What Does It Mean to Dream of Kittens?

People often encounter weird things in the dream world all the time. For instance, you might meet new people, undertake new activities, or even gain new abilities.

But sometimes, your dreams play host to more common things, like kittens.

But what does it mean to dream of kittens?

kittens dream meaning

With the help of this article, you will learn how to decode the meaning of kitten dreams. Here, you will discover common themes represented by dreams, their spiritual interpretation, and even biblical meaning.

Furthermore, we will dive deeper into some examples of dreams about kittens and their meanings.

Dreams of Kittens General Meaning

Fluffy, adorable, and sociable, kittens are perhaps the most loveable pets you can have. These miniature felines love to play and enjoy lots of cuddles.

They are synonymous with innocence, gentleness, purity, and innocence. But kittens are also stubborn and manipulative. They might be friendly, but not as obedient as a dog. That explains why some people don’t like them.

Seeing these little cuties in your dream reflects positive emotions, including tenderness, joy, and purity. It could also symbolize growth, progress, and change.

But sometimes, these fluffy creatures can stand for vulnerability and insecurity.

Some people even consider them a cue of bad omen. This stems from their relationship with cats and kittens in their daily life.

With this in mind, dreams of kittens and cats often have deep meanings. Below we’ve highlighted a few common themes kittens might represent in dreams. Check them out.


Dreams of a kitten could symbolize the femininity and power of strong women in your real life, whether it’s your mother, wife, or girlfriend.

The kittens pop up to remind you of the importance of taking care of these women because they’re integral to your growth and success.

Depending on the context, these furry friends might also denote your feminine side or the womanly traits your poses like affection, forgiveness, and care.


Like cats, kittens can encourage dreamers to listen to their intuition and examine underdeveloped psychic abilities. Before deciding on doing anything, you need to trust your gut feeling. Let it guide you toward the right path in life.

Innocence and Simplicity

Kittens in dreams might also represent your childlike nature. Probably you’re a simple individual who appreciates the tiny joys life offers. Such dreams show your soft side.

Alternatively, the dream could represent your positive nature. You face all odds that come your way with a positive mind. And because of this, you’ve met some of your future goals.

Since these furry creatures are fun-loving and agile, a dream about them might remind you to remain simple but also energetic and agile. While you might encounter lots of challenges along the way, live a modest life with purpose.

Minor Hurdles in Life

Life is without obstacles and problems, and everyone has to face them at one point. It’s common to encounter kittens in the dream world when dealing with challenges in various aspects of your life.

The dream encourages us to face the issues head-on before they get out of hand and affect your physical, emotional, and spiritual state.

Dreaming of kittens is a sign to watch out for the people around you. Chances are someone plans to share your secret or deceive you.

If your heart doesn’t trust someone, listen to it and avoid that individual at all costs. Otherwise, he or she might be your downfall.

Small kittens popping up in your dream means you will face a difficult situation soon. It also implies some people in your life mean you harm.


Around six-to-eight months, kittens become independent and don’t need to depend on their owner for reassurance in an unfamiliar environment.

A dream about kittens might signify your desire for independence and self-sufficiency. If that’s the case, then you need to believe in your capabilities, even if you’re currently feeling helpless.

While it doesn’t hurt to ask your parents and friends for help, don’t over-depend on them. Strive towards staying on your feet without help from others. Believe in your power and take charge of your life today.

Spiritual Meaning of Kittens in Dream

Now, let’s look at dreams about kittens from a spiritual standpoint. Ancient Egyptians viewed cats as magical creatures. They believed cats brought good luck and connected to divine sources.

If a kitten or cat appears in your dream, it’s a sign you’re spiritually enlightened and connected to the energy of higher realms of existence.

It might also mean you’re linked to the Egyptian cat goddess, Bast. She symbolizes the two sides of your nature and personality.

Bumping into cats and kittens in the dream world could mean you’ve achieved inner peace, purity, and happy living.

On the flip side, the dream might represent your dilemma about something in your life. This is true, especially if the kittens seem scared.

Sometimes, kitten dreams remind you to declutter your life and remain free. Avoid getting trapped in self-doubt or uncertainty. It’s high time you let go of your vulnerable self and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Besides that, the dream could symbolize your lack of self-confidence. You cannot make wise decisions on matters that involve your relationship or other areas of your life.

Biblical Meaning of Kittens in Dream

You will not find any direct mention of kittens in the bible. However, other felines like lions, leopards, and wildcats get mentioned severally, particularly in the Old Testament. These creatures symbolize courage, brutality, wisdom, and boldness.

Some Christians believe kittens in dreams represent femineity, clarity, fresh beginnings, curiosity, beauty, and creativity. They might also embody betrayal, financial woes, and misfortunes.

Another thing, kittens are wonderful creatures from God. So, when they visit your dreams, it could mean you will soon receive a gift from God.

It might be in the form of strength to overcome tough times, wisdom, a fulfilling relationship, and discernment. Remember, even challenges, suffering, and pain are God’s gifts.

Alternatively, such dreams could mean reclaiming your power. Think of it this way: God has already granted you the things you need to manifest your dreams.

So, it’s time to stop taking a backseat in your life. Reclaim the steering wheel and drive yourself toward success.

17 Popular Dreams About Kittens Explained

Dreams About Kittens

Dream of Holding a Kitten

Holding a kitten in your dream means you’ve achieved your goals or fulfilled your dreams. Probably you feel happy and satisfied with a project at work or the growth of your business.

The dream also represents overcoming struggles in life. If you’re currently facing a difficult time, worry not! With effort and persistence, you will overcome your challenges.

Dreams of carrying a kitten could also indicate hostility from someone you care for a lot. It’s wise to keep an eye on those you hang out with.

Dream of Orange Kitten

An orange kitten stands for hope and optimism. No matter how hard life seems, you will be presented with the right choice, and the tide will change in your favor. Bad situations will become a thing of the past.

Dream of Black Kitten

A black kitten’s dream represents your instincts, urges, and unconscious behaviors. It might also signify financial difficulties. If so, budget for your finances and avoid careless spending. Also, focus on saving money for your future and making well-informed investments.

The dream could also mean that you lack confidence or you’re uncertain about a situation. You’ve lost a sense of direction in your life. Probably you also don’t know what to look forward to each day.

To get back on the right path, you need to prepare for the outcomes of situations you created. Utilize your energy in growing yourself, but don’t forget to be mindful and responsible.

Dream of White Kitten

If a white kitten appears in your dream, consider the dream a good sign. White cats and kittens represent peace, prosperity, and positive energy. You will achieve personal growth and enjoy many opportunities.

If you’re in your relationship, the dream shows that you and your girlfriend or spouse will enter a phase of balance. Your love will grow stronger, and most of your plans will work out.

On the downside, white kittens could represent evil or sinister intentions from one of your acquittances. Perhaps someone close to you will betray you.

Dream of Gray Kitten

Unlike white kittens, dreams of gray kittens stand for bad luck and disappointment. They represent anxiousness, grief, and sadness in relation to various troubles in your waking life.

While the problems might be minor, they may feel overwhelming and cause you lots of emotional torture. Consider the dream a sign to relax and unwind.

Figure out a proper plan and anticipate possible hindrances that might emerge, and prepare yourself to face them. This way, you overcome the stress and agony.

Dream of Feeding Kitten

Providing kittens’ nourishment in your dream shows your caring and helpful natures. You find joy and peace in helping others and always realize when people are in need.

Because of your kindness and compassion, people are drawn to you.  Also, you form strong bonds with the people you care for.

Dream of Saving Kittens

Dreams of saving stranded kittens show your desire for independence and freedom. Maybe you feel someone is in control of your life and you hate that. Or you don’t love owing anyone favors or depending on others to meet your needs.

The dream could also mean recovering what you’ve lost, whether it’s power, position, self-respect, or confidence.

Dream of Newborn Kittens

Newborn kittens are tender and very fragile. When they appear in your dreams, it means you feel insecure and unsafe. You seek protection and security from your loved ones and friends.

In other cases, the dream represents a weak state of mind. You feel weak and helpless, physically and emotionally.

Dream of Cat Having Kittens

Such dreams show that you will have more responsibilities in the future or enter a new phase. They also signify new beginnings, meaning it’s time to let go of your old life and embrace the new you.

Dream of Mother Cat and Kittens

The mother cat and her kittens in a dream symbolize happiness, wealth, and prosperity. Such a dream indicates abundance in terms of finances, love, and even health. It also represents healthy bonding with family and friends.

Dream of Injured Kitten

An injured kitten suggests you feel anxious and vulnerable. The dream serves to motivate you to face your fears and past trauma to overcome such emotions. Don’t let your inner feelings get translated into real-life problems. If possible, seek help from friends, family, or even an expert.

Dream of Finding Kittens

When you find a kitten abandoned in the street or forest, the dream represents conflicts with the individuals you care for. Try to identify the potential source of the conflict and address it to avoid any bad blood with the people close to you.

Dream of Dead Kitten

If a dream about a dead kitten feels you with fear, it means you are not in control of certain aspects of your life anymore or situations.  Figure out how to regain control before going down an emotional roller coaster.

Dream of Dying Kittens

Dying kittens represents internal changes, improvement, the evolution of life, and self-discovery. You will experience a transition soon and become more spiritual and open. You might experience this dream during major life events, like receiving a promotion, getting married, divorced, or moving to a new city.

Dream of Kittens in the House

Dreaming about kittens in your house means you are living in a fantasy world. You don’t see things for what they truly are. Probably you have fallen victim to delude thoughts without realizing or on purpose. Another interpretation of the dream is that you easily believe in lies than facing the truth.

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Final Thoughts

Like any other dream, dreams about kittens might be a way for your subconscious mind to send you a message.

Perhaps you feel like something is holding you back in life and want to be free. Such dreams could mean you will reclaim your independence and freedom.

On the other hand, the dreams could suggest a balance of feminine energy.

Keep in mind that the messages change depending on the context and settings of the kitten dream. So, focus on every detail, no matter how minor it seems.

If possible, write what you can remember about the dream, and use this guide to find possible interpretations.

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  1. So I dreamt of 3 kitten knocking on the closet door, I open the door and 3 kittens come out with their mother behind them.

    • In dreams, kittens, like other animals, represent aspects of our lives or personal traits.

      Here, the 3 kittens knocking on the closet door and their mother could symbolize your playful and nurturing qualities.

      As for opening the closet door, it implies you are ready to explore and embrace these aspects of yourself.


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