What is the Meaning of Dream About Wedding?

Have you been dreaming of weddings lately?

Once deciphered, our daily nightly visions offer us a peek into our subconscious and hint at our deepest desires and truths. You can say the same for wedding dreams.

Weddings are arguably the most significant occasions in the lives of most people. As such, it’s no surprise that some individuals often dream of the day, especially those in a blossoming relationship.

Dream experts like Layne Dalfen and Quinn Loewenberg say these dreams are relatively common and don’t portend any bad omen.

wedding dream meaning

They further say wedding dreams offer dreamers information that can help them navigate this wonderful time in life.

While no two dreams about weddings are the same, we’ve tried to explain everything about wedding dreams in this post. Use this information to decode what the visions mean to you.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Weddings?

When you enter the dreamscape, you’re thinking on a deeper, more focused level because you’ve tuned out the outer world.

You dive deeper into your mind and become aligned with your subconscious. At the same time, you think of your life, challenges, struggles, goals, etc.

If in that state, thoughts of weddings invade your dream, it could signify a new start for your attitude towards life or your lover.

The thoughts might also reflect your fear and anxiety about changes, especially if you’re not in a state of mind to make any commitment.

What if you dream about someone you don’t know?

Chances are, you desire to nurture a relationship or wish to shield yourself from other people.

And since marriages involve a union of two people, such a dream could point towards certain facets of your current relationship. Maybe there’s need to evaluate your personality and approach in waking life.

As for dreams of popular and glamorous weddings, they could show that you will enjoy love and peace soon.

If you see a man and woman getting married, it’s possible the dream links to embracing spirituality. The couples are celebrating their love for one another. Better yet, the dream could relate to creative energy.

But remember, wedding dreams often offer different meanings to different people based on their personal association with the content and characters in the dream.

Now let’s check out some reasons you dream about weddings depending on your situation.

If You’re Single

When you encounter a dream about weddings, and you’re single, it’s a sign you wish to jump back into the dating scene.

But what if you’re not interested in dating or even marriage? Well, the dream could relate more to the unions within yourself, rather than to the wedding itself.

If you remember the face of your marriage partner in the dream, that individual could hold a clue about a hidden side of yourself that you’re finally realizing. Perhaps your unconscious mind may be trying to help you decide whether something should be part of your life forever.

If You’re in A Relationship but Not Engaged

Experiencing wedding dreams when you’re in a relationship could mean you’re at a crossroads between taking the next step.

Basically, your subconscious is putting you in a real-life scenario to help you figure out whether your current relationship is real or just a way to pass time.

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If You’re Currently Planning a Wedding

If you’re in the thick of planning your dream wedding, the thoughts of marriage could seep into your REM sleep state.

But your dream could also hold some significance. For example, it could reflect the struggles and frustration you’re currently facing. The vision is seeking to provide you with some insight and advice about your daily life.

Spiritual Meaning of Getting Married in A Dream

From a spiritual angle, dreams about weddings or getting married are a positive sign. It means the universe has finally answered your prayer about getting married.

Probably you will meet your twin flame soon, or you’ve already met him or her. Consider the dream a promise from the spiritual realm about a fruitful, blossoming, and peaceful relationship.

On the flip side, the dream could be a warning, particularly if you’re engaged. The universe is calling attention to your relationship via the dream.

Sometimes, the images you observe in the dreamscape speak the opposite in reality. So, a dream of getting married might mean a breakup in real life.

Once you’ve experienced such a dream, it’s up to you to evaluate your relationship and determine if there’s something that might cause a rift between you and your partner.

Getting married dreams could also represent forgiveness. Did you do something recently to offend your loved one? It seems all that’s in the past now. Your partner has pardoned you for your mistakes.

Another possibility is that you’ve entered a season of love. But you must be mature enough to fully embrace this new phase because it comes with lots of pressure and responsibilities.

Last but not least, your dream could symbolize the fulfillment of all your dreams and desires. God has answered your prayers, even if they don’t pertain to marriage.

Take the dream of getting married as a sign of a better emotional state, a better life, a better connection, and wealth and prosperity.

Biblical Meaning of Wedding Dreams

As for biblical meaning, weddings are sacred occasions. Marriage exists as a gift from God. It symbolizes a bond between Christ and His Church.

Because of this, the kingdom of evil seeks to manipulate the Marriage institution by attacking the God-appointed partners through their dreams.

So, if you get wed to an unidentified person in your dream, it might mean the devil seeks to prevent you from meeting and marrying your intended love.

If the unknown person puts a ring on your finger, you might have unknowingly entered a contract with the darkness. As a result, you need lots of deliverance prayer.

Another interpretation of these dreams is that you will make choices that will make you stand in the worst condition of your life. In turn, you will feel lonely with no one to assist you.

If you dream of getting married to your ex or attending your ex’s wedding, it’s a sign you’ve forgiven their past mistakes or learned from your misdeeds. You’re growing into a better version of yourself.

Common Dreams About Wedding and Their Interpretations

Common Dreams About Wedding and Their Interpretations

1. Dreaming of Your Own Wedding

A dream of your wedding could mean you wish to get married, especially if you’re in a blossoming, long relationship. You desire to take your relationship to the next level by tying the knot with the one you truly love and cherish.

But if you are single and not interested in marriage, it’s a sign of significant change in your life.

The meaning of this dream could also vary depending on your feeling. If you’re happy about getting married to your current partner, it shows you are committed to a new life full of love.

In case you’re sad, the dream suggests you have yet to decide about the state of your relationship. Alternatively, there are some unresolved problems between you and your loved one.

2. Dreaming of Wedding Invitation

Receiving a wedding invitation in your dream could simply mean you share a good relationship with people in your circle.

Another interpretation of this dream is that you will face some twists and turns in your love life, plus you may disagree with your lover in specific elements of relationships.

3. Dream of Getting Married To A Stranger

If you’re in a committed relationship and marry a total stranger in your dream, then you might wake up feeling quite uneasy.

But don’t worry! The stranger stands for the unseen or hidden parts of yourself that you’re familiarizing yourself with.

Marrying a stranger might mean unifying unfamiliar elements into your personality. For instance, you could become more open or assertive.

If the marriage makes you happy, it could indicate that you’re happy with the person you’ve become and vice versa.

4. Dream of Someone Getting Married

What if you’re an observer at someone’s wedding?

This dream could mean you’re not taking an active role in particular issues in your life. Most likely, the situation in your mind could relate to your family members or friends. It’s your unconsciousness encouraging you to take action to reach a particular goal.

To better analyze the dream. Try to examine the person getting married, your role in the wedding, and your emotions throughout the wedding.

5. Dream of A Black/White/Blue Wedding Dress

When you get married in a white wedding dress, it shows that you will find love, happiness, and peace in your new life. You will overcome challenges if you put in more effort and have a positive approach toward everything.

Black and white wedding dresses could also stand for realistic and logical views in life. It could also mean you’re searching for a way to reconcile passion with practical matters by selecting the correct life path.

Like a blue suit, a blue wedding dress symbolizes peace. Seeing yourself in a blue wedding dress, even when you’re married, means all the obstacles and difficulties in your marriage are ending soon. Of course, you must work towards restoring peace by communicating and showing love to your spouse.

6. Dream of A Wedding Ring

Lost/Stolen Ring

A dream of a stolen or lost wedding ring shows a new opportunity for love. On the opposite side, your career trajectory or new job might slip through your fingers.

The frustration of losing a wedding ring in your dream could also reflect to your real-life sadness and disappointments. You don’t want to acknowledge these frustrations and heal. So, the dream is trying to bring these feelings to the light so you can face them.

Diamond/Silver Ring

Silver wedding rings in dreams mean you’re reflecting on your relationships. Plus, it’s a sign you will have a large family and get surrounded by loving and trusting people.

On the other hand, a diamond wedding ring stands for love, wealth, strength, and harmony in a relationship. Also, if you see a diamond ring in your dream, it’s a sign you will soon receive a token of commitment.

7. Dream of Arriving Late for a Wedding

You lack the confidence to make a clear move because of several reasons. Maybe you want to handle everything at once but feel you are running out of time. But consider this dream a message that there is always time to do the thing you want in life. You just have to prioritize.

8. Dreaming of A Wedding Proposal

Whether you receive a wedding proposal from someone or propose to someone, this dream shows your love for your partner and desire to commit to a serious relationship.

If you receive a proposal from a stranger, it means you are getting to discover your true personality. Maybe you’re going through a significant transformation that brings light to your true self and desires.

9. Dreaming of Attending a Wedding

Often associated with positive signs, dreams of attending a wedding (whether yours or someone else) could suggest hope, happiness, or a better future. It also shows honor and acceptance.

Keep in mind that there are two sides to a coin. So this dream could also mean a change of luck, relationship failure, or facing a lot of frustrations.

10. Dreaming of a Wedding Reception

You might experience dreams of reception when facing a difficult time in your relationship. Although you are in love with your partner, you feel your partnership is confusing but don’t want to appear pushy.

The dream indicates you will celebrate love. However, something is missing in your current relationship that’s preventing it from growing and becoming healthy.

11. Dream of a Sad or Ruined Wedding

A ruined or sad wedding in your dreams links to the conflict you will soon face. The conflict might arise from someone close to you or a stranger. Either way, choose your words carefully to avoid hurting someone.

12. Dream of Cancelled Wedding

A canceled wedding dream signifies love problems. Even after trying several ways of working things out, nothing seems productive.

If you relate to this, you can still try putting more effort into salvaging the relationship. Alternatively, you can break up with your love partner respectfully and move on.

13. Dreaming of Wedding Cake

The dream suggests you’re generous and love to share with people. The cake stands for good luck, as well as, new beginnings and projects that will come to fruition soon.

If you consume the cake, it points towards new relationships and sensuality.

Does a Wedding Dream Mean Death?

Because a wedding is a symbolic end of innocence and the start of a new, mature life, some people associate it with death.

According to some ancient cultures, dreams of a wedding signaled death and imminent tragedy. Reason being, tragedies and losses like death come after good blessings in life, like births and marriages. Thus, the notion “good and bad events occur in cycles and cancel each other out”.

However, some cultures don’t stick to this mindset. They believe wedding dreams stand for positive signs like happiness, peace, and rebirth into adulthood.

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Is it Good to See a Wedding in a Dream?

In most cases, a wedding dream is a good sign. If you’re in a committed relationship, it means you want to take things to the next level. If you’re single, it symbolizes a desire for love and a healthy relationship.

Another interpretation is that your life is about to change for the better. You will enjoy great success in most (if not all) of your endeavors and uncover elements of your personality.

If the wedding brings you a feeling of sadness, it could signify tragedy or death, fear of change, trouble in your love life, or even disappointment and sadness.

But remember, you’re the best judge of your dream. You are the only person who understands your state of mind and the symbols used by your unconscious to communicate.

Nevertheless, we hope the explanations above can guide you toward the correct interpretation of your recent wedding dream.

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