Dreams About Eating Fish: What Does It Mean?

Throughout history, fish have been used to symbolize multiple phenomena, especially in dream analysis.

Dreams about fish or eating fish can vary in interpretation. This is because the interpretation depends on the fish species, the context of the dream, and the feelings the dreamer harbors toward the fish.

While dream interpretation is no definitive art, there have been common dream scenarios that have stood out throughout time and amongst many cultures, such that eating fish in a dream has become a symbol of good luck and prosperity in life.

Dreams About Eating Fish

Let’s take a look at some meanings of dreams about eating fish.

Meaning and Symbolism of Eating Fish in A Dream


Dreaming about eating fish foretells a substantial change coming into your life. It might be because of your own doing or your circumstances and environment might trigger it. These changes could determine the next phase of your life, whether positive or negative.

However, it all boils down to the choices you make, your ability to take responsibility for your actions, and how you embrace and adapt to change.


Throughout time, eating fish has been associated with fertility and sexual prowess amongst men and women. They believed that these dreams occur frequently during the start of the menstrual cycle for women.

Also, women who are attempting to conceive might experience dreams of eating fish frequently. It is a sign that your attempts will be successful.

Additionally, these dreams imply you will have luck in love. You are about to enter a very intense and erotic relationship. It also implies that your partner would deem you as a sensual and romantic lover.

Emotional and Physical Health

Fish are connected to the element of water and water has been used to symbolize the emotional state of man through time. It also represents prosperity, good fortune and abundance. Dreams about eating fish could symbolize that you are not in the right state of mind.

Also, it might suggest that you have encountered an emotionally charged experience that has left you drained and unable to make conscious and objective decisions affecting you and your environment.

Additionally, this dream could mean that you might be in some sort of accident that will cause your health to decline or you’re suffering from some health problems that are causing you to deteriorate. This dream might refer to a friend or family member going through the same situation as well.

Examples of Dreams About Eating Fish

Dream About Eating Raw Fish

This is an ominous dream to have. If you see yourself eating raw fish in a dream, then it is a sign that you are stuck in an unstable environment.

This is hindering your growth and development in every aspect. Also, it could mean that you are anxious and worried about what the future holds for you.

For a man, dreaming about eating raw fish is a sign that you are running into things too fast. It is a dream that cautions you to think through all your plans before executing them. This is to avoid landing yourself in tough situations.

Also, this dream tells you that it’s okay to seek your superiors’ advice and your colleagues’ support throughout your process.

Dream About Eating Cooked Fish

This dream could have varied interpretations depending on the context. If you dream of eating cooked fish, then it is a sign that you will find happiness in the coming days. If you dream about cooking fish in a pan, then it implies a need for personal space and time.

Furthermore, if the cooked fish comes out white and is well done, it means that a friend or colleague will seek your counsel. Eating charred fish implies that you have achieved a state of peace and tranquility in your life.

In terms of relationships, eating cooked fish indicates a good relationship, particularly if you are charismatic and sensitive to the need of others around you.

However, dreaming about eating cooked fish could also indicate that your fears and anxiety overwhelm you. You fear that you have stagnated in life and lost focus on what is important. You fear that you overly depend on others to fend for your needs and lack a sense of belonging.

It especially occurs if you have begun a new phase in your life; a new workplace, school, or new home. This dream is a message to confront your fears and work through your emotions.

Dream About Eating Fried Fish

This is a dream full of positive vibes. Eating fried fish in your dream shows that you have very strong familial bonds and healthy relationships with your friends and family.

Moreover, you have a good work ethic and you balance it well with your personal life. Also, if a young woman dreams of frying fish, then it is a good omen. It means that she will soon find a life partner.

If you are the one that fishes and fries the fish, then it is a sign of prosperity in life and business. Furthermore, cooking and eating fried fish signifies growth and acquisition of more knowledge.

However, eating rotten fried fish in a dream implies you are going through difficult times and you are afraid of seeking help and thus are hiding it from others.

Dream About Eating Seafood

Dream About Eating Seafood

This dream reveals a lot about you. Dreaming about eating seafood implies that you are a very meticulous person in nature. You are thoughtful, neat, and organized to a fault. Professionally, it implies that you are a very guarded individual who does not trust easily. Helpful, yet avoids confrontations.

You seek opportunities that will help you grow and maximize your potential. You ensure no one takes advantage of you or your work.

In addition, this dream implies you feel safe in your environment. There is a lot of love and peace flowing within your unit; whether your friends, family, or colleagues. It shows that you are in a reliable environment that allows you to grow.

Even with all the fights, there is open communication that allows you to move past conflicts. It is a dream that reflects reliability, trust, and inner peace.

Dream About Eating Fish with Bones

This dream symbolizes cycles and transformation. If you dream about eating a fish full of bones, it means you have lost sight of your virtues and life is taking you on a rough ride. This dream cautions you to take time away from everything in order to refocus and repurpose yourself.

It encourages you to find stability both personally and professionally, to understand where the problem started, and to work on confronting your doubts. This will help you move forward while making better decisions.

Dreaming about eating a fish with bones might suggest that you hate stagnating. You are a naturally inquisitive person and enjoy learning new crafts. You love being engaged by people who are more knowledgeable and you can learn from their experiences. This dream suggests you haven’t been working on this side of yourself.

It is a warning from the subconscious that you need to change your habits so as to explore and grow as an individual. Also, it is a sign that you need to grow professionally and interpersonally.

Perhaps advance to a higher position at work or switch jobs, or try out new things with your romantic partner. Eating raw fish full of bones is a harbinger of disappointment and failure.

Dream About Eating Different Types of Fish

Dream of Eating Tuna

This dream can be interpreted vastly, and depending on how the tuna is presented in the dream, then it can hold a variety of meanings. If you dream of eating a tuna sandwich, it implies you need to create and spend quality time with your family.

Also, dreaming about eating canned tuna projects your feeling of confidence. The dream encourages you to tackle obstacles without fear of embarrassment. This is because you can rely on past experiences and adapt that knowledge into a suitable solution for the present.

Dream of Eating Catfish

If you dream of eating a catfish, then it foretells a period of sadness in your life. Fish without scales are always seen as a sign of bad news or disaster.

Dream of Eating Koi Fish

Dreaming of eating a koi fish is a warning from your subconscious mind that you should watch your attitude. It also warns you to get rid of your arrogance before it costs you something or someone important.

Dream of Eating Salmon

This is a dream that indicates new prospects in your love life. Maybe you will be asked out by someone you have shown interest in or you will move to a new phase in your relationship.

Also, eating bear-caught salmon predicts difficulties in the near future. However, if it is grilled, it shows being able to overcome those obstacles easily. Raw salmon can also symbolize vulnerability.

Dream of Eating Goldfish or a Pet Fish

This dream suggests you are approaching a very comfortable period in your life and that your comfort levels will keep rising in the future.

Dream of Eating Trout

According to old dream lore, eating trout was a sign that you are about to be caught in a difficult and slippery situation. However, the present dream lore suggests otherwise. Dreaming of eating trout is associated with luck and money. Also, it could be a symbol of a fresh start in life.

Spiritual Meaning of Craving Fish

Fish is regarded as the ultimate comfort meal. It’s warm and has a smooth, fantastic texture that is very appealing to the palate. Fish are also the symbol of rebirth, luck, health, emotions, and the higher self.

Craving fish is a sign that you are not in touch with your feelings or are neglecting your gut instinct. This especially happens when there is someone new in your life and you aren’t paying attention to the minor details.

Water signifies stability, balance, and tranquility. However, it can also signify totality and its vastness depict obscurity and mystery. Because fish share a strong connection with water, they give off a similar sense of duality that water has.

Craving fish is a sign that you are facing a lot of challenges in life and are having difficulty making decisions. Like water, fish will act as a spiritual guide to figuring out what your next move should be.

Spiritual Meaning of Eating Fish in A Dream


In the Bible, fish were present in a lot of events and miracles performed. Jesus multiplied fish to feed multitudes while Jonah was swallowed whole by a big fish. Dreaming of eating fish could be a representation of faith in Christianity. Also, it could foretell that you will receive good news in the coming days.

Moreover, it could indicate that something troubling or negative has been eradicated from your life. These dreams usually imply prosperity and abundance.


Dreams about eating fish in Islam can get interpreted in many ways. It could signify that Allah will answer your prayers. If the fish is broiled, it means that you will soon embark on a journey or that you will seek new knowledge.

A large fish symbolizes money and abundance, while small fish imply stress and burden. This is because small fish contain more bones than flesh and are difficult to consume.

If one eats a rotten fish, it implies that one is going down the unrighteous path and might commit adultery instead of pursuing a lawful marriage.

Additionally, if you dream of eating uncleaned or uncooked fish, it shows that you will slander your friends and colleagues, acquire money through shady means, or get struck by a dangerous disease.


Dreams about eating fish in Hinduism are mostly ominous. If you dream of eating raw fish, it means that you will face unexpected challenges in your relationships with family or friends. Perhaps you will be betrayed by the one you trusted most and this will cause irreparable damage to you and your reputation.

Also, if you dream of eating fish with a crowd, it shows that you will become the center of attention because something will arise that will tarnish your reputation.

However, not all of it is bad. To dream of eating fish could also mean that you will have good health or your health will improve over time.

If you see yourself eating at a restaurant, then it implies that you will have a fresh start in life and it encourages you to trust your gut instinct, as it has never let you down before.

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Dreaming about eating fish has a lot of meanings. Maybe you have a new love interest or perhaps you are making changes in your life. It could also foretell troubled times ahead and warn you on how to tackle them.

All in all, we hope that you are more enlightened about the dream you had after reading this article.

Thank you for stopping by, and best of luck!

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