Dreaming of A Fish Tank Meaning & Symbolism

If you recently had a dream about watching a fish in a fish tank or cleaning an aquarium, chances are you want to know what it means. Right?

Well, most fish tank dreams represent the dreamer’s hidden emotions. Probably, there are certain feelings and desires you choose not to express because you fear social discrimination.

Besides that, the dream implies you are content with your current life situation. It also symbolizes good health, prosperity, deception, loss, and future problems.

fish tank dream

If the dream setting shifts, it might assume a new meaning or interpretation. For successful dream interpretation, it is crucial to consider every detail of the vision, from the state of the aquarium to the type of fishes swimming in it.

That said, this dream guide will focus on the meaning and symbolism of fish tank dreams. It will also highlight a few examples of dreams about a fish tank to help you understand your vision better.

Dream of a Fish Tank Meaning and Symbolism

Unlike dogs and cats, Fish are low-maintenance pets that require little emotional attention. When this pet pop-ups in your dream, it represents your emotions. It’s also a reflection of your reality and emotional state.

But what if the fish appears in the tank?

A fish tank or an aquarium is restricting and often limits the movement of the fish. A dream of fish in a tank point toward feelings of entrapment or isolation from your social circle. In a positive view, such dreams embody themes like favorable events and joy in real life.

Below, you will discover several fish tank dream symbolisms. Check them out!

Bottled-up Desires

Are you a sociable individual? Do you care a lot about what people think about you?

A dream of a fish tank implies you have suppressed desires. You tend to watch your actions, fearing that any action might lead to your discrimination by others. Since you fear being criticized by society, you prefer burying your urges.

We are taught to suppress our desire as we grow and throughout the rest of our lives. However, denying our bodies what it calls for can lead to stress and frustration down the line.

It’s essential to express your desires and embrace your true nature to act and live freely. By doing this, you can attain a new level of self-acceptance and empowerment.

You Need a Break from Your Busy Schedule

If your daily routine includes resting time, then you’re doing amazing. However, if you jump from one task to another or handle multiple things simultaneously, you might have a fish tank dream.

The dream is a sign of anxiety, stress, and burnout. Probably you feel overwhelmed and drained from handling the same task repeatedly. You might also find it hard to concentrate at work.

The dream encourages you to take a break from your daily schedule (tank) to allow your mind to recuperate. If you complain too often or have little to no social life, take some time off. Focus on your health and well-being as well as mental peace.

Searching for A New Purpose in Life

The fish tank in your dream could also suggest that you lack a sense of purpose and direction in life. Sure, you may have some preconceived notions about the purpose of life. But most of these ideas stem from your family and community.

What do you want to do? Leave alone getting married and having a kid or getting money. While all these are achievements in life, they won’t offer you the gratification of identifying your personal purpose.

Your dream is a sign to break free from your confinement. Find a sense of purpose that will guide and sustain you every day and the rest of your life. Even in the darkest time, your purpose will provide you with stability and a sense of direction.

Wealth And Fortune

Sometimes, the appearance of a fish tank in your dream foretells a season of wealth and good fortune. The swimming fish in the tank stand for good news. It’s possible you might secure a promotion at work, get married or reunite with an old friend.

If you see this dream, expect to enjoy a prosperous and fortunate time in your life. It’s a sign you will overcome your challenges (whether relationship conflicts or financial issues) and make the best out of your life.

You might also encounter life-changing opportunities. So, take advantage of them to become successful and make your life smooth.

Positive Changes

On a more positive note, this dream could signify a positive change in your life. Maybe you have been dealing with a hard time, but you’re yet to give up. You keep pushing every day and looking for solutions to your life problems.

If you have been working on something, let’s say a new online business, the dream brings good news. With more effort and patience, you will see your startup booming into a successful venture.

Alternatively, the dream might represent your transformation into a better version of yourself. For example, if you are an addict, you might finally decide to become clean and focus on your physical and mental growth.

Feeling Judged by Others

It’s normal to feel that people are judging you, no matter how confident you are. However, if you are image-conscious, this feeling might get amplified and can take shape in your dreams.

Having a fish tank dream suggests you feel exposed and vulnerable. You feel everyone is trying to get a glimpse of your personal life.

It’s common to experience this feeling if you don’t set clear boundaries. That means you allow people around you to peek and interfere in your affairs.

The dream could also reflect your social anxiety. You have an extreme fear of being judged by others. Luckily, you can learn to let go of self-doubt and avoid this fear. The best way to do that is to stop judging yourself and chasing people’s approval.

Biblical Meaning of Aquarium in Dream

In the bible, fish have rich symbolism and meanings. For instance, they represent the human soul. As such, a dream about a fish tank could suggest you feel trapped in your religion.

Probably, the Christian life doesn’t appear like the inspirational refuge from life as you expected. It feels like you are trapped in an endless series of heavy burdens put in place by a universal ruler.

It seems like God is that unyielding and unforgiving boss who’s disappointed in you for your failure. While you know religion shouldn’t feel like this, you are powerless to change it.

Do you relate to this situation? You need to understand Jesus wants you free. That means you should get real with yourself and figure out what you want from him. You need to be willing to change things if you want your devotion to appear fruitful.

6 Common Dreams About Fish Tanks

Common Dreams About Fish Tanks

Dreaming of Fish Tank Breaking

A breaking fish tank in a dream stands for aggressive behavior. You often let your temper get the best of you. It’s also possible you tend to react to situations without thinking them through.

This dream is a warning to get your anger under control. Otherwise, it will take a toll on your health and relationships. Think before you speak and express your concerns assertively and in an anon-confrontation way.

Your vision also suggests that you’re prone to jealousy. It doesn’t necessarily mean you want something that belongs to someone else. Maybe the feeling comes up when you’re worried about losing something or an individual important to you.

However, jealousy is not a good color for anyone. It always gives rise to other negative feelings, like anger, sadness, and resentment.

Dream of Fish Jumping Out of Fish Tank

Seeing a fish jumping out of a fish tank encourages you to get out of situations that leave you overwhelmed and drained. For example, if you’re in a toxic relationship, it’s time to break it off. This way, you can enjoy mental peace.

The dream also implies you lack self-awareness in life. Because of this, you cannot monitor your emotions and reactions to different circumstances. Fortunately, you can improve your self-awareness by practicing self-discipline and setting boundaries.

Dream of Cleaning Fish Tank

If you’re a social individual who likes to make friends, this dream is a warning. Not everyone that comes into your life means you well. Some are there to cause your downfall. Be careful of the individuals you bring into your circle.

Similarly, this vision is a message from your subconscious to eliminate toxicity and negativity in your life. Avoid individuals who bring out the worst in you. Focus on achieving happiness and staying positive to improve your mental health and boost your spirituality.

Dream of Fish Tank Leaking

A leaking fish tank dream relates more to your emotional state. It implies that you’re going through an emotional rollercoaster. The ups and downs of your emotions leave you feeling wiped and drained.

Sometimes, these feelings can make you act impulsively without factoring in the consequences. You are caught up in the fluctuations of your emotions that may say or do something that you might regret later.

To prevent this, your subconscious prompts you better take care of your mental health. It wouldn’t hurt if you stop for a couple of therapy sessions.

On the other hand, the dream could represent conflicting interests and ideas. Perhaps you have some unresolved problems in your life you are yet to address. Consider the dream a sign to take care of these issues to save yourself from guilt and turmoil.

Dream of Feeding Fish in a Tank

If you feed the fish in the tank, it means your plans might not unfold the way you want.

For example, if you’ve opened a business hoping to make significant profits within the first three months, things may turn out differently. Chances are, you might make some losses as the business picks up. But over time, you will enjoy great profits.

Besides that, you might find yourself doing projects you don’t like but have to do them, anyway. If so, these tasks will teach you the value of patience.

You might face several challenges on your path to success. But the more you deal with them, the more you learn how to prevent them in the future.

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Dream of Red and Black Fish Inside a Fish Tank

Dreaming of a red and black fish inside a fish tank is a sign of problems you don’t know how to address. While the problems might not be dangerous enough to kill you, they are not going away.

This could include bad habits you find hard to break or negative emotions you can’t overcome. A feeling of isolation stemming from this situation often feels scary, dangerous, and deceptive.

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As we wrap up, a dream of a fish tank reflects your unconscious state of mind, thoughts, and emotions. Generally, it symbolizes suppressed emotions and desire, the need for a break in life, wealth and prosperity, etc.

However, the meaning of the vision often changes depending on the context, feelings generated, and situations the dreamer faces.

Nevertheless, Fish tank dreams offer a sneak peek into your subconscious. They can provide you signals to better overcome hurdles in your life or warn you of those who wish to harm you.

Therefore, if you experience this dream next time, don’t just brush it off. Use this guide to get the meaning and interpretation of your vision.

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