Dream of Witches Meaning: 12 Scenarios

Because of Halloween, we often image witches as women with point hats, warts and long noses, black dresses, and brooms. In pop culture, witches have been portrayed as awkward teenagers learning to control their powers while battling evil forces, or benevolent suburban housewives.

The first witches were people who practices witchcraft and used spells to call upon spirits that will help them. Even though many of them were considered to be doing the work of the devil, a lot of the were wise women and natural healers who were misunderstood.

dream about witches

Witches can appear in your dreams, and it can be quite a disturbing occurrence. Dreaming about witches usually has a negative meaning.

However, it’s not always the case that dreaming about a which should be a negative thing. There are several interpretations of this dream, and it varies from one type of dream to another.

Meaning and Symbolism of Witch Dreams

Witches are often considered a bad omen due to the prejudices and history that revolve around them. However, there are many different meanings that this dream can have.

Usually, throughout history, witches were depicted by woman characters. But, there can also be male witches which you can dream about.

If you have any questions about the symbolism of your witch dreams, read on to find out the answers.

Dream of Witches Meaning

1. Change

It is a widespread opinion that witches look to gain magic powers in order to spread chaos. Even though this not might be completely true because some witches want power so they can have a positive influence on humanity.

When you consider this aspect, witch dreams could mean that you’re letting go of the negative energy and you’re awakening spiritually.

While transformation is happening in some key areas in your life, you will also achieve healing in the process. For this reason, you need to locate your bad behaviors and habits and work on fixing them.

2. Power

Dreams about witches mean that you possess resilience and strength that help you confront challenges head-on. It can also mean that you’re struggling to express your power, so you need to look for ways that you can do this.

3. Initiation

If you dream about witches carrying out an initiation ritual so you can join their coven, it means that you have something that the witches want. Even though it might seem exciting to have powers in your dream, joining a cover of witches can have catastrophic effects.

In religions and prayers, witches are scolded. For this reason, dreaming about initiations could be a sign that you should look for cleansing by a spiritual figure in your life, whether that’s a pastor or a shaman.

4. Success

If you see witches in your dream but there aren’t any rituals, spells, or potions in sight, it means that there is success in store for you. This also is a sign that there’s an upcoming creative period for you, which will result in a lot of good luck.

In addition, it could also mean that you’re going to progress thanks to the start of new social relationships in your life. Witches have powers and are supernatural beings, and seeing them in your dreams means that incredible and extraordinary things await you in the following period.

5. Something New

Even though witches generally give out bad vibes and are unpleasant, it doesn’t always mean that they’re a symbol of disaster. Witches are creatures who have the ability to destroy but create as well.

So, dreaming about a witch could mean that you’ll experience something new and fresh. This dream could also mean that something amazing is about to happen in your romantic relationship.

6. Bad Luck

Dreaming about witches could mean bad luck, especially if the witch in your dreams is trying to hurt you in some way.

If the witch is making you go through a bad ritual, it means that you should look for cleansing and spiritual assistance in the following period to avoid danger. Another sign of bad luck, disappointment, and setbacks in some areas of your life is hearing a witch laugh in your dreams.

This bad news could be related to your finances, relationships, family, business, or job.

7. Knowledge

Thanks to the abilities that witches have, they can be superior to human beings, especially in terms of brilliance and intelligence. Dreaming about witches could mean that you’ve taken some steps in your life that deserve praise.

It could mean that you’re a person who isn’t afraid of taking chances, and isn’t shy from making hard decisions, even when you’re under pressure. Dreams about witches also signify that besides possessing these characteristics, you’re also an intelligent and wise person.

12 Common Witch Dreams

Dreams are a way of our subconscious mind trying to tell us something. But, what’s the message that it’s sending to use?

Let’s look at some common dreams that include witches, and what they might represent.

1. Dream of Seeing a Witch

Seeing a witch in your dreams, but not interacting with her can be a good sign due to the non-threatening nature of your dream. Maybe you have some worries on your mind, whether it’s your relationship, a project, or a fight with a close friend.

You’ve been feeling that things aren’t going well and you’re anxious. Having this dream means that you shouldn’t worry and that everything is going to be fine.

Another possible interpretation of this dream is that good luck is waiting for you in the upcoming period.

2. Dreams About Witches Chasing You

Dreaming about being chased by witches could mean that negative energy is coming your way. If you were looking forward to some events during this period, you need to be conscious.

The smart move at this time would be to avoid submitting business proposals or any financial projects you had in mind. Moreover, don’t start relationships with any business partner during this time because they might end up catastrophically.

3. Dream of Being a Witch

Sometimes you dream of witches, and sometimes the witch in your dreams is you.

Dreaming about being a witch can mean that you’re finally seeing your own power. It has a positive meaning and it symbolizes that you have control over the things in your life.

On the other hand, this dream could also indicate conflict. If you’re the witch in your dreams, you might be uncomfortable with your behavior, and you need to reevaluate yourself.

4. Witch Laughing in Dream

Dreams about witches laughing could be interpreted in many different ways, and the interpretation depends on the type of laugh the witch had. Was it pleasant and joyous laughter, or has it a mischievous or evil cackle?

When you heard the witch laughing, what emotions arose in you? If you felt uncomfortable, it might be a sign that you’re being bullied by someone.

Another interpretation of an evil laugh is that you’ll make a mistake and people will judge you instead of supporting you. Lastly, it could mean that you’re going to get some bad news.

Contrarily, if the laugh made you feel good, it could be a sign of magic and joy coming into your life.

5. Dream of Witches Flying

Traditionally, witches use broomsticks as a means of transport. So, if in your dreams the witch is flying on a broomstick, it might be an additional detail your mind is sending you to make sure you get the message.

Some people think that dreaming about a witch flying on a broomstick could mean that you’re going to get some bad news. Moreover, you might need to take on extra responsibilities, without additional recognition or payment.

Lastly, the witch flying on a broomstick could signify that you want to escape. Maybe as the witch, you also wish that you could fly away from a certain situation you’ve gotten yourself in.

6. Dreaming About an Evil Witch

Dreaming about an evil witch could be a bad sign. It can be an indicator that your professional and social connections are weakening.

If you don’t have a good network of people around you, your chances of achieving big things are smaller.

7. Defeating a Witch in a Dream

A dream where you defeat or kill a witch means that you’ve vanquished your enemies. It’s a positive omen and it represents your ability to overcome challenges and take control.

It can also be an indicator that you want to keep your close ones out of trouble. The witch in this dream represents someone or something in opposition to you.

8. Dream Of Fighting a Witch

Dream Of Fighting a Witch

Dreams where you fight a witch, or several witches, mean that you’re not afraid to stand your ground. Your independence is important to you, and you’re not afraid to fight for it.

This dream could also mean that you’re going to have some luck in terms of finances.

9. Dream Of Seeing a Witch Doctor

Witch doctors are people who focus on the medical aspects of witchcraft. In your dreams, you might meet a witch doctor.

What this dream means is that you’re prepared to do anything to solve the challenges you’re currently facing. This dream could also mean that you’re a very creative person, and you have a unique way of going on about your activities.

However, the negative aspect of this dream is that the unconventional ways of solving your issues could reflect badly on you and your close ones. For this reason, you need to evaluate your decisions.

10. Dreams About Witch Attacks

A dream where you’re attacked by a witch might signify that you’re feeling oppressed. Analyzing the attack of the witch can provide more insights into the negative feelings you’re experiencing.

A watch attacking you personally could mean that you perceive someone as a physical threat. It could also be an indicator that you’re afraid of diseases and illnesses.

The place in which the witch appeared can also be vital. For instance, if you dreamt that the witch appeared in your study or at work, it might mean that you’ll be encountering the threat at this place.

11. Dream About An Old Witch

Dreams about meeting an old witch indicate that you shouldn’t tolerate people who take advantage of you. This dream serves as a reminder that you need to have self-respect and stand up for yourself.

If you have people in your life who are constantly criticizing you, you should set boundaries with them or completely cut them off. You should believe in your abilities and skills, and no one around you should undermine them.

12. Dream About Witches And Potions

If you dream that a witch is preparing a magical potion, then you need to relax, because this is usually considered a good sign. A potion contains something that has magical power, which means that the rough period you’re going through will end soon.

This dream could also mean that you can use your creative powers to get out of a certain situation.


How Does Religion Perceive Witches?

Most religions, including Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism, don’t have a positive approach to witchcraft. Most Christian and Islamic believers think that dreaming about witches means you will lose control over your life.

Dreams about witches are typically associated with insanity, poverty, bad fortune, and oppression. However, no matter the religious interpretation of these dreams, the circumstances in the dream also determine its symbolism.

Final Thoughts

Witches have been a part of legends and myths throughout history, so it’s no wonder that they would appear in your dreams too. Can you find the explanation for this dream in your subconscious mind, or are these dreams delivering some type of supernatural message to you?

To find out the true meaning of this dream, you must analyze the type of practices and rituals involved in the dream, what emotions the dream awoke in you, and if any other objects were involved in the dream.

4 thoughts on “Dream of Witches Meaning: 12 Scenarios”

  1. I constantly dream that I am a witch, and being called a witch, but I am also able to fly without a broomstick without anything with just my arms I can fly almost like spring through the air, and I have these dreams constantly like four or more times a week I wonder what they mean

    • Recurring dreams point towards something significant in your life, and this dream is no different.

      You often see yourself as a witch in your dream because your subconscious mind taps into your inner strengths and abilities. These might sometimes take the form of magic in your dream.

      The fact that you soar through the air shows your desire for freedom from your everyday home or work responsibilities.

      The dream also shows that you have broken free from societal responsibilities or preconceived notions.

  2. I dreamed that a old man was laying on his back and a old quaker lady pointed at him and he rose up and then he had long white hair and beard and flew in the house and I was on a laptop and when I woke up or still in my dream I felt some one touch my ankle and herd feet shuffle on the carpet

    • We understand how it’s so easy to label this dream as a bad omen, but there’s a positive side to it. Like most dreams, yours presents an intriguing scenario to explore.

      First, the old man lying on his back and the old Quaker lady seem like witches. If so, the dream could mean you are not an individual who fears learning and taking chances or making hard choices, even when under pressure. The basis behind this explanation is that witches can be superior to humans and often seek new knowledge.

      Your dream could also be seen as a sign of transformation. You clearly state that when the man rose up, he had long white hair and a beard, which could mean you have found a new sense of enlightenment or maturity within yourself.


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