Dream About Clouds Meaning: 12 Scenarios

Many people have mentioned dreaming of clouds in the past and still do today. Clouds represent your thoughts and emotions. They’re a reflection of your present state in real life and can give you answers to your puzzling questions.

These dreams have various interpretations but finding the real meaning is essential. Depending on the elements, the dream of clouds may differ for each individual. So, your cloud dream is likely not saying the same thing as the next person’s.

dream about clouds

We’ll look at different scenarios to help you find your accurate dream interpretation.

What’s the Meaning of Dreams About Clouds?

When interpreting the meaning of cloud dreams, you should have a mental note of your dream. This means recording every detail as little nuances could result in a deviation from the general meaning.

A dream in which you’re looking at a cloud signifies peace and happiness. This dream represents your thoughts, imagination, and feelings. If you’ve been having doubts about your life, you’ll likely dream of clouds.

So, what’s the significance of dreaming about clouds?

To some, these dreams aren’t relevant and are just mirroring your thoughts. However, dreams have often proven to give solutions to real-life problems. Hence, when you dream of clouds, you must learn their meaning and how it affects you.

Interpreting the Meaning of Cloud Dreams in Different Contexts

It’s important to know what your cloud dream means in different contexts. Even the color of the clouds in your dream could alter its meaning differently.

Here’s a breakdown of what you should know:

1. The Spiritual Meaning of Clouds in Dreams

Clouds have a spiritual meaning in people’s lives. Dreaming of clouds could offer a solution to a problem affecting your life. It could mean someone or something has occupied a significant part of your life.

Seeing clouds in your dream isn’t always bad in the spiritual sense, but it can sometimes mean disappointment. It may confirm your fears about something in your life, especially if you have doubts.

In the spiritual realm, a cloud dream tells you something is wrong, and you’re not sure what it is. It’s currently a blur, but it doesn’t mean the problem doesn’t exist. The dream is trying to inform you that you need to pay close attention to the problem and identify the source for the solution.

2. The Biblical Meaning of Clouds in A Dream

The Bible also offers an interpretation of cloud dreams. Clouds signify direction from God and protection. It also symbolizes wisdom and the ability to achieve one’s goals.

According to its biblical interpretation, dreaming of clouds tells you to care for others. It shows you the path that God has made for you so you can succeed at what you do.

3. Interpreting Cloud Dreams Based on The Cloud’s Color

Interpreting Cloud Dreams Based on The Cloud’s Color

Various colors exist, and they all have different meanings. Seeing colorful clouds other than white isn’t uncommon. However, it’s crucial you pay attention to the type of colors.

Although we look at what dreams about white and black clouds mean later on in this article, here’s our interpretation of other colorful clouds:

  • Red Cloud: Dreams of red clouds imply that you’ve overcome intense pressure from people around you.
  • Grey Clouds: This dream is a harbinger of depression and despair.
  • Pink Clouds: A dream of pink clouds has a good omen in that it signifies joy and happiness. It means that it will foster great relationships.
  • Gold/ Yellow Clouds: This dream means accomplishment and that your desired results will come to pass.
  • Purple Clouds: Seeing purple clouds means you’re embracing positive energy. It also means that good people will come into your life and lead you to greatness.

Situations of Dreams About Clouds

One thing you shouldn’t try doing is interpreting dreams literally. Some dreams might look so ridiculous that you wouldn’t want to consider thinking twice about them.

Whether you’re jumping on a cloud or running around it, they all have their distinct interpretations. The action may look ridiculous or seem unreal, but it’s still symbolic.

When you dream of clouds, think about your state of mind before you go to bed. Also, think about how you felt during the dream — were you scared, happy, disappointed, or even thinking? Take note of everything and everyone around you as well.

These are some of the factors that influence the interpretation of your dream. You don’t want to miss any detail because they’re all crucial in finding the true meaning of your dream.

That said, here are vital examples of cloud dreams and their meanings:

1. Dream About Black Clouds

Dreaming of black clouds is enough to raise the hairs on the back of your neck. However, this dream doesn’t literally mean you should expect a storm.

Instead, dreaming about a stormy black cloud means you’ll have a bad temper and likely quarrel with someone. It means that you don’t like listening to other people’s opinions and don’t get along with others quickly.

Dreaming of a stormy black cloud could also mean you’re suspicious of others and feel they don’t have your interest at heart. You may have kept your family at a far distance to avoid any sort of contact.

2. Dreaming of White Clouds

This dream has two important interpretations, depending on whether you see a small white cloud or a big one.

If the white clouds in your dream are of minute size, you’ll have balance and peace. The dream also lets you know that your eyes are fixed on the good things in your life.

On the other hand, if the clouds are considerably large, it means you’re a dreamer (sic). You want to pursue bigger goals and aspirations.

Such a dream also means you’re selfless and ready to help others unconditionally. Additionally, dreaming of big white clouds signifies a happy and fulfilled life.

3. Dream About a Wind that Blows Clouds

If you dream of heavy winds blowing clouds away, it implies freedom. This dream is a reflection of how you’re feeling at the moment. It shows you feel liberated and unhindered.

This dream also implies there’s something in your past you’re trying to let go of.

4. Dream of Flying Above the Clouds

The dream of being above the clouds could mean one of two things. On the one hand, it could denote that you’re soaring high to reach your goals and are where you want to be. On the other hand, it means you’re struggling to make a decision.

For the latter, it means you’re confused and uncertain in your waking life. Similarly, it may imply that you’re planning a meaningful conversation that will change the direction of your relationship, and you don’t know where to start.

You may also be worried about how others will react to what you have to say or do. This dream tells you to find your path and make tough decisions regardless.

5. Dreaming of A Blue Sky with White Clouds

If your dream features a clear sky with a few spotty white clouds, it’s a sign encouraging you to have hope. More particularly, the beautiful blue sky in itself is an indication that you should be hopeful for the best.

It also means you want to separate yourself from people and seek freedom. Additionally, this dream may imply that you seek growth in every aspect of your life.

6. Dream of Flying Through the Clouds

This dream speaks of passion and romance. Dreaming of flying through the clouds means that you may likely be in a new relationship. It could also mean you’re planning a trip to relax.

If you’re floating in the clouds, you’re carefree and not paying attention to your spiritual growth. An alternative explanation of this dream is that you’re considerably happy and content.

7. Dreaming About Rainbows and Clouds

If you dream of both rainbows and clouds, it means you’re in love. It may be a platonic feeling or a romantic one.

This dream also means you have high hopes for the future and looking forward to achieving great things.

Overall, seeing rainbows and clouds is a good dream, representing the feeling of love. This love may be a recent development or one in the works.

Furthermore, this dream tells you that although love may come with difficulties, you’ll be able to endure it all. If the rainbows are behind dark clouds, it implies there’s hope even in times of trouble.

8. Dream of Seeing the Sun’s Rays Between the Clouds

If you dream of seeing the sun’s rays through the clouds, it means your problems are over. This dream offers hope if you’ve experienced some challenging periods recently. It’s telling you that all your efforts will be rewarded.

The rising sun signifies a new day and the hope of a better era. Seeing the rays through the clouds is a positive sign that all will be well with you and that the storm is over.

9. Dream About Touching a Cloud

If you dream of touching the clouds in the sky, it shows you’re a visionary. This dream tells you that when you set your mind to achieve something, nothing can change it.

It implies you’re a goal-getter and an achiever. Even when people don’t believe in your ideas, you’re always ready to prove them wrong.

Seeing yourself touching the cloud in the dream is telling you to tap into this strength of yours. Even if people mock you, you should never give up but continue to strive hard.

10. Dreaming About Walking on Clouds

Walking on the clouds in your dream shows you’ve been struck by cupid. You’re now deeply in love with someone who just walked into your life.

This person seems to make you a better version of yourself, and now you see a life with them in the future. You feel fearless around them and not afraid to show your weakness.

This dream could also mean that you’re blinded by love and are careless with your heart.

Alternatively, this dream informs you that you’re ignoring the telltale signs of a bad relationship. It could be because of the intense emotions you feel for this person.

Finally, seeing someone else walking on the clouds means you have someone secretly in love with you.

11. Dream of Jumping on Clouds

If this scenario occurs in your dream, it means you’ve not been focused. This dream informs you that you’re neglecting your responsibilities.

You’re likely becoming too carefree due to overconfidence. Hence, you’ll probably make a mistake if you keep losing focus.

Jumping on clouds in the dream also means that you’re talented but don’t know how to identify these talents.

12. Dream of Lying on A Cloud

You simply want space if you see yourself alone and lying on the cloud. It’s a reminder that you feel overwhelmed and enjoy peace of mind.

This dream means that you’ve been stressed recently and need a break. It could also mean you’re seeking a quiet time to reflect on the happenings in your life.

If you’re lying on the clouds in your dreams but not alone, it means you’re undecided about your relationship. That is, you’re thinking of what the future holds for you and your partner.

This dream reminds you to prioritize your happiness over other things or people. Give yourself time to reflect on the decisions you have to make without pressure.

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Now that we’ve analyzed the possible meanings of cloud dreams, we hope you find the true meaning of your dream. Clouds have a symbolic meaning for everyone; your dream could tell you something you’re missing.

You shouldn’t be dismissive of cloud dreams — they’re not fantasy or a figment of your imagination. In fact, deciphering the meaning of your cloud dream will help you accomplish a lot in your life.

6 thoughts on “Dream About Clouds Meaning: 12 Scenarios”

    • A dream of dark clouds shaped like a skull is rare, and we understand if you were pretty scared or disturbed.

      In terms of interpretation, the dark clouds point to impending moments of depression, despair, sadness, and frustration.

      Therefore, gear up and prepare yourself for a bumpy road ahead. But worry not! There’s some light at the end of the tunnel.

      The skull reflects your fear and worries about threatening things taking place in your waking life. It’s also a sign of something ominous on the horizon.

  1. What’s the meaning of this dream ? Land scale plan in the cloud and later be like map in the cloud

    • Dreams about clouds have varying meanings depending on the elements and the contents of the vision.

      In your case, the land scale plan in the cloud stands for your future goals, objectives, and aspirations. While your ideas and plans for the future might seem abstract at the moment, they are slowly taking shape in your unconscious mind.

      The land scale plan later becomes a map in the cloud to imply that you are on the right path toward your goals. Your ideas are evolving and becoming clearer by the day. The map serves as a blueprint, allowing you to visualize and navigate the path ahead as you peruse your aspiration.

      We can also associate your dream with the need for adaptability and flexibility. The land scale shifts to a map, suggesting you need to adapt to changes and be flexible when looking to make your dreams a reality.

  2. How about this… I’m laying on my back, floating above the ground, lookup at a beautiful blues sky. There are two small white puffy clouds directly above me. As they slowly separate, a bright light and a subtle image of a cross shine through that almost burns my eyes. I start feeling my legs softly pull upward and as I look down I can see them doing so. I look back up and…
    I woke up.

    • Wow, what a profound dream experience! Not everyone gets to dream of clouds and crosses at the same time.

      That said, the two white puffy clouds directly above you could represent your feeling of peace and sense of serenity in life.

      The bright light and the shining cross mean you’re becoming aware of your true nature and the interconnections of all things in the universe.

      In simple terms, you’ve achieved spiritual awakening. Your legs pull upwards because you are experiencing transcendence. It is also possible you desire to reach a higher level in your life.


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