Dreaming of You or Someone Crying Meaning

Dreams are hard to interpret because they are highly personal and often influenced by several factors, such as the dreamer’s experience, feelings, and thoughts.

That said, crying in a dream could reflect the feelings and emotions you are experiencing in your life. The vision could also be your subconscious way of processing and releasing suppressed emotions during your waking hours.

crying dream meaning

If you want to know what it means to cry in a dream, you have stopped at the right page. Here, you will learn about the symbolism and interpretations of crying in a dream. Let’s begin!

Is Crying in A Dream Good or Bad?

To answer this question aptly, you have to relate your dream to your emotional state and the setting of the vision.

Crying in a dream is a way to release all those bottled-up emotions and frustrations. This helps clean your psyche and makes room for more positive emotions.

However, seeing someone else cry might signify tragedies in the future. It might also represent your struggles with depression and grief.

All in all, you must pay attention to the minute details of a dream to determine if it points to a good or bad omen.

Spiritual Meaning of Crying in A Dream

In spirituality, crying in a dream relates to your emotional state. According to Sigmund Freud, your subconscious uses dreams to resolve suppressed emotions and experiences in your waking life. These emotions could be love, sympathy, guilt, or anger.

Therefore, crying in a dream implies an emotional outburst after an extended period of repression. The outburst allows your mind to achieve balance, plus you will enjoy emotional stability.

Chances are, you will feel more energized after such a dream. Because you never realized how much your lack of expression was taking a toll on your mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Biblical Meaning of Crying in A Dream

According to Christianity, crying in a dream points to a powerful connection with the holy spirit. It signifies a spiritual bond between the dreamer and God.

Crying in a dream is associated with negative emotions such as sorrow, depression, and mourning. The vision expresses your frustrations when things don’t go your way.

Alternatively, crying in a dream implies a spiritual attack from the enemy. This might drive a wedge between you and God by filling your dreams and reality with sorrow.

Crying in a dream because of the dead is a bad omen. It foretells a life of frustration and tragedy.

Crying in A Dream Symbolism

Cring Dream Symbolism

1. Unhealed Trauma

Crying in a dream is a sign that you’re still reliving the traumatic events of your past. Usually, these are events you never healed from and never got closure. Perhaps you lost a very close friend or a family member, and you never got the chance to express your grief.

Similarly, you might be a survivor of domestic abuse or have gotten out of a toxic relationship. However, you are yet to work through the trauma of these situations.

If you relate to these cases, try opening up about your past to someone you trust to help you. A problem shared is half solved. If it becomes more challenging, seek professional help.

2. Repressed Emotions

Dreaming about crying is a sign that you have repressed your emotions. The dream is a message from your subconscious that you should shed these negative feelings.

You may be facing a lot of challenges and high-pressure situations in your waking life that may require you to make hard decisions. These decisions might not align with your belief system, and you can’t express your opinions about them. Such a situation might leave you reeling with suppressed emotions.

Suppressing your emotions will leave you mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted. Crying is one way your mind and body can let go of these bottled-up emotions. Once you let go of them, you will feel lighter and happier.

3. Change Is Coming

A dream of crying shows you’re about to go through major transformations in your life. They may be good or bad, depending on your lifestyle and choices. Seeing your father or someone else’s father crying represents professional changes. You may switch your career or receive a promotion at work.

Seeing yourself cry symbolizes means you will enjoy joyful surprises. Perhaps an engagement with your long-term partner or receiving news that you and your spouse are expecting a child. Such news will definitely lead you to make changes in life to accommodate your new lifestyle.

Crying in Dream: 11 Common Dream Scenarios

Dreaming That You Were Crying

Seeing yourself crying in a dream portrays your suppressed emotions. Crying implies that you’ve gone through trying times and had to make tough calls that have taken a toll on you. Also, you haven’t had the time to process your emotions.

If you see yourself crying in a dream, it is wise to notice how you were crying. This will help you gain a clearer interpretation of your dream. For instance:

  • Crying loudly is considered a bad omen. In your waking life, people who cry out loudly more often are going through emotional breakdowns or painful phases in life. They tend to find relief by letting it all out. If you were crying out loudly and complaining, it implies that you’ve been going through depression and anxiety for a very long time, and it’s getting worse. In such a case, it is imperative to seek medical assistance to help you work through your emotions.
  • Crying silently is a good omen. Silent tears signify unrealized strength, patience, and absolute resolve. It means you won’t let the life hardships you’re facing put you down. It also means that you’re slowly working through your pent-up emotions and healing as you go.
  • A sudden outburst of tears symbolizes good luck. It also suggests that you will soon receive good news. Sobbing convulsively foretells career growth and professional development.
  • Wailing foretells the end of a difficult period. Perhaps you’ve been sick for a long time, but now you have healed.
  • Crying in bed implies you’re releasing disappointment and sorrow from your life. The bed represents an intimate comfort zone, and crying is a sign to avoid toxicity in your life. Shed the negative thoughts and surround yourself with positivity and good vibes.
  • Crying with others is a good sign. It foretells a season of celebration with your friends or colleagues. Perhaps you have finally completed a project as a team and won an award.
  • Crying blood is ominous. It foretells tragedy or death in your family.

Dreaming That Someone Else Was Crying

dreaming of someone crying

Dream of someone else crying carries a lot of varying interpretations. It could be a sign of good luck. It might mean that whatever struggles you’ve been going through will finally end.

Someone crying in a dream also implies that a person or people will walk into your life and make a significant difference. Perhaps you’re about to enter a new healthy relationship, or you will venture into a business with a trustworthy partner.

If it was a stranger, the dream implies you need to stop hiding in your comfort zone and expose yourself to the world of opportunities. The dream suggests new things await you, but you must take the first step.

Running into someone that’s crying suggests that tragedy might strike soon in your household. If you were the reason behind someone crying (spouse or friend), it means you will face relationship troubles. The dream warns you to make amends and avoid petty conflicts.

Hearing someone else crying and not seeing them symbolizes your hidden talents and skills. Such a dream encourages you to explore that unknown aspect of yourself. You never know! You might find your calling in them.

Crying In a Dream Because Of Death

Crying due to death in a dream might look terrible at face value, but it is not. If you’re crying because of death in a vision, it means you will experience success in your professional life. For an entrepreneur, having such a dream means that whatever business you venture into will succeed.

Alternatively, crying in a dream because of death might be a way to process grief. Despite your loved one being dead for a while now, you still find it hard to process his(her) death.

Because of this, you might experience their death again in a dream, and this can make you cry. However, the vision marks the end of your grief and the beginning of your healing process.

Seeing A Dead Person Crying in A Dream

A dream involving a dead person crying comes with varying meanings depending on who was crying and what emotional connection you had with him(her). Below, we’ve listed a few examples of such dreams.

Dead mother crying in a dream

Dreaming of your deceased mother crying signifies a need for affection. Mothers are the primary caregivers and nurturers. They are the first to teach you about love, respect, and friendship.

The dream implies that you’ve been living in solitude and you need to get out and socialize. If you’re single, the dream tells you it’s time to get into a new relationship. For those already in relationships, it reminds you to explore the passionate side of your relationship.

Dead grandmother crying in a dream

Seeing your deceased grandmother crying in a dream with tears running down her cheeks foretells family conflicts and disagreements.

Similarly, the dream warns you to prepare for the difficult times ahead. Perhaps you will face financial or professional challenges.

It also tells you to strengthen yourself and your relationships, as there will come a time when they’re all put to the test.

Dead father crying in a dream

Dreaming of your dead father crying indicates a lack of self-love. You have a very distorted and inferior image of yourself. You also let others trample over you and you rarely share your opinion.

The dream also suggests you have repressed emotions you don’t want to confront. This dream encourages you to start the healing process. Face your fears and if you feel unable to cope, you could always seek professional help.

Seeing A Woman Crying in A Dream

Dreaming of a woman crying suggests that you will get your life together. You will clean your act and start being responsible for your actions. In the long run, your financial problems will end.

For anyone in a relationship, dreaming of a woman crying implies trouble in paradise. You have been neglecting your partner, and it’s taking a toll on your relationship.

The dream implies you will witness your partner crying in real life. If you let it deteriorate to that point, then it may be too late to save your relationship.

Also, a woman crying in a dream suggests that you’ve lost touch with your feminine side.

Dreaming Of a Baby Crying

Babies cry to express their needs. They cry when they are hungry, uncomfortable, or need attention. Adults also behave the same sometimes. Therefore, dreaming of a crying baby is a sign that you desperately need to pay attention to some aspects of your life.

The dream is a message from your subconscious that you have unfulfilled goals and you need to stop neglecting them.

On the other hand, babies crying heralds good news. Perhaps someone will announce their engagement soon or there will be a new baby in the household. Babies crying in a dream also presage immense profits, especially for business owners.

Dreaming Of Your Spouse Crying

Seeing your husband or wife crying in a dream indicates marital problems. Perhaps you’re having intimacy challenges and neither is communicating with the other.

You might be plagued with dreams of your spouse crying because you feel as if you’ve disappointed them in your waking life.

In such a situation, communication is the key. Open up about your challenges to your partner. If that is difficult, broach the idea of couples counseling to save your relationship.

Dreaming Of a Friend Crying

Dreaming of your friend crying indicates that one of your friends needs help. However, they’re too afraid to ask and they put on a brave face to the world. The dream encourages you to reach out to your friends and ask about their well-being. You could also offer your unconditional love and support and remind them you’re always available if they need a listening ear.

Alternatively, it could mean that you need your support system around you. You’re going through a difficult time in life and you will need your friends to help you. Don’t let pride keep you from asking for help when you truly need it.

Dreaming Of Your Mother Crying

Dreaming of your mother crying is a bad omen. Watching your mother cry in your waking life is bound to put you in a state of panic. The same goes for a similar dream.

Mothers usually cry when their children are plagued with suffering or are in distress. Therefore, if you see your mother crying in a dream, it foretells a season of sadness and troubled times ahead of you. It suggests a future filled with depression and stress.

However, all is not lost. Mothers are also fiercely protective of their children. This means that no matter how hard life gets, your mother will always be there helping and protecting you.

Dreaming Of Your Father Crying

It is unnerving to see your parents crying. The same applies to a dream. Fathers usually hide their emotions from everyone. If you see your father crying in a dream, it might mean that you are emotionally unstable. Perhaps your emotional needs aren’t being met, and it’s finally showing.

Seeing your father crying in a dream also symbolizes transformation. You’re about to undergo extraordinary changes in your life. This will affect your lifestyle, plus your social and professional work.

Since fathers are the symbol of authority, dreaming of your father crying might imply a climb on the professional ladder to a position of more influence.

Seeing Your Boyfriend Crying in A Dream

Seeing your boyfriend crying in a dream means you are about to enter a new chapter in your relationship. However, this phase will entirely depend on how you felt in the dream. If you were happy, it suggests that you want to take your relationship to the next phase.

If you felt depressed or anxious during the dream, it suggests that you feel tied down in your relationship. You wish it would end, but you don’t know how to go about that conversation.


There are many existing interpretations of dreams about crying. But the right interpretation boils down to the context and details of the dream and the emotions it evokes in you.

Whether the dream makes you sad or happy, never dwell on these moments. Strive to learn from your dreams, as they may significantly impact your life.

Hopefully, this piece has given you some insight into what your dream might mean. Good luck!

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