Dreams of Deceased Grandfather Meaning

Did you know dreams can be a window to your subconscious mind?

Sometimes, our memories, experiences, desires, anxieties, and fears get etched into our subconscious minds. And the only we can access them is through our dreams.

However, this information is never straightforward. The unconscious mind presents them as symbols and hidden messages, with some taking the form of the things we encounter daily or people we love. In this case, your deceased grandfather.

dreams of deceased grandfather

According to dream experts, dreams of dead loved ones could have several meanings. Luckily, we’ve researched the possible interpretations of dreams about deceased grandfathers and presented them in this comprehensive guide.

Let’s check them out!

Is It Common to Dream of Deceased Grandfather?

It’s common to dream of deceased loved ones and to feel convinced they are there with you. But why does this happen?

Dream experts say these visions offer solutions to unresolved conflicts and enable dreamers to process grief and other emotions related to the loss.

But here’s something you didn’t know:

Impressions that intensely occupy the conscious mind only appear in dreams after they’ve been removed from the mental activities we experience during the day.

As such, we don’t dream of deceased individuals while we’re still grieving or overwhelmed with sorrow. That explains why you might dream of your dead brother, sister, or mother several years after their passing.

In a way, your unconscious mind connects you with loved ones who have long passed away through dreams.

What Do Dreams of Deceased Grandfather Mean?

Dreams of a deceased grandfather can bring up a range of emotions, from feeling at peace to reliving the loss again.

Nevertheless, the dream could enlighten you about your waking life and expand your psychological awareness. Additionally, it could provide you with a better understanding of your subconscious state.

That said, below are some common reasons you might see your deceased grandfather in your dream world.

1. You Miss Your Grandpa

Perhaps the simplest explanation for your dream is that you miss your grandfather. This rings true, particularly if he helped shape the man or woman you are today. It’s possible you think of him most time. As a result, your subconscious manifests your feelings in the form of your nocturnal vision.

Doing so allows you to enjoy the comfort and peace your grandpa represents. If the dream feels heartening, it is your subconscious way to reunite and connect you with your loved one and heal old wounds. This applies if you feel anxious, lonely, or uncertain about your current situation.

2. It Might Be a Visitation Dream

Do you believe your grandfather can visit you from the afterlife?

Well, it’s possible in the dream world.

Sometimes, our deceased relatives can visit us in dreams to impart wisdom, reminders, life lesson, and warning. They also appear to offer reassurance that they are okay.

Jennifer Shorter, a clinical psychologist, says visitation dreams are usually vivid, unique, powerful, and life-changing. In these visions, the dead loved ones often seem healthy, vibrant, and young. In addition, they help dreamers process grief, cope better with the loss, and experience closure.

3. You Are Still Grieving

Dream researcher Joshua Black, Ph.D., says dreams of dead relatives help dreamers process the pain and trauma associated with death. In addition, they help them regulate unresolved emotions.

If your vision seemed unsettling, it implies that you are yet to get over the loss of your grandfather. You might also feel responsible for his death, especially if you didn’t visit or pay attention to him when he was alive.

The guilt is eating you alive, and you have no one to talk to. If you let it persist, you might experience recurring dreams of a dead grandfather. To solve this issue, you need to understand death is a natural part of life.

Secondly, identify the cause of your guilt and determine if it is justified or if it stems from an exaggerated or irrational thought. Whether it’s the former or the latter, remember this feeling does not define you as an individual. Instead, it helps you make a positive change in life.

4. Sign of Self-Sabotage

Another potential interpretation of the dreams of the deceased grandfather is self-sabotage. This holds if your grandfather tries to hurt you in the dream.

According to dream expert Loewenberg, such visions point to the self-sabotaging part of yourself that shows the same patterns as your dead grandpa.

Most likely, you feel trapped in patterns or behaviors that create problems and hinder you from achieving your goals. Although you try to change, you somehow end up in the same place or doing the same things over and over again.

Did your grandfather exhibit such behaviors?

If yes, you don’t have to be like him. We recommend you start by examining your behaviors and identifying self-sabotaging habits.

It also helps to identify areas in your waking life where things often go wrong. For example, you tend to leave your job when there’s an annual review.

Besides that, learn what sets you off. Maybe it’s boredom, things going too well, fear, or self-doubt. After that, note down your triggers in a journal. Also, remember rejection and failure are a normal part of life, so work to accept these realities without self-sabotaging yourself.

Dream of Dead Grandfather in Various Religions

  • Islam: Muslims believe nightly visions offer them a means to connect with the unseen world. Dreams of a deceased grandfather in Islam reflect the soul of the dead loved one visiting the dreamer to provide guidance and wisdom or warning. Some Muslims consider the dream a sign of forgiveness and blessing from the deceased loved one.
  • Hinduism: Hindus consider the dreams of deceased grandfathers as a positive sign. Like in Islam, the vision represents blessings and hope. It’s also a sign that you will achieve your desires and dream. However, the interoperation of these dreams varies with the context. For instance, a dream of a happy deceased grandfather suggests you will enjoy opportunities, prosperity, peace, and the progress in your waking life. If you see a concerned grandfather, it’s a warning of impending doom. This could be a business failure, illness, accident, or death of a friend or relative.
  • Christianity: To Christians, dreams of a deceased grandfather are a gift from God. With the permission of the Almighty, the dead can crossover from the spiritual realm and invade your dreams to pass a message of hope or warnings about the future. God makes this communication possible to help your spirit grow. These visions could also be a way for God to comfort and provide the dreamer’s assurance.

8 Examples of Dreams About Deceased Grandfather

Dreams About Deceased Grandfather

Seeing Dead Grandfather Alive in Dream

The dream of seeing your dead grandfather alive simply means you miss him. It symbolizes your longing for his presence in life because he provided you with comfort and peace of mind. The dream could also point to a desire for wisdom, guidance, and support from your grandpa, particularly in times of trouble.

Alternatively, the dream suggests you will receive happy news soon. Maybe you will secure a new job, sell your business for a profit, or get into a healthy relationship. It’s also a sign of abundance and prosperity.

Dream of Dead Grandfather Talking to Me

In this context, the dream indicates danger. Possibly, you, your friends, or your family member might get into an accident, which might lead to death. That’s if your grandfather appeared concerned while talking to you. Similarly, the vision could show that you will lose control of certain aspects of your life.

If you had a decent and warm conversation with him, the dream implies you are on the right path in life. Although things might look bad at the moment, eventually they will work out and you’ll enjoy success.

Dream of My Dead Grandfather Dying Again

The second death of your grandfather represents unresolved grief, unfulfilled emotions, or unfinished business.

Probably, you’ve been harboring some negative emotions, feelings, or thoughts related to his passing. Now, your subconscious mind is manifesting a vision of your deceased grandfather dying again.

The dream brings your attention to this issue and encourages you to address them before it’s too late. It’s time to come to terms with the loss of your grandparent and to let go of any feeling of sadness, loss, or guilt.

On the other hand, the second death represents an end to a chapter of your life or a change. Chances are, you are undergoing a significant transformation in life. You have learned to let go of the past and create a better life for yourself.

Dream of Dead Grandfather Hugging Me

This dream shows your subconscious desire for the presence and nurturing traits embodied by your grandfather. Your grandfather hugs you to provide you with emotional support and comfort. The hug also represents love and hope, even during challenging situations.

Speaking of hugs, your grandfather embraces you to bestow ancestral blessing and protection to you and your kin. The vision indicates a strong connection with your ancestors, which allows you to gain wisdom, strength, and courage passed down for generations.

If you hug your grandfather back, it means you’re ready to learn about life. You understand the importance of advice and guidance from paternal figures and how they can help you on a path to success.

Dream of Travelling with Deceased Grandfather in Dream

The dream symbolizes an exploration of your life. Maybe you are on a path toward spiritual enlightenment, self-discovery, or personal growth. Or you’re an in a quest to seek knowledge and wisdom.

Your grandpa’s presence in your dream space represents a desire for guidance to navigate the various challenges along your path and to make life-changing choices.

Alternatively, your vision could symbolize a desire to connect with your favorite relative. It means you still have a deep bond with your grandfather, and his memories play an integral role in your waking life.

The journey in the dream shows a sense of ongoing companionship, even if your grandpa has crossed to the afterlife. It also reminds you of the teachings and values he shared with you.

Seeing Deceased Grandfather Smiling in A Dream

Your deceased grandfather smiles because he’s happy with the man or woman you have become. He’s also proud that you implement his teachings and carry his legacy with pride. Some people also believe this dream is a sign of love and affirmation.

Dream of Dead Grandfather While Pregnant

Dreaming of your deceased grandfather while pregnant could be a sign of good joy, happiness, and good tidings coming your way. If he is smiling at you, the dream foretells a period of abundance and wealth from a legitimate source.

The vision could also indicate ancestral blessings and protection. Since you’re on a journey to become a mother, it makes sense your ancestors will appear to show your love and bless the unborn baby.

In addition, it could mean your fear of the idea of motherhood and desire assistance to transition to this new life and overcome the challenges of motherhood.

Dream of Deceased Grandfather Angry

If you had a complex relationship with your grandfather, the dream is a sign of unresolved issues, unfinished business, unexpressed feelings, or regrets.

If so, look deep inside yourself and identify what might bring up such an experience.

An angry deceased grandfather in a dream also could represent pent-up emotion and experience that you need to address.

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Bottom Line

Losing a grandfather is never easy, and dreams about him can stir up uncomfortable emotions and feelings. However, the vision should not be a source of suffering. Instead, it’s a sign of good times ahead.

Oftentimes, dead relatives appear in our dreams to offer comfort, guidance, wisdom, and support. Sure! They can also convey warnings. But if you pay attention to them, you can prevent any impending doom.

Therefore, look at your dreams with a positive mindset, and you will see a significant change in your life.

Do you have any questions? Let us know in the comment section below.

4 thoughts on “Dreams of Deceased Grandfather Meaning”

    • Chances are, you are going through a difficult time and long for the comfort and safety associated with your deceased grandfather.

      The dream could also be your mind’s way of honoring the memory and wisdom imparted to you by your grand-pops when he was alive.

  1. In my dream I saw my deceased grandfather and my aunt (who is alive that is very sick in the hospital)..we were gathering a few plants because I said to them that I do not have a green thumb, in particular I was saying to them that there is this one spider plant that just doesn’t seem to thrive.

    • Losing your grandfather and then seeing your aunt sick in bed can bring up intense emotions. One such emotion is fear of death, especially if you have not overcome the loss of your grandpa.

      The vision simply implies that you don’t wish to lose your aunt. We also noticed you said you picked a few plants, which means you desire personal growth and development.

      However, the section about the “green thumb” is a clear indication of a feeling of inadequacy and lack of control in your life.

      You are probably struggling to cultivate a healthy relationship, or positive habit, or trying to reach your life’s goal.


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