What Does Dreaming of Whales Mean?

Did you know whales are among the largest animals in existence?

In fact, the Antarctic blue whale is the largest animal on this planet, weighing up to 200 tons and reaching lengths of up to 30 meters. And the interesting part? This creature can consume up to 3600 kilos of krill every day.

But today, our focus is not on whales but on dreams about these magnificent creations.

dreaming of whales

Whales rarely appear in our dreamscape. However, when they do, they carry very significant messages from our subconscious. This could be a message of strength, teamwork, or longevity.

And since whales live in water, dreams about them could reflect emotional state and spiritual energy. They could also depict intuition and spiritual insights.

But let’s not limit ourselves to these interpretations alone. Join us as we uncover more secrets that dream about whales hold.

What Does It Mean to Dream About Whales?

As mentioned above, in the dreamscape, water and most sea creatures are often associated with emotional and spiritual states.

So, whales could symbolize intuition, the knowledge that pops up in consciousness without premeditation. These creatures are also synonymous with spiritual energy and spirituality.

Whales live in pods, cooperating in hunting and taking care of their young. This means, their presence in your dream could reflect your family and relationships. The vision may urge you to spend more time with your partner, kids, and relatives.

Whales also live for quite a long time. And any pod, the oldest whales teach the young ones to locate their favorite spots and how to hunt. Because of this, whales in the dream world might symbolize longevity and wisdom.

Are you still with us?

Great, let’s look at other potential symbolisms and meanings of whales in dreams.


Dreaming of whales implies you’ve emotionally closed yourself off from others. You also struggle to communicate your feelings with the people around you.

Whales represent the depth of your emotional state. So, a dream about this creature might imply that you rarely express what you feel. Instead, you choose to bury your emotions as deeply as you can.

Such a vision encourages you to stop wallowing or repressing your emotions. This is because the more you suppress your emotions, the harder it will be to control them when they surface.

In such a case, try to communicate how you feel and express your opinions on matters that affect you. Also, open up to someone you trust to receive help and make sense of your feelings. Once you understand your emotions, it becomes easier to express them.


Whales are family-oriented animals. They work together to raise their young, protect their herds and even hunt for food. To dream of a whale suggests you should work on creating and maintaining such bonds in your life.

The dream urges you to be a team player because no man is an island. Working together towards a common goal takes lesser effort than when working alone. Plus, there will be someone to pick you up when you fall.

Similarly, it tells you to take time to bond with the people you genuinely care for. Don’t let work or personal issues dictate your relationships. Who knows? Maybe these people might come through for you when facing a difficult time.


Clairvoyance is the gift of powerful intuition, psychic insights, and precognitive abilities. Whales in dreams imply you can tap into your spiritual consciousness and cosmic awareness. As a result, you can make highly intuitive decisions about your life.

The dream also suggests you have killer instincts and constantly trust your gut to make decisions and navigate through life.


Whales in dreams represent the darker aspects of your personality. Sometimes, they also represent the hidden or undiscovered side of you that you don’t want other people to know about.

Seeing a whale collide with a ship’s underbelly implies you’re struggling to come to terms with your darker traits. You wish to hide from them or ignore them until they disappear.

However, the dream urges you to own your dark side. No one is inherently good or inherently bad. Keep in mind, the dark sides exist for a reason. It’s the deep side of your psyche that’s trying to protect and keep you safe. So, embrace the good and bad sides aspects of your life to achieve a balance.

Spiritual Meaning of Whales in Dreams

Whales in dreams carry a lot of spiritual significance. For instance, the Celts believe that dreaming of a whale denotes a need to reconnect or form a deeper connection with your inner self.

Such a dream also implies you need to heal your inner self from past traumas if you wish to grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

For the Native Americans, the whale was considered the record keeper of the earth and worshipped as the “Mother Sea”.

With their long lives and ability to traverse the depths of vast oceans, the Natives believed whales in dreams signified longevity and infinite wisdom.

If you dream of two killer whales swimming together, the vision symbolizes lifelong romance. A lone whale, on the other hand, suggests you need time away from everything and everyone to grow spiritually.

Dream of whales could also show that you’re about to make an important decision that will dictate the path you will take in life.

Biblical Meaning of Whales in Dreams

Biblically, whales in dreams might symbolize spiritual renewal. Scholars of the Bible often talk about the story of Jonah getting swallowed by a big fish (sometimes, they refer to it as a whale).

The whale represents the dark hidden aspects of yourself, while getting swallowed denotes being plunged into the depths of your psyche. The three days spent in the belly signify a time to introspect, reflect, and purify yourself.

After the third day, Jonah was spat out with a transformed mindset and a readiness to undertake his mission. Therefore, this dream could suggest its time to embark on a journey of spiritual discovery and renewal.

On a similar note, whales in dreams might signify divine intervention. Case in point, Jonah was thrown off the ship and got swallowed before he could drown.

Therefore, whales in dreams might indicate protection by a higher power. In that case, you should always trust God’s plans for you.

Common Scenarios of Dreams About Whales

dream about whales

1. Dreaming of Seeing Whales in The Ocean

Seeing whales swimming in the ocean expresses your desire for freedom. Perhaps you feel tied down by your responsibilities and wish to feel free and unbounded. The dream tells you it’s okay to take a break and experience the freedom you desire.

Alternatively, the dream implies you’re a free spirit. You love living in an environment that allows you to be your true self without criticism or judgment.

2. Dreaming of Swimming with Whales

Swimming with whales shows you’re deeply in touch with your emotions and instincts. It also warns you that you might have to rely on those instincts to get you out of a sticky situation in the future.

Swimming with a lot of whales is a reminder to build your professional and social networks. In addition, it urges you to reach out and reconnect with your family, especially if you grew apart because of distance or lack of communication.

Furthermore, the vision implies you’re about to enter a passionate romantic relationship. However, the dream warns you to be careful when choosing your next partner. The reason is, this person can contribute to your growth or cause you serious harm.

3. Dreaming of Whales Jumping Out of The Ocean

Sometimes, whales jump out of the water to celebrate. This usually happens at the end of a feeding session. That could mean a dream of whales jumping out of the water suggests you wish to celebrate your achievements with the people in your social circles.

Alternatively, whales jumping in water implies you’ve overcome the obstacles you’ve been facing in your waking life.

It is also a sign you’re entering a new phase full of exciting opportunities for your growth. The dream urges you to take advantage of this season and make the best of it.

4. Dreaming of Whales and Dolphins

Dreaming of whales and dolphins swimming together symbolizes emotional intelligence, communication, and bonding.

The dream points to your emotional maturity and ability to form strong emotional bonds. You also seek peace and support in your relationships.

Furthermore, it suggests you’re attuned to your emotions and openly communicate what you feel, especially in situations that make you uncomfortable.

Dolphins and whales swimming together in a dream also signify security. You’re secure in your personal and professional relationships.

Alternatively, the whale symbolizes great protection, while the dolphin symbolizes a carefree being. This might mean someone in a position of authority is protecting you or vice versa.

5. Dreaming About a Whale Attack

It is a fact that whales are quite peaceful and rarely attack humans unless threatened. So, what does it mean when you dream of a whale attacking you?

Perhaps it signifies internal conflict. The whale represents an aspect of yourself that you struggle to accept and are vehemently trying to suppress.

However, it could also signify ignorance and doubt. You suspect the motives of certain people around you, yet you have no way to prove if they’re malicious or genuinely good to you.

Similarly, it implies you’re turning a blind eye to some negative actions of the people in your vicinity. You feign ignorance because you do not want to lose them.

6. Dreaming About a Killer Whale

While a dream about killer whales might seem scary, it has the opposite interpretation. A killer whale in your dreams shows you will garner the mental fortitude to overcome any obstacles in your path to success.

Additionally, dreaming of a killer whale foretells you will reconnect with your inner self or estranged loved ones. It tells you to forgive your younger self for not making the right choices and allow yourself to heal. It’s also a reminder to avoid conflicts or disputes within your family.

7. Dreaming About a Blue Whale

To dream of a blue whale indicates you’re a person averse to changes. You’re stubborn in your beliefs and refuse to change your perception of a matter, even if you’re wrong.

Your refusal to change old habits has left a wake of mistakes in your past, and you’re quickly losing your standing in your social and professional circles.

Frequent dreams about blue whales are a sign you should change your attitude and mindset towards life. This will help you rectify your mistakes and prevent you from committing them in the future.

On the upside, a blue whale in your dreams is a sign that you should reconnect with people you’ve pushed away in the past.

8. Dreaming About a Humpback Whale

Humpback whales rank high on the list of highly intellectual and social mammals. A humpback whale appearing in your dreams suggests you’re approaching a new chapter of your life. The dream encourages you to let go of your past and embrace your future.

Similarly, dreaming of a humpback whale implies you’re a free and adventurous spirit. You’re always looking for the next adventure or ready to experience new things, all in the spirit of growth and development.

9. Dreaming About a Beluga Whale

Beluga whales are friendly and curious. To dream of one highlights your amiable nature and thirst for knowledge. You’re always seeking avenues to expand your knowledge and learn new crafts.

However, your amiable nature also suggests that you place your trust in strangers too easily. This has led you down dangerous paths in the past. In light of this, the vision highlights the importance of exercising caution and discretion when choosing friends and sharing personal information with others.

10. Dreaming of Riding a Whale

Dreaming about riding a whale is a positive omen. It shows a strong sense of self-assurance and confidence in your skills. It means you thrive in social scenes (environments) and effortlessly build connections that might help you on your path to success.

The act of riding this sea creature links to your unwavering determination to face and overcome difficulties. However, you should stay vigilant and watch out for traps set by those who mean you harm.

If you’re in politics, this dream symbolizes exponential career growth and achievement of success. Of course, you need to work hard to manifest this dream.

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Closing Thoughts

Finally, we have come to the end of our dream guide. But before we go let’s highlight a few things we have learned.

First off, dreams about whales have several positive connotations. These visions symbolize strong family bonds, intuition, spirituality, and emotional awareness.

On the negative side, the whale dream represents suppressed emotions, internal conflict, and ignorance.

That said, understanding these diverse meanings and interpretations can help you unlock the hidden messages of your subconscious mind.

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