Pigs in Dreams Meaning & Symbolism

What comes to mind when you hear about pigs? You may find these animals dirty and unsophisticated, disgusting even. Or, you can associate them with wealth and friendliness.

Similarly, pigs can offer both positive and negative meanings in a dream. These animals can bring happiness and hope or evoke repulsiveness and distance.

pigs in dreams meaning

Like all animals seen in a dream, pigs represent different characteristics of the dreamer or their life. You can think about your associations with these creatures. Then, feel free to take a look at their general symbolism below.

Meaning And Symbolism of Pigs in Dreams

Pigs are animals closely connected to the earth and the material world. These creatures can surprise us with their will, strength, and a more than healthy appetite. At the same time, there are many negative associations with pigs in the modern world.

Pigs in Dreams Meaning

You can see the general symbolism of pigs in dreams:

Prosperity and Success

It is not a coincidence that many people keep their money in piggy banks. In modern society, we associate pigs with financial and material income. In a dream, these animals can represent our ability to prosper and succeed in different life areas.

Filthiness and Need for Cleansing

Pigs wallow in mud, as it helps them regulate their body temperature and discourages parasites. From this natural habit of theirs arises the negative connotation of dirtiness, sloppiness, and a lack of hygiene.

In this sense, pigs in a dream can show the need for internal or external cleansing of the dreamer or their surroundings. This animal can also point toward a more careful tending of people and situations in life.

Overindulgence and Need for Balance

Pigs, boars, and hogs are omnivores and eat just about anything. In this sense, they can indicate gluttony and greed when seen in a dream.

Pigs can also symbolize an inability to control your impulses and desires. Think about whether such characteristics appear in your life and how you can find a healthy balance.

Fertility and Abundance

Pigs and boars give birth to about ten baby animals. They are very fertile and are symbolic of the Mother goddess, similar to other animals like cows and turtles.

In this sense, pigs in dreams can indicate inner or outer abundance. They can also show the arising creative potential inside the dreamer, figuratively or literally. Pigs are symbolic of sexuality and passion as well.

Stubbornness and Selfishness

A negative association with pigs is related to their stubborn and willful character. Strong as they are, these animals can symbolize an inability to compromise and negotiate in social situations.

Pigs can be related to inconsideration of the other person and self-absorption, similar to peacocks. A pig in a dream can indicate the need for a more balanced viewpoint. These animals can also point toward the healthier expression of your wishes and considerations.


These animals possess a natural wisdom that most people ignore. Pigs are very clever, which makes them excellent survivors. In this sense, they can symbolize intellect and innate adaptability in the face of a challenge.

Freedom and Connection to Nature

The ancestors of the domesticated pigs we know best are the wild boars and hogs. When seen in a dream, these animals can represent the need for freedom and wilderness. They can also indicate an authentic connection to mother nature and the living world.

Common Pig Scenarios in Dreams

Common Pig Scenarios in Dreams

The particular context of a dream is as important as the general symbolism of the animal. Each night vision contains different emotions, details, and actions that can point toward the correct interpretation.

Having in mind your associations with pigs and their general symbolic meanings, take a look at some popular dream plots below.

Dream of A Pig Chasing Me

Having this experience indicates the need to recognize a characteristic of your personality. If the emotions in the dreams are negative, you may need to acknowledge a side of yourself you consider unpleasant. It can be related to sloppiness, greediness, selfishness, and overindulgence.

If you experience the pig chasing you as a funny game or feel calm in the dream, you may need to accept something positive. Such a vision can indicate abundance, success, and a connection to mother nature.

Dreaming of A Pig Attacking Me

Such dreams are usually associated with negative feelings, such as anger and fear. This plot shows an inner conflict between different parts of your personality.

In this sense, the pig symbolizes a side of yourself that you are in denial of and need to integrate. When you accept this side of yourself, the conflict will attenuate and you will be able to hold the tension.

Dreaming of Many Pigs Attacking Me

This scenario urges you to pay close attention to a situation in your life. The multitude of pigs indicates the importance of the issue and the way it is sabotaging you in reality.

Are you too attached to your material possessions? Are you greedy or selfish? Or do you feel emotionally or physically cluttered?

Dreaming of A Boar/hog

Seeing these animals in a dream can be related to an inner sense of freedom and courage. They can also symbolize a strong will and the ability to adapt to every challenge in life.

The boar and the hog are larger in size and mightier than pigs. In this sense, they represent masculinity and the force of nature. It is not a coincidence that a boar’s head can be seen on the emblems of ancient and medieval tribes.

Dreaming of A Pig Screeching or Grunting

This dream indicates a part of yourself that wants to communicate to your conscious mind. The pig represents a messenger that wants you to pay attention to something.

Think about the other details in the dream and your current situation to gather more information about the dream’s meaning.

Seeing a Dead Pig in A Dream

If you experience positive emotions, this dream can symbolize the transformation of a side of yourself you do not like. You may get rid of some qualities like stubbornness and greed. You may be on your way to emotional or physical cleansing.

The negative emotions in this scenario may indicate the loss of something valuable to you. You may need to awaken your creative side to achieve inner and outer abundance. You can reconnect to your innate wisdom and nature as a whole.

Killing a Pig in A Dream

This scenario indicates the need for a change of personality. You may need to abolish an old way of thinking and being represented by the pig. Think about your current life situation and the fresh viewpoint that wants to come to a realization.

Pig Poop in A Dream

Poop can offer both positive and negative symbolism in dreams. If you experience pleasant emotions, seeing pig excrement at night can suggest riches awaiting you.

The negative feelings in the dream point toward a different side of pig poop meanings. It can suggest an emotional blockage or an illness. It can also show the need to take better care of your material and psychological needs.

Baby Pig in A Dream

Dreaming of piglets brings a positive message about the unrealized potential of the personality. Seeing little pigs indicates the opportunity for future growth, expansion, and abundance. On the other hand, baby animals are associated with tenderness, motherly love, and affection.

Petting a Pig in A Dream

Having this experience at night can be quite satisfying and emotional. Symbolically, you are connecting to another part of your personality represented by the pig. Petting the animal shows that you are getting familiar with this side of yours and are enriching yourself.

Dream About Cooking Pig

The act of cooking is symbolic of the alchemical process of inner transformation. In this sense, preparing a meal of pork meat can show a movement of the psyche. This dream can indicate a change in some of the qualities a pig represents to you.

Dream About Eating a Pig

This scenario can show the need to integrate some of the personal characteristics you associate with pigs. These can be freedom, success, financial and material abundance, and wisdom.

Such a dream can also have cultural nuances, as in some societies it is prohibited to consume pork meat. If you have such beliefs and you eat a pig in your dream, it can represent an inner conflict between your socially acceptable side and the uncensored part of your psyche.

Feeding a Pig in A Dream

Such a dream is symbolic of nurturing a part of yourself. Feeding a pig can suggest enhancing your freedom and natural wisdom. You may also have more material or emotional abundance in real life.

Negative meanings of this dream can indicate overindulgence or selfishness. You can consider balancing your viewpoints and leading a more balanced lifestyle.

Fighting a Pig in A Dream

This scenario suggests an inner conflict that your unconscious mind is bringing forward. You may struggle with a life situation or an unacceptable part of yourself. Think about where the issue lies in reality and the resolution you can apply.

Dreaming of Flying Pigs

The element of air is associated with intellect and rationality. In this sense, seeing flying pigs in your dream can indicate cleverness and flexibility. On the other hand, such a scenario can show an unrealistic point of view and excessive dreaminess.

Seeing Pigs’ Blood in A Dream

Blood carries both positive and negative connotations. If you feel calm inside the dream, seeing pigs’ blood can symbolize your connection to life source and strength.

If your emotions are mainly negative, the scenario can indicate violence and aggression. Such a dream can appear to people with a history of trauma as a way of integrating the painful event into the psyche.

Dreaming of A Pig Entering Home

This plot is indicative of something new entering your consciousness. If the pig is dirty and you do not want to let it inside, the dream can show you to pay attention to a problematic situation in your life.

On the contrary, if you experience positive emotions, you can think of the abundance and fertility that the animal represents.

Dreaming of A Large Pig

The size of the animal in a dream can enhance the characteristics it represents and the importance of its message. If you experience fear or anxiety in the dream, it may show an inflation of the negative qualities in your personality.

If your feelings are positive, the big pig can symbolize the Great Mother goddess and divine protection. It can also represent prosperity and enrichment of the personality.

Seeing Lots of Pigs in A Dream

Seeing a multitude of pigs can feel threatening or peaceful in a dream. Depending on the way you perceive them, the animals can suggest paying attention to a negative or a positive personality trait or situation.

Different Pig Colors Meaning

Colors in dreams add another layer of meaning to each interpretation. While seeing a pink pig may seem ordinary, dreaming of a white one can suggest the need for purification and spiritual evolution.

A black pig can be related to an inner or outer lack of clarity and filth. It can also represent a repressed quality of the personality that wants to be integrated into the conscious mind. A red pig can be a sign of dangerous tendencies in real life that you need to change.

Mythological, Biblical, and Spiritual Meaning of A Pig in Dreams

The pig is associated with the Mother Goddess in various mythologies because of its proverbial fertility. In ancient Greece, the swine is the favorite animal of the fertility goddess Demetra.

Another association can be made with the Thracian goddess Bendis. She is depicted as an enormous woman who eats pigs and also represents abundance, motherhood, and fertility.

The wild boar appears in many Anglo-Saxon tales as symbolic of ferocity and courage. It is recognized as a dangerous and willful enemy in the Greek myth of Hercules.

The wild boar is also considered the most horrific creature in the folklore of the Garo people in India.

The pig is the last and 12th animal in the Chinese zodiac. According to the legend, the emperor invited several creatures for a great meeting. The pig stopped for a feast and fell asleep, so it arrived last for the meeting due to its laziness.

In the Bible, the pig is considered a devilish creature. In the spirit of religion, this animal can be considered a symbol of uncleanness and a source of evil.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, pigs can offer a variety of dream interpretations. If you feel discomfort and anxiety, you can turn toward the negative meaning of these animals. If you feel calm and friendly toward them, pigs can carry a positive message in your sleep.

In any case, seeing an animal in your dream is related to your authentic self. If you pay attention to your visions, you will be able to discover the true colors of your personality.

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