something, but I can’t find out what.

    • First, the dream of your departed friend points to your emotional state. His departure left you shocked and you’re yet to let go. Your friend appears in your dreamscape to assure you he’s in a good place and doing well. Therefore, let go and focus on building yourself.

      Second, the dream suggests the spirit of your friend is watching over you. That explains the warning about a jealous friend. It could also mean that your subconscious mind has identified disturbing patterns in one of your friends that you’re yet to see. This individual might betray your trust or hurt you in other ways.

      The interpretation is further supported by the appearance of a dead stranger in your dream. For this reason, you should be cautious of the people in your circle. It also means you should trust no one easily.

  4. Had dream about best friend of over 24 years recently passed away from prostate cancer at 37 that was so vivid… We were sitting in his living room just talking and then his wife came from the bedroom and said what are you doing here your are dead and then I realized it too and I said yeah what are you doing here you’re dead and he replied yeah I guess I am and then he deflated like a balloon and it was flat on the couch and his wife was very angry and stormed off and I was scared and I reached out touched his hand and it was so real he filled back up with air and was normal and looked healthy and was no longer sick and I jumped up and hugged him and I woke up it was so vivid I could feel him….i wept like a baby when i woke up

  5. I dreamt about my best friend that passed away 2019 from an overdose. I’ve dreamt about him 1 time before, this was the second time.
    This time I saw him in a crowded room, i shouted and ran after him and when he finally stopped and I could see his face, he didn’t recognize me at all because he was completely fucked up.
    Beside him stood a guy, it was my friend too, but it was the person he was when he was sober. He told me “this is me too” and hugged me, i was so happy he was alive again. We told each other “I love you” and then I woke up crying. I’m still happy i got a chance to see him.

    I could literally see the two extreme sides of him at the same time, that has to mean something.

    • First, I’m sorry for your loss. It’s natural to see your deceased loved ones in dreams, especially if you miss them.

      This dream is a way for your subconscious to express your feelings of sadness and longing for your friend.

      However, it’s also a sign that your friend has moved on to a happier place. So, you no longer have to grieve or feel sad.

      Embraces happiness and move on with your life because your friend still lives through the sweet memories and experiences you shared.

  6. I dream of my late husband and that he is waiting for me and someday he will be back for me till then he lets me know he is with me it’s like he is on a trip going ahead to get things ready

    • Losing a loved one is an awful experience, and it could lead to recurring nightmares. But in this context, your dream is no nightmare.

      It’s a radiant vision that shows you miss and long for your husband. Chances are, you require someone to guide you, as you have lost the one who did so. Dream experts say seeing a deceased loved one alive is a positive omen.

      Your husband appears to reassure you that everything is okay. He feels safe and happy in the afterlife so you should not worry so much about him.

      Instead, embrace the impending changes in your waking life and prioritize your happiness.

      On the flip side, the vision could point to unresolved feelings with your late husband. If so, confront these feelings to find closure.


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