Dreams About Murder: What Does It Mean?

Consider yourself lucky if you have never experienced waking up in a cold sweat after having a dream about being murdered or vice versa. These horrifying nightmares have the power to terrify you to your core.

But are these violent nightmares just a by-product of watching too many true crime podcasts? Or is there a more complex message to unravel?

What Does Dreaming of Murder Mean?

Dreams About Murder

Dreams are rarely what they seem to be. As Sigmund Freud said, Dreams are the royal road to the unconscious. Thus, they are a simple reflection of our thoughts, emotions and experiences.

If you dream about murder, don’t stress out needlessly about the possibility of dying; this dream is probably a metaphor of something completely else.

1. You Have Repressed Feelings

A study was conducted in a sleep lab in Germany about what dreaming of murder may mean. It was found that murder dreams are associated with aggression in real life.

According to practitioner Shawn Engel, trauma-related themes in dreams, such as victimization, surrender, loss of control, and passing away, can indicate that the dreamer is experiencing some form of repressed emotions. Unsurprisingly, having a murder dream may indicate that you are actively seeking a way to vent any pent-up resentment.

Having a murder dream is a sign that you have reached your limit with regard to these emotions and that you should seek a healthy outlet.

2. You Wish to Change

These dreams may have positive meanings as well! If you dream that someone is murdering you then it is possible that you actively want to change a part of yourself in your waking life. The murder represents the passing of your old self and the birth of a new you.

Whether your objective is to improve your physical fitness, your mental health, or your ability to speak a new language, you must let go of a piece of your former self to experience rebirth and advancement.

3. Fear of Failure

Being murdered in your dreams could also indicate that you are afraid of failing or you feel that you have not been successful in certain aspects of your life. It is also possible that you’re identifying aspects of your life that are causing hindrances and leading to a halt in progress.

If this is the case, then don’t be disheartened as a change of perspective and a healthy approach will leave you going in the right way.

4. An Important Relationship Has Ended

It is entirely possible that you are dreaming of being murdered if an important relationship has just been severed. This end has left you confused and disconnected from your positive self. This end can be symbolized as your murder in your dreams.

5. You Are Dealing with A Traumatic Experience/Depression

If you are repeatedly dealing with nightmares such as these, it could be a sign that you still have not come to terms with certain events in your waking life and these emotions are overwhelming you.

If this is the case then this dream is a sign you need to make peace with your past and attempt to deal with your trauma before the burden becomes detrimental to your wellbeing.

Additionally, repeated nightmares can also be a sign of sleep disorders (such as sleep apnoea), or mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

Biblical Meaning of Being Murdered in A Dream

Death, in the Bible is a symbol of sacrifice, and martyrdom. You may feel like you are sacrificing your individuality in your waking life and thus wish to regain your life. You may be stuck in a stressful relationship or a job with a toxic environment and thus wish to break free from it.

This can manifest in your dreams as murder as you may wish to sacrifice a part of your life in order to experience a spiritual awakening and go on to new experiences.

If in your dream, you are being murdered by a specific object, such as a knife, this could symbolize that you wish to cut out and leave behind a part of yourself.

However, if you are unable to identify the object or the person that is killing you, this could a symbol of your own shadow. This means that you feel like you are your worst enemy and you need to make drastic changes in your life to remove the bad habits that you have that are keeping you from achieving your potential.

Common Scenarios of Murder Dreams and Their Interpretation

1. Dreams of Being Murdered

If you were murdered in your dream, it could imply that you’re suppressing your own rage over something in your past. The murder represents the point in time when you transform your rage into a healthy habit. From a psychological standpoint, there is a focus on moving on in life and just letting go of old troubles.

2. Dreams About Being Killed Violently

Violence-related dreams are never a good sign. The dream of being brutally murdered suggests that you are truly afraid during the daytime. A situation or an individual may be the source of your uneasiness. Whatever it is, this dream indicates that dread is consuming a large portion of your daily life.

3. Dreams About Being Murdered by A Family Member

If you are dreaming of being murdered by a family member, it is probable that they are urging you to make a change in your actual life. Death in a dream is a change that occurs naturally, whereas murder is a change that is forced.

If someone you know and care about is attempting to kill you, they are probably forcing you to make a change you do not want to make.

4. Dreams About Being Murdered but Not Dying

To dream of attempted murder represents you or someone else who has put everything on the line to eliminate something and failed. Alternatively, it could express beliefs that someone is out to get you but lacks the strength or finances to do so.

5. Dreams of Ex Being Murdered

Dreaming about the death of your ex-partner is a sign that you are taking life too seriously. It is better for you to focus on doing fewer things amazingly than trying many different things and not performing well.

Draw attention to your talents while hiding your fear. Limit your urges and refrain from uncontrollable actions and soon enough, with this newfound focus, you will be able to soar to new heights.

6. Dreams About Your Boyfriend Being Murdered

Your boyfriend’s murder in a dream signifies the recognition of your talents, and the achievement of your goals. You believe that you could do a better job if you were in charge.

Certain emotions and inhibitions must be expressed and let go. Your dream predicts an aspect of your future. You are sensitive to outside influences.

This dream symbolizes your individuation and your effort to fulfill certain spiritual standards. To advance, you may be required to make a personal sacrifice.

7. Dreams of Witnessing a Murder

In a dream, witnessing a murder is related to feelings of powerlessness and vulnerability. The dream most likely represents your fears of being helpless in real life. You may feel powerless to defend yourself or others you care about at times.

In your dream, the person being murdered represents a part of yourself that you fear is being destroyed by your anxieties. If the murderer in your dream is someone you recognize, he or she may have harmed you or remind you of someone who did. The murderer reflects your apprehension about this person or how their actions have impacted you.

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8. Dreams About Watching a Murder

You are seeking to distance yourself emotionally and physically from the person being murdered in your dreams. When you are awake, you are confident that you do not want to be a part of that person’s life anymore.

As a result, you feel yourself physically separate from him or her in your dream.

9. Dreams About Being Tortured and Murdered

You are almost certainly feeling insecure. Because you are continuously living on the edge, you never truly have complete peace of mind.

The best thing you can do is re-evaluate your situation and look for possibilities to make the appropriate decisions while saving money. Financial aid is always advantageous, and if you do nothing, your tiredness will persist.

10. Dreams About Spouse Being Murdered

Dreaming of your spouse being murdered implies your approval and acceptance of a particular situation or scenario. You’re looking for advice or suggestions on a decision or problem. You need to sort out your priorities.

It’s also likely that you’re looking for fulfillment in a specific area of your life. You must keep a safe distance from other individuals or situations. This is a dream about an imbalance. You have the impression that you are being abused.

11. Dreams About Waiting to Be Killed

Having a dream about dying is an indication of a life shift. You’re ecstatic both mentally and emotionally. It’s possible you overlooked anything. The dream indicates chaos. You’re willing to work hard and follow commands.

Waiting for death represents your endurance and toughness. As a result, this dream represents tradition, tenacity, and a direct way of life.

12. Dreams of Saving Someone from Being Murdered

Dreaming of protecting someone from murder means that you are merging many aspects of yourself. You are either underestimating your own or someone else’s abilities.

You need to rest and sleep more. The dream emphasizes a rejection of conventional beliefs and standards while representing adaptability and surprise.

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13. Dreams of Being Chased and Murdered

If you are being chased and then murdered, it suggests you’re under a lot of stress in real life. You’re at a loss on what to do about this problem. In your dream, running away from the pursuer indicates that you are doing all possible to avoid the problem.

If you were fighting back fiercely when chased, it indicates that you are ready to confront problems in real life. You are confident in your ability to resolve the problem.

14. Dreams of Being Murdered by A Knife

Dreaming about being murdered with a knife indicates peace in your home but you have a desire to start over as your ambitions or plans have suffered an unexpected setback.

You will be able to overcome your obstacles in life if you persevere in your struggle and draw from your experience.

15. Dreams of Baby Being Murdered

A dream about murdering a baby foreshadows a minor setback. You’re striving to conceal your true feelings. You need to repair some mistakes you’ve made. Perhaps you’re striving to protect or shelter a loved one from a dangerous scenario.

It’s a sign that you’re afraid of losing your identity as a spouse. You must acquire a new perspective or look at things from a different angle.

16. Dreams About Murdering a Baby

Dreaming about killing a baby represents male fertility and male power. You must promote a message and persuade people of something. You are preparing for an important occasion in your life. Your dream offers advice on how to cultivate self-acceptance and self-love. You must inject some joy, entertainment, and leisure into your life.

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Final Words

As with any type of dream interpretation, it’s critical to consider the emotions that arise when we dream about murder or another violent crime, and then consider where else these emotions arise in our lives right now.

A dream is often a metaphor, says certified clinical social worker Bridgit Dengel Gaspard, which means you can take it as a message from your subconscious or something your brain is attempting to communicate.

According to mystical expert Shawn Engel, this is also why everyone’s dreams are different. Even if there are universally applicable basic dream interpretations, interpreting your dreams in light of your particular experiences will always be more effective.

Furthermore, dreams regarding criminal behavior may indicate post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). If you have ever been the victim of a crime in real life, it may be best to speak with a professional rather than attempting to interpret this type of dream on your own (or are close to someone who has).

According to Engel, Metaphorical dream interpretations are preferable for persons who haven’t gone through a similar tragedy in real life because these correspondences aren’t applicable to PTSD-related flashbacks. Working with a skilled mental health practitioner can help you recognize traumatic situations and possibly reduce the number of nightmares you have.

5 thoughts on “Dreams About Murder: What Does It Mean?”

  1. Good Morning, I’m Sueheily Medina

    For the pass 3 days I have been having this dream with a female friend, all I see in this dream is me and my friend inside a taxi cab we are at a red light when all of a sudden a young kid gets in the cab it’s just he doesn’t see us in the taxi so I kid opens the door to the taxi only to rob the taxi guy but my friend opened up her mouth and the kid turned to us to take our jewelry, like robbing us all I seen was the kid had a gun and my friend was tasseling with the kid the gun went off killing the kid the last thing I remember was me and my friend running out the taxi. This morning my husband took our daughter to school I went back to sleep and had the dream again I felt so scared

    • We are sorry that you experienced such a disturbing dream. Remember, dreams should not be taken literally because they do not reflect the reality.

      Nevertheless, this dream might symbolize your fears and vulnerability in life. And since your friend was involved, it implies you feel a sense of obligation toward her. The vision could also suggest that you fear losing someone or something valuable.

      It might help to think about the stressors or concerns in your life that might lead to such dreams and find effective ways to deal with them.

  2. What about having a dream of murdering someone to save those around you? It was a self defense kind of dream and I don’t know the person who was murdered in the dream. I just know a huge wave of relief hit when it was over and then I woke up.

  3. I’ve had several dreams of being murdered and that nobody knows or that I’m not found or missed. I don’t see the person(s) doing it. They are different each time in the manner that I die. One is that plastic is put over my face. Several are that I’m locked in some sort of a box. Another is that I’m strangled. What does this possibly mean?

    • Since your dream of being murdered is recurrent, you are likely dealing with something or a situation that’s overwhelming in your life.

      The dream implies you feel voiceless or helpless, as in one dream your murderer puts a plastic over your face or locks you in a box.

      Maybe you feel like your partner never values your opinions, or you feel unheard in your other roles in your waking life.

      In the case where you are strangled, your vision suggests that you don’t have control over certain situations or aspects of life. We can’t forget the part where no one misses you.

      Here, the recurrent visions show your fear or worry that nobody cares for you or needs your help. You feel like your existence doesn’t matter.


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