Cows in Dream Meaning & Symbolism

To some people, dreams might seem downright ridiculous and meaningless. But that’s far from the truth. In fact, research shows that dreams are a reflection of our subconscious mind. They warn us of uncertain circumstances we might find ourselves in. Also, they often foretell when joy and happiness are coming our way.

Today, we’re going to discuss dreaming of a cow. Dreams involving cows can have a wide spectrum of interpretations because the cow has been with man since the beginning of time. Also, it’s part and parcel of many cultures, belief systems, and even religious practices.

Dreaming of a Cow

So having such a dream might leave you wondering what it means. Worry not! That’s why we’re here.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about dreaming of a cow. We will also look at the various contexts this dream can occur and their interpretations. Hopefully, you will find your dream too!

Meaning And Symbolism of a Cow in A Dream

Cows in Dream Meaning

1. Motherhood and Fertility

Cattle were the first animal to be domesticated by mankind and over the years, have been integrated into many religions and cultures. They symbolize the origins of life, motherhood, and fertility. Cows have been referred to as the universal mother. This is because of their selflessness in providing for men in numerous ways.

Furthermore, the cow portrays maternal instincts as any mother would. It nurtures, cares and is protective and compassionate. The cow has a decent amount of coherence that allows her to put the needs of others before hers.

2. Good Fortune and Abundance

According to some cultures and even in the Bible, cattle were a sign of wealth. The larger your herd, the wealthier you were. Furthermore, they were also highly prized in trade. Some of these traditions have been passed down to our generation.

It’s no surprise that cows are still highly valued and earn quite a hefty sum of money for those who invest in them. Milk is a highly sought out commodity in every household and the same goes for its by-products (cheese, ghee, butter, cream, and mayo).

Dreaming of a cow or a herd shows good fortune in your life. You might be going through tough times but you will never lack, the troubled season will pass and abundance and wealth will follow.

3. Prosperity and Happiness

Picture this: a healthy herd of cattle grazing on green pastures. If that doesn’t paint a picture of peace and serenity in your head, then I don’t know what will. In ancient times, cows were sacrificed to deities in return for prosperity and happiness on the land.

Over the years, cows became the symbol of peace and prosperity, especially white cows. Additionally, dreaming of cows foretells a period of prosperity coming your way. Usually, this dream occurs when you are in the middle of trying times, whether emotionally or financially.

4. Femininity

Cows are the essence of selflessness and devotion. They give without asking for anything in return. This is a trait that has been greatly associated with females. Dreaming of a cow might mean you’re getting in touch with your feminine side.

For women, it could be that you are exploring your emotions, especially the romantic ones, or that you feel the need to care for or be taken care of. Also, maybe you’re delving into your creative side. However, if you are a man, dreaming of a cow could represent a lady in your life or one who is about to come into your life.

5. Health

Cows symbolize of health and a long life. They offer a sense of nourishment by providing food and milk for us. A cow’s milk is a very important source of nutrients for the body. It provides us with protein, vitamins A and D, phosphorous, and calcium. It can reduce the risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, and type 2 diabetes.

In some cultures, cows are worshipped as the deities of longevity and health. Therefore, dreaming of a cow symbolizes you will live a long healthy life.

Common Examples of Dreams About Cows

Most dreams involving a cow are often a good omen. There are various breeds and colors of cows and, depending on the context of the dream, each one might signify something different. Let’s look at some dream scenarios that may occur.

Dreaming of Seeing a White Cow

This is a great dream, particularly for lovers and travelers. White is a color associated with purity and dignity. Also, it is a color that represents new beginnings. Seeing a white cow in your dream foretells the start of a new adventure.

Perhaps a new job that you have been looking for, or you could venture into a new line of trade. Also, it could be a sign that you will gain something new that you have worked for, for instance, a car you have saved up for or a new phone that was promised.

Additionally, this dream could relate to your love life and relationships. It could represent the beginning of a new relationship with someone you have been longing for or a new phase in your love life. Maybe you will get engaged or married. Alternatively, it could mean that you will go on a trip in the near future.

Dreaming of Seeing a Black Cow

This is an ominous dream. Dreaming of seeing a black cow foretells a period of darkness and mourning. It could be a sign that you are about to hit a rough patch in life. Perhaps the loss of a loved one, property, or total loss of one’s self. This could lead to loss of control of your own life and thus, a severe case of sadness and depression.

Furthermore, this dream warns you to beware of your stance in certain situations in life. You should avoid taking risks without doing your research well and avoid counting on your luck to get you out of problems.

Also, this dream warns of betrayal that could occur between you and your friends, relatives, or colleagues. It warns you to be cautious and to re-evaluate all your relationships.

However, dreaming of a black and white cow is a sign that you’re not fully utilizing your potential. You have been lazy and narrow-minded. It’s a dream that encourages you to broaden your prospects and think outside the box for solutions. It encourages you to bring out your creative spirit and not be afraid of using it.

Seeing A Brown Cow in Your Dream

The color brown symbolizes barrenness and lack of life. Dreaming of a brown cow could mean that you are experiencing emptiness in your life.

Dreaming of a light brown cow may signify that you are bored of the monotony in your life and are actively searching for an adventure or a change. Seeing a cow with a normal shade of brown might mean that you are sad and very lonely. It is a sign that you are seeking help and want to be heard.

Dark brown colors are often associated with negative connotations. Seeing a dark brown cow in your dream is an indication that you’re being neglected at work, your achievements are not recognized or appreciated and your progress is hindered.

However, it encourages you to focus more on solving your professional problems as good things await you in the future.

Dream of Being Chased by A Cow

Dreaming of being chased or followed by a cow foretells receiving an unexpected fortune. It means that you will be the beneficiary of an unanticipated substantial inheritance from a distant relative or family member.

However, this dream could also be a sign of rivalry at your workplace or in your romantic life. Perhaps both you and your colleague are vying for the same position at work, or your love interest is also showing interest in another person.

If the cow that’s chasing you didn’t get you, then it means that you will achieve your objectives being obstacles in your way.

Seeing An Angry Cow in A Dream

Dreaming of an angry cow is a warning. It means that your life has been getting more stressful by the day and you’re slowly losing control. This could lead to you being hurtful and abusive to others, especially those close to you.

This dream tells you to watch your words and action before you cause irreparable damage. It is advisable to meditate to manage your emotions as you work through your stressful times.

If the cow attacks you in the dream, then it symbolizes trouble. It might mean that there is a threat to your plans or that your business is in a very tight spot.

If you can avoid the attack, then it means that you will overcome the challenges you are facing and you will rise again. However, if you can’t avoid the attack, then it is a warning to prepare yourself for the tough times ahead.

Dreaming of a Healthy Cow

If you see a healthy, well-fed cow in your dream, then it is a good omen. This dream foretells your prosperity and success in whatever you venture in because of the continuous hard work and effort put into achieving the goals you have set for yourself.

Also, if you see a healthy and fit black cow coming into your house, you are about to come into wealth and abundance. What is more, if you see yourself tying the cow to a pole in your compound, then your source of wealth is there to stay. If the cow is in your house, it means your family and household will thrive and prosper and even if challenges come, you will prevail.

Dreaming of a Sickly Thin Cow

Here is another ominous dream. A sickly, malnourished cow often represents sickness, misery, poverty, and despair. It is a sign that you are about to encounter unexpected challenges in your life.

This could be at your workplace or at home. However difficult it gets, it is wise to keep a calm and clear head. This will help you avoid making rash decisions and will save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Also, this dream warns you to watch your spending and dietary habits. This is because bad spending habits will lead to poverty, while unhealthy diets will constitute lifestyle sicknesses. It is a dream that warns you to pay attention and change your negative traits lest you end up in very unfortunate circumstances.

Dreaming of a Three Eyed Cow

The third eye represents intuition and insight. It is believed to perceive things that your other five senses cannot. Usually, it is depicted as being located in the middle of the forehead.

In the Buddhist religion, the third eye is a symbol of enlightenment and appears on the foreheads of deities and enlightened beings. It is widely believed to guide people into seeing the world with their inner eye. Hindus wear bindis – red dots on their foreheads to represent their connection to the divine realm.

Dreaming of a cow with a third eye is a sign that you should pay attention to your gut instinct. It warns you that ignoring your intuition on certain aspects of your life could lead to major problems in the long run. Your subconscious is trying to tell you to stop ignoring the minor details and to be vigilant in making decisions.

Spiritual Meaning of Cow in A Dream


Cows are sacred animals in the Hindu Religion. According to the scriptures, it is unfit to kill a cow. Killing a cow has been likened to slaying a man and is seen as a great sin.

The cow is referred to as the mother-ancestor as it stands for fertility, prosperity, and life. Furthermore, it is believed that cows ferry the souls of the dead across the Vaitarna River.

Seeing a cow in a dream is considered auspicious, as it is a sign that you will live a long, blessed life. Moreover, seeing a white cow means that you will get special benefits in business, especially if you deal with white color-themed goods. Additionally, dreaming of a cow and its calf foretells profits in the coming days. This dream is considered fortunate, particularly in the month of Sawan.

As per religion, dreaming of milk products is a sign of positive changes in your life. The belief states that if you dream of a cow giving milk, then you will be blessed with wealth and you will flourish.

If you see a grazing cow, then you will be blessed with money, peace and stability, and high standing in society and family. Also, it could mean that your family will grow as well.


The cow played an important role in the Bible. It was deemed a beast of burden, yet acknowledged for its provision of milk and for the products that were made from milk; cheese, butter, and fermented milk. Additionally, the heifer was often used for sacrificial purposes and ashes used for cleansing rituals.

In the Bible, the Pharaoh’s dream of seven fat cows and seven skinny ones was a prediction of the seven years of bountifulness that they were to experience, followed by the seven years of famine.

If you dream of milking a cow, then it means you desire to make a profit from your work. However, if the milk goes to waste, or the cow kicks it away, then it means that there is a possibility of failure in your endeavors.


In Islam, if you see a cow in your dream, then it symbolizes prosperity and good fortune. Seeing a healthy cow foretells the dreamer will find success in the near future. Maybe you have been struggling financially, and this dream is a sign that you are about to find a way out.

However, if a cow scratches you, it predicts an illness in the future. A slaughtered cow is a sign of impending doom.

Also, if you witness the arrival of yellow cows at the entrance of a city or town, then you should leave the place immediately because the yellow cows are a sign that a plague is about to befall the people of the town.

On the other hand, a herd of ugly cows with eyes radiating hatred could foretell the coming of soldiers or raiders to a town.

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Dreams about cows hold a lot of meaning. Sometimes it may be good or sometimes it may not be what you were expecting. Generally, these dreams are good omens.

They predict a vibrantly healthy life full of joy, wealth, and abundance. Also, they encourage hard work and focus.

However, they also warn against ignorance and laziness or there will be consequences. Now we hope you are a step closer to figuring out your dreams.

8 thoughts on “Cows in Dream Meaning & Symbolism”

  1. i dreamed about buying a cow at a farm and fleet store i walked it home knowing l had enough land to sustain it.

    • In your dream, the cow symbolized good fortune. The fortune might take the form of a hefty sum of money, investments paying off, or opportunities.

      The vision also suggests stability, self-sufficiency, and the ability to meet oneself needs (you have enough land to sustain the cow).

      As for walking the cow, it shows your commitment to nurture and care for someone or something.

  2. Please tell me. I saw myself and my mother in a dream. Cows protected my mother and were angry at me because I was trying to follow my mother. Then I hide myself in fear.

    • Most likely, you have a complex relationship with your mother.

      Maybe your mother is super protective, which hinders your independence and decision-making. Or perhaps she has very high expectations for you, which makes you feel pressured to meet specific standards or achievements.

      Because of this, you feel overshadowed or have a hard time asserting yourself. Your dream means your relationship with your mother is not straightforward and involves various emotions and challenges.

      In such a case, open communication with your mother can help address your fear and other feelings you might have.

    • When a cow appears in a dream it represents abundance, motherhood, good fortune and prosperity.

      You might be having a hard time in life, but hold a little longer. This season will not last and good health, prosperity and happiness are the next norm.

      The animal’s flesh color and cleanliness suggest you have a sense of purity and often prioritize your happiness. The cow’s smile implies you feel comfortable in your current state and have a positive outlook on life.


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