Dreams About Snakes Biting You Meaning

Snakes inspire fascination and dread in a way that no other animal does. They’re agile and easily adapt to any situation, yet scary and dangerous, especially when threatened.

Historically, snakes have played major roles in many religions and cultures. In some traditions, snakes signify growth, change, immortality, life, and creativity, while in others, snakes are symbols of passion, intimacy, and desire. However, some cultures see snakes as the epitome of evil, danger, or even death.

Because of this, dreams about snakes biting you might have several interpretations. Such dreams are not usually a good sign. But once you’ve known how to interpret them, you can learn a lot about your life and even make wiser decisions. With that said, let’s look at some meanings of dreams about a snake biting you.

Is a Snake Bite Dream Good or Bad?

Dreams About Snakes Biting You

Dreams about being bitten by a snake are often seen as warnings. They often occur when you have imbalances in your life that you need to tackle before they blow out of proportion. These situations cause stress thus, triggering your subconscious to warn you beforehand.

But then, they can represent something good. This is in the sense that they warn you to stop and pay attention before you get yourself in a situation that you can avoid.

They tell you to look past your nose and see the other parts of yourself and your environment that would have otherwise remained hidden if you just focus on one point.

Meaning and Symbolism of Snake Bite Dreams


You might encounter such dreams if you’re dealing with a fear of rejection or betrayal. Maybe you are afraid to stand up for yourself or believe in yourself because every time you try to express yourself emotionally you get shut down or rejected.

This dream encourages you to break the cycle before you get caught in a cycle of emotional abuse.

Wake-up call

Dreaming about a snake bite can be a sign that you are neglecting your present. You are too worried about what you did in the past or what will happen to you in the future that you forget to invest in your now. A snake bite symbolizes the potential dangers that might catch you unaware if you don’t pay attention to your present.

Location of Bite and What It Means

Dreams of snakes biting you can also have different meanings based on where you’re bitten. Below we’ve highlighted some of the commonplace to be bitten by snakes in a dream and their interpretations.


The head is a representation of your thoughts, emotions, and will. Dreaming of a snake biting you on the head is a warning that your thoughts and emotions might get you into trouble.

This is a dream that tells you to be wary of your thoughts and emotions – to ensure that they’re not destructive towards you or others.


Dreaming of a snake bite on the face symbolizes vanity. It is a sign of an unhealthy obsession with keeping your body and face at an unrealistic standard of beauty such that; you have put more importance on your physical features rather than your spiritual attributes.

Also, this dream implies you judge people according to their physical attributes rather than their character.

Lips/ Mouth

The mouth is a way to express your thoughts and emotions. Dreaming of a snake biting your mouth is a warning to watch what you say, and if you must speak, then your words should not hurt others. However, if you choose to ignore the warning, then you might get in trouble for being verbally abusive and someone might resort to harming you.

Dreaming of a snake bite on the lips can represent infidelity or betrayal. It shows your deepest fears in relation to your romantic relationships.

Perhaps you are afraid that your spouse or partner is cheating on you or slurring your name behind your back. Because of this, you are afraid to trust them wholly.


Dreaming of being bitten by a snake on either eye serves as a warning that your ignorance will cost you in the future. If you are bitten on the right eye, then it means that you’re ignorant of daily occurrences that have negative consequences in your life. For example, turning a blind eye to the truth since you are afraid of confrontation.

For the left eye, a snake bite implies that you tend to ignore your sixth sense and you could land yourself in a heap of trouble. This dream highlights the importance of listening to your intuition in situations that don’t sit well with you.


The chest embodies the center of energy in our bodies. The heart energy represents your relationship with yourself and other people. If you dream of a snake biting you on the chest, then it means that you are afraid of commitment.

Also, it shows that you don’t trust yourself and have a difficult time opening up to people. This dream may also mean that someone close to you will hurt you or a partner will break your heart.


If you dream about being bitten on the back by a snake, it indicates your fear of failure in undertaking a project. This statement holds especially when you believe that the bar has been set too high and people expect a lot from you.

However, this is all in your head because we tend to believe people expect more than we can do. But the fact is, we are setting the bar too high on our own and demanding too much from ourselves.


This dream represents repressed communication. It means that you fear speaking the truth about matters that affect you because you are afraid of rejection. This could be something that is emotionally, mentally, and physically draining, yet when you try bringing it up, the other person does not listen.

Additionally, a snake bite on the back of the neck means that someone close to you is spreading malicious stories and rumors about you behind your back.


Dreaming of being bitten by a snake on the arms is often a good omen. If you are bitten on your left arm, then it is a sign from your subconscious mind to believe in yourself. The left arm represents your inner strength and capabilities. This dream tells you to stop selling yourself short because you can do much greater than what you think you can.

If you dream of a snake bite on your right hand then, it is a warning. The right arm represents your pride. This dream is a way for your mind to tell you that you are bragging a lot and showing off your strengths or you are getting ahead of yourself.

And this might land you in trouble. It doesn’t hurt to show a little vulnerability and to seek help from those with more experience.


This is a dream that might have different interpretations because of the different contexts. If you dream that a snake bit your left hand, then you have a trait that you have been ignoring. It could be a good trait or a bad one, therefore, you should be working on improving the good ones and shedding the bad.

Also, the left hand is your receiving hand, thus, a bite on the left hand could mean that you fear receiving something from someone.

If you dream about being bitten on the right hand then it means that your subconscious is trying to shift your focus on something you had not seen before in your environment. It might be a person or a situation that could affect you directly.

Also, the right hand is the hand that gives, therefore, a bite on the right hand could be a warning to be cautious of the people you are giving to, whether friends or family. It means that they could be taking advantage of your generosity.

Knee or elbow

They represent your flexibility – your ability to adapt to any situation encountered. If a snake bit you on either joint then it means you are afraid to lose control; you fear taking risks without knowing all the variants. Also, it might show that you are stubborn and that is the reason that you aren’t moving forward in life.


  • Right leg; the right leg symbolizes the manifestation of your inner desires. A snake bite on the right leg means that you aren’t sure what direction to take in life. You settle for the bare minimum instead of working towards your desired life.
  • Left leg; the left leg represents your inner growth and spirituality. A snake bite on the left leg is a sign that something has halted your spiritual journey. Perhaps you’re distracted by work and relationships and you forgot to make time for inner growth.


  • Right foot: This represents your perspective of life and the values you’ve learned over time that direct you. A bite on the right foot is a sign to reevaluate these values to ensure they align with your inner belief system.
  • Left foot: Represents the inner core values that help you make important decisions that might alter the course of your life. Dreaming of getting bitten on the left foot serves as a reminder to always put your core values first, especially when making crucial decisions.

Examples of Dreams About Snakes Biting You

Dream Of a Snake Biting You

This dream symbolizes toxic people trying to make their way into your life. It is a warning to protect yourself from them because they mean you harm. If a snake bites you twice, then it is a bad omen.

This dream implies you refuse to walk away from a toxic situation even though the signs are clear and you are hurting. This could relate to an addiction you’re struggling with or an emotionally or physically abusive relationship.

Dream Of a Snake Biting Someone Else

This dream tells you to pay attention to the person bitten. If the person is bitten twice, then it is advisable to reach out to them since they might be dealing with a lot and might need help.

Also, it could mean that you are a healer. If you are sympathetic towards the person being bitten then it implies that you could have a career in the healing arts.

Dream Of a Snake Biting a Loved One

This dream often occurs when your loved one is desperately seeking help but is too afraid to ask. Maybe they’re dealing with emotional or health issues, but don’t know who to ask for help. It is always good to reach out and remind them they’re not alone and if they need anything, they could always come to you.

Dreaming Of a Snake Bite with No Wound

This is a positive dream. It is a sign of personal growth. It means that there will be challenges and threats headed your way, but you will overcome them or they will not affect you.

Dreaming Of Killing a Snake That Bites You

This dream is a good omen. If a snake bit you and you felt little to no pain, it foretells a person in your life might attempt to physically or emotionally hurt you but will fail. Also, it could mean you successfully solved a challenge before it became a constant source of headache.

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Dreaming Of a Snake Bite While Pregnant

This dream conveys our deepest fears. It could mean that you are scared of taking risks or creating something. It implies that you sabotage yourself even before your ideas begin to manifest. The dream serves to encourage you to confront your fears. This way, you can bring your ideas to life.

Dream Of Being Bitten by A Rattlesnake

Rattlesnakes shake their tales as a warning that they will harm you if you move any closer. Dreaming of being bitten by a rattlesnake is a warning that you should pay attention to the present and be aware of what is happening.

It means that you should stop procrastinating and put aside all distractions and direct your focus and efforts toward issues that matter.

Dreaming Of Being Bitten by A Cobra

Being bitten by a cobra in your dream suggests that you need to work on taming your inner beast. This statement holds in regards to your emotions. It implies that you should watch your emotions lest they get the better of you.

Otherwise, they could land you in a shameful situation that you will regret. You need to learn self-control and meditation to help yourself better manage your emotions.

Dreaming Of Being Bitten by A Black Snake

Dreaming of a black snake indicates emotional tension. If you are bitten in your dream, then it means that fear has overtaken your life.

This could be in regards to ongoing relationships. Perhaps you have hit a rocky patch in your marriage and you fear that it will end in divorce or you are experiencing unrequited love. The dream tells you that the difficult times you go through will lead to your growth.

Dreaming Of Being Bitten by A Green Snake

Such dreams often represent financial matters. Also, it can symbolize fertility and growth. Dreaming of a green snake biting you suggests that you have a false belief system that is hindering your growth and success.

On the other hand, this dream may also mean that someone is taking advantage of you financially, or trying to cause you financial harm. The dream warns you to be cautious of the people we lend money to.

Dreaming Of Being Bitten by A Yellow Snake

Yellow snakes are a symbol of our personal growth and power. Getting bitten by a yellow snake implies that you do not recognize your power and self-worth. Also, it could mean that something or someone is blocking you from discovering and showcasing your power.

Furthermore, this dream could indicate that someone is trying to control you or take your power away.

Spiritual Interpretations


According to Islam, if you see a snake biting you, then it foretells potential harm in the future. It means that your enemy will harm you, just as the snake has harmed you by its bite. However, if you manage to kill it, then it is a sign that you conquer your enemy.


Biblically, snakes are seen as a symbol of ultimate evil, and dreaming about them is a bad omen. Mostly, snakes are often used to symbolize the devil. If you dream about a snake biting you, it’s a sign that evil is knocking at your door. It could be in the form of betrayal or someone wanting to hurt you.

Additionally, the right hand represents authority, strength, and sovereignty in the bible. So, if a snake bites on the right hand, it shows someone is trying to challenge your status or overturn your authority to take over.

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Dreams about snakes are not common. So, it makes sense you will want to know what it means when you experience such a dream. From the information above, it’s clear dreams of a snake biting you connotes something bad.

But on the brighter side, these dreams can help you transform into a better version of yourself and improve your life for the better.

Don’t cower with fear and self-doubt, rather dive deep into the meaning of the dream and uncover what’s hidden. This way, you can emerge strong, wiser, and more determined than before.

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