White Snake in Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Animals in dreams are representative of the projections hidden in our unconscious. It makes a difference if we see a snake or a bull at night, as we attribute different characteristics to these creatures.

When we dream of an animal, we need to pay attention to the emotions it evokes in us, to its behavior and appearance. Colors, in particular, give crucial information about the nature of our dream meaning.

white snake in dream

While snakes are universal symbols and are frequently seen in dreams, their white relatives are something special. To understand what such a dream may represent, you need to consider both the animal’s and the color’s meaning.

Snake Meaning in Dreams

Snakes are animals rich in symbolism and associations. They can carry both positive or negative connotations, depending on the emotions we experience inside the dream and our current life situation.

Dreaming of a snake is related to our unconscious mind and our instincts. This animal represents sexuality, primal urges or fears, treachery, danger, and toxicity. Snakes can also symbolize healing, transformation, wisdom, and vitality.

To get a basic knowledge of what a white snake in a dream can mean, we need to take a look at the color symbolism below.

White Color Meaning in Dreams

We can say that white is the synthesis of all other colors. It has many positive associations, such as purity, hope, light, and wisdom. In Christianity, this color is related to purity, virginity, immortality, and bliss.

White can also be significant for the process of transformation, as it holds the opportunity for something to be added to it. This is also the color of renewal and purification of the personality.

There are negative connotations of white as well. It is associated with loneliness, coldness, and emptiness. In Chinese culture, this is the color of death, as people dress in white to attend a funeral.

Having in mind the information above, we can now look at what a white snake may mean in a dream:

White Snake Dream Meaning

The meaning of a white snake in dreams can vary across cultures and personal associations. Whenever you have such a dream, think about what emotions you experience while asleep and what white snakes mean to you.

Below are some general interpretations of a white snake in a dream:


Dreaming of a white snake can be significant for renewal. As snakes are messengers of the unconscious, there may be contents that want to find their way to you and enrich your personality.

In this dream scenario, white carries a positive meaning and implies a clean space where something new can arise. In such a sense, seeing a white snake in a dream can also represent a symbolic rebirth.

Spiritual Enlightenment

A white snake appearing in a dream can symbolize transcendental knowledge reaching its way from the unconscious. This animal can also represent the purity of the soul and the ability to connect to the universe on a deeper level.

Dreaming of a white snake can signify a higher level of spirituality that your personality has reached. It can also be a messenger of wisdom who appears in a dream to show you the right way.

Good Luck and Happiness

White snakes can be related to feelings of joy and being carefree. As white is the color of childlike innocence, seeing a white snake can urge you to forget your worries. Trust in your natural wisdom as you move forward in life.

Dreaming of a white snake can also indicate good fortune, as this color is unusual for the snake and counterbalances its negative characteristics.

Coldbloodedness and Loneliness

Snakes are reptiles and, as such, are coldblooded in their nature. If your feelings inside the dream are negative ones, seeing a white snake can represent indifference and a lack of connection to others in real life.

Think about the people you surround yourself with. The white snake can represent a mother figure or someone close to you that may lack tenderness and warmth. This can also be your current emotional state that the dream is showing you.

Depressive Feelings

If your associations with the color white are related to emptiness, lack of meaning, and death, seeing such a snake in a dream can indicate dormant feelings of sadness or depression. Have you been feeling a lack of motivation or energy lately? Has your mood been lower than usual?

If you recognize yourself in this interpretation, think about what circumstances may contribute to your psychological state. The white snake in a dream can symbolize repressed emotions that are waiting to be recognized and integrated, after which your depressive state feelings may be relieved.

8 Scenarios of Seeing a White Snake in Dreams

Small/Tiny White Snake in Dreams

Seeing a small white snake in a dream can mean having to face an insignificant challenge on your way. If there is a tiny white snake inside your dream, there may be something you are not seeing that can be useful in your current situation.

Big White Snake in Dreams

On the contrary, if the white snake in your dream is a large one, it can represent something important that the vision is showing you. Depending on your emotions while asleep, this animal can have a positive or a negative meaning.

If you have been having challenges in your life recently, a big white snake inside your dream can represent a possible resolution. It can also serve as an inner guide toward a significant transformation.

White Cobra in A Dream

A cobra in a dream represents feelings of terror and fear. You may have been experiencing lots of negative emotions lately or may need to heal from a particularly traumatic experience.

Seeing a white cobra can mean wanting to get rid of these emotions and searching for courage inside of you. This dream can indicate that you have started to heal from the pain and need to tap into your inner strength and wisdom.

Pink and White Snake in A Dream

Pink is the color of tenderness, romance, love, and a childlike naivety. In combination with white, it can represent purity and freshness. Seeing a snake in these two colors may signify a wave of relief and inner renewal coming your way.

Being Bitten by A White Snake

Dreams of being bitten by a snake can offer various possible meanings. In this case, the white color of the animal indicates an inner transformation that wants to take place. A white snake biting you can tell you that you need to wake up and embrace something good in your life.

Killing a White Snake in A Dream

Killing a snake in a dream is another common scenario at night. If the animal you get rid of is white, you may have difficulty embracing a new way of being in your life. It may also be a sign of running away from happiness and good fortune.

Dreaming of killing a white snake can also be related to defeating depression. If you have been feeling empty or have been struggling to find meaning lately, this dream may indicate that your problems are coming to an end.

White Snake in Water Dream

Water is symbolic of calmness, the unconscious, and life itself. If you dream of a white snake in it, you may need to face a challenge before you reach inner balance and joy. Seeing this animal in the water may also suggest spiritual enlightenment that your consciousness will soon encompass.

Biblical and Mythological Meaning of A White Snake

In Christianity, snakes are associated with Satan and are considered a bad omen. After all, a snake tempts Adam and Eve to taste the forbidden fruit, which leads to them being banished from Heaven. In the Biblical sense, a white snake may symbolize the need to confess your sins and keep your faith in God strong.

In Native American cultures, white snakes are seen as divine spirits signifying rebirth and healing properties.

In Chinese mythology, there is a White snake goddess that is symbolic of the divine female power.

Hindu and Greek mythologies associate the white snake with its connection to the underworld, healing, and good fortune.

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Final Thoughts

Seeing a white snake in a dream can evoke different emotions in each of us. To interpret your dream as close as possible, you can think about the following:

What are my own associations when I think about a white snake?

What in my current situation do I relate to this dream?

How could that dream help me?

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