Spider Dream Spiritual & Psychological Meaning

The moment you fall asleep, all kinds of bizarre things take place. You’re chased by a dragon, become the flash, or your teeth fall out. So don’t be surprised when you see Aragog (the spider from Harry Potter) in your dreams.

Dreams are powerful tools for self-discovery and growth. By understanding the themes and symbols in the dream world, you can gain insight into your unconscious mind, desires, and thoughts.

dream about a spider

In this dream guide, we will dive deep into the meanings of spiders in dreams and their interpretations across psychology and cultures.

Is Dreaming of Spiders Good or Bad?

Throughout history, spiders have been popular fixtures in folklore and superstitions. In different cultures, spiders have been used to symbolize a myriad of things, both good and bad.

For instance, ancient Romans believed spiders brought good fortune to businesses. Because of this, they wore spider amulets. They also believed that killing a spider brings bad fortune to a business.

Besides that, seeing a spider around your home meant you would come into money. A spider crawling into your pocket meant you will never run out of money while watching a spider weave its web meant your efforts will soon pay off.

Also, spiders spotted at weddings brought luck to the newlyweds. For example, if a white spider wove its web above the marital bed, the home would experience years of luck and prosperity.

However, some cultures considered spiders to be the epitome of evil. They believed seeing spiders–specifically black spiders–signaled death.

Generally, spiders of all shapes and sizes are considered good omens. The larger the spider, the more luck you will experience.

Spiritual Meaning of Spiders in Dreams

Spiders play a very significant role in spirituality. They represent the cycle of life and death, stability, and rebirth. They portray the transient beauty of life and the impact of the choices you make.

Spiders also represent the need for change–the need to move from the old and embrace a new life. The desire to assimilate your new habits into existing ones. The willingness to try over and over until you find your passion and purpose in life.

Giant black spiders are perceived as messengers of the spiritual realm. They appear in your dreams to convey messages of encouragement and love from the spirit world. They also serve as spiritual guides on your journey toward spiritual enlightenment.

Tarantulas represent rivalry and competition. Dreaming of one suggests you will encounter several challenges on your spiritual journey. It encourages you to brace yourself for tough times. But remember, they won’t last forever.

Biblical Meaning of Spiders in Dreams

The Bible mentions spider webs several times in conflicting and different interpretations. For example, the spider web symbolizes weakness and fragility, while in other situations, it symbolizes God’s protection.

Spiders were also portrayed as a source of wisdom. When weaving their webs, spiders connect many strands to create a clear and more elaborate picture of something.

Seeing a spider fall from the sky signifies that God is granting you wisdom to make sound judgments about the challenges you will face.

Psychological Meanings of Spiders in Dreams

spider dream meaning

Dreams of spiders have both emotional and psychological implications. They often symbolize the dreamer’s unconscious fears, insecurities, and anxieties. The spider points to the negative thoughts, experiences, or emotions a dreamer faces every day.

Other psychological interpretations of spider dreams include:

1. Creativity and Feminine Energy

Ever seen a spider web on a dewy morning? How it catches those little drops on each strand? It is a breathtaking sight. One that many photographers have gone through a lot of trouble to capture.

Spiders are renowned for their skillfully intricate and delicate webs. They create unique patterns with their silky strands, and no web design is ever the same.

Spiders in dreams symbolize creativity, artistry, and crafting. You’re a bright soul who endeavors to create mesmerizing art that might look fragile yet are quite functional.

The dream implies you are in a better position to come up with new ways of solving problems and addressing situations. It’s time you commit yourself to nature and your creative abilities.

Such dreams can also represent feminine energy within you. It means you move with the flow of life, embrace your inner creativity, and are attuned to your inner process.

2. Fear and Anxiety

Some people have a genuine fear of spiders or arachnophobia. Sometimes, this fear can manifest in their subconscious mind as dreams of spiders.

These dreams can also symbolize anxiety or worry, since most individuals associate spiders with these emotions in real life.

When you see yourself chased by a gigantic spider in a dream, it’s a manifestation of the fear, anxiety, or worry affecting you in your waking life.

3. Challenges

The spiders in your dream might also symbolize your life challenges. Maybe you’re going through a difficult time because of a divorce, loss of a job, or drug addiction.

But remember, you have everything you need to overcome what life throws at you. The vision encourages you to evaluate your life, make plans and ask for help when the hustle gets hard.

4. Control and Power

Dreaming of killing a spider shows you’re powerful enough to handle all challenges thrown your way. You’re a good planner and excellent at executing the said plans. It also implies you’re persistent and optimistic, even in the face of adversity.

Additionally, spider dreams could allude to untapped inner strength. Maybe you have a hidden talent or skill that could help you overcome your daily obstacles. However, you’re hesitant about tackling new projects because you’re doubtful of your abilities.

The dream encourages you to take on a new challenge. It might help you uncover your hidden abilities while allowing you to explore them.

Seeing a spider in a dream suggests you’re taking back control over your life. You’re facing your problems head-on and resolving any past conflicts. The dream encourages you to set boundaries and ensure they are respected if you wish to maintain control in your life.

5. Manipulation

Spiders are awe-inspiring creatures. If nothing, their ability to create silky, intricate, and complex webbing with unique patterns should show you.

A spider dream could occur if you’re caught in a web of lies spun to entrap you and manipulate you into doing something that goes against your core beliefs. Probably, someone is trying to gain control over your life or put you in a severely compromising situation that would leave you wholly dependent on them.

Spiders are also patient hunters. They will weave a sticky web and wait for their prey to get stuck or listen to vibrations caused by prey landing on their webs before hunting them down. Similarly, the manipulator will set bait and watch you fall before sinking their claws into you.

Dreaming of a spider dangling from its web or weaving one suggests you’re stuck in a manipulative scheme. It warns you to get out before you’re too far gone to be redeemed.

Alternatively, dreaming of spiders and spider webs could also mean you’re the manipulator in your waking life.

Examples of Spider Dreams

1. Dreaming of a Giant Spider

Dreaming of a giant spider implies you feel trapped in your waking life. That could infer a toxic workplace or an abusive relationship. You feel stagnated and imprisoned by your circumstances and are afraid to escape because you fear the repercussions.

The dream could also refer to your emotional and mental health. You might have gone through a traumatic experience in the past and didn’t get the chance to heal. Now, you’re haunted by your past – reliving those horrific memories, and it’s taking a toll on your mental and emotional health.

On the upside, killing a giant spider in a dream is a good sign. It means you’ve been working on yourself; physically, mentally, and emotionally. Preparing to tackle some problems troubling you in your waking life.

You’re ready to take control of your life and live on your terms. Sometimes, the dream refers to your relationship with your maternal figures. It implies you’re working hard to restore your relationship and strengthen the bonds between you two.

2. Dreaming of Killing Spiders

Killing spiders in a dream is a good omen. It means you’re courageous in the face of adversity. You’re ready to take on daunting challenges just to put your mark on the world.

Equally, it could mean you’re not afraid of facing your problems. You approach them with an optimistic mindset and won’t quit until you succeed.

If the spider was stronger than you, yet you still killed it, it tells you that you will emerge victorious over long-term foes.

Stepping on a spider to kill it means you have what it takes to overcome the challenges you’re facing while hitting it continuously implies endurance in the face of adversity.

If you ate it, disgusting as it sounds, it means you’re a confident individual who’s not afraid to take charge of any situation. You can keep a cool head when everyone around you is panicking.

3. Dreaming of Seeing a Lot of Spiders

Seeing a lot of spiders in a dream implies that you’re overwhelmed with anxiety or fear in your waking life. Maybe you’re facing a challenge and you’re not quite confident about your success.

Also, it might signify being surrounded by untrustworthy people or enemies and they’re actively trying to destroy you.

4. Dream of a Spider Bite

While not all spiders are venomous, all of them have fangs. To dream of being bitten by a spider could signify a lot of things.

For someone afraid of spiders, dreaming of a spider biting you indicates betrayal, fraud, or deceit in your waking life. It means someone close to you will hurt you when you least expect it. It could also mean that your actions could lead you to get involved in fraudulent activities.

Dreaming of a spider biting you painfully and you see blood means you will receive bad news. Moreover, it foretells conflict or betrayal by a loved one because of jealousy.

A spider bite on the face shows you’re vain and very concerned with your image rather than personality while getting bitten on the arm highlights your relationship struggles. A bite on the leg suggests you will go through a harrowing event that will shake the foundation of your life.

5. Dreaming of Different Types of Spiders

Black Widow

dream black widow spider

Dreaming of a black widow reflects your fear of the unknown. Uncertainty makes you nervous. You like having sufficient information before making a decision or doing anything.

It may also signify your loss of willpower to make progress in life.

Seeing a black widow devour her mate symbolizes negative changes in your waking life. These will drastically impact your future. If the spider is devouring you, it means you’ve lost all control over a situation in your waking life.


Tarantulas might appear large and scary, yet they’re quite docile and harmless. Some people even keep them as pets. Seeing a tarantula in a dream tells you that not everything is as it seems.

It encourages you to avoid judging people or situations by the cover. Try listening to both ends of a story before criminalizing one party. Always research extensively on a situation or a person before forming an opinion.

It is also a warning to change your judgmental habits before you do something you might end up regretting.

6. Dreaming of Different Colored Spiders

Red Spiders

Red is a bold color. Dreaming of red spiders reflects your stubborn personality. You’re a stickler for rules and rarely influenced by people’s opinions.

Red spiders also signify passion and success. You put your all into whatever you’re doing, and it always succeeds.

Among the Chinese, dreaming of a red spider symbolizes a decline in wealth. Your finances are about to take a turn for the worst, and your business ventures might fail.

Black Spiders

If black spiders are present in your dream, it means you feel isolated and lonely because you’ve lost someone you treasured. It might refer to a parent, a sibling, or a best friend. That was the person you confided in most. After their death, you’ve been feeling lost and alone.

Similarly, black spiders in dreams warn you of the evil forces working overtime to bring you down. The dream tells you to reevaluate your friendships and be wary of those you choose to trust.

White Spiders

White spiders in dreams convey both good and bad messages about your life. For instance, you might dream of a white spider when something negative has been happening, and you’ve neglected it.

It might also mean that your relationships are deteriorating because you refuse to compromise in situations that warrant it. Your stubbornness might hurt you more than you can handle.

The dream tells you to take action before the situation becomes irredeemable.

On the upside, white spiders in dreams predict good health, prosperity, and happiness in your waking life. It might also show that someone in your family is about to conceive.

Friendly reminder; the size or number of white spiders determines the magnitude of success you will achieve.

7. Dreaming of Spiders Crawling on and Biting You

Spiders crawling on you and biting you in a dream reflect your shadow self. It brings the darker, unknown parts of your subconscious mind to your attention. If you wish to move forward in life, you must acknowledge and embrace your shadows.

Alternatively, the dream could indicate fear, anxiety, or stress affecting your life.

8. Dreaming of Spider Webs

Such dreams have several plausible scenarios. For example, dreaming of being caught in a spider’s web indicates you feel trapped by certain circumstances in your waking life. Perhaps you’re tied down by responsibilities, and you constantly feel the need to be free.

A spider web in a dream could also reflect your spiritual journey. If the web is dainty and easily falls apart, it implies you will struggle with staying on the path.

But, if the web is intricately woven and sturdy, it means that the more you advance in your spirituality, the deeper your connection will get.

Cleaning out spider webs in your dream suggests you’re working on letting go of any physical and emotional entanglements weighing you down. It may be thick webs in your face inferring to direct conflict or dusty old webs representing matters you’ve been procrastinating or avoiding for a long time.

9. Dreaming of Spiders in Your Bed

Bedrooms are intimate spaces. Dreaming of a spider in your bedroom signifies total control over situations concerning you in your waking life. If you see the spider spinning a web, it means you will attain spiritual balance soon.

A spider in your bed reflects your frustration because a feminine figure in your life is disrespecting your boundaries and messing with your personal life.

Furthermore, the dream alludes to you having dark secrets that you’ve been keeping from everyone. You did something awful in the past, and the guilt and shame are eating you alive.

The dream encourages you to fess up to your actions, deal with the consequences, accept the punishment for your actions, and try to make amends to anyone affected.

10. Dreaming of Spiders Jumping on You

The dream implies you feel overwhelmed or attacked in life. Chances are, you feel under attack for something you did or didn’t do or someone is threatening.

For instance, if you dream of a black spider jumping around, it means you worry about being trapped in a toxic relationship or a bad financial situation.


Final Thoughts

This guide has delved into the various meanings and interpretations of spider dreams, including spiritual, biblical, and psychological symbolism.

To better understand your dreams, we encourage you to keep a dream journal. This valuable tool can help you break down and decode the symbols and messages popping up in your dreams.

From this guide, it’s evident that the dreams of spiders have many interpretations. However, the meaning will ultimately depend on your association with the creature, experience, and context of the dream.

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