Dreaming of Someone Dying Who Is Still Alive Meaning

While scientists can’t entirely agree on the purpose of dreams, it’s widely believed that dreams offer people a safe space to escape reality and do whatever they want with no consequences.

However, when the dreams involve someone close to you, such as a parent, loved one, or friend dying while they are still alive in the real world, chances are you will wake up feeling disturbed, terrified, and confused with a feeling of significant loss.

Let’s not forget the effect it will have on your body. You will wake up feeling tired and might have a difficult time going about with your day.

Dreaming of Someone Dying Who Is Still Alive

So, what do these dreams mean? Are they a warning of impending doom? Or maybe a bad omen?

Join us as we take a closer look at the interpretations of these dreams and what they might mean in your life.

What Does it Mean When You Dream About Someone Dying Who Is Still Alive?

Dreaming about someone dying is not so much of an uncommon occurrence. In fact, 80% of people experience this dream once in the course of their lives. Although these dreams can often seem like a horror movie and can leave you disturbed, it doesn’t necessarily mean your loved one or your friend will die.

Dreams about death hold different meanings, some positive and others negative. It all depends on the context of the dream. But what is clear, death in dreams means the end of something in your life or a fresh start. For example, a relationship or experience that you wish to let go of.

Basically, death dreams represent a fresh start. Dreams of mothers seeing the death of their babies could mean they need to recognize the responsibility of protecting their babies, or else something bad might happen.

Sometimes parents experience death dreams as their children grow up. This is a sign that they need to recognize that their little babies who relied on them for everything have to move on.

According to a dream neurologist and director of Dream and Nightmare Laboratory at the University of Montreal, dreams express emotions that have been building up. This means if you dream of someone dying yet they’re still alive, the dream might be coming from a place of fear and uncertainty. Perhaps you’re dealing with stress and anxiety, particularly if someone close to you died recently.

Experiencing such dreams is a way for your subconscious mind to help you deal with a tough situation. These dreams can also serve to comfort, especially for terminally ill individuals.

Spiritual Meanings of Dreaming of Someone Dying Who Is Still Alive

Several themes stand out when individuals dream of someone dying, yet they are still alive. Though we have highlighted a few above, let’s look at others.

Fear of losing A Special Person

As said earlier, dreams about death can symbolize changes or endings. It’s human nature to resist change, and no one likes it when something comes to an end, especially if it involves the people we love the most.

If your dream involves your spouse or loved one passing away, it could mean you are afraid to lose them. The thought of them dying or abandoning you ignites the feeling of sadness in your heart. This dream is fairly common if you have had a recent fallout with your partner and you feel your relationship is not secure anymore. The same happens if your loved one is presently sick.

By experiencing such dreams, your unconscious mind is trying to echo your fears and predominant thoughts of you having to leave without an emotional or physical connection with your loved one in real life.

A Change in Situation

When you dream of someone dying, it’s a sign that a significant change will take place in your life. Maybe you will move to a new position in your company, change careers, meet your goals, or discover a new interest. Regardless, approach the change positively, and maybe you will achieve success in your life.

Changing Relationships

A dream where your friend, brother, or loved one dies might mean you desire to change your relationship. Or maybe you are expecting something will happen that might loosen the bond of your relationship.

Most people fear breaking old negative or painful relationship patterns. Sure, it’s painful, but letting go is perhaps the most empowering thing you can do. Remember, if you continue holding on to your old relationship patterns, you will continue living the same life: More like living in a loop.

Therefore, if you encounter such a dream, it’s high time you rethink boundaries and negative relationship patterns. It’s time to become more assertive and end contact with individuals who might harm you.

Keep in mind, you can’t force anyone to do anything, more so to love you in the way you desire. Learning to let go is your ticket to being free and creating new space for new relationships that can help you flourish.

You Feel Betrayed by The Person

Another explanation for your dream could be you feel betrayed. If you saw your former partner (ex) dying, it might mean you feel he/she betrayed your trust, confidence, or moral standard in real life. That is true, especially if the partner cheated on you.

The feeling of betrayal is even vivid when you see your family member or close friend dying, but instead of being sad, you seem happy. It’s as if they’re being punished for doing something wrong to you in real life.

Losing Control of a Part of Yourself

Sometimes you can dream about a total stranger dying, which might seem confusing and too random. But don’t assume such dreams because they can reveal more about your life than you ever thought possible.

This dream can have many possible meanings. First, you might be losing an essential part of your identity. Second, maybe you’re busy trying to hide some part of yourself from the real world. Finally, perhaps you have no control over your life direction anymore; you don’t know if your current path is leading you to your goals.

No matter the meaning, consider this dream as a sign that you should stop what you’re doing and re-evaluate every aspect of your life, from career to relationship. Try to connect with yourself at a deeper level and identify those parts that have become unrecognizable. Once you’ve done that, you can jumpstart your journey to becoming more full-filled.

You Feel Control by The Dying Person

If someone in real life has complete control over your life to a point where there’s nothing you can do, you might dream of him/her dying. That’s a way for your subconscious mind to vent your frustration and stress or cry for help. Although you don’t want them dead in real life, you still desire a way to escape their grip.

Missing Someone

Sometimes not meeting a close friend, loved one, or relative for an extended period can result in such dreams. Their death might symbolize your feeling of longing to meet them once again, even if they’re not part of your life anymore.

Examples of Dreams Where Someone Who Is Alive Dies

Dream About Death of Loved One

Death in dreams can spook you. But the one involving your loved ones can leave you totally petrified and utterly upset. Chances are you will wake up thinking it’s a premonition or warning about something. But that’s not the case, a dream of someone dying can symbolizes abandonment in a relationship or fear of change.

While such dreams don’t represent an actual death in real life, there’s still a reason you had it. Therefore, it’s crucial to get to the bottom of it. Sit down and try to evaluate the relationship with a loved one.

Is it good? Or do you somehow feel that you have been falling out of love? Are there negative patterns you don’t like and wish to get rid off?

Either way, this dream should act as a wake-up call and encourage you to be more thoughtful about your relationship and how you can improve it.

Dream About Death of Parent

A dream about the death of your parents could mean you will experience a big change in your life. The departure of our parents is inevitable. So, it makes sense that this dream can stir up some feelings of fear of being left alone. It’s no secret! Our parent plays a big role in our lives. From a young age, they’ve provided us with the knowledge of how to live and survive in this harsh world.

So, when you see them dying in the dream world, it’s a way of your unconscious mind to deal with loss, be it in your career or other aspects of your life. This dream could also symbolize deep regret, especially if you did something in the past.

Another meaning is that you will get cheated. The first person you ever trusted in your life was your parent. Right? When they die, it feels like you have a hole in your heart, making you vulnerable. Since you have no one to rely on anymore, chances are people you think you trust might end up deceiving you. As such, you should learn to shield your heart and be careful with the people you interact with.

Dream About Death of a Friend

If the dream involved your close friend dying, chances are your friendship is going to experience some serious changes. Or maybe you prefer being free from the person because of his past or current transgressions. Besides that, the dream might symbolize how much you care about your friend, and somehow you feel like has gotten himself into trouble.

But remember, sometimes such dreams may have nothing to do with your pal at all. Instead, it might represent the role of the individual in your life.

Dream About Family Member Dying

When you dream about your whole family dying, it could mean your family unity is breaking down, which makes you worry. Maybe there are certain circumstances that could cause a great rift in your family.

The best way to deal with this is to understand the impending crisis and call for peace. Ask family members to focus on peace and unity, no matter the situation.

A dream where a family member (whether grandfather, child, or other siblings) die might represent your fear of loss, unresolved guilt, loss of control, or losing touch with your routes.

Early Morning Dreams About Death

Usually, dreaming in the morning suggests pleasure and fortune are within your reach. It symbolized renewal, rebirth, and awakening. But what if the dream involves the death of loved ones, friends, or family members?

Well, that denotes a low spiritual state or undergoing significant change, especially if it involves your parents. If you dream about a child dying, it shows that it’s time to let go of your immaturity and become more serious in life.

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Bottom Line

In conclusion, dreams about the death of an individual who’s still alive are terrifying, and most people consider it a bad omen. But based on the information above, it’s clear that such dreams can have both positive and negative meanings.

That said, dreams about the death of friends, family members, siblings, and loved ones who are still alive serve as an eye-opener so you can evaluate your relationship with them. Try to form better bonds and end toxic patterns that seem to do you more harm.

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  1. I dreamed for several years about a car accident regarding one of my sons. At least every 6 months I would have this dream for years. It scared the hell out of me! The dream was always about driving over over an embankment and dying. In 2018 my youngest son Daniel was in a car accident and his vehicle went over an embankment and he hit a tree and died. Personally I believe this to be a premonition not a dream. I haven’t had the dream since my son passed.

    • First, we are truly sorry for the loss. Second, your dream could have been a premonition. Remember, the universe works in mysterious ways.

      Sometimes, it might send you messages related to future experiences through your dreams.

      It’s also possible the dream was a way for your subconscious mind to process your fears relating to your sons’ safety.

    • I’m so sorry for your loss 💛 I remember having a dream of my mom passing and in a coffin, a few months later it became reality and I had to witness it up close and personal. I’m scared of my dreams always have been, they have a way of always coming true that wasn’t the first time.

    • Although this dream might seem like a bad omen, there’s no need to worry. It simply reflects the unresolved feelings related to your ex.

      Alternatively, the dream could represent your desire to let go of and make peace with your past.


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