Dream of Cat Attacking Me Meaning

Do you own a cat? Have you recently experienced a dream about a cat attacking you?

Small, playful, and sometimes aggressive (when threatened), cats are one of the most loved members of the feline family.

They are part of many households around the world and often form the strongest bond with their humans. As such, it makes sense for cat owners to have dreams about these furry creatures.

dream of cat attacking me

Generally, dreams about cats relate to feminine energy, trust, and sensuality. They could also represent danger, conflicts, and betrayal.

But what does it mean when you dream of a cat attacking you?

Well, this dream is a reflection of your emotional state and how it affects your daily interactions with other people.

If the dream was particularly violent, it implies your subconscious is working overtime to warn you about surrounding dangers.

Read on to learn about other meanings and interpretations of dreams about a cat attacking you.

What Does It Mean to Dream of a Cat Attacking You?

To aptly answer this question, we’ll look into some reasons a cat may attack you in real life. Cats have boundless amounts of energy that they lose while roughhousing with other cats or their owners. Also, it could be redirected aggression after witnessing a fight between other cats.

Therefore, we can infer that an aggressive cat dream foretells troubled times. Perhaps you will experience conflicts or there is danger soon. Playful biting implies that you need to work on your sexuality.

Sometimes, it just means that you are content with the sturdy and trustworthy relationships you’ve formed.

Here are a few common symbolisms related to dreams of a cat attacking you.


Seeing a cat attacking you in a dream implies you’re experiencing intense negative emotions. Perhaps you’re anxious or stressed about a particular situation, and the outcome terrifies you. This fear is bound to seep into your subconscious and manifest as a dream of a cat attacking you.


Dreaming of a cat attacking you is a sign of imminent danger. This stands especially if the cat is hostile and confrontational. It means that someone in your circle intends to harm you.

The dream also suggests that you’ve always known about the existence of this person and their shady ways. So, consider the dream a warning to be careful around them because they don’t mean you well.

Furthermore, the dream tells you to always trust your gut instinct. Be sure of those you let into your space. Set your boundaries and don’t be guilt-tripped into accepting anyone who doesn’t fit the clean bill.


If you dream of a cat attacking aggressively and leaving bite and claw wounds, it means you will face some unavoidable conflicts soon. This is especially true if the context of the dream is a familiar environment.

The cats represent your friends or colleagues who seem to have your best interests at heart. You may have a falling out, and nasty things might be said. And it might take time to repair the damage to your relationship.

In such a case, it is wise to remember that cats only attack when cornered or threatened. Thus, your friend might have reacted instinctively to protect themselves. From their point of view, they might see nothing wrong with their choices.

Although conflicts are unavoidable in life, how we handle them is something we can work on. Find a compromise if you wish for your relationship to continue. Otherwise, you could always choose to cut them off if it gives you peace of mind.


Cats are very independent creatures. Earning a cat’s trust takes a lot of effort on your part. They often require a lot of time before fully bonding and accepting an owner. Therefore, dreaming of a cat playfully attacking you denotes a trusty relationship.

The dream implies that you’ve taken time to build trustworthy and sincere connections and that you’re surrounded by faithful people who genuinely care for you. It’s also possible that you feel safe in your space knowing that you’re surrounded by reliable and loyal individuals.

Sexual Desire

If you dream of a cat biting you and trying to get you to play with it, it indicates your desire to be sexually adventurous. Maybe you wish to have short-term entanglements or multiple partners at a time.

The said adventures also might be in your long-term relationship. You wish to explore other aspects of your relationship. Perhaps trying polyamory to spice up your bedroom life.

The dream tells you it’s time to reawaken those desires you’ve kept hidden. Look for new refreshing angles to explore them. It might be with your current partner or with someone new.

Islamic Meaning of a Cat Attacking You in a Dream

According to Islam, dreaming of a cat is a sign of good fortune in your life. However, if the cat attacks you, it means you might face a betrayal somewhere in the future. It could also signify sickness or hard times befalling you and your household.

If you dream of a cat biting you, it implies that you will get an untrustworthy servant. Also, it could indicate that you will contract an illness and will not heal for a long time.

Dream of Cat Attacking You: Common Dream Scenarios

Dream of Cat Attacking You

1. Dreaming of Multiple Cats Attacking You

Getting attacked by many cats is a warning from your subconscious. You like to involve yourself in multiple projects and get distracted midway. The dream warns you to stay focused on one thing at a time and see it to completion.

If you dream of being attacked by a pack of wildcats, it means that you lack purpose in life. You’re easily distracted by minor things that do not benefit you in the long run. The dream also reflects your desire to find guidance in your waking life.

2. Dreaming About a Cat Biting You

To dream of a cat biting you means that you’ve been trying to push your agenda on people who aren’t interested. Maybe you’re trying too hard to make friendly advances toward people who aren’t into it and it has led to you being shunned.

Alternatively, if your pet cat bites you, it implies that you’ve been acting unlike your usual self lately. You might be going through a stressful situation and feel pressured to act a certain way. This has caused a lot of backlash from your peers, as your behavior has affected them negatively.

The dream serves as a wake-up call to watch your attitude and mind your manners while interacting with others.

If it bites your finger, it implies that you’re losing touch with your femininity. Chances are, you’ve lost touch with a female role model or you’ve lost a female family member. If the bite leaves wounds, it indicates your inability to connect or hold on to that part of your identity.

3. Dream of Big Cats Attacking You

Dreaming of being attacked by big cats such as lions or tigers is a sign that you’re blowing a problem out of proportion. It tells you to calm yourself and rethink your strategy. The problem might actually be less significant than you make it out to be.

Similarly, an attack involving a giant cat might represent a person or people with power who are using their authority to harm you. It might be because of your differing opinions and your adamant refusal to back down or change your tune to suit theirs.

A giant cat attacking you might also mirror your fears, negative traits, and toxic belief system that is hindering you from maximizing your full potential.

4. Dreaming of Different Colored Cats Attacking You

White Cats

Dreaming of being attacked by a white cat is a sign of inner turmoil. You’re struggling with repressed emotions and it is taking a toll on you. You have little outbursts, but you let no one see how much you’re suffering.

Similarly, it could be a sign of internal aggression. You’re emotionally unstable and it is messing with your daily life. Perhaps you went through a traumatic experience and you haven’t had time to deal with your emotions.

If so, you should allow yourself to feel. It is okay to express your grief, anger, or sadness. Only then can you begin your journey toward healing.

Black Cats

In many folklores, black cats are synonymous with bad luck. Therefore, it stands that dreaming of a black cat attacking you is also a negative omen. The dream foretells unexpected misfortune, befalling you and your household.

It could also be a sign that someone in your life is envious of your success and is working tirelessly to bring you down.

If the black cat bites you, you have to face your adversaries. The dream suggests that you’re a non-confrontational person and would do anything to avoid conflicts. However, it doesn’t matter how many times you postpone it, eventually, you will have to face your fears.

Grey Cats

Gray cats are the symbol of independence, patience, change, and harmony in life. If you dream of a grey cat attacking you, it means you’re acting impatient and desperate in your waking life. It tells you to slow down and trust the process. It may be long and tough, but eventually, you will end up where you’re supposed to be.

Also, grey cats represent emotional stability and peace. Dreaming of a grey cay attacking you means that something is threatening your emotional space, and you need to be wary of it. If not, you will ultimately lose control of your emotions.

Orange Cats

If you dream of being attacked by an orange cat, you will be the recipient of good news or a surprise. Maybe you and your partner have been trying for a baby and you find out that you’re expectant or you finally got your dream job.

The dream also implies that someone will relay important information to you. How you perceive it relies on the context of the dream and the significance of the messenger in your life. This information might help you evade a problem or put you in tough situations.

5. Dream of Wild Cats Attacking You

When a wild cat attacks you in a dream, it suggests that you’ve been living in survival mode and it’s time to change that. This is sometimes caused by unhealed childhood trauma that made you develop this unhealthy coping mechanism.

Also, it could be a sign of betrayal from someone you held dear. A cheating spouse or an untrustworthy friend might have broken your heart and you’re still struggling to cope with the hurt. The dream reminds you to take time to heal. However, it also reminds you that the world has more to offer only if you open up yourself to new love and adventure.

Alternatively, it could be a sign that you’re looking for balance in real life. You’re struggling to establish a healthy work ethic that will not interfere with your social life.

It also implies that you’re poor at financial planning and it has left you drowning in debt. This has left you stuck in a cycle of paying off some of your debts while borrowing more to stay afloat.

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Dreams about being attacked by a cat are messages from your subconscious. They could be warnings that there is danger lurking ahead. They could foretell that conflicts will arise among those you surround yourself with, or they might just warn you of misfortune. However, they could also signify good news and trust in your waking life.

Hopefully, you found this guide helpful in interpreting your cat attack dream. If you have more questions, leave us a message in the comment section.

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