Dreams About Doors Meanings & Interpretations

Have you ever had a peculiar dream in which a door plays a crucial role? Perhaps it is a dream where you are opening a lot of doors or perhaps it is one where you are closing them.

In general, doors represent a change or transition in life. A call for new beginnings, adventures, or even a new stage of life. Dreaming about a door may represent a significant change or decision coming in your life and the time to decide is near.

dreams about doors

As such, you closing a door in your dream can be a sign of being closed off to change or anxiety surrounding it. Similarly, opening a door in your dream can be a sign of you welcoming new opportunities.

Now, without further ado, let’s get into the various meanings behind these dreams.

What Does Dreaming About Doors Mean?

Opportunities and New Beginnings

There are many proverbs and sayings about doors, most of which we have probably all heard. Don’t “close the door” on an opportunity. Leave the door open for love. When one door closes, another one will immediately open.

Each of these emphasizes the importance of maintaining an open mind and being receptive to new experiences.

If you have a dream in which you are walking through a doorway or seeing an open door, this could represent a transition into a new phase or opportunity in your waking life.

It could be about something that you are going through right now, or it could be about something that you are looking forward to or something that you have a strong desire for.

Whatever it is, it is probably a good sign in your dream that you are being given the opportunity to move freely and that there are no obstacles in your way. In other words, you are not being stopped in your path.

Untapped Potential

Doors can stand for both the positive and negative aspects of mystery in our lives. Doors serve as a barrier, and whatever is located on the other side of a closed door is a mystery. Closed doors can keep secrets safe.

To enter a room through a locked door, you might need a key, a password, or some other form of identification. Alternately, gaining access can be as simple as turning the knob, knocking on the door, or asking for it. You won’t be able to see what’s on the other side of the door until you open it.

If you dream that you are confronted by a strange door, it may be a sign that you have reason to be either excited or afraid about something that is on the horizon. This could also imply that you have options available to you but are unsure of how to go with anything.

To get an accurate interpretation of what the dream signifies for you, you will need to take into account not just how you are currently feeling but also the events that are taking place in the dream.

A Sense of Being Confined or Stuck

The presence of a locked door that prevents you from exiting a room is often a sign that you are feeling imprisoned. It’s possible to become caught on either the inside or the outside of a door, and the same thing can happen in life.

Dreams in which you are suffocating or otherwise confined are very common and can provide valuable insight into what is holding you back in life.

It’s possible that you’re feeling trapped in a situation, with a strong desire to escape but the impression that you have no control or say in the matter. On the other hand, you might experience a sense of being shut out of something that you want.

You may feel like you are on the outside looking in at the one door that could lead you to the things you so desperately want, such as entry into a club or school, a particular new job, or the beginning of a relationship with someone; however, this door is the only one that can give you access to what you want.

Spiritual Meaning of Doors in Dreams

doors in dreams

Realistically doors represent a gateway or a pathway between two different places. As such they are the real-life personification of transition. This meaning translates into spirituality. Spiritually, doors can be a sign of confinement or a new opportunity.

They represent your transition between two stages of life. A dream of opening a door or walking through one represents your pathway into a new stage of life and it symbolizes your willingness to accept new things and ideas and it showcases a general sense of open-mindedness.

Along with this, doors can also symbolize anxiety. For example, struggling to close a door may be a representation of how you are struggling to deal with or “close the door on” certain events, anxieties, insecurities, or traumatic events from the past.

Things that have caused you uneasiness continue to haunt you in your waking life. This anxiety caused by the unwillingness or inability to let go of these things can manifest itself in your dream and be represented by a door.

If this is the case for you, consider taking an introspective look at yourself and try to understand your issues and healthily work on them to insure your happiness.

Biblical Meaning of Doors in Dreams

According to biblical scholars, doors represent understanding, communication, dialogue, and agreement. According to the biblical meaning of doors in dreams, they may represent several different things.

One possibility may be that the door is your pathway to god and a way for you to communicate with him. It may symbolize your closeness with him.

Furthermore, a dream about a door can also mean protection from the evils of the world as well as new opportunities in your life and blessings of the lord. If we take into consideration Mathew 25:10, it states a closed door awaits those who do not prepare their soul for Christ.

Hence, if you dream of a closed door, it is possible that you have upset god or you have done something or are thinking about something that may cause you religious guilt.

In contrast, if you see an open door in your dream it may be a sign that you feel close to god and you feel good about yourself in the context of your religion.

In essence, doors have a strong importance in the bible and the religion of Christianity. They have been mentioned literally and symbolically many times over and maybe a way for the lord to communicate with his servants on earth.

Common Dreams About Doors and Their Interpretation

Dreaming About Locking Doors

Dreams about locking doors symbolize a dead end or restriction- something blocking you from being where you want to be or keeping you from your goals.

If you have such a dream it is a good idea to evaluate your current course of action to achieve your various goals in your conscious life.

A locked door can also represent the end of a phase in your life.

Dreaming About an Open Door

An open door can represent new opportunities, transition, or change. Dreaming of an open door can mean the start of a new chapter in life- an invitation to explore new things and grow. This is a positive dream.

If you have a dream about an open door, it is rational for you to get excited and prepare yourself for big changes. Something in your life is about to change or offer you a new perspective. Face the world with optimism but don’t be too confident.

Dreaming About Opening a Door

If you dream that you are opening a door, it is a sign that you will soon demonstrate to the world what you are capable of. It is time to stop wallowing in self-doubt and lack of confidence.

In your dream, the opening of a door may stand for the arrival of new and perhaps unexpected opportunities. You are able to produce these on your own. A dream in which you are using a key to open doors means that numerous opportunities are awaiting you.

Dreaming About Opening Multiple Doors

If you dream about multiple open doors then that can mean there are various new opportunities for you in the future and multiple things for you to explore. Each door represents a new thing for you to explore.

However, if in your dream you are confused about which door to go through, it may mean that you have multiple options and are indecisive about which one to choose for yourself.

In this case, it is a good idea to map out your possible courses of action and prepare a pros and cons list for each option that you have.

Dreaming About Someone Trying to Open a Door

Dreaming of someone trying to open a door symbolizes a problem with self-actualization and identity. In essence, the person trying to open the door may be another side of an internal conflict.

In this situation, it may be wise to evaluate your surroundings and take an introspective look at yourself.

Dreaming About Someone Standing at Your Door

A dream where someone is standing at your door is a metaphor for some issue or problem that you have been ignoring but will have to face soon. It can even be a representation of repressed emotions that you have been bottling up.

On the other hand, a stranger standing at your door can also have a different meaning entirely. It can mean that there is a project or a plan of yours that is not doing as well as you would have liked. The stranger in this case may even represent insecurities.

Dreaming About Knocking at Door

Dreaming About Knocking At Door

Knocking symbolizes the appearance of someone or something in your life. If you dream about someone knocking at your door it is fair to say that you can expect some new opportunity, person, or a change in your life.

In general, we can say that you are about to receive some big news. Whether this news is good or bad is up to speculation so it would be a wise decision to prepare yourself for receiving such news and calculate your next steps carefully so you can handle every situation to the best of your capabilities.

Dreaming About a Broken Door

Dreaming about a broken door can represent an issue with your relationships.

A door in this context may represent your emotions or your relationship with someone or yourself. A broken door represents damage to the relationship or your peace of mind.

The harm to your relationship may have come from the resurgence of old issues or memories or can even be caused by some recent event.

Dreaming About Fixing a Broken Door

Dreaming about fixing a broken door in this context can mean that you are performing damage control or trying to fix your relationship with someone after it went through a rough patch.

It can also be possible that you are repairing your self-image after validating your emotions and you are ready to self-actualize and identify your potential.

Dreaming About Holding a Door Shut

A dream in which you are holding a door shut can be symbolic of various things. As you may recall, doors represent new stages in life and opportunities.

It may be that you are scared and intimidated to lose your sense of comfort and welcome new experiences in your life- perhaps a recent change that has been suggested to you?

Moreover, keeping a door shut may also mean that you are mentally drained and do not have the capacity to socialize or entertain new ideas. You might simply be overwhelmed and overloaded by the daily struggles of life.

In this case, perhaps it is a good idea for you to rest your mind and relax so that you can find the energy to deal with your day-to-day life again.

Dreaming About Someone Walking Through a Door

Did you recently dream about you walking through a door? Or perhaps you dreamt of someone else walking through a door.

In the former case, your dream may mean to inform you that you have stepped out of your comfort zone and have begun your ascent into a new and hopefully more positive phase of life.

Discomfort and growth often come hand in hand. As such, this dream can also be a manifestation of the discomfort you face while you are on your journey to grow. Don’t be discouraged and just power through.

In the latter case of someone else walking through a door, it can either mean that someone close to you, like a friend or family member, is making progress. It can also mean that someone has crossed a line and betrayed your trust.

If this is the case you should practice setting boundaries and stand up for yourself.

Dreaming About Closing a Door

As you walk through a door to a new destination, you close it on the place that you were before you crossed. If you dream of closing a door, it is possible that your dream is symbolizing that you are losing the door at an old chapter in life.

It may be a relationship, a way of thinking, or a milestone such as a college or a university.

However, if in the dream you are closing a door without crossing it, your inner insecurities and anxieties may be stopping you from embracing a potential opportunity.

If you find yourself in this scenario you should take some time to cool off, maybe take a calming nature walk, and reevaluate your decisions after you have calmed down.

Dreaming About a Door that Won’t Close

If you have a dream where you are trying to close a door but are consistently unable to do so, it may be a manifestation of your anxiety and stress related to letting go of something.

In essence, a dream such as this represents helplessness and a need to let go that does not match actions. It symbolizes a lack of control over a habit or a situation.

This may range from being unable to “close to door” on certain chapters of your life – perhaps a toxic partner- or maybe it is something more internal such as fighting a habit or addiction that has been a part of you for a long time.

It can also be possible that the reason you are closing the door in the dream is to protect yourself from someone or something and this may be a symbol of a lack of safety that you feel in your normal life.

If you have a dream such as this, remember to reassure yourself, go easy on yourself and reach out to loved ones for support in your trying times.

Dreaming About a Door Opening by Itself

This dream is a sign that new opportunities are presenting themselves to you in life, and that you are making progress toward overcoming the obstacles that have been holding you back.

Seeing a door opening in your dream is a portent of your return to favor. If you have recently been dealt some defeats, the presence of an open door suggests that you are about to go on the journey that will lead to your success.

Dreaming About a Red Door

Dreaming about a red door can often mean that you wish to be more emotionally available and express yourself.

The best way to get past your anxieties is to confront them head-on and discuss them with other people. You shouldn’t jump to any conclusions about a scenario until you have all of the relevant information.

This could also mean that you are repressing your feelings. These feelings can range from anger or passion to even sadness.

The color red is such that it correlates with strong emotions such as anger, love, passion, or frustration and it is considered to be one of if not the most attractive colors.

Dreaming About a Glass Door

Glass is a see-through material. As such you can see across a glass door and know what is on the other side. Hence, a dream about a glass door is an optimistic dream that symbolizes new possibilities, knowledge, and a positive view of the future- a glance at what is to come.

It may be a symbol of you realizing your life goals, forming a life plan, or just overall understanding the potential that your current life plan has. You can see where your life is going and you are willing to accept it. This can be a result of an improved self-image as well.

In some cultures, such a dream can be a representation of good luck and fortune as well. So brace yourself, calculate your steps and embrace this world with open arms.

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Closing Remarks

Doors tend to have a very strong and varying meaning in our dreams. An important thing to remember regardless of the interpretation of your dream is that you are the master of your open destiny and decide what path your life takes you on.

Whether you dream about an open door or a closed one, at the end of the day, what you do today is what will decide your future- not your dreams.

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