Dream of Egg: What Does It Mean?

The egg is arguably one of the most interesting symbols. When it pops up in your dreams, it’s bound to catch your attention. But what does the egg mean or represent?

Generally, an egg represents the symbol of life. The egg played a symbolic role in many ancient cultures around the world, including the Egyptians and Romans. Today, the custom of offering eggs as gifts continues, particularly at Easter.

dream of egg

Besides that, eggs symbolize fertility, growth, and a new beginning and represent new ideas, ventures, or projects about to come to life or hatch.

Continue reading if you wish to learn more about the egg’s dreams and their interpretations.

What Is the Meaning of Dreams About Eggs?

The meaning and symbolism of any egg dream vary depending on multiple factors. For instance, your cultural or religious beliefs and the context of the dream. Sometimes, how you interpret your dream also depends on the emotions the dream evoked in you.

To dream about eggs could signify new beginnings, fertility, gaining control of your life, temptation, greed, or ignorance. Other times, the dream could serve as a warning to get you back on the right track.

But to find the appropriate interpretation, one must always consider the specific details of the dream, including the characters.

On that note, let’s look at some common symbolism related to dreams about eggs:

1. Fertility

Like pregnancy dreams, dreams about eggs relate to symbols of fertility and desire for kids. That explains why more women than men experience such dreams.

You might experience a dream about eggs if you desire to get pregnant. The same rings true if you and your partner want to take your relationship to the next level by getting a kid.

The dream could also reflect your unconscious fear and anxiety over pregnancy and the journey ahead.

2. Growth

You might dream about eggs when you’re about to go through a growth phase professionally or personally. Maybe you have applied for a higher-paying role or enrolled in a school for further studies.

Such dreams could also infer your ability to create something new. You’re a creative soul and enjoy partaking in projects to stimulate your mental faculties. You can create and breathe life into anything you set your mind on.

3. Fragility

Eggs need to get handled with care. Their shells are delicate, and one wrong move could see you breaking a dozen of them. Therefore, seeing a broken egg might symbolize your fragility.

Perhaps you feel helpless to tackle life challenges. Or lack self-esteem and confidence to stand up for yourself.

Sometimes, you might dream of eggs when you feel emotionally vulnerable after going through a harrowing ordeal.

For example, eggs can pop up in your dream if you have lost a dear one or gone through a toxic divorce. They indicate that you are yet to deal with the emotional upheaval you just underwent.

The vision encourages you to take your time to heal before you can open yourself up to the world again.

4. Warning

Dreams about eggs might occur to warn you of something wrong in your life. Rotten eggs, for example, might appear to tell you that you’re neglecting some aspects of your life. Because of this, you are hindering your progress.

Seeing broken eggs tells you to be vigilant and pay attention to the minor details of anything you do. Because if you do, you might notice the discrepancies and address the matter before it gets out of hand.

However, if you choose to ignore it, the consequences will be dire.

Spiritual Meaning of Eggs in A Dream

Spiritually, dreaming of eggs symbolizes spiritual awakening. It shows you’re finally ready to start your spiritual journey and open yourself up to higher levels of understanding.

If you’re already on your spiritual path, the dream tells you that you will soon unlock a new level of enlightenment.

In addition, dreams about eggs will often occur when you’re approaching a season of transformation and renewal.

You will undergo multiple changes; some may take a bit of time before you adjust, while others might cause a total overhaul in your life. In the end, you will emerge stronger and wiser.

Biblical Meaning of Eggs in A Dream

Eggs held a lot of symbolism in the Bible. For instance, dreaming of eggs could represent your greed and selfishness.

You’re blinded by earthly treasures and forget your purpose on earth is the glorification of God by sharing what you have and being compassionate to everyone.

Additionally, egg dreams could occur to warn you against falling for temptation. An enemy might present you with something that you desire, but that may eventually harm you.

For instance, your enemy might tempt you with a job promotion that might require you to compromise your values. As a staunch believer, you should remain rooted in your faith and avoid falling for temptation and cultivating bad habits.

Eggs are also a symbol of youth and prosperity. Seeing them in a dream could denote your raw, untapped potential. It is a message from the Almighty that you’re destined for greatness.

Therefore, you should work to improve yourself every day. Eventually, all your dreams will come true.

Common Examples of Dreams About Eggs

1. Dreaming of Breaking Eggs

When you dream of cracking an eggshell, it suggests it’s time to “break” out of your shell. You need to get out of your comfort zone and explore what the world offers.

The dream also encourages you to voice your opinions and thoughts instead of just going with the flow.

On the downside, the dream might allude to conflicts in your professional or personal life. Perhaps you’re having relationship issues or dealing with an ongoing feud with a colleague.

The vision encourages you to resolve your issues before the bond gets damaged beyond repair.

However, if you break an egg by accident, it shows that you’re emotionally and mentally fragile and might need professional help.

2. Dreaming About Broken Eggs

Dreaming about broken eggs is considered a bad omen. Broken eggs represent failure, broken promises or plans, and unfulfilled expectations and dreams.

Seeing broken eggs implies you feel angry and disappointed in yourself for the things that have gone wrong in your waking life.

Such a dream often occurs when you’re having doubts about making a critical decision that could alter the course of your life. This could be marriage, quitting your job, or moving overseas. The broken eggs represent actions you cannot undo.

The broken eggs also serve as a warning. Be cautious of your actions; do your research well before engaging in anything, and always think twice before doing something you could end up regretting.

3. Dreaming Of Cooking Eggs

Dreaming Of Cooking Eggs

Cooking eggs in your dream suggests that something new is about to happen. It might be positive or negative depending on how the eggs get cooked. If someone else is cooking the eggs, it means you will always find help and support from that person.

Dreaming of scrambled eggs suggests that you’ve committed to a significant project and need to see it through. It tells you that once you embark on that journey, there’s no turning back.

Conversely, scrambled eggs might also imply you’re in a confused state of mind. Your thoughts are literally ‘scrambled’ because of undergoing sudden changes that have vastly affected you.

Your thoughts and emotions might be out of place, and you’re struggling to gain a sense of clarity.

Dreaming of fried eggs indicates loyalty. You’ve created a group of friends that will be with you through thick and thin. The dream tells you to reciprocate this gesture and always show gratitude for their reliability.

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4. Dreaming About Eating Eggs

Dreams about eating eggs can have several meanings. First, it is a sign of healing and recovery in your household. You or one of your relatives might have been suffering from a life-threatening disease and finally recuperated.

Eating boiled eggs signifies good health and relief from long-term illness. While eating scrambled ones implies you’re frustrated and confused over several aspects of your life.

Chances are, you’ve gone through a significant life-altering event and are yet to fully adjust to the new normal.

Dreaming of eating raw eggs could symbolize two opposite interpretations. On one hand, it could mean you’re about to undergo a very unpleasant experience, and you will cause it. Concurrently, eating raw eggs warns you that you’ll face betrayal or infidelity from those you trust.

On the upside, eating raw eggs symbolizes health and vitality. It means you’re mentally, physically, and emotionally preparing yourself to undertake a new challenging project and are assured of success.

5. Dreaming of Seeing an Egg Hatching

Dreaming of an egg hatching generally reflects familial bonds. Seeing a chicken egg hatching denotes happiness and good health in your household. You maintain healthy relationships with each other and are quick to solve any dispute that arises.

Also, it represents new beginnings and achieving your goals. Spider eggs hatching in a dream represent the discovery of your creative side and the development of a deeper connection to your inner femininity.

On the downside, watching an egg hatch and a snake crawl out implies you worry about your loved ones and fear losing either of them.

Sometimes, it tells you that your relationships are straining under a lot of pressure and conflict. You need to pay attention and resolve whatever issues might have caused the strain.

6. Dreaming of Carrying Eggs

Dreaming about carrying eggs could mean multiple things. Consider the purpose of carrying the eggs and the emotions you felt during the dream. Were you worried about what you were carrying?

If so, the dream might represent your feelings of vulnerability in your waking life.

Carrying eggs in a dream also signifies the loss of money in your waking life. You’re poor at investment and are always ready to lend your money with no returns guaranteed.

The dream warns you to change your habits. It encourages you to take a step back and re-strategize your finances. Furthermore, if you can’t trust yourself with money, it’s wise to seek the help of a financial advisor or planner.

7. Dreaming of White Eggs

If you saw a broken white egg in your dream, it implies you’re feeling anxious and unprepared for something headed your way. Maybe you and your partner are expecting your first child and feel under-prepared to be a parent.

The dream also suggests that you might have bitten more than you can chew, and you’re panicking. If caught in such a scenario, it’s wise to avoid panic. That will lead to making poor decisions.

Instead, do extensive research on the matter and seek advice from your predecessors. When the time comes, you will rise to the challenge.

8. Dreaming of Boiled Eggs

Dreaming of soft-boiled eggs reflects your frustration with yourself because you think you’re too soft and easily manipulated.

We all tend to be tough on ourselves sometimes. But, if you feel you’re easily affected by those around you, learn to create boundaries and ensure everyone adheres to them.

You could also invest in a lifestyle coach to help you work on building resilience to the effects of your environment and how to tell when someone is trying to influence your actions.

Hard-boiled eggs imply you’re a caring person yet are stern with your loved ones. Even though you care deeply for them, your tough love may come off as unpleasant or cold.

Changing habits may be difficult. But there are a few ways you could handle your situation differently:

  • Always take time to calm yourself before reacting to something that angers you.
  • Always encourage your loved ones to be true to themselves and remind them you love them, regardless.
  • Practice how to speak less and listen more. Sometimes all your loved one’s needs is to be heard.

Peeling a hard-boiled egg tells you to get your life under control. Learn how to be patient in your actions, always follow through on your projects and keep your word.

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Dreams about eggs can have more positive than negative meanings. They could signify transformation, growth, fertility, temptation, or fragility. On the negative side, they represent a difficult time or impending doom.

Irrespective of their meanings, egg dreams offer you insights into your life. They encourage you to grow and bring to your attention things that might cause your downfall.

Do you have any questions about dreams of eggs? Leave us a comment below.

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