Dreaming of Old Friends Meaning: 14 Scenarios

Dreaming of an old friend you haven’t seen for a long time can raise a lot of questions.

What does the dream mean? Should I reconnect with the friend? Is my subconscious trying to remind me of a past event?

Whatever the case is, dreams of old friends do more than just take you for a nostalgic ride back to your past. They reflect your inner life and aspects of your personality.

Dreams About Old Friends

Theresa Cheung, the author of The Dream Dictionary From A to Z, says friends are an integral part of life. So, it makes lots of sense that you will meet them in your dream from time to time.

If you have found yourself dreaming of an old friend, this guide is for you.

Here, we will uncover the hidden meanings of dreams of old friends and how they relate to your waking life.

What Does It Mean to Dream of Old Friends?

Hands down, friends are life’s precious treasures. They can bring a smile to your face during dark times and help to build your self-esteem and confidence.

But since life shifts constantly, you might lose touch with your friends over time. This can happen when you move to a new town or country leaving your friend behind. Changes in your personality or habits can also cause your friend to drift away from you because you no longer have something in common.

Dreams of old friends, especially from your childhood, could show a longing to meet your friends in real life. You miss the childhood adventure, the smiles, and the cries you shared.

You are more likely to experience these dreams if you’re moving through a rough patch in life or when feeling exhausted.

In the dream, your old friends symbolize the happiness and peace that lack in your current life. Between job and family responsibilities, it’s easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed.

As such, you might long for a time when you were carefree and life was easy-going. You miss the timeline you shared with your caring and fun-loving friends.

Usually, dreams about old friends represent freedom, the desire to do anything, and liberty. Because you miss all these, your unconscious mind takes you down memory lane to bring some joy and happiness to your life. The dream might also highlight several emotions you need to address in reality.

That aside, dreams about old friends have several other symbolisms, including:

Missing Certain Sentiments

Dreaming of an old friend you haven’t seen for years could mean you miss certain qualities he or she possess. These characteristics define your friend, and you wish you could see more of them in yourself.

But remember, we all have different traits and personalities that make us unique. While genes and environmental factors control most traits, some you gain through learning.

Before desiring your friends’ qualities, learn to appreciate yours first. Once you do that, developing the positive traits your friend has will be a breeze. Of course, you need a positive state of mind first.

Old Patterns Returning

Chances are, your friends today might not be the same ones you played with in grade school. As you grow, friendship becomes more intricate and meaningful.

That means you will grow apart from some friends not because of any disputes, but because of life changes. You will also make new friends who share the same mindset as you.

However, this doesn’t mean that you will forget the impact old friends had on your life. In fact, you will cherish the memories and behaviors you shared with your friends, whether good or bad.

When you dream of an old friend, there’s a possibility you’re reverting to old habits that you associate with your old friend. If it’s bad habits, your subconscious is trying to warn you. On the other hand, if its good habits or behaviors, embrace them.


The dream might represent your desire to go back to the time you and your friends were immature, happy, righteous, and pure. You wish to regress to the person you once were and find out where you lost your true “self”.

Unfinished Business

It’s easy to grow apart from old friends, especially if you move to a new city and don’t communicate as often. You can also lose your old friends if you have nothing in common or don’t understand each other anymore. This can happen when you get married and have kids.

After marriage, your priority shifts. As a result, you might look for new friendships that will cater to your changing needs.

While your old friends will remain important, you won’t see them and talk to them as you did before marriage. Your old friends might also find it difficult to talk to you as they often did.

Therefore, a dream about an old friend could mean your friendship never ended properly, and now you want some closure. Maybe you stopped talking to your friends because of a misunderstanding or without providing any reason.

Through the dream, your subconscious mind reminds you to address any unresolved issues with your old friends before forming new friendships. It’s also possible you are having this dream because you met someone who reminded you of a quality your old friend had.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About Old Friends

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About Old Friends

From a spiritual point of view, the dreams of old friends suggest loneliness that’s not recognized. Frequent dreams of this nature occur when you are trapped in your own world, without someone to talk to or sit there with you in silence.

Did you know it’s possible to be lonely even when you’re in a romantic relationship? This happens when you don’t communicate as often or there’s a misunderstanding that you can’t solve.

You might experience the same dream because you’re afraid of being rejected by the people you hang out with currently. This holds, especially if your old friends left you out in their activities in high school, like not sending your invitation to their parties.

Similarly, the dream could mean you have finally accepted all the aspects of yourself, both good and bad. Because that is what your spirit desires. Consider the vision a message from the universe, conveying the feeling of affection that your old friend offered.

Common Examples of Dreams About Old Friends

Common Examples of Dreams About Old Friends

1. Dreaming About Seeing Old Friends

As mentioned earlier, dreaming of seeing old friends signifies regression in your life. This could either be a good or bad thing. If you take things too seriously in your adult life, this dream implies that it’s okay to take a step back and enjoy a few moments of peace and relaxation.

The dream suggests you’ve lost sight of what’s important. It also serves as a reminder to stop and go back to the beginning. There’s nothing wrong with relearning the basics.

Alternatively, seeing an old friend in a dream could represent certain aspects of your personality that you try so hard to suppress.

2. Dreaming Of Fighting With An Old Friend

When you dream about fighting with an old friend, it implies that you’re behaving immaturely in your waking life. You’re provoking unnecessary arguments and squabbles with the surrounding people.

It also suggests that you like to throw tantrums when things don’t go according to your plans. You never listen to other people’s opinions and feel like your way is the right way.

Also, it could be a sign that you’re being unjust to a colleague or trying to take credit for someone else’s work.

This dream serves as a reminder to watch yourself. Learn to listen and compromise before you lose the people that could help you build your career.

3. Dream Of Hugging an Old Friend

Dreaming of embracing an old friend is a positive omen. It means that you miss your friend or certain aspects of your relationship. They might have brought out the best in you and you wish you were that person again.

This dream might get triggered by loneliness. You feel isolated and you miss having a friend you could be open to without judgment.

Similarly, it might mean that you wish to rekindle your friendship. You want to spend some time with them, reliving some old memories while making new ones.

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4. Dream Of Partying with Old Friends

Dreaming of meeting old friends at a party is symbolic of happiness and celebration. It heralds happy beginnings and a season of prosperity.

The dream encourages you to finally act on your plans. Start something innovative and watch it grow. Invest in your seed and be patient with it. It is bound to be successful.

Similarly, partying with old friends implies you need to relax. You have been so winded and occupied by work that you forgot to take a break. It’s a sign to book a vacation and relax your body. Come back when you feel ready and rejuvenated.

5. Dreaming About an Old Friend Who Passed Away

Dreaming of a deceased old friend is a sign that you have unfinished business, regrets, or guilt in your waking life. It might be with your deceased friend or with someone who reminds you of your friend.

Perhaps things did not end as well between you and your deceased friend. You still have lingering guilt over not settling things with them.

You might experience such dreams when you’re going through difficult situations in life. You might miss the comfort of someone having your back in times like those.

Dreaming of a dead friend serves to remind you there is someone in your life willing to stand by you through tough times. You need only open up and give them the chance to support you.

6. Dream Of Talking to An Old Friend

Talking to a childhood friend in a dream is a sign that you need someone to talk to in your waking life. Perhaps you’re stressed and you need a listening ear or you’re excited and you need someone to share your happiness with.

The dream reminds you of a time when you had such a person and what you gained from them. It also tells you it’s time to find a new confidant.

7. Dreaming Of Eating with Old Friends

Eating with old friends suggests peace and happiness in your relationships. You have a healthy relationship with your family and your social life is also great.

It also implies mental stability and tranquility. You try to avoid stressful situations and maintain peace within your relationships.

For a man, eating with old friends might imply the existence of an overbearing female figure in your life. This person is causing you issues in your personal and professional life. It’s a dream that encourages you to set your boundaries and firmly stand by them.

8. Dreaming Of an Old Friend Dying

Dreaming about the death of an old friend indicates your concern for your friend. You haven’t spoken for a while and your gut is telling you something isn’t right with them. Reach out to them and help wherever you can.

Similarly, it could mean that your current relationships are undergoing drastic changes that you’re not ready for. You’re having a difficult time adjusting and you wish things could go back to what they were. Remember, change is inevitable, learn to embrace it.

9. Dreaming Of an Old Friend Coming Back

Friendships are one of the strongest bonds you could form. However, they are also the most fragile. To dream of an old friend returning carries a lot of connotations. It all depends on how your relationship ended and what issues remained between you two.

If your relationship ended because of mistakes you made, dreaming of an old friend coming back might be a sign from your subconscious to pay attention to your mistakes. You might be making the same ones, thus jeopardizing your current relationships.

10. Dreaming About an Old Female Friend

Seeing an old female friend in a dream foretells good fortune headed your way. Your business is approaching a season of bounty, or you will receive a promotion at work.

Additionally, dreaming of an old female friend means you will receive unexpected help from strangers in your time of urgent need.

11. Dreaming Of Old School Friends

Seeing an old school friend in a dream represents your desire to progress in life. If you see them at school, it might mean you want to pursue further studies or just widen your knowledge.

An old friend might also appear in a dream if you wish to change your professional path. They are there to remind you not to doubt yourself or the choices you’ve made.

Furthermore, the dream suggests that there is a high possibility of someone significant from your past will reach out. Your reconnection will be the start of good things happening in your life. Maybe a promotion at work or growth in your business.

12. Dreaming About an Old Friend Apologizing

If you see an old friend apologizing in a dream, it means that you’re feeling vulnerable after being emotionally hurt recently. Perhaps you’ve gone through a divorce or a breakup.

Seeing an old friend expresses your desire to reconcile with the other party and resolve your issues. Seeing them apologizing to you means you need to give yourself some time to heal and space to find peace.

13. Dreaming About Reconnecting With Old Friends

When you dream of reconnecting with old friends, it means that you miss the friendship you shared and the joy it brought to your life.

This dream might be triggered by meeting someone new who mimics the qualities of your old friend. This encounter will leave you flooded with nostalgic memories and a yearning for the connection you used to have.

Sometimes, it means that you miss a certain period of your life. It might have been a simpler and more carefree time. You were happy and peaceful. You wish you could go back to that time and relive those moments.

14. Dreaming About Old Friends Ignoring You

When you see your old friends avoiding you in a dream, it suggests that most of your relationships are superficial. The people you hold in high esteem are not as helpful as you would imagine.

It is highly likely they would be the first to turn their backs on you when you urgently need help. It’s a dream that tells you to be careful when selecting friends.

Furthermore, this dream brings to light the insecurities you’re facing in your relationships. You feel neglected and unimportant. It is a sign that your relationship struggles will stick around for a while.

If that is the case, you need to address any issues you have in your professional and personal relationships.

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Final Thoughts

Seeing old friends in your dreamscape is a good thing. That’s because the dream tries to remind you about the aspects of yourself that you have neglected or forgotten. Reconnecting with them will benefit you a lot by helping you become a better version of yourself.

Likewise, the dream could stand for unresolved issues with old friends, exhaustion, longing for childhood, and desire for freedom and liberty. From a spiritual angle, your vision of an old friend points to self-acceptance, anxiety, loneliness, etc.

Dreams usually reveal a lot more about you than the people in the dream world. The same goes for dreams about old friends. So, try to decipher what the dream could signify in your own life with the help of this guide.

6 thoughts on “Dreaming of Old Friends Meaning: 14 Scenarios”

  1. I have been having pretty much the same reoccurring dream. It is of a friend of mine, and I’m always looking for her and she’s lost and I can’t find her. If anybody knows what this means will you let me know?

    • This dream suggests that you long to meet your friend, especially if you have been separated from each other for a long time.

      Maybe you desire the adventures and experiences you shared. The fact that you can’t find her means that maybe your friendship ended on not-so-good terms, and now you want some closure.

      Whether it was disagreement or mismatched expectations, it’s wise to ask for forgiveness, especially if you were in the wrong.

      Even if your friend will not accept you back, at least you gave it a shot. The vision could also reflect your concerns over your friend’s well-being.

      Chances are, you worry about her or feel obligated to care for her.

      • I’ve recently had two dreams about my old high school friend group. One about them wearing fancy attire and singing emotionally and crying on stage. In the other dream I dreamt of chatting happily with them, and then sitting down and trying to reconnect with them which had its awkward moments but i was happy. They are friends who i dont contact often now as I’ve become distant from the friend group over the years. Also i havent made many new and close friends since. What do my dreams signify?

        • You miss the experiences and good times you shared with your old school gang. You may desire to connect with them and rekindle your past relationships.

          The dream could also be a journey down memory lane highlighting the bonds you shared and the impact your past friendship had on your life.

  2. I saw my rich old friend touching my clothe and mocking me in the dreambut I wasn’t sad nor angry, I was unconcerned and smiling. Pls what is the meaning?

    • It’s not uncommon for old friends to pop up in your dream world. Your dream implies that your rich friend said or did something that offended you.

      Because of this, a rift developed, and eventually, your friendship ended. If so, this vision shows that you’ve let go of the past and you no longer care about what your friend does anymore.

      Alternatively, the dream denotes spiritual enlightenment. In such that, you no longer care about the materialistic world. That’s why you smile and look unconcerned when the rich friend touches your clothes and mocks you.

      At the moment, your focus is on improving your mental and emotional health, as well as prioritizing genuine connections and positive life values.


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