Dream of Someone Trying to Kill Me Meaning

There is nothing more unsettling and terrifying than dreaming about death, even more so when it’s your own. Dreaming of someone attempting to murder you is bound to leave an awful taste in your mouth, especially if it’s someone you know.

Having such a dream doesn’t mean that someone wants you dead. Instead, it could be a sign that change is coming, and you need to brace yourself.

dreams of someone trying to kill you

Your subconscious mind is showing you these changes in the form of death to help you come to terms with the finality of a situation. It also helps to prepare you for the next phase of life.

If you are wondering why you keep having such dreams and what purpose they serve, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, we’ve come up with a list of triggers for such dreams and their likely interpretations.

What Does It Mean to Dream of Someone Trying to Kill Me?

Dreams about someone trying to kill you generally reflect your issues with control. You’re struggling to maintain control over several aspects of your life. This is making you spiral, and the thought of losing control fills you with dread and fear.

Similarly, dreams of someone trying to kill you point toward your stress and emotional turmoil. This dream often occurs when you’re feeling helpless in difficult situations.

If it’s a familiar face, the dream might mean you two have unresolved issues. And until you understand the issue, you might experience the same dream repeatedly.

Dream of Someone Trying to Kill Me: Symbolism

Loss of control

Dreaming of someone trying to kill you implies that someone is trying to control you in your waking life. The thought of losing control makes you afraid. This fear might cloud your thoughts and manifest in your dreams as someone trying to murder you.

Moreover, it could be that someone has been dominating your life and decisions for a while. You’re trying to regain control while the other party is struggling to keep you in check with their plans for you.

Such a situation will trigger recurring dreams of someone trying to kill you as long as the struggle is ongoing.


Are you feeling overworked at home? Is your workload becoming more than you can bear? Does the thought of work leave you mentally and physically exhausted? If the answer to any of these is yes, then you are stressed.

Stress takes a toll on your body and mind. When it seeps deep into your thoughts, your subconscious might alert you to its presence through dreams.

However, don’t allow stress to take the better off you. Find healthy ways to cope with stress, even if it means taking a break from work to take care of yourself.


Without a doubt, guilt is a powerful emotion. If you know you’ve committed a crime that might require legal action, guilt will eat you alive.

Even a good night’s sleep will not shield you from misery, because you might have guilt-induced nightmares. In this case, someone will try to kill you in your dreamscape to punish you for your misdeed.

Although the dream might not come true, it’s paramount you try to correct things before they get out of hand.

Spiritual Meaning of Dream About Someone Trying to kill Me

Spiritually, death symbolizes rebirth, change, or transformation. Whenever you see your spouse trying to kill you, it means you have an insufferable attitude that you need to change.

Similarly, a masked person attempting to kill you means you lack clarity in your life. You struggle with making the right choices. For this reason, you have always gone down the wrong path. Such a dream is a sign that you need to change your way of thinking.

Biblical Meaning of Dream About Someone Trying to kill Me

In the bible–more specifically the Old Testament – murder is always looked down upon. It’s punishable by death or ostracization.

Dreaming of someone attempting to kill you is seen as a confrontation between you and an agent of darkness — the devil. It is a fight for your anointed soul.

Such dreams represent the ongoing struggle between light and darkness. So, if you experience them, it is wise to pray to avoid any spiritual attack.

19 Scenarios of Dreams About Someone Trying to Kill Me

Scenarios of Dreams About Someone Trying to Kill Me

Dreaming of a Stranger Trying to Kill Me

A stranger trying to kill you in a dream suggests a continuous struggle within yourself. The stranger might represent you or the forces working to make you change for the better.

Conversely, the stranger could stand for traits you’re hesitant to embrace or a circumstance you’re trying to escape. You’re afraid of rejection once you let others see that side of you.

A stranger trying to kill you might also imply feelings of inadequacy. You’re afraid that you don’t fit the criteria of what is required. You feel you will not deliver on your end.

Dream of a Friend Trying to Kill Me

When you dream of a friend trying to kill you, it means there is an unresolved issue between you two. You might have wronged them in the past, and your conscience is haunting you because you never tried to make amends.

Dreaming of a Family Member Trying to Kill Me

Seeing a family member trying to kill you means that they’re trying to force your hand into making a decision that will benefit you in the long run.

It suggests that you have been postponing certain decisions. This move is now affecting you and the surrounding people.

Death is a naturally occurring change. However, murder is a forced change. Therefore, a family member murdering you mean you have to force yourself to make the necessary changes.

Dreaming of a Parent Trying to Kill Me

If you see your mum trying to kill you, it shows you’re feeling threatened and cornered. You feel trapped by family pressures. You’re afraid that if you don’t fulfill your responsibilities  your family might fall apart.

On the other hand, dreaming of your father trying to kill you might suggest a strained relationship with him. Maybe he was never available in your younger years, but he is trying to build a relationship now.

However, some of his actions might come across as off-putting or threatening. This will make you distance yourself from him and probably hurt his feelings.

If caught in such a situation, it is wise to communicate how you feel. Meet him halfway. It will make things easier for both parties.

Dreaming of Someone Trying to Kill You and Your Family

Dreaming of someone trying to kill your whole family might mean that you’re constantly trying to protect your family from something in your waking life.

You have taken up the role of protector and possibly the provider as well. Therefore, you’re always looking out for them.

This responsibility comes with a lot of pressure and sometimes leaves you stressed. It’s okay to ask for help sometimes. You don’t have to bear the burden alone.

Dreaming of Your Partner Trying to Kill Me

Seeing your romantic partner trying to kill you in a dream is a sign that you fear intimacy. Chances are, you have a traumatic past that made you develop trust issues. If so, this dream is telling you to address the issue with your partner if you want the relationship to develop further.

Similarly, a spouse trying to kill you implies that you’re chaotic. You lack discipline and structure in your life. Your spouse is trying to push you to change for the better. But the more you resist change, the harder your life will become.

The dream could also mean you’ve gone through a traumatic experience. You’re still trying to cope with the situation while working through your emotions. You might become easily detached from your loved ones.

If this happens to you, reach out to a person you trust and talk to them. A problem shared is a problem half-solved.

Dreaming of an Ex Trying to Kill Me

Seeing your ex attempting to kill you in a dream suggests you live in constant fear of your past. Perhaps your relationship didn’t end on the best of terms, and you believe your ex is still mad and out to get you.

Since you’re not prepared for a confrontation, you keep suppressing your fear and anxiety. Eventually, these intrusive emotions will make their way into your dream world, leading to troubling dreams of your ex.

But don’t take these dreams literally. Your ex is not out for your blood. So, take your time to heal, especially if the relationship was toxic. Also, it doesn’t hurt to talk to a friend or a therapist.

Dream of A Serial Killer Trying to Kill Me

A dream involving a serial killer trying to kill you is a warning in your gut that someone is out to harm or defraud you. This applies to all aspects of your life.

It’s a dream that tells you to keep your guard up, professionally or relationship-wise. Watch who you trust, be aware of your competitors, and always listen to your gut instinct.

Dream of Vampires Trying to Kill Me

A dream of vampires attempting to murder you might seem ominous. It foretells your downfall, especially if you associate with the wrong crowd. Also, it could mean that your enemies are plotting your demise and trying to trap you in a dangerous situation.

The vampires represent your fears and anxieties. If they try to kill you, it suggests that you’re stuck in stressful conditions and your shortcomings are coming to light.

Dream of Someone Trying to Kill You While You’re Pregnant

However morbid it sounds, dreaming of someone trying to kill you while expectant is a good sign. It indicates spiritual and mental growth.

You’ve become aware of your responsibilities and have adopted a more mature approach to decision-making. Also, it shows that you’re very compliant to change, especially if it’s in line with your goals.

Dreaming of a Gang Trying to Kill Me

Seeing a gang trying to kill you in a dream implies you’re feeling trapped or overwhelmed in a situation that is not of your own making. This situation is draining you financially and emotionally. The problem arises when you refuse to stand up for yourself.

You have a problem communicating your needs or ideas. So, you choose to let everyone else win except you. The dream encourages you to stand up for yourself.

Dreaming of Hiding from Someone Trying to Kill Me

Dreaming of hiding from a killer means that you’re afraid of unseen dangers. Although you can’t see what it is, your gut instinct is telling you to run. This dream serves as a warning to tread cautiously in your endeavors.

Also, hiding from someone trying to kill you suggest tension at your workplace or home. You might have had a few disagreements, and it’s taking a toll on you. Instead of addressing the matter, you’ve let it simmer and this has led to you getting worked up over every little thing.

Dreaming of a Clown Trying to Kill Me

A clown trying to kill you in a dream suggests that you’ve been targeted by bullies constantly. You’ve been publicly embarrassed and forced into humiliating situations. This has left you feeling powerless to fight back.

This dream brings to light your plight. It also serves as a reminder to fight for yourself. Take back your power unless you want to stay the butt of the joke forever.

Dreaming of an Old Lady Trying to Kill Me

Seeing an old lady trying to kill you portray your fear of aging and death. You feel as if life is going too fast and you haven’t had time to fully live. You’re afraid of dying too young.

This dream is often triggered by losing a friend or a loved one. This could force you to make drastic changes like quitting your job or using up your savings on unnecessary things.

You should never let this fear define you. Instead, learn to accept that death is a part of life. Make time for your hobbies and live without regrets.

Dreaming of a Giant Trying to Kill Me

Dreams of a giant trying to kill you stand for your efforts in overcoming the anxieties and insecurities dwarfing your life. You have constantly faced your fears and even when it got tough, you still kept going.

It’s a dream that encourages you to celebrate every achievement you make, no matter how small it is.

Dreaming of A Child Trying to Kill Me

Seeing a child trying to kill you shows cowardice and your lack of resolve. People constantly push you over because you fear the repercussions you will face for standing up for yourself. You always go along with everyone’s opinion, even when it goes against your core beliefs.

As much as being the ‘yes’ man might serve you right now. In the long run, it will be all for naught. People will constantly belittle and take advantage of you.

Dreaming of Everyone Trying to Kill Me

Dreaming about everyone trying to kill you is a sign that many people are trying to manipulate you or take control of your life.

Alternatively, it’s a dream that shows your pride. You feel that you’re above everyone else and enjoy being the center of attention. This has made you lose your patience with other people’s opinions. Be careful, since the people you least value might be the individuals to dethrone you.

Someone Trying to Kill You With A Weapon

Apart from who tried to kill you, the weapon used also play a crucial role in trying to find out what your dream means. For instance:

Gun: Someone trying to kill you with a gun suggests that you were put in the spotlight and cornered into agreeing to something that you’ve previously turned down. The instigator knew you didn’t like public confrontations and thus abused this knowledge to trap you.

Sword: Someone trying to kill you with a sword reflects your desire to escape external influence and pressure. Also, it could represent your struggle to assert dominance over your subordinates.

Knife: Being stabbed by a knife indicates betrayal from your partner. You’ve struggled with insecurities after someone broke your trust. This had made you weary of everyone around you. However, a lack of faith in those you value most might irreparably hurt your relationships.

Dreaming of Someone Trying to Kill Me, But I Kill Them

Killing someone in self-defense in a dream usually implies that you will overcome any obstacles on your path to success. It shows your determination and dedication to achieving your goals.

Alternatively, killing someone who tried to kill you might mean that you feel threatened by the traits they possess. You’re constantly compared to this person, and it makes you feel inferior.

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Dreams about someone trying to kill you may imply many things depending on the context. Some may reflect your fears of losing control over others, while others might stand for your feelings of stress or guilt.

Either way, these dreams point toward your daily experiences, state of mind, and changes you have experienced or might face in the future. They can also inform you about your mindset.

As we wrap up, we hope you’ve gained a deeper understanding of your dream. Use this guide whenever you need help interpreting your dreams.

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