Spider Web Dream Meaning: 13 Scenarios

Spider webs are commonly seen as a disturbance. They bring forth feelings, such as irritation or even fear that a spider is lurking nearby.

Perhaps that’s why in pop culture, they are associated with Halloween. After all, spiders themselves are seen as spooky and freaky.

In fact, one of the most common fears is arachnophobia, or in simple words, the fear of spiders.

And that is because, according to Alan Manavitz, MD, clinical psychiatrist, we learn from experience, science, or popular TV shows, movies, and books that spiders are poisonous and dangerous. Therefore, it is not a surprise most people prefer to avoid spider webs.

dream of spider web

Similarly, in dreams, spider webs may signify something dangerous, fear, and anxiety. But as usual, not everything is as it seems in dreams, so there are both positive and negative interpretations.

Let’s see the most common meanings and interpretations of dreams with spider webs.

General Meaning of Dream About Spider Web

Spiders use cobwebs to catch insects as food, so you could say they are a hunter’s tool. Therefore, a spider web symbolizes feeling stuck or trapped in a situation. Or, it indicates low self-esteem since you’d rather hide in your nest than expose your personality to others.

However, a spider web can also represent an artist’s craft. So, perhaps you are currently building your business, or if you are an artist, you are about to create the masterpiece that will make you successful.

Still, a spider web may indicate the chances of entering deals, relationships, or businesses will require you to be careful. So, it is necessary to be cautious of people because they may try to plot against you.

Additionally, a spider web may indicate that you give up easily. Whenever you encounter a difficult situation, you tend to retreat without putting an end to your problems. This could be because you overthink the consequences, so it is essential to be more relaxed for your own and other people’s good.

Spiritual Meaning of Dream of Spider Web

Feeling Trapped

Like another insect on a spider’s web feeling stuck and in fear, you may currently feel trapped and unable to do anything of your will.

For instance, if you are a young student and are guided by your parents regarding your future, you may dream of a spider web because you have other desires and passions that go against your parents’ expectations.

Generally, the feeling of being trapped is unpleasant and suffocating. So, the dream is a sign for you to make a crucial decision in life in order to create a happier life.

Unresolved Problems

Spider webs may indicate the hindrances in your path or a situation you can’t find a solution to.

For example, perhaps at the moment, there is a difficult challenge at work regarding a project which you prefer to avoid or can’t find a solution to. This causes frustration and a burden on your progress and other people’s work.

So, the dream is a warning of your exhaustion due to overwork and overthinking. It is trying to tell you to ask for help rather than keep trying to find a solution by yourself.

Connection and Networking

Spiders tend to weave webs over a large distance to catch food. And similarly, people can create a large circle of people to connect and network with.

Therefore, the dream is trying to tell you that you are someone very influential and respected. Or that you have the right connections to improve your social or professional life.

Furthermore, you may already have the right skills to help others around you during tribulations and troubles. It is a sign for you to use your connections for the right things in life.

Dreaming of a Spider Web: Scenarios and Meanings

dream about spider web

Dream of A Spider Web on The Ceiling

Spider webs on the ceiling may signify negligence. Perhaps, you are not taking care of yourself and let negative feelings and situations affect you.

The dream is trying to remind you of the importance of paying attention to your own needs, as well as spending more time doing what brings you relaxation and happiness. Also, it is necessary to balance your personal and professional life.

Dream of A Spider Web on The Wall

Dreaming of a spider web on the wall means someone will criticize you. Perhaps, at the moment, you have many obligations, meaning you neglect certain aspects of your life for others.

So, it is possible, family members or friends will complain about your actions, thinking you are forgetting them. They may think you are there for them only when it suits you rather than because you want to.

Dream of Getting Entangled in The Spider Web

Dreaming of getting entangled in a spider’s web may signify lies, misunderstandings, or problems detrimental to you.

This may mean you have been lying to many people but can’t remember what you said or to whom you what. Therefore, the dream is warning you that the truth will soon come to light if you don’t avoid all the topics that can get you in trouble.

Dream of Cleaning a Spider Web

If you dream of cleaning a spider, it is possible that you will soon succeed in your professional life. For instance, if you are currently working on a challenging project, it will soon be fruitful, and your superiors will reward you.

On the other hand, if you are currently trying to find a new job, it is time to enrich your resume, learn new skills for better qualifications and reach your highest potential.

Dream of Other People Cleaning a Spider Web

If someone else cleans a spider web instead of you, you will receive help from someone. For instance, if you are having a hard time at school or work, a colleague may help you with a last-minute project.

Or you may deliberately ask for help due to your negligence of a project. However, even though you will have trouble with this particular project, it will teach you to be more responsible.

Dream About Other People Getting Caught in The Spider Web

If you are dreaming of other people getting caught in a spider web might mean that someone needs your help or to become someone’s alibi. Perhaps, your friend will ask you to lie or use you as an alibi due to problems in their relationship.

Another possibility is lying to your boss for your colleagues. This doesn’t mean you will get in trouble. It could be something small that will help others, such as your colleague needing to go to the doctor’s and needing a day off, thus taking their shift.

Dream of A Spider Web in Your Hair

When you dream of a spider web getting entangled in your hair and unable to take it off, it means you have difficulty moving on from undesired situations.

It is likely that although you know you need to make changes in your professional or personal life, you are afraid of the possible consequences. Perhaps, you believe other people will make that step for you or that things will naturally change, but the dream is trying to tell you nothing will change if you don’t try by yourself.

Dream of A Spider Web in Front of Your Eyes

If you dream of not being able to take off the spider web from your eyes, it means you are still inexperienced regarding life.

Sometimes you tend to judge others unfairly because you never try to see things from different perspectives. Also, you may have the habit of seeking others’ advice, but in the end, you push your problems on them. So, this dream is a sign of mental immaturity that will pass with time and experience.

Dream of Insects in The Spider Web

An insect trapped in a spider web is almost always condemned to become the spider’s food. Therefore, dreaming of an insect trapped in a spider web indicates that you feel stuck and unable to move.

Sometimes due to overthinking, people feel burdened and stop any movements toward change. So, the dream is a sign that it is necessary to ask for help from your loved ones. Or, if it is proven to be impossible to make a decision, it is time to make peace with it and move on.

Dream of A House Covered in Spider Webs

If you dream of your house covered in a spider web, it means you should renew relationships with people you may have lost contact with.

Perhaps you are currently overburdened with obligations and responsibilities and neglected your relationships. However, these people are important for your future, so you should make an effort to reintroduce them again in your life.

Dream of A Tunnel Covered in The Spider Web

A dream with a tunnel covered in a spider web signifies your fear of the future and uncertainty.

Of course, everyone is wary of uncertainty. But it seems you are unable to enjoy your life due to these uncertainties and insecurities. Try to remember all the things you already have and be grateful. Don’t take for granted what you have.

Dream of A Cave Covered in A Spider Web

If you dream of passing through a cave covered in a spider web, it means that you will solve a specific problem.

Specifically, the dream is trying to tell you to ask yourself specific questions and give an honest and fair answer to all of them. By doing this, you will be able to overcome any challenge easily. So, in other words, the solution is already within you, which you will find through meditation and honesty.

Dream of A Forest Covered in A Spider Web

Walking through a forest covered in a spider web in a dream means you forgot something important in real life. There is a chance that you have promised someone something but didn’t keep your word.

After meeting them accidentally on the street, you will remember it and be ashamed of your inaction. You may feel better lying, rather than admitting your mistake. But your conscience will be guilty because something like that happened.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, dreaming of a spider web can represent negative feelings of neglect, feeling trapped, deception, or shame. But these negative feelings may also be a sign of upcoming successes.

So, depending on your feelings during your dream, as well as your current situation, apply these interpretations to achieve any desire that may be hidden within you.

5 thoughts on “Spider Web Dream Meaning: 13 Scenarios”

  1. What does a iy mean to dream of a deceased brother with me in cave theres a spiderweb covering the entrence and theres a lady bug crawling up tthe ground?

    • Your deceased brother and the cave represent your unresolved emotions or suppressed feeling.

      No matter how hard you try to hide them, they have found a way into your subconscious mind. Now, they are manifesting as dark dreams. Another interpretation is that you feel trapped in your waking life.

      And the existence of spider webs reinforces this interpretation further. But remember difficult situations never last.

      Consider the ladybug in your dream a sign of good news, luck, and fortune. It’s a sign you will overcome your current challenges and heal.

  2. What does it mean to dream of waking up in bed and having the room filled with fresh spider webs? A giant orb spider web was woven above my head near the ceiling. I freaked out and crawled out of the bed on the opposite side only to be greeted by strings of more webs breaking against my body as I walked. As I explained the situation to my teenage son I looked at my shaking hands and noticed little red dots all over my hands and forearms. I then began repeating that something was very wrong and woke up.

    • Without a doubt, you have a powerful fear of spiders. And this fear is deeply ingrained into your subconscious mind to the point it manifests as a nightmare.

      Alternatively, the dream could suggest that you feel trapped in a challenging situation you can’t seem to overcome.

      It’s also possible that you feel vulnerable, considering you developed red dots all over your hands and forearms.

      • Well, I don’t like spiders but I don’t really have a fear of them. I’ll have to think for awhile to try and determine what challenging situation this might be suggesting. The vulnerable concept makes the most sense at the moment. I wonder what the dream was trying to tell me… Thank you for your response.


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