What Is the Meaning of Dream About Hair?

Dreams about hair are not uncommon. In fact, throughout the age’s hair has been used to symbolize different aspects of culture and spirituality.

Some cultures even believe hair represents magical powers. That explains why witches were shaved during witch hunts.

On the other hand, hair was a sign of fertility and love. A belief that carried weight in many cultures. A bald man or woman was incapable of or had very low chances of siring heirs.

Dreaming About Hair

Similarly, hair on different parts of the body carried different meanings. Chest hair depicted masculinity and courage while body hair was a sign of raw power.

While hair makes a statement about who we think we are on the outside, dreaming about hair explores and exposes our true inner selves.

Below we’ve come up with a list of potential meanings of dreams about hair.

What Do Dreams About Hair Mean?


Hair can be a symbol of power or authority. But dreams about thinning or falling hair, imply that you’re afraid of losing control or the privileges afforded by your seat of power. Most likely, you fear losing your position either at work or in your circles.


Dreaming about hair loss might indicate overall worry about your health or that of your close buddies. Losing hair in a dream might translate into losing a friend or a loved one in your waking life. Perhaps you had a recent health scare or your loved one was involved in an accident. This could trigger dreaming about hair.


Healthy, beautiful, and long hair are bound to boost your confidence. Dreaming about hair portrays your self-assurance. You’re aware of your charm and beauty, and the effect it has on the surrounding people.  And you’re never afraid to use it to achieve your goals.

Spiritual Meaning of Hair in Dreams

The virtues of a person are said to be mainly focused on their hair and nails. Among females, hair is a symbol of seduction and physical attraction. While amongst men, baldness is usually a symbol of sterility.

Freely flowing hair suggests freedom, and if forcefully shaved or removed, it becomes a symbol of oppression.

Different colors of hair depict different spiritual symbols. White represents eternity, while red implies a connection to demonic forces. Violet hair is associated with goddesses and green depicts a deep connection to the water element.

Biblical Meaning of Hair in Dreams

Samson was a strong character in the Bible who kept his hair in seven locks. Dreaming of your hair in dreadlocks indicates a strong and wise spirit. It’s a sign of perseverance, even in the face of adversity.

It’s a dream that encourages you to believe in yourself even when the pressure gets too much. However, dreaming of someone shaving your locks implies you’re under a spiritual attack.

Similarly, in the New Testament, Mary Magdalene wipes Jesus’ feet with her hair. Therefore, dreaming about hair can symbolize spiritual submission to a higher power.

Common Scenarios in Dreams About Hair

Common Scenarios in Dreams About Hair

Dreaming of Your Hair Growing

Dreaming about hair growth is an indication of good fortune. The effort and money you’ve put into your investment are about to pay off. You’re about to reap the profits of your investment.

The dream encourages you to keep working toward achieving your goals. Because you will ultimately get rewarded.

Dreaming of Your Hair Growing Longer

If you see your hair growing longer in a dream, it foretells an increase in the troubles you’re facing. You might be going through financial troubles and the pressure is about to get worse.

Similarly, longer hair in a dream suggests a decline in your health. Your immunity will get easily compromised and it will take a long while to fully recover.

Dreaming About Having Long Hair

Dreams involving having long hair are time-oriented. This means that whatever you have been working on or plan to work on will take time and patience to achieve.

It’s critical to make a concrete plan, fill all the loopholes in it, and have a backup. However, even without all of this, it’s advisable to seize the moment and put your plan into action.

Conversely, if you hide your long hair, it means that you are afraid of opening up to people. You have secrets and you fear judgment if ever anyone were to find them out. Showing your hair is a sign of pride and openness.

Dream About Long Black Hair

Long black hair in your dreams may have many interpretations. First, it is a symbol of strength and perseverance. It requires a lot of effort and patience to grow your hair to such lengths. This translates to how you deal with the challenges life throws at you.

It’s a sign that you’re persistent and capable of anything, especially when it comes to attaining your goals. Seeing long black hair is a reminder to have faith in yourself and your abilities, even when it seems hopeless.

Secondly, long black hair is a sign of temptation heading your way. It might be something you’ve desired for a long time. Maybe you will get offered a lucrative deal at the office or be tempted to engage in a love affair with someone you had feelings for before your current relationship.

Dream About Losing Hair

Dreaming about losing hair is not the most exciting hair dream to have. The loss of hair in a dream is a symbol of a decrease in vitality. You’re anxious and worried about a lot of aspects of your life. This has caused you emotional and mental distress and eventually led to a decline in your health.

Also, it might mean that you’re feeling vulnerable at this point in your life. You feel old, unattractive, self-conscious, and worried about being judged by the latest beauty standards.

If so, the dream serves to remind you that true beauty comes from within. And there’s nothing to be ashamed of if you don’t fit the criteria for everyone. The important thing is to love yourself.

Dream About Hair Falling Out

Hair falling out in a dream is a cause of concern. It might indicate a decline in your health due to age and underlying circumstances. What’s more, it shows your loss of interest in all your prior hobbies. For a woman, hair falling out foretells a conflict that will ultimately bring about the end of a relationship.

Alternatively, if it’s someone else’s hair, it means that you should repair any broken relationships you may have with your loved ones. You may not have been in the wrong, but sometimes, it’s not worth waiting for the other party to initiate the process. Learn to forgive and start the healing process.

Dream About Washing Your Hair

Washing your hair in a dream is an indication of success in business or at your workplace. It may have been a struggle to get where you were, but you never gave up.

It could also imply the start of a new adventure. Perhaps you have decided to jump back into the dating scene or you’ve switched jobs to a more fulfilling career.

Washing your hair might also represent your crisis management skills. You’re quick to think of solutions to any problems that may arise and if your plan fails, you’re good at improvising to suit the situation.

Dream About Having Short Hair

Dreaming of yourself with short hair is a symbol of contentment. You feel free to express yourself and your opinions. It also implies that whatever problems you’re facing will soon get solved.

Short hair in a dream could be a sign of acceptance. You’re finally ready to let things go and are not afraid of cutting something or someone off in your life. You’ve found peace and will do anything to keep it.

Dreaming About Someone Making Your Hair

If a female is making your hair, it means that you’re ready to embrace your femininity. You wish to show more affection and care for the people you care about.

If it is a male, it represents a strong mental and emotional balance. It implies that you have to learn when to be firm in your decisions, even if people are against you.

Getting your hair done in the morning in a dream is a sign of good tidings. You’re going to have a lucky day and probably a lucky year.

Dream About Hair In Food

Dreams involving hair in food have a variety of interpretations. It might mean that you fear intimacy in real life. Perhaps it was brought on by a traumatic experience in your past or you just don’t like people in your personal space.

Additionally, it implies that something or someone you’ve been running away from will soon confront you. This confrontation will require you to fight back instead of letting your fear overwhelm you.

Dreaming of Bugs in My Hair

The thought of bugs in your hair sounds gross and disgusting. Dreaming of bugs in your hair may rouse you from sleep in a state of panic.

If you dream of ants or lice in your hair, it means that someone is taking advantage of you and your abilities to achieve their goals while giving nothing in return. Spiders imply someone is watching your moves, trying to gauge how best to control your life.

Bedbugs, on the other hand, are a symbol of your negative traits. You’re going through tough times because of the bad habits you’ve developed over time that are getting hard to shake off.

Dream About Hair on The Floor

When you dream of hair on the floor, it implies that you’re deceitful. You want the attention and acknowledgment of your friends and coworkers. Thus, you’ve woven a web of lies to gain yourself some friends.

It’s advisable to come clean about your actions if you want to make genuine connections.

Dream About Hair Being Cut

A bad haircut implies low self-esteem. You have undergone unwanted changes (weight loss or gain, growth spurt) and you’re not sure if you’re still attractive. Your body doesn’t feel like your own anymore and this makes you embarrassed to appear in public.

Conversely, cutting hair means that you’re ready to let go and move on. You might have gone through a breakup or lost your job unjustly. This stressed you and you took a lot of time to reach a point of acceptance. It’s a sign that you’ve let go of the past.

Dreaming of Cutting Your Hair

Cutting off your hair in a dream means that you’ve finally decided on an important aspect of your life. This dream implies that you’re satisfied and comfortable with your decision. It may have taken you time, but you finally reached a consensus within.

Dreaming of Hair on Fire

Dreaming of your hair getting longer, then catching fire, means that you feel the pressure from the increasing challenges of life. This has put you in a precarious situation.

Short hair burning in a dream implies that your fiery temper will land you in trouble with your superiors. It warns you to watch your attitude before you do something irreversible.

Dream About Hair Breaking Off

Hair breaking off in a dream is a metaphor for anxiety. You worry over every minor detail and this has led to alienation in all your relationships.

It also suggests that you’re likely to lose money. Watch how you spend your money and avoid lending money, as you won’t get it back.

Dream About Hair Extensions

Seeing hair extensions in a dream implies a desire to find a shortcut through a painful experience in your waking life. Perhaps you went through a painful breakup or a traumatic experience, and instead of taking time to heal, you turned to alcohol or drugs to drown your sorrows.

A wig or a toupee suggests you maintain a façade in front of other people. You’re afraid of letting anyone in or knowing the real you.

Dream About Hair Growing in Weird Places

Hair growing in strange places in your dream implies you feel attacked or threatened by someone or something. You feel as if you’ve lost control over the situation and it is bugging you.

Similarly, it could mean that you’re having relationship troubles. Your partner is changing and communication between you two is not open anymore. This change is stressful and your attempts at fixing it are all in vain.

Dream About Eating Hair

If you dream of eating hair, it suggests you’re trying to fill a void. You miss someone and their influence on your life. Also, it might mean that you struggle with making your opinion heard.

If you’re single, eating hair implies that you’re ready to go back into the dating pool after a long stretch of loneliness. However, if you’re in a relationship, it denotes dissatisfaction and unhappiness. You put your partner’s desires before yours for too long and now it’s taking a toll on your happiness.

Dream About Braiding Hair

As a man, if you dream about braiding someone’s hair, you will face betrayal. Your loved one or trusted friend will disappoint you. For a woman, it means that you will get tangled in a web of gossip, which makes you uncomfortable.

Braiding a stranger’s hair in a dream insinuates plans by rivals to sabotage you. It might be a jealous colleague or a business competitor. Additionally, braiding a child’s hair suggests you should listen to advice from experienced people in your field.

Dream of Hair in Your Mouth or Throat

Dreaming of pulling hair out of your mouth suggests that you had a rough childhood. The memories have given you a hard time letting go, and it still saddens you that those responsible for you caused you so much trauma.

If you’re having a hard time pulling hair out of your throat, it implies that someone is working hard to hinder your progress. It warns you to be ready to be treated unkindly and unfairly. But take it with good grace and learn from those experiences.

Dreaming of White Hair

Dreaming of a head full of white hair might sound horrifying, but it isn’t all that bad. White hair symbolizes gaining wisdom and insight.

Dreaming of dyeing your hair white implies that you’ve come to terms with aging as a part of life. However, if your hair was dyed white without your consent, it suggests that you’re still struggling with accepting your age and you’re possibly afraid of death.

If your hair is white and then turns black in a dream, it reflects good health and long life. You have changed your lifestyle and dietary habits for the better.

Dreaming of Black Hair

While black might not seem as the most positive color, dreaming of black hair – of any length- has quite a powerful meaning behind it. Black hair signifies confidence, strength, and power. You’re feeling confident in your abilities.

It might also represent your creative energy. Black contains all colors and you’re feeling like bringing all of them out. If you dream of others with black hair, they may be the people who bring creative energy to your life.

Likewise, black hair in a dream gives you a mood boost. You’re happy and give off positive vibes. People want to be around you because of your buoyancy.

Dreaming of Red Hair

Red is a color associated with love and anger. Dreaming of red hair simply suggests that you’re emotionally unstable. You’re prone to act impulsively and it has been a cause of concern for those around you.

This may be a sign of an underlying mental health condition, especially if these episodes of mood changes are severe and unusual. Unchecked, it might develop into manic and depressive episodes.

If so, it’s wise to get clinically assessed and treated to manage the condition.

Dreaming of Purple Hair

Purple hair is a symbol of transformation. You’re going through a transitional phase in your life. This change will make you more spiritually aware and emotionally stable. It indicates the end of old behaviors and dangerous habits.

Dyeing your hair purple might mean you’re about to get married or get a divorce. It means you’re ready for that new stage of life and what it’s about to bring.

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Final Thoughts

Hair appearing in a dream has many meanings. It might signify change or wisdom. It could be a good omen or a warning. Dreaming about your hair might also attract positive vibes toward you.

Hopefully, when you have a dream involving hair, this article will guide you in finding the appropriate meaning and provide you with insight into solving whatever problem you’re having.

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