Dream About Kissing Someone Meaning

Kissing is a beautiful experience that allows us to express our care and love for family members, close friends, partners, and even our pets. The emotions we feel while kissing someone depend on the situation and the person we’re kissing.

Even though kissing someone can leave us feeling bad or confused, most of the time it’s a positive experience. Kisses have well-known positive meanings like romance, friendship, and love.

dream about kissing someone

Kisses are such a popular and common thing in the world, it’s logical that you would dream about it. Dreams about kissing happen quite often, and all of us have had a couple of dreams like this.

So, what does it mean to dream about kissing? Find out by reading this article.

Symbolism and Meaning of Dreams About Kissing

Kissing is often a universal act of shopping passion, respect, love, greeting, or appreciation for other people. In addition, science has proved that kissing is also good for your health!

The symbolism of kisses depends on which part of the world you are in. For example, people in Europe kiss each other on the cheek when they first meet or when they say goodbye to each other.

Three kisses on the cheek are considered an act of respect in some parts of France. When people from other places, such as America, witness this they are caught by surprise.

In terms of romantic relationships, partners kiss each other on different body parts to communicate a different thing. Kissing hands is often viewed as a sign of respect while kissing on the neck is a sign of physical attraction and desire.

In this section, we will talk about the different meanings of kissing dreams.

1. Safety

Dreaming about kissing someone can mean that you have a person in your life, whether that’s a partner or a friend, that you can trust. You feel safe and secure around this person and they give you a good feeling.

You might have had trouble trusting your friends or partners in the past. But now, this dream is a signal that your close ones have created a safe space for you.

This dream could also be an indicator that you want someone who will make you feel safe and loved.

2. Solving a Conflict

A kiss on the lips means that you’ve had a miscommunication with someone and that you want to resolve the issue. The kiss in the dream means that you want to restore the trust and love you had with this other person.

You want to avoid having negative feelings about them. The person you’re kissing in your dream doesn’t have to be the person you’ve been in a conflict with in your waking life.

Dreams aren’t always literal and you shouldn’t interpret them that way.

3. Need for a Deep Friendship

Dreams about kissing someone on the neck could mean that you feel very passionate about this person, both emotionally and physically. In waking life, this translates to feeling passionate about someone and wanting them to be a part of your life.

However, you need this relationship to be more than passionate. Instead, you want someone to be your best friend, and once you have that foundation you can build on it together.

4. Problems With Boundaries

If you dream about kissing, it might be because you have trouble setting boundaries with the people around you.

You might be in a situation where you love a person platonically, but they want a romantic relationship with you. They’ve tried making a move several times, which you rejected.

Even though they don’t respect your boundaries, you don’t want to remove them from your life. Friend-zoning them isn’t a good solution, but you don’t want to say your goodbyes to them.

This dream is a signal that you should establish clear boundaries with the people in your life.

5. Betrayal

Kissing someone on the neck in your dreams could mean that you should be careful because someone close to you might betray you. The jugular vein is located on the neck, and oftentimes when someone goes for the jugular vein in movies it symbolizes betrayal and death.

This dream is alerting you to be more careful about the people you spend time with in real life. Someone might be pretending to be your friend, but their intentions aren’t pure.

A dream like this could also mean that you’re going to be the one who will do the betraying. This betrayal can come in different shapes, whether it’s professional, financial, or romantic.

6. Not Expressing Your Feelings

Dreaming about kissing someone could be a sign that you’re hiding your true emotions and thoughts to spare another person. You’re angry or disappointed by their actions, but you don’t want to hurt them so you don’t express your feelings.

If you truly care about this person, you shouldn’t worry about running your relationship, so don’t bottle your feelings up!

7. Holding On to the Past

Dreams that involve kissing your ex mean that you still aren’t over the breakup and you miss them. It’s an indicator that you’ve been digging through old memories in your waking life and that you still think about your ex.

However, this dream doesn’t always have to mean that you miss your ex. Instead, it can mean that you haven’t fully healed from what happened to you in the past.

This event in the past can be something from your upbringing or childhood, or a fight you got in with a friend. You need to resolve these issues within you and let go of the past because it isn’t doing you any good.

8. Concerned About Public Image

Kissing a religious figure in your life could mean that you’re worried about the type of image you convey to others. Aside from this, it could also mean that you’ve done something you shouldn’t have, and now you’re worried about the consequences of your actions.

You want other people to look past your flaws and see you as a trustworthy and honest person.

9. Need for Fame

If your dreams involve kissing someone famous, it could mean that you’re longing for fame and public recognition in real life. You might be aiming to become a public figure for a talent like acting or singing.

You might be spending a lot of time and putting immense effort into your art, hoping that someday you will make it.

However, this dream could also be taken literally. It could mean that you’ve been daydreaming about a certain celebrity a lot, fantasizing about you two meeting and kissing.

Lastly, this dream could also mean that you’re looking for recognition at work. You want to climb the corporate ladder, and finally get that promotion you’re working toward.

Biblical Meaning Of Kissing

According to the Bible, kissing isn’t inherently a sin. Some types of kissing can be considered a sin depending on the level of romantic passion involved and the relationship of the people kissing.

The Bible includes positive descriptions of kissing and does not forbid kissing before marriage. Nevertheless, some Christians abstain from kissing until they get married because they believe they will fall into temptation.

They believe that the best way to stay pure before marriage is to not be in a situation where you are tempted, which is something that kisses can do. Kissing becomes sinful when the person who is doing the kissing has lust in the hurt.

The Bible says that Jesus used to kiss his disciples, so kissing is clearly not a sin.

14 Common Kissing Dreams

Common Kissing Dreams

The meaning of your dreams about kissing will depend on the person you’re kissing and where on their body or face you’re kissing them. In this part, we will go through some common kissing dreams.

1. Dream About Kissing Your Partner

Dreams about kissing your partner or crush as always great and a pleasant experience to have.

Kissing your partner in your dreams means that you have strong emotions and feelings toward them. You feel that you are needed, appreciated, and loved by them.

However, if your partner isn’t willing to kiss you in your dreams, it might be an indicator that they aren’t satisfied with your relationship in waking life. Maybe they feel neglected, lonely, and unwanted, but don’t talk to you about them.

If you noticed some dissatisfaction in your partner, it might be time to talk to them and try to find a solution.

2. Dream About Kissing Someone From the Same Gender

Dreaming about a kiss with someone from the same gender doesn’t reflect that you want a same-sex relationship or that you’re homosexual. Instead, this dream is a signal that you’re looking for relaxation and comfort.

For instance, you might be feeling burned out and stressed from work. Maybe you have a partner that’s asking too much from you, which is making you feel tense.

As a result, you’ve started to look for ways that you will relieve the stress in your life. If you’re in a similar situation, a dream like this will likely happen.

3. Dream About Kissing Parents

If you dream about kissing your dad or mum, it is a great dream that represents care and thoughtfulness. This dream means that you have a lot of love in your heart for your parents.

However, this dream could also mean that lately, you’ve been worrying about their health. It can also mean that you haven’t been paying much attention to them in the past period, and this dream is urging you to do it.

Make sure you visit them soon or call them if they don’t leave nearby.

On the other hand, if you dream about your father or mother kissing you, it means that they support you 100% in everything that you do and that you should appreciate that. Even if you fight sometimes, that doesn’t mean that they don’t wish you well.

Lastly, this dream can mean that you want to be a kid again and not worry about anything.

4. Dream About Your Ex Kissing You

Dreaming about an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend kissing you means that you miss the feeling of being appreciated and loved by someone who sees you for who you are. It can be an indicator that you don’t feel loved during this moment, which is why your mind is wandering back to your ex.

Moreover, dreams about kissing your ex mean that it’s the right time to walk away from something that isn’t right for you – a family that doesn’t support you, a job that drains the life out of you, a partner that doesn’t love you properly. You could also dream about kissing your ex if lately, you’ve been remembering all the good times you had together.

5. Dream About Kissing the Devil

Dreaming about kissing the devil is a symbol that there is a problem or issue you’ve been ignoring and now it’s slowly eating away at you. It could also be a sign that you lack self-confidence and self-esteem.

You might have invested a lot of effort into something that’s not working out, and even though you can clearly see that, you’re not willing to give up.

6. Dream About Kissing a Celebrity

Kissing someone famous in your dreams means that you as well strive for fame. It can also mean that you admire them so much that you want to be just like them.

7. Dream About Kissing a Dead Person

A dream about kissing a dead person means that you are a social and loved person and that your life is peaceful. In addition to having a life that many people envy, things are also going great in your love life or marriage.

This dream also points to the fact that you will receive positive news in the upcoming period.

8. Dream About Kissing Your Pastor

Dreams about kissing your pastor can be a sign that you want people to look up to you and respect you. If the pastor kisses you in your dreams, it could mean that you’re hiding and repressing something.

9. Dream About Kissing Your Boss

Kissing your boss on the lips in your dreams is a complex symbol, and it can have several meanings. It could be meant that you’re facing troubles at work, or that you’re going to encounter problems with business partners or any upcoming reports.

On the other hand, if you felt unpleasant while kissing your boss, it can also mean that you have some unresolved issues of sexual nature.

10. Dream About Kissing a Coworker

A dream about kissing your coworker could mean that you’re attracted to this person in your waking life and that you want them to know it. If you’re single, this dream might be telling you that you’re ready for a new relationship.

If you have a partner, the dream can be a sign that you truly love them and that you want them to be more active in the relationship.

11. Dream About Kissing Your Brother in Law

Dreams about kissing your brother in law you indicate that you’re feeling angry. Maybe you’re going through a rough period and you want people to leave you alone.

Perhaps you’re trying to ignore your responsibilities because you want to feel free and without worries. This dream suggests that you feel restricted, and angry, and you’re afraid of confronting your problems.

12. Dream About Kissing A Friend

If you’ve had a disagreement or argument with your friend, dreams about kissing them are quite common. The dream is signaling to you that everything is going to be fine and that you shouldn’t worry.

If you’re kissing your friend as a way to say goodbye to them, this dream could be telling you that you’re going to be separated from a friend in real life. Dreams about romantically kissing your friend on the mouth could indicate that you have secret feelings for them.

Maybe you’re trying to suppress these emotions to save the friendship, or maybe you aren’t aware that you have them. Perhaps your friend is in a committed relationship and you don’t want to ruin it for them.

This dream could be urging you to evaluate the situation and think about whether your feelings are temporary, or you love your friend romantically.

13. Dream About Kissing a Stranger

Dreams about kissing someone you haven’t seen before can be intriguing. These dreams usually symbolize the curiosity of the dreamer, and their desire to explore new and exciting things in life.

Maybe you’re currently in a relationship but you want to try something else. Even though this isn’t a bad thing, you still need to be careful to not ruin the things you already have.

In addition, this dream could also mean that you shouldn’t dive into short-term relationships. They will not fulfill you and they will only bring trouble your way.

14. Dream About Kissing Someone Else’s Partner

Kissing someone else’s partner means that you’re going to have luck in your next endeavor. No matter if it’s a relationship or a job, the universe is telling you that it’s going to be successful.

It can also mean that lately, you’ve been having indecent and inappropriate thoughts in your waking life.

15. Dream About Kissing A Girl

If you kissed in your dreams, it surely was a wonderful dream to have. But does this mean that you’re going to be with girl in the future?

Dreams about kissing a girl doesn’t necessarily mean a future relationship. Instead, it means that you are spiritually connected with this person.

This dream could mean that this relationship has a deep and hidden meaning.

Kissing Different Body Parts

Kissing different areas of the body has different meanings.

1. Lips

Dreaming about a french kiss with someone is a sign that you need more passion and love in your life. If you’re not dating anyone currently, this dream could be telling you that you’re going to start a relationship soon.

Another meaning of kissing someone on the lips is that you need to improve your communication skills in order to avoid any conflicts in the future.

Lastly, this dream could mean that you need to take care of and pamper yourself more. Maybe you’ve had difficulties trying to balance your professional and personal life lately.

This dream could be telling you that it’s okay to relax, so make sure you listen to it.

2. Cheek

Dreams about kissing someone on the cheek mean that you admire them. This type of kiss represents courtesy, respect, loyalty, and friendship.

This dream means that you are a sympathetic person, especially to the people close to you.

3. Neck

Kissing someone on the neck in your dreams means that you are giving in to your desires and wants. It is a symbol of desire and lust, and it means that you are looking for passion.

4. Forehead

Dreaming about kissing someone’s forehead means that you aren’t pleased with their actions. In addition, it could also mean that you have harmony and peace in your life right now.

5. Leg

If you dreamt about kissing someone on the leg or foot, this can be a symbol of your humbleness. It is a sign of respect and humility.

If a person kisses you on the leg or foot, it means that they are comfortable with you and respect you.

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Final Thoughts

Since kissing is such a big part of our lives, it’s normal that we often see it in our dreams. We kiss our children, relatives, and partners.

Kissing has been a longstanding symbol of friendship, respect, desire, and passion. When it comes to kissing dreams, there are several different meanings, and they all depend on the context of the dream and your inner feelings and thoughts at the moment.

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