What Do Owls Mean in Dreams?

Often seen as omens of death or bad luck, owls are feared and often avoided or killed by people. So, it makes sense that a dream about owls might make you feel uneasy or scared.

However, there’s no need to worry or fear such dreams. Instead, consider them as a reflection of your waking life. They might concern your emotions or everyday experiences.

Dreaming About Owls

Sometimes, owls act as messengers. They can appear in your dream to warn you about impending doom or people preventing you from reaching your goals.

However, these are just a few of possible meanings of owl dreams. Below, we will dive more into dreams about owls and determine if they embody positive or negative connotations.

Are Owls a Good Omen?

Throughout the world, there are many superstitions and beliefs about owls. Most are negative since people associate owls with evil spirits, bad luck, and death.

Some individuals even go to the extent of harming the bird to shield themselves from the consequences they believe it brings.

However, owls can also symbolize good omen. Some cultures associate owls with feminine spirits. They believe the owls are an incarnation of women’s spirit.

Others believe owls can offer protection and stand for bravery and ferocity. In addition, the bird symbolizes intuition and great wisdom and may provide guidance to those who seek it.

What Do Owls Mean in Dreams?

What Do Owls Mean in Dreams

Owls in dreams are considered messengers of the universe. They come to warn us or announce the arrival of enemies or impending tragedy.

Owls also stand for wisdom and clarity. They provide valuable instruction and insight on matters that have been warring in your head. The bird might also advise you to be humble and accept the counsel of your seniors.

In addition, they can signify change. As you grow, many things in your life will shift or change. You might leave people behind as you move to another town or break up with your loved one before engagement.

While all these might seem like bad things, don’t think of them like that. Instead, consider them a chance to explore new opportunities and to challenge yourself to grow into a better person.

Besides change, these birds represent spiritual enlightenment.

Owl Symbolism in Dreams


While this might seem like a repetition, in this section we will dive deeper into owls as a symbol of wisdom and insight.

In Greek mythology, Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war strategy, chose the owl as her sacred bird. The Bible also refers to the owl as the symbol of mental capacity and awareness.

Seeing an owl in a dream is a sign you have gained knowledge about the issues or challenges you’ve faced in life.

Additionally, the dream might mean you’ve attained insights into the feelings hidden deep within you.

Watching an owl in your dream means you are fully aware of everything around you. It tells you to pay attention to the motives of the people around you and you might discover something new about yourself.


In many cultures, owls are regarded as messengers of death. According to Native Americans, owls, more specifically burrowing owls, are the god of the dead and protectors of the underworld.

An owl in a dream could foreshadow a death. However, this may be taken literally or metaphorically.

In a dream, the bird helps people comprehend that death is an integral part of life, and without it, there can never be growth.

Dreams with owls may signify the “death” of a phase in your life and the beginning of a new one. This transition is bound to trigger some major positive changes in your life.

Likewise, an owl might pop up in your dream when you need to confront the uncomfortable feelings that are holding you back.

Biblical Meaning of Owls in A Dream

The Bible rarely mentioned owls, and when it did, it was in relation to pagan places of worship, abandoned cities, caves, and ruins. They were also deemed unclean and unfit to eat.

Owls are the symbol of loneliness, abandonment, desperation, desolation, and isolation. Therefore, dreaming of an owl signifies the end or destruction of something.

If you see it flying above you, it tells you to change how you view everything and gain a new perspective.

Spotting an owl is considered a prophetic sign of misery. It also warns you to beware of your enemies and keep your distance lest they hatch plans to hurt you.

Hindu Meaning of Owls in A Dream

According to Indian mythology, the owl was the sacred vehicle of the immortal Lakshmi; the deity of wealth, money, and prosperity.

However, seeing an owl in a dream might have varied meanings depending on how the owl approached you.

It is auspicious if the owl flew to your side. It means you might come into wealth soon, receive a pay raise or a new job, or you will heal from an ailment that has troubled you for a long while.

But if an owl flies away from you is a sign of loss of property or wealth.

Spiritual Meaning of Owls in A Dream

According to spiritual symbolism, owl eyes symbolize psychic gifts. This means you can see what is hidden or cloaked in the darkness and expose its truth.

Seeing owl eyes in a dream tells you to always trust your intuition and listen to the universe when it sends you warnings.

Common Types of Dreams About Owls

1. Dreaming About a Baby White Owl

Dreaming about a baby owl is a sign of new beginnings. You’re about to start something new or experience something different in your life. You may not be prepared, but you can take the challenge head-on.

It also suggests that you have the potential to discover and awaken your spiritual gifts. You will need to expend energy and attention if you want to harness your spiritual calling.

2. Dreaming of Three Owls

Three owls in your dream show that you’ve been ignoring your gut instinct and this will soon land you in an unfavorable situation. It serves as a warning to listen to your intuition.

Owls are seen as harbingers of death, and dreaming of three owls is a warning to be on the lookout for danger. You should always be on high alert for potential problems that may lead to irreversible crises.

Conversely, this dream could imply that it’s time to let go of the past. You need to cast aside the things that no longer benefit you or your progress. Remember, growth doesn’t require baggage.

3. A Barn Owl

Dreaming of a barn owl suggests a deeper connection to the spirit world. This means that you’re able to commune with the spirit realm.

Alternatively, it could mean that you’re ignoring your inner voice. Because of this, you’ve missed out on certain opportunities that came your way.

A barn owl in a dream encourages you to forgive and mend the rift in your relationships. This way, you can heal and grow into a better version of yourself.

4. A Snowy Owl

Snowy owls in a dream indicate your spiritual struggles. Probably, you feel trapped and unable to freely express yourself and your spiritual beliefs.

Such dreams tell you to trust in divine timing and your intuition. Forge your path spiritually and trust yourself to make decisions that will benefit you.

5. A Red Owl

Red as a color reflects love and angst. Therefore, seeing a red owl in a dream represents your love life.

Chances are you’re facing trouble in your relationship and it’s getting you worried. Or maybe you’re harboring feelings of anger and resentment.

The bird could also suggest you are having financial challenges or dealing with health issues and are reluctant to seek medical help.

6. A White Owl

Dreaming of a white owl indicates a period of pleasure and happiness coming your way. Perhaps you’ve been through troubled times or a traumatic experience. It’s a dream that tells you it’s time to experience the good things that life has to offer and make memories you will always cherish.

It could mean that you will have a secret date with someone who will ultimately change your life for the better.

A white barn owl in a dream represents the blooming of a new relationship that has the potential to grow into something serious. You will experience joy and satisfaction in this one because you and your partner will treat each other with respect. You will also develop a strong bond full of trust and genuine love.

7. A Black Owl

Dreams involving black owls may seem ominous, but it’s quite the opposite. Black owls represent inner transformation and growth. You are changing physically and mentally. You’re discovering parts of yourself and learning to adjust to this new dynamic.

If you dream of a black owl with red eyes, it means that you made a mistake, and you will have to go to great lengths to make amends for it.

Alternatively, black barn owls signify the goals you have set to achieve for yourself. It might seem tough and unbearable, but you have to be resilient to accomplish your goals.

8. Dreaming Of an Owl Attack

If you dream of getting attacked by an owl, it might mean you’re afraid of changes that are outside of your sphere of control.

Perhaps there are things you’d like to stay the same, yet they change despite the effort you put in to keep them as they were.

This dream brings to light your worries and the stress you might have felt over all the changes. If you’re finding it difficult to cope, you could try meditation to help you become more flexible to change.

An owl attack in a dream might also suggest the presence of enemies in your social circles. You feel that some pretend to be happy with your successes, yet they aren’t. You fear they’re working to pull you down. As such, it is a warning to tread cautiously and reinvent your friendship circles.

9. Dream Of an Owl Biting You

When an owl bites you in a dream, it’s trying to draw your attention to problems you’ve been ignoring or postponing, hoping they would disappear. It’s a dream that reminds you to resolve all your conflicts before they come back to bite you.

There are multiple meanings to these dreams, depending on where the bite is. They include:

  • Hand (Left or Right): A bite on the hand usually involves money. Also, it could mean that you’re not fully utilizing your talents and abilities to reach your maximum potential.
  • Face: It suggests that you’re going out of your way to avoid speaking the truth or facing a problem. It serves as a warning to watch yourself before you’re trapped in your deception.
  • Mouth:A bite on the mouth implies that you’re afraid of standing up for yourself or you’re holding back your true opinions on certain matters. However, it could also be a warning to avoid gossip as your words may be turned against you.
  • Foot: This implies that you’re headed in the wrong direction. It might also show a fear of taking action in the direction you want to go. You might be running away from something that has always haunted you, and it’s time to face your fear.
  • Leg: This means that someone is actively working to hinder your progress. Similarly, it might represent feelings of insecurity and vulnerability.
  • Chest Area: Usually a bite to the chest is related to love and commitment to your partner. It means that you’re not willing to carry your weight or take responsibility for your actions.

10. Dreaming Of an Injured Owl

Owls are very solitary creatures in nature. They prefer to hunt alone as opposed to in groups. An injured owl in a dream expresses feelings of being caged and helplessness. You feel held back by obligations and commitments that were forced on you.

Similarly, dreaming about an injured owl might means someone has control over you. You don’t have freedom of spiritual expression. You fear acting out since you’re afraid of the backlash and objections you will face.

Below are some interpretations of specific owl injuries.

  • Beak: It is a symbol of suppression. You feel unheard no matter how hard you try to express yourself.
  • Wing: It’s a sign of codependency. You’re incapable of surviving on your own or afraid to venture out on your own and heavily rely on others.
  • Eye: It might mean that people are hiding things from you. Perhaps a friend, a relative, or a colleague is hiding information that could affect you in the long run. Also, it could imply that said person is sending you negative vibes.
  • Neck: An injured neck suggests you feel trapped or stuck in a situation out of your control.
  • Foot: This indicates unhealed trauma. You’re grappling with past emotions that are hindering your growth.
  • Head: It implies indecisiveness and confusion. You’re struggling to form an opinion of your own while trying to determine the truth in the information you’ve received.

11. Petting An Owl in A Dream

Seeing yourself petting an owl in a dream implies your lack of control of a situation. This dream tells you it’s time to get involved in the decision-making of matters affecting you.

You may not fully understand the situation, but you will learn along the way and soon you will be a pro. Don’t let others walk all over you. Stand up for yourself and let your opinion be heard.

12. Holding An Owl in A Dream

Dreaming of holding an owl in your hands foretells pain and accidents soon. It predicts that you will get physically incapacitated for a certain time.

Alternatively, holding an owl could represent your unconscious fears. You fear what the future holds, or the outcome of any life-altering decisions you make.

You might also be afraid of exploring additional aspects of a relationship because of vulnerability or fear of losing the person.

The dream reminds you it’s okay to be afraid. It is what makes you human.

13. Killing An Owl in A Dream

If you dream about killing an owl, it means you will win a fight against someone negative in your life.

Maybe you have been struggling in an abusive relationship or with a toxic manager and finally, you’ve had enough and decided to take control of your life.

Killing an owl in a dream symbolizes your raw strength and courage to fight back. You will overcome a major problem in life.

Perhaps you’re struggling with a lifelong disease that has hindered you from living your best life. The dream suggests you’re ready to live without worrying about tomorrow.

Killing the owl is symbolic of a hard-earned victory. You have fought for a long time; you have come close to losing hope but still pushed through.

14. Saving An Owl in A Dream

Saving an owl in a dream indicates anxiety and a struggle with depression. You’re picky and very averse to disorder. You hate people invading your private spaces. For this reason, you’ve rubbed shoulders with many people.

The dream advises you to take a step back and observe objectively. This way, you come up with a compromise on how to live well with other people and their opinions.

15. Hearing The Owl Sound in A Dream

The meaning of hearing an owl sound in a dream varies according to the context. If the owl appears to be talking or addressing the words to you, it means that otherworldly forces are trying to gain an audience with you.

Hearing an owl hoot in your dream serves as a warning to watch who you surround yourself with. It suggests you have negative energy emanating from the people around you. So, it’s wise to distance yourself before the negativity overwhelms you.

An owl hoot signals danger or troubling times ahead.

16. An Owl Staring in A Dream

If you see an owl staring at you in a dream, it might mean that your gut has noticed something wrong and is trying to bring it to your attention.

You have a history of ignoring your intuition, and the owl is there to remind you to trust your gut instincts to make the right decision.

Similarly, an owl staring at you might suggest you should face your problems head-on. Stop ignoring your struggles and work before they get out of hand.

17. Dreaming Of Owls Flying

Dreaming Of Owls Flying

Flying owls are a symbol of good fortune. It means that you will achieve impressive feats of success in the coming days.

You will get recognized, praised, and awarded for it. Also, your relationships will grow stronger and more meaningful.

Additionally, a flying owl is a sign that you should trust divine timing. Remember, the universe is working in your favor to help you achieve your dreams.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, owls do not always signify a bad omen. In fact, some cultures consider them a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, and intuition. Others believe they represent change and transformation.

So, if an owl appears in your dream, don’t be afraid or think it’s a premonition of death. Instead, refer to this guide to gain a deeper understanding of your dream. Hopefully, you’ll find this piece helpful.

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  1. I dreamed of an owl, it was sitting in a tree, and then, when the wind blew, it swung towards where I was standing. Later, when my mother cut a banana leaf, the banana straightened up towards the owl, and as a result the owl flew towards me. After that it came to my hair at the back of my head Then it came close to my ears and sounded and flapped its wings. It was like saying something.

  2. hey there…i dreamt of an owl last night that i was outside with a friend of mine and it was on a nearby tree..we heard its hooting and became so uncomfortable since i have had a real life experience with an owl since the week after a relative died after i saw the owl so i told my friend that the owl is the harbinger for evil..then after a while it flew above me and went away…at this point am so confused to be honest…i have only told my mother

    • For centuries, owls have been linked to bad omens. But contrary to belief, these animals are harmless in real life and dreams.

      If an owl pop-up in your dream, it reflects your own qualities and traits, including intelligence.

      Chances are, you now have access to wisdom and knowledge you didn’t have before. Or maybe your subconscious mind is trying to pass on an important message.

      On the flip side, your dream shows a sense of closure regarding the departure of your relative. It could also represent the release of negative energy that’s hindering you from making informed decisions.


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