Dreams About Ghosts Meaning: 13 Scenarios

Ghosts have been described in a variety of ways, from hazy outlines to actual bodies, and if you haven’t experienced a ghost dream yet, there’s a strong possibility you will in the future.

This is due to the fact that ‘Visitation Dreams’ which often involve encounters with a ghost or spirit are highly common.

dreams about ghosts

Since every dream has meanings that are close to reality and develop a connection between the subconscious and conscious self. So what could the ghost possibly want you to know? What made that spirit decide to communicate with you through your dream, and why?

In this article, we will help you to understand the symbolic meaning, interpretations, and different scenarios of dreams about ghosts.

Psychological Fact About Ghost Dreams

From a psychological point of view, ghosts in dreams are frequently your own thoughts and conscience, particularly of previous painful and unresolved events that weigh you down and hinder you from operating at your best.

What Does Dreaming About Ghosts Mean?

Having a ghost dream might be terrifying; it may just be your subconscious attempting to communicate with you. By reflecting on the dream, you can determine what it is trying to convey to you.

The following symbols can help you understand the true meaning behind your ghost dream:

Ghosts in Dream Meaning


You could have ghost dreams if you live in constant terror of something.

It can be a dark secret about which you are afraid to tell people, or it can be a fear of failing to accomplish a goal. You could be afraid of diseases, anxieties, or even the inevitability of death.

Hence, ghosts in your dream might be a signal of fears of your real life. Because your subconscious mind expresses anxiety in dreams that you are trying to suppress and reject in real life.

Past Traumas

Your ghost dreams can also be an indication that you are struggling to let go of your past memories.

These memories can be related to a dead person who was close to you or past traumatic incidents. By ghost dreams, your subconscious is trying to let go of those traumatic memories, or these dreams will keep on repeating.


Sometimes, having a dream about ghosts might indicate an underlying illness that you are either conscious of or not.

You worry about death a lot, and your anxieties come to life in your dreams. If you are not aware of any illness so it can be the case that your mind is trying to inform you about your illness by projecting ghost dreams.

Loss and Hardships

The worst possible interpretation of dreams concerning evil spirits is that they indicate financial hardships or issues in your personal and professional lives.

Ghosts in your dreams foretell that you’re going to suffer a severe setback or unanticipated difficulties.


Ghosts frequently show up in dreams when you regret a choice that you made in the past. Or perhaps you have done someone harm that you are unable to fix, and as a result, your guilt is dragging you down.

Your subconscious tells you that something is stopping you from moving on, and your guilt holds the spirit.

Consider your past indiscretions that prevent you from living a carefree existence, and try to come to terms with your inner self.

Unfinished Business

If you have unfinished business or pending commitments your mind is giving you a signal to finish your matters.

For instance, if you have significant debt, you could experience dreams in which ghosts are attacking you. Such recurrent dreams might be agonizing if you don’t fix the problem right away.

Lack of Assurance and Certainty

In dreams, a ghost represents uncertainty and a lack of understanding. Do you sometimes question the choices you make in life? Do you need something clarified or verified for you by someone else?

Your ghost dream is the symbol that you are uncertain about taking the next steps and making new decisions in life on your own.


Jealousy is another negative meaning associated with ghost dreams.

Ghost dreams might indicate that a close friend or family member is so envious of your success that they will do everything to steal it from you. This jealous person either hates your accomplishments or wants to take your position.

Therefore, consider precaution if a ghost appears to be a familiar face. The evil spirit you encounter is persistent and will stop at nothing. Their ultimate goal might be to destroy you.

Different Scenarios About Ghost Dreams

Different Scenarios About Ghost Dreams

These kinds of dreams are subject to various interpretations, especially in the context of the ghost’s activities in your dream. Let’s explore more closely what it means to dream about ghosts to better understand.

Dream of Evil Spirit

It’s quite frightful to have a ghostly encounter in a dream that is evil or maliciously intended to harm. However, this dream may have special meaning for you. This circumstance might also be a warning.

You need to be aware of the bad spirits that exist in your actual world. In other words, watch out for people who want you to lose. So your dream is telling you to be cautious of those around you.

The dream also guides you to treat everyone with justice and fairness.

Fighting with A Ghost in Dream

Your inner self and you are in conflict. Fortunately, the dream suggests that you will succeed in the match and get beyond all of the challenges standing in your way.

Additionally, there is a good chance that your health and finances will get better shortly. Your interpersonal connections may improve as well.

Dream of Being Choked by The Ghost

If you are choked or suffocated by the ghost in a dream it indicates that your path to achievement is being obstructed by something or someone.

You can be stopped from achieving your objectives by obstacles like an employment contract or an incurable illness.

On the other hand, a ghost strangling you also denotes your cowardice and signals that you should be honest about your decisions.

Dream About Ghost Attacking You

Ghosts attacking you in a dream indicate your disillusionment and rage against someone.

You probably haven’t spoken to that person about the difficulties you faced because of that person, because you don’t want the situation to impact your relationship.

And because you don’t speak to that person, your mind directs any resentment or hatred toward your dream, which is why you dreamed that a ghost was attacking you.

Dream About a Ghost in The House

If you see a dream in which a ghost is in your house, it signals that certain unfavorable events will lead to regrets and dissatisfaction.

Dream of Child Spirit

If you experience this dream, it means you may suffer from fears or other issues that keep you from leading a regular life.

This dream signals that your subconscious is telling you to take small steps to overcome those anxieties before they start dictating how you should live your life.

Becoming a Ghost

The dream of becoming a ghost symbolizes your wish to flee from your current circumstances. Becoming a ghost represents running away from issues or unfavorable circumstances.

This dream demonstrates that you avoid any potential daily obligations. Being a ghost implies that you frequently feel the want to flee.

Talking to A Ghost in A Dream

The main thing to understand from this dream is what the spirit wants to convey to you.

The ghost might be attempting to help you get through a difficult period. In that situation, it becomes imperative that you remember what you discussed with spirit.

Talking to ghosts in a dream also relates to the fear of dying.

If a man experiences the same in a dream, it implies that he will either directly or indirectly fall into his opponents’ trap.

And if a woman sees a dream of a ghost talking to her, the dream represents hypocrisy, deceit, and widowhood.

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Dream of Ghost Chasing You

Dreaming that a ghost is following you might indicate that you are aggressive and prone to getting into problems and unfavorable situations.

Ghosts are usually considered remnants from the past. Given this, seeing ghosts chasing you in your dreams is indicative of longing for things that are gone forever.

Dream of Seeing a Ghost in The Mirror

If you see a ghost in your mirror, it indicates that issues that have been troubling you for a while have now been resolved.

The dream suggests you have finally come to terms with whatever it was that you were struggling with, whether it was hatred for someone, heartbreak, or a sad memory that had bothered you for years.

You’ve reached a point of reconciliation and are prepared to move on with your life without that particular burden of issues.

Dream of Being Dragged by The Ghost

You are concerned about your life and finances if you dream that a ghost is dragging you. It can be a signal to take stock of your entire life and identify areas for improvement.

Dream About a Ghost Knocking at The Door

If you have dreams about spirits knocking at your door or wanting to enter your house, it signifies that difficulties are lurking around, seeking a way to appear.

Dreaming of Summoning Ghosts

The dream suggests that you are inviting difficulties into your life. Despite having tasks that deserve your attention, you have most likely turned a blind eye to them.

You are well aware that your actions will land you in hot water, but you have opted to disregard them entirely.

Take the dream as a final warning to return to your senses.

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Final Words

Regardless of how you started, you definitely have an idea of what could be the meaning of your ghostly dreams by now.

It’s obvious that such dreams might be unpleasant. If you wake up in the middle of the night after having a dream about a ghost, you may be afraid to go back to sleep for fear of having another dream about the same ghost. However, as previously said, they are not as frightening as common perception.

Your ghost dreams could be the result of a recent event triggering memories you believed you had moved on from, or you repent of some of your past deeds, or you recently lost someone and are still reeling from the loss.

We hope this article helped you to understand the meaning and interpretations behind your ghost dreams.

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