12 Meanings of Dreams About Being Trapped

Dreaming about being trapped is one of the most terrifying nightmares. It is a frightening experience, making you feel there is no escape no matter what you do.

These dreams usually occur because of uncontrollable feelings or situations you may be experiencing. Or, perhaps, you are currently feeling stuck, lost, or emotionally unavailable.

dreams about being trapped

Therefore, these dreams are like a sign of the bad situations happening or about to happen in your waking life.

Still, there can be many interpretations of dreams about being trapped. So, let’s see all of them in more detail.

General Meaning of Being Trapped in a Dream

Dreams about being trapped can be vivid and realistic, causing you to wake up startled and scared. This happens because your subconsciousness is trying to get your attention.

Perhaps, you are currently in a situation that is making you feel trapped, and you must reflect on it. But instead, you are avoiding it. So, the dream is trying to show you the core of the issue through different symbols and feelings.

For instance, it is essential to consider the location or objects around you in the dream. When you dream of being trapped underwater, the issue is connected to your fluctuating emotions, mood swings, or feeling lost.

If you are trapped in a haunted house, you may still be haunted by past events or childhood trauma. So, the dream is telling you it is necessary to figure out why these memories are currently tormenting you so that your mind can relax.

Alternatively, if you are trapped and can’t escape from a dark place, it may mean you are currently mentally unstable. This could be due to your unconscious mind’s behaviors, urges, and emotions that are not understood.

Spiritual Meaning of Being Trapped

Generally, dreams about being trapped indicate frustrations you may be feeling in your waking life. These frustrations may be derived from a job, someone holding you back in your professional or personal progress, or a relationship in which you may feel trapped.

It is possible, at the moment, you feel that you have no choice in a situation or are facing difficulty in making up your mind about something. Otherwise, this dream may be occurring because your old habits, behaviors, and attitudes that no longer serve you are starting to resurface again.

Still, this type of dream can be a beneficial one. After all, it is a message indicating it is necessary to think outside of the “box” you have been trapped in. It is telling you that it is time to find ways to solve the problems holding you back.

Specifically, it indicates that it is necessary to shed negative ideas and energies and change your life’s course for the better. It is a time to be strong and be truthful to your own beliefs and philosophy.

In other words, take this dream as a sign to reevaluate your relationship with others and yourself and make sure whatever you do, you do it for your own needs and desires.

To understand better your dream of being trapped, below you will find different interpretations of these dreams to help you figure out why you have these dreams.

You Are Not Satisfied with Your Job

Dreaming of being trapped signifies that currently, you might feel unsatisfied with your job, hence feeling trapped.

This dream is basically trying to express your frustration and unwillingness to go to work, partake in a new project, or generally continue your current career.

However, if you are dreaming that you are trapped at a job you hate, your subconsciousness is reminding you that you don’t have to stay in an unfulfilling situation. It is a sign that some things in your life need to change.

But your dream might have nothing to do with your work at all. Yet, it signifies that the source of your frustration is your underlying unhappiness about your professional life.

So, when you feel unfulfilled in your work life, that can manifest as a dream about being trapped.

You Feel You Are Losing the Control

If you dream of being trapped but trying to get out, it means that you are in a situation or relationship in real life that makes you feel out of control.

To be more precise, if in your dream you are trapped in a burning building and trying to escape, it means you are in a controlling relationship.

However, if you are trapped in a car and can’t get out, it signifies feeling trapped in a situation you can’t control. Usually, this implies financial issues.

Generally, feeling out of control is a frustrating and frightening feeling. Because it indicates the inability to predict the future or if you are on the right path in life.

So, even if you have no idea what is causing you to dream about being trapped, you may still want to work on finding ways to let go of the need to control your waking life.

This usually happens when something is missing from your life. So, it is essential to learn how to let go of the sense of having everything under control. Otherwise, you might lose what is important to you.

Toxic Relationships

Another interpretation of dreaming about being trapped is your subconscious mind telling you it is time to get out of an unhealthy relationship, both metaphorically and realistically.

For instance, these dreams can be triggered by being in a toxic relationship or witnessing an unhealthy relationship. But they can also be triggered by feeling trapped inside your emotions or getting stuck in your head.

But generally, when you dream about being trapped, even if it’s trapped in a room or a cave, it can signify that something about your current relationship is unhealthy.

So, try to find a healthier way to relate with your partner because relationships can quickly become unhealthy when one of the partners starts to feel trapped in the relationship.

Repressed Memories and Emotions

Dreams about being trapped can also be a sign of repressed memories that are coming to the surface again.

Perhaps, currently, you are in a place mentally or physically that brings back unwanted memories. Therefore, your dreams are indirectly expressing your anxiety and fear.

However, if you are dreaming of trying to escape a place, you might be trying to overcome repressed emotions. For instance, maybe due to a stressful situation at work, your dream is trying to make you release these negative repressed emotions that are making you exhausted.

But still, in general, emotions can feel like trapping, so when you dream about being trapped, it could signify that a part of you feels like there is something you can’t let go of.

Overwhelming Obligations

Dreaming of being trapped somewhere because you are being chased means you are feeling overwhelmed by the many obligations in your daily life.

Furthermore, you might be feeling pressured to do too many things or feel like you have too many responsibilities you can’t avoid.

In fact, if you are being chased by a person in your dream, it indicates you are feeling pressured by people who want you to do too many things. Or you feel overwhelmed by other people’s expectations of you.

If that is the case, you need to figure out a way to establish personal boundaries. Try to do things important to you first, and then do things that are important to others.

You Are Not Taking Care of Yourself

If you dream that you are trapped in a place where you can’t find the exit, you might be too busy to do the things that make you feel fulfilled and satisfied.

You are dreaming about being trapped because you have too many obligations or let other people take up too much of your time.

After all, when you are too busy and don’t have time for yourself, it will eventually manifest in you feeling trapped.

So, be sure to take care of yourself to accomplish your personal goals and feel fulfilled and happy. To do that, make a list of all your priorities and create a schedule in order to leave some free time for yourself.

You Commit to Things that You Don’t Like

Dreaming about being trapped due to needing to do something you hate may indicate that you are forced to make commitments to unwanted things.

However, this dream is usually triggered by resentment toward people who have made you feel obliged to commit to something undesirable. These things include work projects or chores.

Another interpretation of this dream is that you have to do things you don’t really want to do. If this is the case, try to figure out why you are doing these things, as well as why you resent them. By doing that, you might find a way to stop needing to do them.

You Are a People Pleaser

If you dream about being trapped while doing something, it may indicate that you are a people pleaser who works simply to make other people happy instead of yourself.

Perhaps, you find it hard to say no to others, whether that is in your professional life, personal or social life.

That’s why this dream is trying to show you that by being a people pleaser, you end up trapping yourself in an endless cycle of doing unfulfilling things.

So, try not to take on too many things and get your priorities straight to put your needs first.

You Feel Stuck in Life

dreams about being trapped and trying to escape

Dreaming about being trapped can also be a message from your subconscious that it is time to realize that you feel stuck due to some real-life situation.

Specifically, if you dream that you are trapped somewhere and can’t find an exit, you might be in a suffocating situation where you feel the need to break out or escape.

For instance, you may be working in a toxic environment. Or a simple example is you are currently going through an exam period at school which makes you feel stuck due to overworking and exhaustion.

However, this dream can be a metaphor for repressed feelings of resentment towards people who have made you feel like you can’t move on in life.

In other words, you might not be happy about something in your life and feel like there is no way out.

Abandonment Issues

Dreaming about being trapped and someone leaving you behind can symbolize feelings of abandonment. But when you dream about being trapped and abandoning someone, it symbolizes repressed feelings of guilt or shame about abandoning someone.

However, it doesn’t have to do only with abandonment issues. These dreams can also be triggered by events that make you feel insecure, shame, lonely, or helpless.

For instance, if you have recurring dreams of being abandoned, you may want to look at how you feel in your life, as such dreams may be a metaphor for your feelings.

Alternatively, these dreams may be a sign that you feel someone is abandoning you in your waking life. That’s why you feel insecure or vulnerable, and that is expressed by your subconsciousness through dreams.

You Feel Confused

Sometimes, a dream of getting trapped may be a metaphor for you being confused over a situation, an event, or certain feelings towards someone or something.

To be more precise, this is the case if, in your dream, you get trapped in a maze. The maze represents the situation you are currently experiencing in real life.

So, this dream signifies that your life has reached a peak of confusion. It is a warning that perhaps you are missing something from your life, and there might be signs in the dream of what that might be.

For instance, if you dream of a maze without a way out, it means your family, friends, or partner is hurting you. That could be because of toxicity in your relationships or because you don’t let them in your private space and don’t ask for help.

You Feel Unable to Advance

Dreaming of being trapped in a fire indicates that you are unable to progress socially, whether that is in your personal or professional life

Perhaps you feel you are being held back by past emotions or issues. Similarly, you may feel held back by other people’s feelings, expectations, or situations.

Therefore, you need to be aware of your surroundings. Specifically, this dream is a message for your creative energy and sensitivity. You need to recapture the past and the good old times and start realizing what is holding you back.

Additionally, being trapped in a fire is a sign of selfishness. You have the gift of convincing people to see things your way. So, the dream refers to your great potential that is restricted due to your greediness.

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In conclusion, dreaming of being trapped can definitely be a frightening experience. It brings forth emotions of anxiety, fear, abandonment, loss, and frustration.

But this dream is also a warning of unhealthy relationships, toxic environments, and vulnerability.

Therefore, the dream can be helpful for you to figure out what to leave and what to keep in your life and create a better future.

So, depending on your feelings during your dream, as well as your current situation, apply these interpretations to achieve success or release negative energies.

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