Dreaming of Dead Relatives Meaning

Sometimes deceased relatives appear in our dreams, but what does it mean when they visit? What do they want?

Well, we will answer these and other questions you might have about dead relative dreams in this post.

Usually, dreams about dead family members can feel scary and downright unsettling. But it’s quite normal to experience such dreams, especially if you lost your loved one recently.

dreaming of dead relatives

It’s a way for your unconscious mind to deal with the trauma of loss. Consider the dream a natural part of the grieving process.

With that in mind, join us as we explore the different meanings and interpretations of dreams about dead relatives.

Why Do I Dream About Dead Relatives?

There are many reasons dead relatives might knock at your subconscious doorstep while sleeping. For instance, maybe you feel alone in your life or stuck at one point.

The visitation is a sign you need guidance or reassurance that all is well. However, a dead relative dream serves as a warning of unexpected changes.

Below are some reasons your family members might visit while in your REM stage of sleep.

1. A Way to Process Grief

According to research, dreams of relatives assist us process trauma related to loss. It helps us maintain a connection with the dead and balance our emotions. These are necessary when grieving.

When dealing with loss, it’s natural for your thoughts and feeling to get buried in your subconscious mind. These thoughts tend to get amplified when sleeping and sometimes they can overwhelm you.

As a result, you might see the deceased in one of your dreams. If this happens, don’t get scared. Remember, the dream serves to comfort you. It assures you everything is well, and it’s fine to move on.

Nevertheless, if you can’t stand the dreams, it would help if you hire the services of a counselor or psychologist with dream interpretation knowledge.

2. You Need Guidance

When you encounter a dead relative in your dream, it’s a sign you need guidance. Maybe the deceased possessed a problem-solving skill that might come in handy in your life.

It’s common to experience this dream when dealing with tough situations or when stuck at one point in life and needing to move ahead.

Through the relative, your subconscious mind can help you find a solution to your problem. Probably, you already know the answer, but just having a difficult time finding it.

Sometimes a difficult situation can make you feel scared. Because of this, you might desire the reassurance of a deceased relative with whom you felt safe and at peace.

The individual will set your mind at ease so you can relax and find an effective way to deal with whatever troubles you.

Dead relatives simply appear to assure you that everything will fall into its place, no matter how impossible the situation might seem. So, you don’t need to worry.

The dream can also work the other way around. In that, the deceased loved one is the one seeking guidance from you.

At times, the souls of the dead get stuck or feel lonely in the spiritual realm, and they might need help to move along. Through dreams, they can contact the living and receive help to cross over into the next realm.

3. Emotions Projection

Most dreams about dead relatives are often positive and comforting. Nevertheless, there are cases when the deceased might be disappointed, upset, or angry at you. Dream experts say such dreams are probably a projection of your emotions.

When the dead relative is mad at you, it’s not that their spirit is crossing over. Rather, it could be that you are mad at yourself for not meeting your goals, not doing more for your relationship, or for some other reason.

Adding to that, you might experience dreams of dead relatives if you had unfinished business with the deceased or if their dream come about suddenly.

4. Signs of Self Sabotage

Sometimes the dead relatives in the dream might try to harm you. If that’s so, the dream most likely shows a self-sabotaging part of yourself that’s similar to behaviors or patterns as the deceased.

It’s wise to take time off from everything and evaluate every aspect of your life. Identify the thing you’re doing that’s self-sabotaging. Maybe it’s something the dead relative struggled with and you’re doing it now, whether it’s substance abuse issues, extravagant lifestyle, and so on.

5. You’re Seeking Closure

More often, the death of a loved one often leaves individuals with feelings of sorrow, remorse, or guilt. So, whenever a deceased loved one appears in your dream after a sudden or unexpected death, it could mean that their soul seeks closure.

Similarly, you may be the one looking for closure by wanting to say goodbye to them.

Another potential reason for experiencing this dream is that you’re yet to come to terms with the situation.

The departure of your relative from your life has forced you to acknowledge the strong bond you two developed.

For this reason, you feel alone and wish you had one more chance to tell them the things you didn’t say when they were alive.

When you recreate the events leading to the death of your loved one in the dream world, chances are you’re trying to determine if you could have prevented their death. Or perhaps you wish to say sorry for all the things you did wrong.

6. Your Dead Relative Has Unfinished Business

Last but not least, such dreams could indicate that the relative might have some unfinished business. They may want your help to execute it.

If the person died a sudden death, most likely they have several loose ends they might want to clear up before leaving for the next plane of existence.

For instance, if the loved one got killed, he might show up in your dreams to provide hints about the killer or even ask you to take revenge on them (but let’s hope that’s not the case).

Example of Dreams About Relative and Their Meanings

Dreams About Dead Relatives Giving You Money

In most dead relatives’ dreams, the deceased often give dreamers something as a sign that they want to help them deal with issues in their real life. The gift can include, but not limited to, kindness, the power of spirituality, wisdom, etc.

If the relative gives you money, it could mean you will attain great financial achievement or receive something good in your life.

In the case of vast sums of money, most likely you will gain the things you’ve always wanted. Perhaps you’ll afford that trip to the Maldives or buy that Porsche Cayenne you’ve always wanted.

But according to some dream experts, this dream might symbolize a bad time approaching or an unfortunate event hitting you. Therefore, it helps to look out for unique details in your dream and how they relate to your current situation and emotions.

Dreams About Dead Relatives Dying Again

Dreams of a dead relative dying again can symbolize improvement, pleasant changes in your life, or self-discovery.

You may go through a transitional period that’s making you more spiritual and receptive. It’s also a sign that you will leave the past behind as you experience a profound internal change.

Most people might experience these dreams when dealing with major life events like getting married or divorced, moving to a new town, or getting a promotion.

Dreams About Dead Relative Talking to You

Sometimes, dead relatives might talk to you about your dreams. While this might sound scary, the dream should not give you chills.

Consider the dream a warning about some kind of trouble or challenge you’re about to face. It might also mean that you will receive unexpected news soon.

While you can’t determine if the news will be positive or negative, it helps to prepare yourself for both outcomes.

The other interpretation of this dream is that you’re currently dealing with some problems and don’t know how to handle them.

You’ve probably done everything within your ability to address them, but nothing seems to work. Now you’re thinking of a relative who can provide you with guidance.

It’s also possible you’re dealing with loneliness and you want someone to share your feeling with. If that’s the case, you will wake up feeling better and relaxed after pouring your heart out in the vision.

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Dreams About Dead Relative Being Alive

While this dream might appear strange, it symbolizes restoration. It represents the things you lost along that you wish to recover. It could relate to your lost values, pride, or faith. The dream encourages you to remain hopeful, irrespective of the hurdles in life.

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Hugging Dead Relative in Dreams

Dreaming of hugging a dead relative it’s usually a comforting experience. It means you have not fully forgotten the deceased, and from time to time, you miss them. Chances are you’ve never managed to fill the void they left or you miss certain qualities they represent in your life.

Hugging a dead loved one might also mean that you’re not ready to let go, especially if the individual died recently.

But remember, life goes on no matter what, and sometimes letting go is the only way to move forward. Plus, your relative doesn’t want to see you stuck in life, feeling sad.

In some dreams, you might see the dead relative hugging another dead individual. Here, the dream reminds you to accept things happening in your life, whether positive or negative.

Dreaming of a Smiling Dead Relative

A smiling dead relative in your dream might seem creepy and unsettling, but there’s no need to worry. The smiling loved one means you no harm.

A bright and beaming smile from your relative shows the deceased is happy for you and proud of the life you’ve created for yourself.

This dream also reveals that you’re yet to process the loss of the dead relative. It’s possible you are overwhelmed with feelings of sadness, anger, disbelief, and loneliness. Or you miss the loved one and the energy they brought into your life.

The dream informs you it’s time to let go of all your bottled-up emotions, even if it means crying for some time.

However, if the smile seems sinister, most likely you’re feeling guilty about something. It could relate to a mistake or bad decisions you made in the past that could have some serious consequences.

Then again, the dream could show that some people in your life don’t want to see you succeed. You should, therefore, take caution and fully assess the individuals you consider friends.

If you feel someone is dishonest or fake, stay away from them. By doing this, you can reach a state of calmness, positivity, and peace.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreams About Dead Family Members

The spiritual meanings of dreams about dead family members vary from one culture to another.

For instance, the Wiccans believe the spirit of our loved one communicates with us through dreams, since they have no physical bodies. So, you need to treat them the same way you would have if they were still alive.

In Chinese culture, dreams of dead family members symbolize good luck. It’s a sign that you’re being looked after by loving and kind spirits.

As for Hinduism, the meaning of this dream depends on the dominating feelings you will experience while dreaming. Sometimes, the dream might symbolize wealth and prosperity or danger.

Christians, on the other hand, consider having such dreams as having dreams of ghosts. The ghost visits your dreams because they have unfinished business in the real world. Some Christians also believe the ghosts are demons trying to harm them.

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Final Words

As we come to the end of our piece, it’s wise to highlight that dreams of dead relatives can have several meanings and interpretations.

They can represent your grief or need for guidance and reassurance. Either way, it’s crucial to remember the context and setting of the dream for a correct interpretation.

While these dreams might seem scary, don’t let them intimidate you. Keep calm as you try to figure out the right meaning of the dream.

Hopefully, this article will act as a guide in your quest to understand your dream better. Thank you for stopping by.

4 thoughts on “Dreaming of Dead Relatives Meaning”

  1. Had a dream I was on a flight, which arrived late due to an issue with my seat. They did an air test and a bag at my seat was leaking smoke. Once we landed there were no connecting flights. I made a calm and my deceased brother answered the phone. He said he would be at the airport soon to pick me up – any thoughts

    • Your dream points to fear related to situations in your life that feel out of control.

      Chances are, you are facing an obstacle in your waking life or worried about your plans not working out the way you wanted.

      Because of this, you feel pressured or stressed out.

      The dream also implies you feel stuck or lack a sense of direction because of the obstacles in your path. You seek support or guidance to overcome the issues you’re dealing with.

  2. I had just received heart surgery and lost a lot of blood which was very scary for me. The night after I dreamt of my deceased grandfather who came into my grandparents house sat on the couch and I was hugging and kissing him I couldn’t believe he was here, it felt so real. He simply said “I can’t stay for long and I wish I could come back.” I suddenly woke up. Any thoughts?

    • Your nocturnal vision is simply straightforward. It reflects the intense fear you had before and after your surgery.

      Maybe you thought you couldn’t make it, but luckily the surgery was successful.

      Your deceased grandfather appeared in your dream to re-assure you that everything was okay even if the experience was frightening.

      Although he could not remain on this earthly plane, his love and guidance live on and are always available to you when you look deep inside you.


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