Poop Dream Meaning: Good Luck, Money & More

It’s common to have dreams of dead loved ones, animals, tattoos, superpowers, and even hair. But do you know what other dreams are common? Dreams of poop.

Yes! You heard us right.

We spend an average of 250+ days in the toilet in our lifetime and produce about 24,230 lbs. (11,030Kg) of poop by 70 years.

So, it makes sense that you might experience a dream about poop or feces at one point in your lifetime.

Poop Dream Meaning

But what exactly does dreaming of poop mean? Is a poop dream a good or bad sign?

Well, this guide will answer these questions and more. We hope in the end you will have a better understanding of your dream.

Poop Dream Meaning

What comes to your mind when you think of poop? Stinky waste, right?

Despite its disgusting nature, this body excrement has a bright side, especially when it appears in your dream.

According to Sigmund Freud, a renowned dream psychologist, dreams of stool connect to unsettled emotions, worry over finances, control in situations, humiliation, psychological baggage, and unexpected wins.

But like any other dream, the poop dreams can stand for many things. It all depends on the situation the dreamer is going through and the setting and details of the dream.

Whether it’s from a human or bird, feces do no good for the body. Therefore, if you dream of pooping, it points to clearing out negative emotions, unhealthy habits, or toxic individuals.

Since the body often excretes what it doesn’t need, taking a dump in your dream could represent the feeling of pleasure. You feel happy about letting go of a burden or situation you have no control over.

However, poop dreams are not one-sided. They also have a messy side. For instance, they may represent a repulsive personality, obsessions, spiritual blockage, etc.

What Does Poop Symbolize in Dreams

1. Unanticipated Wealth and Rewards

Dreams about poop can relate to unexpected rewards. Chances are you dedicated your efforts and time to a project but didn’t expect any return.

This dream shows that your hard work will pay off in ways you never thought possible. You will enjoy significant rewards that will leave you thrilled and excitant. Better yet, the dream will instill a belief that everything works out in the end.

In addition, pooping in a dream could mean you will inherit enormous wealth from someone you least expected.

2. Intense Vulnerability

Most people feel vulnerable when pooping, especially in a public place. There’s the fear of “someone is watching me” or a leak in your pant after urinating (which happens to most men).

In fact, many individuals often have difficulty pooping in public bathrooms because they fear scrutiny and judgment about the experiences related to defecation, including:

  • Sounds
  • Smells
  • Sights

The fear and anxiety are real that doctors even gave it a name: Parcopresis. But let’s not go off-topic.

Dreams of pooping in the public imply you’re vulnerable and self-conscious about specific aspects of your life. It’s also a sign of fear and anxiety.

3. Cleansing

Defecating is a way for your body to get rid of waste products. In spirituality, pooping symbolizes cleansing.

It’s a sign that you are holding on to something in your life, but it doesn’t contribute to your growth. As such, the universe is telling you to let go.

Whether it’s a negative emotion or bad energy, you need to get rid of it so you can focus on the things that make you happy.

4. Obstinacy

Besides spiritual cleansing, defecating in dreams symbolizes your stubborn adherence to one’s opinion and strong-headedness.

Probably you fight a lot, not to achieve something in reality, but to establish a feeling of supremacy. You always believe you are right and other people’s opinion on various matters don’t matter.

You pay no heed to the advice and guidance offered by others and persistently quarrel over issues that have no significance. Because of your obstinacy and stubbornness, people find it hard to relate to you.

If that’s the case, it’s high time to change. Accept that you might not always be right. Build trust in others step by step, improve your listening skills and reduce misunderstandings to increase resolution.

5. Feeling Blocked

If you’ve ever constipated, you understand how difficult it is to empty your bowel.

Constipation is a sign of poor diet, older age, and sometimes low exercise levels. But in the dream world, constipation stands for obstruction.

Most likely, you have encountered a few hurdles in life, preventing you from meeting your goals. But worry not! This dream is a cue to make some changes to beat your problems.

With a little effort, positivity and patience, you will overcome your challenges and emerge from the cocoon as strong as ever.

6. Illness

Not all poop dreams represent financial gains. Some point towards negative scenarios like dreams of eating human or animal feces.

Although a study shows that eating human excrement could be the key to treating colonic bacterial infection, only a handful of people will try this treatment.

Let’s not forget that the stool has to undergo lots of treatment to get rid of parasites and organisms that can cause diarrhea and dehydration.

If you see yourself eating poop in a dream, it hints at infection or illness that could prove deadly.

When you only place the stool in your mouth but don’t eat it, the vision implies you attained your wealth via unscrupulous means. Probably you embezzled your firm’s funds or took a bribe.

Spiritual Meaning of Pooping in a Dream

Dreams of pooping are more spiritual than you can ever imagine. They involve the way you navigate your life.

The fecal matter in your dream symbolizes a stressful situation you wish to rid yourself of. Furthermore, it implies that you are experiencing some emotional difficulties.

For instance, if you’re repulsed by your stool in the dream, it means there’s a feeling or circumstance in your waking life that you find repulsive.

Everything that comes out of our body possesses spiritual energy. The same applies to poop. Therefore, the act of pooping in your dream might indicate getting rid of negative energy.

On the other hand, defecation is a beautiful process that improves the functioning of our bodies. We can all agree that taking a “shit” is usually satisfying and pleasurable.

So, dreaming of pooping in your home toilet could represent the feeling of satisfaction in various aspects of your life, be it family and relationship or work and career.

It’s also a sign of achieving spiritual enlightenment and manifesting higher levels of development than an ordinary individual.

Dreams of pooping in a dirty bathroom point towards unfavorable relationships with others. Ideally, it can signify your attempt to rid yourself of troubling circumstances.

Is Dreaming About Poop Good Luck?

Yes! Dreams of poop are a sign of good luck and prosperity. Whether bird, animal, or human poop, the dream is associated with financial gains, acquisition of materials, good fortune, and balance in life.

The dream shows you will get money easily and have fun with your family once again. From a spiritual view, such dreams signify redemption from loss and overcoming obstacles.

You can even encounter a dream about the fecal matter when suffering from a digestive problem. Consider it a sign to find a lasting solution to your situation.

17 Common Examples of Dreams About Poop

Now let’s dive into the meaning and interpretations of the most common dreams about poop.

Dream of Dog Poop

Dream of Dog Poop

Dogs are a visible part of most people’s everyday lives. We are attuned to the presence of these creatures, and many individuals love them.

In dreams, dogs embody several themes, including protection, loyalty, and friendship. But what if you encounter a dog poop or see a dog pooping in your dream world? What does it mean?

Well, consider the dream a sign to invest in your trustworthy friends. You can create something with them, like starting a partnership business.

Secondly, it tells you to open your heart to new people. You never know! These individuals might be your key to success or becoming a better person.

Dream of Cleaning Poop

Although you have problems in your life, they should not weigh you down or cause you stress because you’ll solve them no matter what.

This dream is also a metaphor for cleaning your soul. You need to change your unpleasant behavior or perception and improve your life. In this way, you can avoid making the same mistakes repeatedly.

Dream of Pooping in Toilet

Such dreams represent your desire to do away with the negativity you have accumulated over the years. You desire a peaceful, balanced, and harmonious life once more.

Pooping in toilet dreams also reminds you to be grateful for the many things you already have, even if they are simple.

You don’t have to ask the universe for things anymore since you already have everything you need to achieve success and peace.

More so, don’t forget to appreciate the little acts of kindness from your loved ones and friends.

Dream About Toilet Overflowing with Poop

What if the toilet overflows with your feces?

Interestingly, this represents a flow of money. You will receive unexpected wealth even if you didn’t put in the effort or hard work. For instance, you might win a lottery or receive an inheritance.

On the flip side, a toilet overflowing with poop could represent your current or future financial challenges. So make some changes to get your finances in order as soon as possible.

Those who often suppress their negative emotions should consider this dream a signal to release those thoughts before they pile up and become unbearable.

Dream About Pooping Your Pants

In the dream world or illusion realms, anything is possible. While it might not seem possible to poop your pants in the real world, your subconscious mind can make this possible when you are fast asleep.

Pooping your pants is embarrassing. But when this happens in your dreams, it might connote the feeling of inferiority.

Maybe you feel embarrassed because of your terrible decisions, bad habits or not achieving something extraordinary in life.

It can also mean you’re feeling overwhelmed with a certain situation and want to break free.

Dream of Poop on Your Clothes

Chances are, you will uncover your friend’s dark secret, and it will leave you emotionally disturbed. Although you will have many questions, you can’t seek answers from your pal. If you do, he will know that you now know his secret, and you don’t want that.

Dream of Pooping in Public

While this dream might seem shameful, it actually brings the message of success. More specifically, in your financial endeavors.

That business you launched, whether alone or with a friend, will provide you with significant profits. You might even expand to new states.

But if you feel embarrassed taking a dump before the public, it means you acquired your wealth through illegal channels.

Dream of Poop on the Floor

Fecal matter on the floor shows jealousy toward other people’s success. Probably you spend lots of time analyzing other individuals’ achievements that you forget to grow yourself.

You need to stop. Everyone is blessed with enormous potential and skills. So, look deep within yourself and determine what you’re good at. Use this to your advantage and you will meet your future goals.

Dream of Wiping Your Poop

You’re bold and always stick to your principles, even if it means earning a small amount of money.

The dream also serves as a reminder to work hard. Roll up your sleeves and get to work every day until you meet your financial goals.

Dream of Poop in Your Hand

It’s high time you take calculated risks. Do you want to leave your job and start a small business? Go for it. A new position has opened up in your company. Apply for it.

If you don’t take advantage of opportunities in your path, you might not achieve your dreams.

Dream of Pooping Everywhere

Like most poop dreams, this dream symbolizes money and material gains. But, here, you will receive more money than you can imagine.

Dream of Bird Poop

Bird poop or droppings in your dream are a positive thing. It symbolizes good news, surprise developments, and an end to your troubles.

Another thing, your income will increase and there will be abundance in your household. You will also reach your business objectives.

Dream About Eating Poop

The idea of eating poop disgusts many people, and for a good reason. Human feces not only smell bad, but it’s unhealthy for the body.

Feces contain intestinal bacteria, not meant to be ingested in your mouth. So ingesting poop could lead to vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and nausea.

If you eat stool in your dream, it means your reputation will suffer because of past decisions or a mistake you committed recently.

The dream also points to individuals in your circle who don’t wish to see you succeed. So, be cautious with who you share your secrets.

Dream of Baby Poop

Generally, this dream is a sign of good luck. Irrespective of the challenges you’re dealing with, you will receive help and emerge as strong as ever.

The dream also stands for diligence and persistence. Your hard work will pay off in the long run and money will not be an issue anymore.

Dream of Pooping in Bed

Pooping in bed indicates facing financial troubles with your partner. Perhaps you made a bad financial decision without consulting your spouse or girlfriend and now it’s affecting your income flow. Because of this, you’re not on good terms.

In a way, the dream can also represent troubles in your relationship, even if it doesn’t concern money.

If you’re single, the dream stands for your sexual desire. It’s a sign that you’re in tune with your body and you’re getting comfortable with your emotions.

Dream of Stepping on Poop

When you step on feces in your dream, it means your dark days are ending. It’s also a sign to listen to your instincts and intuition. Make your choices based on your gut feeling, not what other people say.

Dream of Cat Poop

Cat poop dreams relate to someone in your waking life. It’s a warning that one of your close friends will betray you or plot tricks to make you look bad.

Also, it’s a reminder to evaluate your spending to avoid getting into debt or going bankrupt.

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Final Thoughts

You would have expected something stinky and disgusting to stand for lots of negative connotations. But that’s not the case.

As demonstrated by this guide, dreams about feces (whether from humans, birds, or animals) point to money and financial gains.

That’s not to say that there are no negative meanings of poop dreams. While most dreams focus on positive themes, some embody negative meanings like illness, obsessions, and obstinacy.

Nevertheless, each interpretation of dreams of fecal matter will vary based on the dreamer’s current situation. So, it is wise to consider every aspect before deciding on the right interpretation of your dream.

13 thoughts on “Poop Dream Meaning: Good Luck, Money & More”

  1. Good day.
    What does it mean if you are dreaming about stooling in a workplace where there is people around you and you try to clean it and throw it in a toilet . Not a nice dream to me. LOL

    • Although you might seem fine to other people, you feel stressed and overwhelmed at work.

      Probably, you have too much work on your plate and not enough time to complete them. Or you feel pressured to complete tasks outside your job descriptions. Either way, you are close to burnout and need a break.

      On the other hand, the act of defecating at your work reflects a sense of vulnerability or exposure and fear of being scrutinized. Chances are, you feel like an imposter at work and self-doubt your accomplishments.

      If this applies to you, try not to compare yourself to your workmates and develop a growth mindset. Trying to clean the poop and throw it in a toilet shows your willingness to accept responsibility for your choices and actions.

    • No one loves stepping in poop in real life, and the same applies to dreams. Such visions can be disturbing. But worry not, it’s not a bad omen!

      It represents your desire to deal with negative energy and toxic people in your waking life. On the other hand, the vision could reflect your fears, guilt, and shame. It’s your subconscious way of encouraging you to deal with your feelings before they ruin your life.

      Similarly, it may urge you to be mindful of your behaviors and habits, as they might not be healthy.

  2. I always see pop in dreams by the roadside. I always dream going somewhere and eventually find myself in place where there poops only. Last night there were by roadside of big sizes and I was trying to cover them with soil.
    What does that mean?

    • Dreaming about pooping on the roadside is not the best experience. But like other visions, poop dreams can provide you with a better understanding of your emotions, feelings, and hidden desires.

      With that in mind, your dream denotes your need to let go of negative emotions or experiences. You cover your poop because you want to forget these emotions and begin afresh.

      However, that’s not a good idea because suppressed emotions and feelings have a way of coming back and hunting you, especially through dreams. So, you’re better off identifying the trigger behind your emotions and addressing them.

      On another note, the roadside in the dream could represent your boundaries in life. The feces you trying to cover with soil symbolize the toxic people in your circle or the negative situation you’re facing.

      In simple terms, you try to preserve your boundaries and create a healthy environment for yourself by eliminating toxicity and negativity.

    • This dream shows your desire to confront and get rid of your negative emotions, trauma, unresolved feelings, and toxic habits.

      On the other hand, the dream foretells coming into unexpected wealth and opportunities. This holds, especially if you have been going through a difficult time lately.

  3. Please what does it mean in a dream for adult to poop on his body, trying to use his hands to cover it for people not to see it

    • Chances are, there’s a certain situation in your waking life making you feel vulnerable.

      The dream implies that you fear showing your true self or specific aspects of yourself. You consider them undesirable and you believe others will judge you because of that.

      Conversely, the vision tries to encourage you to embrace your negative side. It urges you to find a healthy way to release suppressed emotions and let go of trauma.

  4. What does it mean to have a dream about stacks of white donuts with human feces stacked on top of each stack of donuts?

    • In dreams, donuts are usually related to pleasure, satisfaction, and indulgence. They also imply achieving unity and completeness in your waking life.
      However, the human feces stacked onto them represent the bad habits, undesirable traits, or negative energy hindering you from meeting your life objectives and goals.


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