What Does It Mean When You Dream of Turtles?

Turtles rarely appear in our dreams. But when they manifest, they come bearing a message from the universe to help you in your life and soul’s journey.

Around the world, turtles are considered symbols of fortitude, prosperity, protection, and longevity. In fact, throughout history, people have been telling stories about turtles to represent themes like harmony with nature, good health, tranquility, abundance, etc.

dreaming about turtles

Additionally, most cultures see turtles as spirit animals. Therefore, if they make themselves known to you through your dreams, pay attention.

Did you recently dream about turtles? If so, read on and discover what your dream means.

What Do Turtles Symbolize in Dreams?

For centuries, turtles have shaped human culture and spirituality. These sea animals appear in folklore, dream lore, and religions of cultures around the world.

In ancient China, turtles were engraved onto grave movements or etched into the bases of commemorative tomb steels of rulers and rich monarchs to symbolize fertility, strength, and longevity.

According to Indian mythology, the earth sits on the back of four elephants that stand on the back of a sea turtle. The Japanese view turtles as signs of happiness and prosperity.

In modern times, these creatures act as a reminder to take things slow. Despite their slow nature, turtles always get to wherever they’re going. Therefore, when they appear in your dream, it is a sign to start pacing yourself in life. Even if the progress seems slow, you will still reach your end goal.

Similarly, turtles appear to remind you to protect yourself and the environment. Just like the shell protects the sea animal from predators, shield yourself from those who wish you harm.

Besides these, there are other turtle dream symbolisms worth checking out, including:


The older you grow, the wiser you become. And with age comes experience, which breeds wisdom. Turtles live for over one hundred years. Because of their long life, most people view them as a symbol of wisdom and enlightenment.

Dreaming of turtles might represent a lack of wisdom on your part. They appear in your dreamscape to point you in the right direction.

For instance, they can imply relationship problems. You might be doing something that’s jeopardizing your relationship, and the turtle is there to show you a way out.

These creatures could also appear to offer insights into a decision you’re about to make or bring your attention to something you’ve been overlooking.


Are you pushing yourself to achieve something? Are your life’s goals heavily dependent on it?

If so, then dreaming about a turtle is right up your alleyway.

A turtle may appear in your dreams to emphasize patience in your endeavors. Stop rushing things, especially when making decisions that will impact your life significantly. Take time to analyze situations before jumping on board.

Moreover, turtles in dreams tell you to practice patience in your relationships. When you act impatiently toward your loved ones, you can hurt them. It communicates you don’t value or care about them.


It is not uncommon to dream about turtles or turtle shells when you’re trying to protect yourself or a loved one from something.

Perhaps you have to make a major decision. And no matter how hard you try to shield everyone from the consequences, your decision will inevitably hurt one party.

Sometimes, a turtle appears in your dream to remind you that people are willing to protect and support you. They’ve got your back no matter what. The dream often occurs when you feel helpless and abandoned.

Turtles are sea animals. Seeing a turtle on land in your dream is a sign of danger approaching. On the brighter side, a dream of a turtle coming from sea to land could mean that the danger has passed and you’re now safe.

Spiritual Meaning of Turtles in Dreams

Seeing a turtle in a dream may evoke several emotions in you. The most common being peace, comfort, and interconnectedness with nature.

Spiritually, turtles in dreams represent your view of the world and how you fit into it. Remember, your choices make or break you. They create an identity that you’re comfortable presenting to the world or one that makes you hide from everyone.

Turtles also act as spiritual guides, helping you navigate the material world and pursue a path that leads to your greatest potential on earth.

Dreaming of a green turtle signifies wisdom and spiritual knowledge. You’re eager to learn and open yourself to the teachings of the world. A green turtle often appears in dreams when you’re at a heightened level of spiritual awareness.

Biblical Meaning of Turtles in Dreams

Turtles are not mentioned in the Bible, but they’re regarded highly in God’s kingdom. Turtles were held in high esteem because of their long lifespan. They were also considered sacred and magical.

In Christianity, turtles represent virtue, marital happiness, and fertility. Christians also believe turtles in dreams foretell a long life, flexibility, and resistance, because of the ability of the creature to live for many years.

Common Turtle Dream Scenarios

Common Turtle Dream Scenarios

1. Dreaming About Different Turtles

The type of turtle that appears in your dream influence how you interpret your vision.

Dreaming Of a Sea Turtle

Dreaming of sea turtles suggests that you’re a very private person. You rarely show your emotions and thoughts and have a rough time expressing your opinions. You also like doing things your way and don’t take kindly to criticism.

Alternatively, sea turtles may symbolize luck and happiness. It implies that your relationships are blooming and harmonious. If you’re single, a sea turtle in your dream foretells you will meet the love of your life soon.

Catching a sea turtle foretells chaotic events soon. While being chased by one tells you to protect your heart before someone breaks it.

Dreaming About Snapping Turtles

Snapping turtles are considered a warning when they appear in dreams. You’re acting selfish and entitled while being inconsiderate of others’ feelings. You often look the other way when someone needs help.

The dream serves to remind you to change your ways. It’s okay to be self-sufficient and to expect the same from others. But remember, it’s also humane to look out for each other sometimes.

Snapping turtles also appear in dreams to warn you about the people in your circle. Some of them are out to take advantage of you. The vision tells you to set firm boundaries and be wary of those you let into your life.

Dreaming Of a Box Turtle

Dreaming of box turtles implies that you’re extremely introverted. You enjoy being in your comfort zone and usually have a hard time socializing or making new friends.

If you see one, it is time to get out of your comfy space and meet new people. You never know what you’re missing while the world around you continues revolving.

2. Dreaming About Turtles Hatching

Dreaming of turtle eggs represents new ideas. You’re a creative soul who constantly pushes innovative agendas into a project that will better the planet.

Dreaming of turtle eggs hatching signifies new beginnings. You’ve got a fresh start full of opportunities to better yourself and your environment.

In a scenario like this, put on your big boy pants and face the world with optimism and readiness to learn new things. The world is full of adventures, and one of them might lead to your success.

3. Dreaming Of Baby Turtles

Babies are cute and full of joy and positivity. Therefore, it would make sense that dreaming of baby turtles would be a symbol of hope and positivity. Baby turtles appear to herald good fortune for the dreamer.

However, they may also symbolize a season of strife. Lately, you have been facing challenges that caught you off guard. Because of this, you feel frustrated and tired.

Babies trigger a protective instinct in almost everyone. So, dreams of baby turtles might imply you have taken someone under your wing. You feel very protective towards them and want to nurture and point them toward the right path.

Dreams of Saving Baby Turtles

Dreaming Of Baby Turtles

A dream where you save a baby turtle represents empathy, specifically towards nature. You’re attuned to the earth and hyperaware of the relationship between everything on earth.

Such a dream often conveys a message of healing. Maybe it is a calling to take up a role in healing the planet or the people in your environment.

When you’re trying to save too many turtles but you can’t help them all, it implies that you’ve taken more responsibilities than you can handle. This is unbalanced empathy and it might leave you depressed from not achieving your goals. In such a situation, the dream reminds you it’s okay to ask for help.

4. Dreaming Of Turtles in Water

Dreaming of a turtle may hold various meanings depending on the context of the dream. Seeing a turtle at sea rising and falling with the waves is a sign that you need to embrace and express your emotions. Stop neglecting and suppressing aspects of yourself.

Seeing a turtle in an aquarium represents your feelings of being trapped and unable to reach your full potential. The glass walls of the aquarium imply you aren’t sure what’s holding you back.

Was the turtle drowning? This may be a sign that you are overly empathic to other people’s problems. Turtles have a natural affinity for water. Therefore, watching a turtle drown means that something is out of balance. This is a sign you’re feeling overwhelmed by other people’s emotions.

5. Dreaming About Turtles Attacking You

Dreaming of a turtle attacking you highlights your worries about a relationship or a partnership. You feel like it’s moving at a pace you’re not very comfortable with. Your gut instinct is flared up because of the alarming rate at which you’re progressing.

When caught in such a situation, voice your worries to the other party. If they disregard your opinion, that is a major red flag, and it’s best to end your relationship. But if they listen, try slowing things down and working on the same page.

A turtle attacking you in a dream might mean you feel overwhelmed by a situation. It could also mean that you’re afraid of change in your life. If you were scared of the turtle and it overpowered you, it might mean you have some negative traits that need to be addressed.

However, if you fought against the turtle and won, it could mean that you will emerge victorious over something you’ve been struggling with for a long time.

6. Dreaming Of an Aggressive Turtle

If the turtle shows signs of aggression towards you, it might represent your displeasure. This sprouts from unfulfilled objectives and desires in your waking life.

It might also be a sign of frustration in your relationships. Perhaps someone who has been previously faithful to you now doubts your capabilities or intentions towards them. You’re slowly losing the people you trust because you failed to meet the expectations you had set.

7. Dreaming About Killing a Turtle

Killing a turtle in a dream signifies procrastination. You’re struggling to postpone an important issue. The more it stays unresolved, the more difficult it becomes.

Alternatively, killing a turtle could stand for impatience. You feel like something might take a shorter time if you were in charge. The dream implies you don’t understand the phrase “good things take time”. Learn to be patient.

8. Dreaming About Dead or Dying Turtles

Dreams of dying turtles convey a message of the hard times ahead. However, if you save the dying turtle, then it implies you’re attempting to ease your current struggles.

A dying turtle might be a warning that something or someone is slowly but steadily killing you. Maybe you have picked up an unhealthy lifestyle habit, or you’re in a toxic relationship.

They might seem harmless, but if you do not shed them, you will end up drained mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Additionally, a dead turtle suggests that you’re going through life changes. They may not happen overnight, but you will face them at some point. The change could occur in your identity, belief system, or inner and outer worlds.

The dream could also mean you are maturing, and some of your views might change. You will gain new knowledge and drop some beliefs that previously guided you.

9. Dreaming About Turtles Swimming

If you see a turtle swimming in your dreams, it indicates that whatever challenges you’re going through will eventually pass. However, if it is swimming in muddy waters, it foretells a few hurdles on the path to achieving your goals.

When the turtle swims slowly, it implies that you and your household will live a blessed life. Swimming with turtles at sea points to a bright and promising future. It also foretells a long and happy life surrounded by your loved ones.

10. Dreaming of a Turtle Biting Me

A dream of a turtle biting could bring your past commitments to your attention.

Perhaps you had set a goal but forgot about it over time. The bite serves to set you back on the right track and help you achieve your objectives.

The meaning of your dream also depends on where the turtle bit you.

A bite on the hand represents your contribution to society or the environment. Whereas a bite on the leg portrays your home and the life you lead.

It also reminds you of important aspects of yourself that you suppress or hide from the public. Hiding a part of you that helped you form your core belief affects how you function in society.

11. Dreaming About a Turtle with a Broken Shell

A turtle with a broken shell is a sign of a broken relationship. Maybe you got betrayed by someone, dear. The pain still lingers, and you have lost faith in this person and the relationship.

A turtle’s shell is its protection. Dreaming of a turtle with a broken shell implies you feel like someone is trying to breach your circle of defense.

12. Dreaming of a Talking Turtle

Conversing with an animal might sound weird, but it’s possible in the dreamscape. When a turtle is talking to you in a dream, it’s best to listen. Usually, it is just the voice of your subconscious trying to convey a message.

It might be a cryptic or straightforward message. Either way, pay attention to the details, decipher your dream message, and how you might implement it in your waking life.

13. Dreaming About Turtles in Your House

Seeing a turtle crawling into your house foretells an increase in wealth and income. You might have made a few good investments in the past, and now you’re reaping your rewards.

Similarly, seeing turtles of different sizes roaming in your house implies you need to learn how to structure your priorities. You tend to overlook urgent matters while focusing on the trivial ones.

If the turtles are calm, it means you have time to work on this habit. However, if they are aggressive, you’ve made a mess of things.

14. Dreaming About Catching a Turtle

Catching a turtle in a dream symbolizes short-term success. It’s a sign that whatever conflicts you’re struggling with will end.

But that victory might be short-lived. The other party will keep bringing up the issue until they win or you reach a compromise.

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It’s not every day you see turtles in your dream. When one pops up in your dream, most likely you’ve found yourself in a grim situation. The turtle appears to guide you onto the right path by providing you with wisdom and encouragement.

Besides that, the dreams of turtles can symbolize protection, patience, new beginnings, and harmony with nature.

Well, that’s all for today. Use this guide to find the correct interpretation of your dream.

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Tell us in the comment section.

8 thoughts on “What Does It Mean When You Dream of Turtles?”

    • A turtle turned on its back is vulnerable to predators because the shell can no longer protect it.

      What’s more, the turtle will struggle to breathe in the air needed to stay alive. Therefore, this dream could represent vulnerability or helplessness.

      But since you rescued the turtles, it implies you desire to save yourself or others from a difficult situation.

      However, the death of one turtle shows that despite your best efforts, you cannot save everything or everyone.

  1. How about my dreams about a turtle that I am just following him/her walking? And the entire surroundings are color green. It’s just me and the turtle walking endlessly.

    • Your turtle dream could have several meanings. For example, it could be a sign of knowledge and personal growth.

      Turtles are considered wise because they live for many years. This could mean you accumulated a lot of knowledge and insights in your life that have helped you understand the world better and experience significant growth.

      The endless walk with the turtles suggests your desire for stability and patience to overcome various challenges and obstacles on your path to success.

      The dream also shows a strong connection with nature because of the green environment around you. It could mean that you feel at peace when exploring nature. Furthermore, it’s a reminder to appreciate the natural world and enjoy its rejuvenating power.

  2. I was swimming in the midst of many sea turtles. We were so close that we touched as we swam. I was right in the middle of probably 22 sea turtles & we were all swimming in one direction. Green sea turtles in a clear ocean. What does it mean?

    • Currently, you’re experiencing a sense of unity and connection in your waking life. You feel like you have found harmony and balance in every aspect of life.

      Also, the vision indicated a shared purpose or sense of direction in what you do. Since the turtles are green, they could symbolize growth, healing, and a phase of personal development and transformation.

  3. I dreamt that I was sleeping in a carpark with some grass for a camp. Then the next morning I woke I found some baby turtles under my pillow. I was horrified some were squashed some of the shells were broken some survived. What does it mean?

    • Your dream implies that you feel uncertain about your circumstance or situation in life. Or maybe you’re going through a transitional phase that threatens your sense of comfort or stability.

      The baby turtles in the vision show your desire for wisdom to overcome your challenges or patience to live through difficult times.

      The broken shells could simply reflect your difficulties or setbacks.


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