What Does Dreaming About Snakes Mean?

Did you know? There’s a group of people who have an extreme fear of snakes, a condition known as ophidiophobia.

Most of us tend to steer clear of snakes because of their poisonous natures. However, as much as this species elicits fear, they embody several connotations, whether positive or negative. That’s true, especially if they appear in your dreams.

dream about snakes

Sure, dreams about snakes can leave you shaken and scared. But worry not! You’re safe and no snake will bite unless you go looking for one.

Psychologists and dream analysts say such dreams help to bring to your attention certain aspects of your life. But more on that in the article.

Here, we will explore the meaning, symbolism, and interpretations of dreams about snakes to help you understand your vision.

What Do Snakes Represent in Dreams?

Generally, snakes are a symbol of toxic, devious, or poisonous behavior. Dreams involving snakes serve to show you the effect of having toxic people in your life.

They portray the emotional stress and anxiety you put yourself through by allowing such poisonous people to stay in your life.

Sometimes, they’re a reflection of your internal turmoil. You’re grappling with making decisions that might have a major impact on your life. Perhaps you want to end a relationship or change your career.

It might also show your struggle to choose between right and wrong.

The Psychological Meaning of Snakes in Dreams

Psychologically, dreams about snakes are often associated with fear and anxiety. Such a dream may signify unhealed childhood trauma that has been suppressed for a very long time.

Recurrent dreams about snakes can represent a persistent threat or problems that you’re struggling to solve.

According to psychoanalysts, snakes are the symbol of uncertainty and deceit. You suspect the people in your circle of foul play or they’re trying to isolate you.

Alternatively, snakes might act as spirit guides. In multiple cultures, snakes have strong connections to the spiritual realm.

They act as a connection to your spiritual self. They offer messages of assurance, healing, and transformation.

Spiritual Meaning of Snakes in Dreams

Spiritual Meaning of Snakes in Dreams

Snakes are among the oldest and most popular spiritual symbols. They’re widely acknowledged as the symbol of fertility, sex, transformation, spiritual awakening, and rebirth.

On the other hand, snakes stand for deceit, malicious intent, shame, evil, and death.

Biblical Meaning of Snakes in Dreams

In the Bible, the snake is an instrument of evil. Satan used the snake to convince Eve to eat from the forbidden tree, thus leading to the fall of man.

In some versions, the snake represents sexual desire. It persuaded Adam and Eve to eat the “fruit”, leading to the loss of their purity and the bounty offered by the garden of Eden.

The gospels use the word ‘serpent’ to describe malicious and deadly enemies. It’s also described as an intelligent creature that only uses its knowledge for evil and mischief.

Meaning Of Dreams About Snakes in Hindu Astrology

In Hindu text, the snake (Swapna Shastra) represents a good omen. If a snake bites a dreamer, it blesses them with material wealth and children. If the dreamer bit or ate a snake, it foretold the end of a period of sickness or freedom from a long-term ailment.

According to Swami Shivand, snakes in a dream mean sly and dangerous enemies surround you. They would stop at nothing to annihilate your reputation.

Snake Dreams Symbolism


In the Native American culture, dreaming of snakes meant embarking on a journey to gain wisdom and knowledge. You’re trying to find answers to the unknown.

Also, it might be a sign that you already have the knowledge you need to solve your problems. You need only look deep within yourself to unlock it.


Snakes are wild animals that instill fear in most of us. Dreaming of snakes might mean you’re afraid of something that will happen in your waking life. This dream encourages you to face your fears.

Moreover, the dream warns you to be prepared for something you’ve been dreading, as it is bound to occur.

Repressed Sexual Energy

Snakes appearing in a dream have also links to problems with sexual drive. It’s a dream that often occurs among the female population.

Dreams of snakes’ points to the feeling of fear of the opposite gender. Perhaps this fear sprouted from a traumatic past and your dreams are a way to work through your fears.

Similarly, it could be a sign that you have pent-up sexual energy and you’re actively searching for an outlet for this energy.


Throughout history, snakes were used as a symbol of healing. In ancient Greek mythology, Aesculapius, son of Apollo and god of healing and medicine, was illustrated walking with a snake entwined staff. It was a belief that the staff could heal anyone who touched it.

Hygieia, daughter of Aesculapius and goddess of hygiene, health, and sanitation, was also drawn holding a chalice with a serpent encircling the stem. Drinking from her cup would cleanse you of any disease and heal any mortal wounds.

In modern-day medicine, the chalice and the staff have become symbols of pharmacology and, as it stands, the flag of the World Health Organization features the rod of Aesculapius on it.

In the Old Testament, after being plagued by serpents for blasphemy against God, the Israelites prayed for forgiveness. God ordered Moses to make a brass serpent and set it on a pole so that whoever a snake bit would be cured if he looked at the brass serpent.

Common Scenarios of Dreams About Snakes

Common Scenarios of Dreams About Snakes

1. Dreaming About a Lot of Snakes

Dreaming of a lot of snakes might mean you’re stuck in a toxic workplace. The people you work with are constantly conspiring against you or each other. The dream also warns you to watch your back since your coworkers have turned against you.

Alternatively, seeing a lot of snakes in your dream implies poor health. You’re struggling with mental health and other long-term ailments that have made your life unbearable.

2. Dreaming Of a Snake Biting You


The right hand is the giving hand. Therefore, a snake bite on the right hand warns you to be wary of the people you give to. They might take advantage of your kindness.

The left hand is the receiving hand. Hence, a bite on the left hand represents your fear of receiving something from someone, as it might come with strings attached.


The feet represent your stance in life and your core belief system. A bite on the right foot is a sign to reevaluate your core values. Perhaps they were the values you were raised with, but deep inside, you believe in something different.

A bite on your left foot is a sign to always trust your belief system. This will help you decide who you truly are. You will then make choices without doubting yourself.

3. Dreaming Of a Snake Biting Someone Else

Dreaming of a snake biting someone else might be a sign that you’re destined for a place among healers. You’re sympathetic to people in pain and you wish to help them.

If you see a snake biting a loved one, it might be a cry for help. Chances are, they need your help, but they’re afraid to ask or don’t know how to ask. If so, reach out to your loved ones. Remind them you’re available for anything they might need.

Sometimes, this dream implies that someone you know is struggling with addictions or a negative self-image. In such a situation, remind them that your love is unconditional and be open if they ever need to talk about their struggles.

4. Dreaming Of Snakes of Different Colors

Black Snake

A black snake appearing in your dream is an ominous sign. These dreams foretell turbulent or dangerous times. Sometimes, they’re a sign that the little fires you’ve been ignoring in your relationship will finally blow up and lead to a breakup or divorce.

If you see a black snake in muddy waters, it is a sign of confusion, anxiety, and shame. It is a warning to pay attention to your emotions. Keeping them bottled up for so long will eventually lead to a meltdown or loss of control.

White Snake

White snakes are the symbol of purity of thoughts and fresh starts. If you dream of a white snake gliding on a firm surface, then it represents mental clarity. You evaluate situations and act objectively.

If it bites you, then you’re doing something that goes against your moral stance. A giant white snake appearing in your dreams is a sign that you’re depressed.

Green Snake

Green often represents jealousy or envy. Sometimes, we even refer to jealousy as the “green-eyed monster”. Dreaming of a green snake might mean that someone in your circle is envious of you.

Although, it might also mean that you’re the one exhibiting jealous behavior toward someone in your group.

Yellow Snake

In the language of colors, yellow is often associated with cowardice. A yellow snake appearing in your dream is a sign that your fear is preventing you from achieving your goals.

A bright yellow snake represents optimism and joy, while a golden yellow snake stands for intuition.

Red Snake

Red is the color of romance and desire. Seeing a red snake in your dream is a sign that you’re about to enter a very intense romantic relationship. Or maybe your relationship has entered a new phase, thus strengthening the bond of love between you and your partner.

Orange Snake

An orange snake appearing in your dreams is a sign of good mental and emotional health. You try to avoid emotionally draining situations and partake in mentally stimulating activities to keep you on par.

However, being attacked by an orange snake represents feelings of guilt and frustration over your actions while awake.

Red and Black Snake

If you dream about a red and black snake, it means you’re experiencing very intense negative emotions. Your anger, jealousy, or pride heavily influence your actions and words.

This frustrates you because you’re struggling with personal problems and you’ve been thrown into quite a hard situation. This has caused you to lash back aggressively and your reactions are causing more issues.

Colorful Snakes

Dreaming about colorful snakes means you need to face your fears. You’re constantly postponing your problems and letting them pile up. You get overwhelmed when you’re forced to deal with them all at once.

Conversely, colorful snakes in a dream might mean you’re experiencing mood swings. You have a difficult time communicating your emotions, and the more unresolved feelings pile up, the more erratic your moods become. This could lead to problems professionally or in your relationships.

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5. Dreaming of Snakes of Different Types


Pythons are a symbol of sexual repression. Dreaming of pythons is a sign of unmet sexual needs by your partner.

It might also mean that your sexual urges are getting wild after a long time of not being satisfied. They will eventually get out of control.

Garter Snakes

Garter snakes are pretty harmless. Seeing them in a dream suggests that someone you initially identified as a threat to you is quite harmless.

Boa Constrictors

Boas squeeze their prey to death. Dreaming of a boa constrictor might mean that someone has financially trapped you and is bleeding you dry.

It might also mean that someone is causing you to feel crowded and suffocated by their presence in your life. You feel constricted and helpless.


A rattlesnake rattles its tail to warn any perceived threat to stay away. Dreaming of a rattlesnake is a warning that there is a toxic person in your life and you need to watch for any red flags they may be displaying.

6. Dreaming About Snakes in The House

If you dream of snakes in your house, it means that some people you hold dear are toxic. The appearance of the snakes is a sign that they plan to put you in a dangerous situation soon. This could lead to bodily harm or your downfall.

Also, snakes in your house represent unhappiness in your household, conflict in romantic relationships, betrayal among relatives, toxicity, and arguments with other family members.

7. Dreaming of Snakes Everywhere

Dreaming of seeing a lot of snakes everywhere might suggest you feel overwhelmed by your current situation. It could mean someone has invaded your privacy, and you lack the space to unwind.

Also, it might suggest you lack peace of mind. That explains why your life is out of balance. You feel like your mind is clouded, which affects your ability to make judgments.

This dream tells you to clear your mind and work on regaining your equilibrium. Sometimes, it might stand for an abundance of creative or sexual energy.

8. Dreaming About a Snake Attack

Being attacked by a snake in a dream suggests that you’re trying to escape a chaotic situation in your waking life.

However, your emotions are getting the better of you, causing you to make some hasty decisions with nasty outcomes.

Fighting back against the snakes means you will soon triumph over your challenges.

On a more positive note, a green snake attacking you suggests that you’re about to embark on a new journey in life. You’re eager to test new waters and make the best of what life offers.

9. Dreaming About a Dead Snake

Dreaming of a dead snake holds many hidden meanings. A dead snake in the house is a sign of broken trust in your home. It also appears to show you it is too late to change the situation and it will end tragically.

However, a dead snake in your dreams might also symbolize rebirth. It is a sign to let go of the old and seek fresh adventures. Pick up a new hobby, join a pottery class or sign up for communal hikes. Just do something new that evokes your passion.

10. Dreaming About Being Chased by A Snake

Whenever you dream about being chased, it often elicits some sense of danger or fear. Dreaming of snakes is no different. A snake chasing you in a dream is a sign that you’re anxious about something.

Perhaps you’re avoiding a distasteful situation, and your subconscious is trying to make you face it. Or maybe you’re caught between a rock and a hard place and all the choices you have might hurt you and your loved ones.

You might also be facing life-changing events, but you have irrational fears about them. If this is the case, this fear can manifest as recurrent dreams of snakes chasing you.

In such a situation, embrace the change as it comes. Work through the emotions surrounding the event to overcome your fear and anxiety.

11. Dreaming Of Killing a Snake

Killing a snake in a dream is a positive sign. It means that you will overcome any challenges you’ve been facing in your waking life.

Killing a snake in a dream might also mean that you’ve gotten rid of the apprehensions that were hindering you from manifesting your dreams.

12. Dreaming About a Big Snake

Seeing an enormous snake in your dream is a sign of good luck. It also implies that you will find a mentor who will guide you in your professional life. This will eventually lead to your effort being applauded and rewarded.

13. Dreaming Of Two Snakes

Dreaming about two snakes represents the duality of human nature. Everyone has a good and bad side. Yet some people go about trying to repress one side of their personality.

Seeing the two snakes means you can be both a nice person and a bad person. Finding a balance between those two extremities is how we become humans.

Alternatively, if see two intertwined or copulating snakes, they represent fertility and regeneration. Perhaps you will be expectant soon or you will turn a new leaf.

14. Dreaming Of a Two-Headed Snake

Dreaming of holding a two-headed snake in your hands implies that you have a major decision to make. You’re afraid that it will negatively affect someone you cherish and cost you your relationship.

If it attacks, it means that people are growing impatient with your indecisiveness. It also means that your hesitance to decide is causing significant problems.

A dead two-headed snake in your dream is a sign that your troubles are about to end. You’re approaching a calm phase in your life.

15. Dream About Snakes in The Water

Water represents our emotional depth. Dreaming of snakes swimming in water represents the emotions you’re trying to suppress instead of acknowledging their existence.

Water is also associated with the flow of time and the change that comes with it. Therefore, dreaming of snakes in water also suggests that you’re resistant to change. You know it is inevitable, yet you wish to delay it for as long as possible.

The sea serpent is a symbol of intuition and the ability to recognize threats from afar.

16. Dreaming of a Snake Coming Out of Your Body

Dreaming of a snake coming out of your body indicates that you’re experiencing a period of sexual temptation. You feel as if your relationship has become monotonous and you want to try something new.

If you dream of a snake coming out of your mouth, it signifies the harmful words you have used against other people. You regret what you said because you understand the lasting effect of negative words on people you care about.

17. Dream About Poisonous Snakes

Seeing a poisonous snake in a dream represents negative masculine character traits, such as ego or pride. These traits influence your everyday activities and might lead you down the wrong path. Therefore, watch yourself and change your behavior.

For a woman, the dream implies that you’re surrounded by toxic men in your waking life. It warns you to be careful of them.

Then again, venomous snakes stand for betrayal and danger. Killing a poisonous snake in your dream is a sign that you have weeded out anyone who would betray you from your circle. It also stands for successfully subduing any threats you were facing.

18. Dreaming About Snakes in Your Bed

The bed or the bedroom is usually a sacred or intimate space. It is a personal space where you can unwind and be yourself with no judgment. A snake in your bed is the embodiment of sexual energy.

If you’re consuming the snake or vice versa, it could indicate that you’re afraid of getting intimate with your partner.

Furthermore, it could be a sign of a turbulent love life. Your partner has not fulfilled your needs and you crave intimacy. This has been the major cause of strife between you two.

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Dreaming about snakes might be a terrifying experience. Given that snakes are rich in symbolism, these dreams can have a lot of varied meanings.

How you interpret them will depend highly on your emotional state and what details you can remember from your dream.

Snakes are not always a negative omen. Sometimes, they appear in your dream to herald good fortune coming your way.

Depending on the context of the dream and the current situation in your waking life, your dream is bound to help you gain new insights about yourself.

All being said, we hope this article will help you interpret your snake dream.

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  1. Good morning I dreamt last night that I was walking on a path way and as I walked I came to meet a small snake, but dead do I continued and came to a place where I saw many snakes but were all dead not harmful to me though, and I asked up from the dream.

    • You might experience several challenges in your current path in life.

      You might overcome some obstacles or potential dangers, but others will require patience and time before you can find a solution.

      But worry not! Dreams of snakes mostly point to change and transformation in life.


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