Dream About Plane Crash: What Does it Mean?

Did you dream of a plane crash and are feeling a bit troubled? It’s not uncommon for people to see planes crashing in their dreams — this doesn’t mean it’ll happen in your waking life, though. What you do need to know, however, is that this dream is sending a critical message you should heed to.

Dreams are a reflection of our thoughts, emotions, and waking life. While a dream about a plane crash could seem ominous, it could also mean the opposite. You just have to know what’s causing you to dream of a plane crash to begin with — there may be something you need to pay attention to in your waking life.

dream of plane crash

This article offers insight into these dreams by examining different instances. Read on to learn the accurate interpretation of your plane crash dream.

Plane Crash Dream Meaning

Dreaming about airplanes is quite common and can happen in any form. Namely, people can dream about piloting a plane, watching it take off, or even a sudden crash.

Seeing airplanes in your dream represents new experiences. It could mean you’re presented with a unique opportunity to begin afresh. In light of this, setting new goals and aspirations in your love life, business, or relationships is likely.

When you dream of seeing an airplane, you must realize you’re heading in a new direction. Seeing that same plane crash could be a reflection of your fears; it could be that you’re afraid of failing in your waking life.

The Different Scenarios of Plane Crash Dreams and Their Interpretations

As we’ll observe below, a plane crash dream can take many forms, each having its respective meaning.

1. Dream of Surviving a Plane Crash

Sometimes, the dream may be that a plane crash happened, but you came alive. In this case, it means you can succeed.

This dream tells you about the obstacles you face in your waking life and means you’ll find a way out regardless. If you’re in the middle of a challenging life period, this dream is likely encouraging you. It means you’ll overcome whatever obstacles are thrown your way.

Dreaming of surviving a plane crash also means that you’re about to experience success. It tells you that whatever you decide to venture into will be victorious. In other words, this dream is saying that you’ll have a meaningful life and one filled with accomplishments.

2. Dreaming About Dying in A Plane Crash

A dream of a plane crash where you died doesn’t necessarily imply something negative. Instead, this dream suggests you’re about to give up on something. For example, if you’ve started a project in your waking life, you may struggle to complete it.

Alternatively, seeing yourself dying in a plane crash tells you you’re handling a critical task. This dream also means losing interest in something you were once passionate about — it could be a hobby, a skill, or a talent.

Finally, this dream could mean you’ve lost something you can’t get back.

3. Dreaming About Fire During a Plane Crash

Seeing fire in a dream when the plane crashes means you’re going through a struggle. This dream represents your emotional state in real life.

It may also imply you feel frustrated or angry over a situation beyond your control. A dream of seeing fire during a plane crash tells you to control your emotions. If you feel angry, you must let go of the negative feelings you’re experiencing.

Alternatively, this dream indicates that something will likely change in your life. It tells you that only you can change it if you want a happy life.

This dream also represents suppressed anxiety. You’ll likely see a plane on fire in your dream if you’re overwhelmed by your deep feelings.

4. Dream of Flying a Plane and Causing a Crash

If you dream of a plane crash where you were the pilot, it represents your mistakes. This dream is pointing at the mistakes which you could have avoided.

When you dream of piloting a plane that eventually crashes, it reminds you of your responsibilities. If you’ve been entrusted with a crucial project, now isn’t the time to make mistakes.

This dream reminds you to learn from your mistakes and do the right thing. It means you must sit up and get things right to regain self-respect.

5. Dreams of Being a Passenger in A Plane Crash

A dream where you’re a passenger aboard a crashing plane implies you’re not confident. This dream means you’re not in control of your goals.

An alternative meaning is that you’re struggling to make concrete decisions affecting you. You may be afraid of what people will think about your ideas.

Yet, another interpretation of this dream is that you’re not in control of your life. This dream is telling you to take charge of your life matters. It means you trust your abilities and that you can change the situation. Hence, you can be confident and turn things around for good in your waking life.

6. Dream of Watching a Plane Crash

Seeing a plane crashing in your dream has a lot to do with your goals. In this dream, you’re standing as an observer. This dream means that you have unrealistic expectations.

You may have taken up an impossible task in your waking life. If you have plans that won’t be easy to accomplish, this dream points at them.

Watching a plane crash in your dream tells you to reset your strategy. It’d be best to draw up realistic goals and plans.

Observing a plane crash means you’ll feel disappointed because of your inability to achieve your goal. It could also mean you’ll receive good news soon. This news may come from someone very close to you — family, friends, or a partner.

7. Dream About Plane Turbulence

Some people dream of turbulence preventing a plane from landing. What this dream means is that something is wrong in your waking life. It could be something that will happen at the very tail end of a project you’re handling.

The turbulence in this dream means that landing the plane will be a wrong decision. It’s a warning of danger and tells you to be alert.

When you have this dream, you must stay alert and critically examine your project. Ensure you don’t let your guard down and avoid failures.

8. Dreams of Your Loved Ones in A Plane Crash

Sometimes, when people dream of a plane crash, they may see others in it. You may likely see your family, friends, or partner in a crash. If that’s the case, you’re afraid of losing them.

It means that you love them and aren’t ready to lose them. This dream could be telling you that they may be in trouble.

A dream about seeing loved ones in a plane crash could also be about breaking free.

If you’re always trying to satisfy your family in real life, they’re likely limiting you. This means you always feel constrained trying to seek validation from your loved ones. If so, this dream may reflect your innermost desire to break loose.

9. Dreams of A Plane Crashing Into the Water

If you dream of a plane crashing into the water, it signifies regret. It means that there’s something you have done or are about to do that you’ll regret. It could also mean you regret not doing something you should have done.

Also, a dream of a plane crashing into the water may represent how you feel about a person if you regret meeting certain people in your life or doing things with them. You may regret your life experiences with these people in real life.

10. Dream of Crashing a Plane and Killing Everyone on Board

It’s not uncommon to dream of killing all passengers via plane crash in an aircraft you’re piloting. This dream is pointing at potential problems in your waking life.

A dream where you crash a plane and everyone on board dies means you’re facing problems in your life that you can’t handle or bear alone. If you’ve been doing things alone, it’s time to ask for help and guidance.

This dream could also imply you’ll get into trouble. This trouble will affect not only you but also those close to you. Ultimately, this dream signifies the beginning of some challenging times.

11. Dream About a Plane Crash when Landing

If you dream of a plane crash while attempting to land, it means you’re constantly overthinking things. This dream tells you to plan yourself right. Sometimes, when you focus on a problem excessively, you miss out on the essential details.

A dream of a plane crash landing points to the issues in your waking life. This dream tells you to plan appropriately and not let worries weigh you down.

12. Dreams of A Plane Crashing Into Your House

A dream of this setting means you’ll labor hard to accomplish your goals. This dream is telling you to intensify your efforts in your waking life.

You’re prepared to work hard when you dream of a crash landing in your house. You shouldn’t complain when making extra effort in your endeavors if you want to be fruitful.

Furthermore, this dream tells you to pay attention to your waking life. If you’re involved in a project, now isn’t the time to give up.

This dream tells you to prepare for the challenging days ahead and that you shouldn’t complain about it. The result will be rewarding at the end of the day if you persevere.

13. Dream of A Plane Crashing Into Some Other Building

When the crash happens in another house or building that isn’t yours, it has a different meaning. Seeing a plane crash on a random building means you’ll face hardships. It implies the upcoming problems/difficulties aren’t within your control.

This dream isn’t a good sign as it reflects your waking life. It’s a warning dream, telling you to prepare for what’s coming as the hardship may take you by storm.

14. Dream About a Plane Crash Before Take-Off

If you dream about a plane crash before taking off, it means you want to be free.

This dream could tell you of the dangers ahead and prepare for them. When you see the crash happen before the plane takes off in your dream, you’ll not fall into a trap. This dream could tell you to use your intuition, as you can see problems before they happen.

15. Dream of A Plane Crashing Upside Down

Usually, dreaming of a plane in a vertical direction means you have good days ahead of you. If it’s flying toward the sky, it means you’re aiming for your goals. However, if you see a crashing plane upside down, you may find yourself in a tricky situation.

This dream suggests you currently don’t have control over your life. Dreaming of an upside-down plane could also signify that you may regain your balance soon enough.

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Finally, understand that dreaming of a plane crash isn’t uncommon, and you should try to remember all the details to decipher its meaning appropriately. However, you may simply be projecting your fear of heights or flying. If this isn’t the case, your dream could have a deeper meaning.

You dreaming about a plane crash could be your ability to survive and succeed despite problems. Dreams about plane crashes don’t mean an impact will happen, though. They could be a positive sign and should motivate you to succeed.

2 thoughts on “Dream About Plane Crash: What Does it Mean?”

  1. dream i was on an airplane w/asians and the plane crashed on grass and dirt, airport wasnt far away from crash site and survivors were in the airport in long lines that were trying to get help to get to their next destination. it was an unorganized mess. i walked around outside slowly and saw human bodies of people, half alive and some unalived that could not wait for ambulance to arrive. woke up wondering what this dream was trying to tell me, a woman of color.

    • This is quite a puzzling dream, but worry not, we have an explanation.

      First, the Asians on the plane show your appreciation of diverse cultures and recognition of your own identity. The plane crash suggests that you’re dealing with several challenges. However, you’re close to finding a working solution (crushing near the airport).

      As for the long unorganized lines, they reflect your frustration due to lack of control in certain aspects of your waking life. The injured survivors and deceased passengers imply your current challenges are taking a toll on your emotional health.


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