Dreaming of Dog Poop Meaning and Interpretation

Dog poop in our dream could be one of the disturbing and disgusting scenarios that you will come across in your dream. Seeing this would not be very pleasant, whether in the dreamland or waking life.

Nonetheless, dreaming of dog poop may have different meanings. Usually, this is a sign that your life will go through a substantial change.

dreams about dog poop

There are various interpretations behind this dream, which we will cover here.

Why Do I Have Recurring Dreams About Dog Poop?

If it happens once, you may simply brush it off. However, once the dreams are repeated, they will bother you.

Some people will start to wonder if this event has some significance. Usually, the intense emotions we are experiencing, such as anxiety, fear, anger, love, excitement, and passion, will be carried through the nocturnal realm.

This allows us to have a more in-depth understanding of ourselves.

Is Dreaming About Dog Poop Positive?

While the appearance of dog feces in your dream could be disgusting, the reason behind your dream is not always negative.

Dog poop is a lucky detail. It indicates that your life will be filled with prosperity and abundance. It is a perfect time to play the game of chance, and you might win something.

You will also be lucky with your relationship.

Improved Financial Situation

Dreaming about dog poop repeatedly pertains to a surprising change in your life, particularly in your economic status. There will be a significant enhancement in your financial standing.

Perhaps you bought a stock before that you have already forgotten. You will receive the proper reward for your investment.

If you are going through a challenging period lately, take heed since your life will transform for the better. Sit back and observe the immense changes happening in your life.


The poop of the dog in your dream pertains to a load of positivity in the dreamer’s life. It reminds the dreamer that it will be a very fortunate time for you.

Feces may appear disgusting, but they are filled with nutrients that nourish the earth. For the dreamer, it is a reminder that things will be fine.

For those inclined to play the game of chances, it could be an excellent time to test your luck. Nonetheless, do not leave everything to chance. Better blessings await those who are faithful and hardworking individuals.


While dreams about dog feces could be disturbing and awful, this pertains to the dreamer’s confidence. People who encounter this dream scenario will often be confident that they can achieve their desired goals.

If you dream this repeatedly, you will have to surround yourself with the right people. Look for people who share the same interests and goals.

Is Dreaming About Dog Poop Negative?

As mentioned in our past articles, the reason behind your dream could be affected by your emotions and experiences. Therefore, there are instances when it will relate to something negative.

However, you should not be alarmed about it. Treat this as a reminder that you still have time to avoid something unfortunate.

Terrible Developments

There’s a chance of an unpleasant development on your current undertaking. Things may take the wrong turn in the future, and this could result from the deception of someone you trust.

It is a warning that a turbulent period will soon arrive, and you need to be well-prepared for the things that are about to come. Remember this; you are still capable of experiencing beautiful things in life.

However, you must learn how to let go, especially those who have no good influence on you.

Bad Relationship

A defecating dog can stimulate discomfort. This can be related to a relationship that is negatively affecting you.

If there are inconveniences in your life right now, try to avoid the reasons behind them. You should put yourself in a place that emanates positive energy.

There are kinds of relationships that you should not keep since they are already detrimental to you. Toxic people will only continue to drain your life and energy.

The Biblical Meaning of Dog Poop in a Dream

Most of us have dreamed of something crazy, strange, and disgusting. There’s a chance that it left a strong feeling in you.

Therefore, you might want to figure out the biblical meaning of this dream. Seeing feces in your dream pertains to unexpected luck.

It also relates to detoxification. It implies that harmful things in your life will soon be eliminated. It could also tell you that it is time to let go of the temptations. The dog feces also remind you to remove such impurities in life.


The biblical meaning of dog poop relates to the dreamer’s regrets. Perhaps you did something in the past that harmed someone.

This is your guilt for hurting someone innocent. Maybe you allowed your rage to control you, and you are taking it out on someone who has no relation to the issue.

It is a wake-up call. You still have a chance to undo the damage you’ve caused. Try to apologize for something you did.

Pursuing Power

Another biblical meaning of this dream scenario pertains to position and power. You are someone pursuing social status and authority.

There’s also a chance that you want to associate yourself with a powerful man. You don’t care about your feelings; you only want someone with money.

Examples of Dreams About Dog Poop

Dogs are undoubtedly one of the most popular pets worldwide. Therefore, seeing a defecating canine in our dream is common.

However, the context and the scenario could be different. Therefore, the message behind the dream may also change.

Generally, a dream about dog poop indicates that something in your life is out of control.

Pile of Dog Poop

If there is a pile of dog poop in your dream, it indicates that you will encounter an unexpected fortune. Your dream reminds you to remain alert for the opportunities coming your way.

You will be given a chance that will help you change your life forever.

The Smell of Dog Poop

Sometimes, you will dream as if you are smelling the stench of poop. In this situation, you could be judging people based on your intuition.

It reminds you that you should not evaluate the situation or people at their face value. Some of the people you might meet may appear kind and humble, but they could have plans against you.

Try to listen to your intuition and tap into your inner senses to have a better way of judging people.

Stepping on Dog Poop

This dream signifies that you will have to deal with problems due to your behavior. It is a sign that you must be more cautious of your behavior.

You should also be mindful of how you treat others. It tells you that you should be aware of your real friends. They are those who will stick with you through thick and thin.

Stepping on Dog Poop and Struggling to Clean It

If you accidentally step on poop and have difficulty cleaning it, this is a positive sign. You will receive positive news when you least expect it.

Stepping on Dog Poop and Leaving Stains on the Floor

Perhaps you have been involved in some activities that do not satisfy you. You are probably afraid that your actions will only lead to an embarrassing moment.

It can also be a warning sign that you must act immediately to lessen the possible consequences of your mistakes.

Stepping on Dog Poop and Taking it Inside the House

If you unintentionally take the poop inside the house after stepping on it, it reminds you that you have a lot of people that will support you.

They will help you with your undertaking. Try to reach out to them if you feel stuck at some point.

Seeing a Dog Pooping

Seeing a dog pooping could be linked to something that is not good for you. You will have to release it from your system.

For instance, this could be your anxieties and fears about losing someone close to you. Perhaps you are acting too possessive of someone.

You are acting too bossy or controlling since you don’t want them to stray from the path. If you continue to do this, people will leave you.

Dog Poop on a Cloth

Your dream encourages you to make investments. Fame and fortune are just around the corner. However, you will not enjoy this.

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Final Thoughts

There are different meanings behind your dreams about dog poop. Perhaps something you have been repressing within you will soon be revealed.

You may have regretted or been ashamed of something you did in the past. This could be your way of dealing with your problems; your subconsciousness could be encouraging you to confront your worries and fears. Otherwise, it will continue to haunt you and affect your state of mind.

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