15 Meanings of Mirrors in Dreams

Feeling disturbed about the strange dreams you’ve been having? Are you having broken mirror dreams or creepy reflections staring at you in your dreams?

Mirrors are known to represent luck, so many people that track their dreams take mirror dreams very seriously. There are a variety of explanations and beliefs about what a mirror dream may be, and the interpretation of such dreams is frequently quite on the nose.

mirrors in dreams

Your subconscious thoughts might also be partially revealed by the kind of mirror you see in your dreams. Consider if you are seeing a hand mirror, rearview mirror, conventional bathroom mirror, or a dentist’s mirror.

If you are having dreams involving mirrors, from broken mirrors to seeing strange reflections in the mirror, here are a couple of dreams and their meaning.

Reflections In A Mirror Dream

Mirrors indicate a reflection of how we see ourselves. Here are a few common scenarios regarding reflection in mirror dreams:

Seeing Your Own Reflection in A Dream

Seeing yourself in the mirror in a dream means that you are too self-involved at the moment. However, it could also mean you need to conduct some self-reflection. Maybe something is occurring at the moment that you don’t fully grasp.

If you enjoy seeing your reflection in your dream, it means something else. It then implies contentment. However, it could also indicate that you are just thinking about yourself in a certain scenario.

Seeing a Strange Reflection in Mirror Dream Meaning

This could have very subliminal messages for you. This indicates that you have some concealed feelings, either pleasant or terrible, that have not surfaced.

Maybe you repressed your emotions in some parts of your life? These sorts of dreams are a sign that you need some introspection. As you have now recognized these emotions, you should create a strategy to manage them effectively.

Blank Reflection in Mirror Dream Meaning

In dreams where you can’t see your reflection in the mirror, you may be experiencing a sign that you’re having identity issues.

You could be experiencing a new phase of life or confronted with a circumstance that requires you to adhere to the views of others.

You need to study this sign and make your choice accordingly. Be sure to do what is best for you, and not blindly bow to others’ opinions.

Seeing Another Person’s Reflection Mirror Dream Meaning

It’s a sign that you don’t identify with yourself right now if you glance in a mirror and see a different individual. It’s an indication that you’ve gone through some internal changes, generally in the way you behave, that make you feel like an entirely new person.

If you recognize the person in the reflection, you may be handing them a piece of yourself or power. This implies that you may be spending a lot of time in their company or you might be under their strong influence.

Seeing A Creepy/Scary Image In the Mirror

Looking in a mirror in a dream is described as reflecting on your own behavior in the living realm.

When a scary creature or image appears in a mirror in a dream, it usually refers to a real-life phobia. Your subconscious is telling you that it is time to face your fears.

Seeing Younger Self in The Mirror

If you see an older version of you when you look in the mirror, it may be a sign that you’re unhappy with the way things are and want something different. It could also imply that you are missing a quality of your inner child that you believe you have lost.

Mirror Condition in Dream

The state in which a mirror is in is another indicator and pointer of your subconscious. Carl Jung saw the mirror as a mystical symbol and a “knowledge mirror.”

The language of dreams makes use of commonplace items as metaphorical symbols to get deeper into our souls. Mirrors are crucial in our culture because they reflect how others see us.

A Broken Mirror Dream

Broken Mirror Dream

This is one of the most popular mirror dreams that people have. A broken mirror in a dream could be a sign of a skewed self-image, but it might also be a sign of personal growth when you let go of unhealthy habits or self-defeating ideas.

Broken mirrors in dreams are frequently interpreted as negative symbols, as broken glass is. The dreamer might wish to think about any flaws in their personality, appearance, or sense of self.

If the mirror were in your home, it would draw your focus to your psyche, which is where your mental state is located. It could allude to underlying damaged feelings that you need to face and resolve.

You need to show yourself more love and appreciate who you are. Focus more on your good traits and it’ll make you happier.

A Cloudy Mirror In Dream

Have a dream involving a mist-covered mirror? A foggy mirror symbolizes uncertainty. It could be over your identity or a forthcoming event. This mirror dream could also reveal something about the way you relate to someone who makes you feel upset or unloved.

Dirty Mirror Dream

A dirty mirror dream represents poor habits or a habit that has been stifling you in your dreams. It is blocking you from accepting who you really are and diminishing your sense of value. This dream is a warning to break any bad habits that you have been feeling bad about.

A Ghostly Mirror Dream

If you see a ghost or a ghostly mirror in a dream, it’s a message that a person or something from your past is coming back to haunt you. Maybe you’ve run across an ex, a childhood friend, or anything that brings up memories for you. or acted in some way in the past that makes you feel remorseful or even humiliated.

Type Of Mirror In Dream

There are many kinds of mirrors that could appear in your mirror dreams. It’s possible that you have a dream about a Golden Mirror and need to focus on the positives. You need to reduce the influx of negative vibes and people in your life.

You should view your life from a broad point of view. If you are dressing in the mirror or using the large mirror to check your entire body in your dream, this is linked to how you feel about the way you look.

Here are other types of mirrors that could appear in your dream and their meanings:

Different Sizes of Mirror In Dream

If you have gigantic mirror dreams, this means that you need to have a better awareness of your daily life and of how you portray yourself to others.

On the other hand, if you have small mirror dreams, it means that you are self-conscious and constantly have to scrutinize everything about yourself. This could include questions about your appearance or who you are as a person.

Consider this dream a warning that you could need to reduce your preoccupation with other people’s opinions.

Bathroom Mirror dream

A bathroom mirror in your dreams tells you how much/ little you’ve been thinking about yourself. It implies that you may have to spend some additional time tending to your needs and taking care of yourself.

If the bathroom mirror is steaming, you may lack the time to do it right now. This is your mind’s way of urging you to prioritize your well-being.

Dentist Mirror Dream

Most people’s least anticipated and most dreaded appointments are probably dentist visits. Seeing a dentist’s mirror is sure to raise apprehension for anyone. Dentist mirror dreams warn you about your relationships; they indicate that you should be mindful of any relationship issues you may be experiencing.

It might mean that a close friend or family member has doubts about your aspirations or that you just don’t trust them.

You may have had some painful betrayals and poor experiences with people in the past, but you need to open up so you can welcome good people and nurture healthy relationships for your own good.

Action With Mirror In Dream

Finally, mirror dreams also involve the action you take with the mirror in a dream. Here are a couple of actions in mirror dreams and their meanings:

A Shattering Mirror In Dream

When you dream of a mirror shattering, it’s a sign that you have just let go of something you want to forget. It could also mean that you strongly need to make a shift.

This is a kind of mirror dream focusing on introspection and self-awareness. This might even be a change you’re not aware you want to make yet. It all comes down to allowing yourself enough time to figure out what is upsetting you so you can do something about it.

Cleaning A Mirror In Dream

This often indicates compensation for a good deed you rendered or that you are building character.

You may have a personality flaw that you would like to alter, or perhaps one that someone else has advised you to do. It signifies that you are starting to when you see yourself cleaning a mirror.

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Final Thoughts

Dreams are an indicator of a mental state. They often mirror our minds. It is very advisable to always take a second look at our dreams and reflect on what they are telling you. Refrain from ignoring your dreams, and keep track of each dream you have.

Mirror dreams are typically easy to understand. They will “reflect” actions you may need to take, things you need to notice, and help you understand your relationships or situations you may have allowed to get out of hand.

Dream interpretation may be pseudo-science, but it surely provides us with a clearer understanding of our goals and the routes we might take to achieve them.

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  1. I had a dream where I was in a white room but everything was dark like a black fog and there was no entrance or exit and the walls where covered in broken mirrors and the roof wasn’t there, the roof was replaced with black shadow figures peering over and laughing at me. The floor was covered in broken shards that had fallen. I know I have insecurities about my looks but I don’t know what everything else means

  2. Just woke from what was one of the most intense experiences while dreaming, started with me going to sleep in my dream then seeing a large reflection of myself on directly in front of me. Decided to enter myself through the mirror and at first it fealt weird kinda floaty almost then someone or thing guided me to do things inside this reflection and the more I would do the more intense the rush I would feel. It ended with me slicing awhile some type of white substance that reminded me of a demons vein and as I strides down this tunnel slicing this substance away I began to get the sensation of a sort of high I had never experienced it became too much and I I left the reflection then instantly woke! Had to share this, has anyone ever experienced anything close please let me know and if so how does it relate to your life, curious?


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