Time Traveling in Dreams: What Does It Mean?

Do you ever wish you can time travel? Perhaps there’s a historical event you wish to experience or you want to know about your future.

While time travel is still a concept and not yet possible, there’s no limit to what your subconscious mind can do. In fact, it can make time travel possible in your dream world, but not in a literal sense.

time traveling dreams

What that means is you can time travel back to your past and be with your dead loved one or to the future to attend your own funeral.

However, dreams are just dreams – not real events. As such, your time-traveling experience might be your subconscious’s way of providing you with insight into what is happening in your life.

If you want to learn more about dreams about time travel, continue reading below.

What Does Time Travel in A Dream Mean?

Like most dreams, dreams about time traveling can reveal a lot about your life. Some things might be positive, while others might be negative.

Generally, these dreams represent a sense of dissatisfaction in your waking life. They point to your desire to escape reality in the search for truth.

Perhaps you seek balance and a sense of belonging in your life. After all, we all wish to live a fulfilling life free from the conflicts and challenges of the world.

Time traveling can help you gain a glimpse of the future. This way, you can identify what works and what doesn’t.

But since we are yet to invent the time machine, let’s look at the different meanings dreams of time traveling (whether in the past or future) can hold.

Dream About Going Back in Time

Feeling of Confusion

Having a time-traveling dream during a prolonged period of confusion is no surprise. When experiencing such a situation, it’s normal to feel stuck in an endless, foggy web of uncertainty.

This often happens when you’re torn between two options or having a difficult time making sense of your situation, especially when things are happening so fast.

Confusion often leads to the feeling of being powerless. It can also cause anxiety, stress, and a whole host of other negative emotions.

While confusion might sound like a bad thing, it’s sometimes good for you. That’s because it represents powerful change.

Therefore, your dream symbolizes the changes and growth in your life. Not only that, you are also allowing your body, mind, and soul to create space for something new.

A time-traveling dream also encourages you to take a break from the busy schedule of your daily life. If possible, meet some friends and hang out or take a vacation.

Escaping Reality

The stressors of the modern world can sometimes make us wish we could teleport to a time when everything seemed easy and happier.

Even though you desire a smooth sailing life, running away from your problems will not help. Rather than escaping your reality, wear your big boy pants and face your issues head-on.

The dream also suggests you need time to heal and nature yourself. Take a break from the pressure of life and indulge in self-care.

Symbol of Nostalgic Vibes

Have you recently encountered a familiar scent, or sound, or engaged in a conversation that gives you nostalgic vibes? Or you are feeling lonely?

If so, your dream of time travel stems from that feeling. Your unconscious mind is reacting to your reminisces of memory–usually a warm personally meaningful memory like a close relationship or your childhood.

The dream implies that you long for a period when you were happy. You wish you go back to the past or your current life could be the same as that time. As a result, you feel emotion with a deep sense of longing or loss.

You Have Regrets

Do you wish something in your life played out differently than it did?

It’s common to experience regret after a disappointing life event, making a wrong decision, or saying something that you can’t take back. The negative feeling is hard to shake off and can linger around for days, months, years, or even your entire lifetime.

When a feeling of regret is so overwhelming, it’s tempting to look back and think of all the ways you could have changed the outcome. But since that’s impossible, the best way to overcome regrets is to forgive yourself and move on.

Remember, mistakes are an integral part of life. Instead of feeling angry at yourself for saying something unkind, learn from your mistake and let go of the regret.

Your recurring vision of time traveling is a sign to forgive yourself and focus on your future. Alternatively, it encourages you to address issues that have been disturbing you so you can move forward.

Dreaming About Time Travel to The Future

You Desire a Better Life

A dream of time traveling to the future could mean you wish to see how your life turns out. This rings true if you are currently going through a rough time.

You might also desire to travel forward into the future to see how a decision that’s weighing heavy on your conscious mind will work out or affect your future.

However, your dream is more related to events in your current life than your future. It suggests that you consider how making a particular decision or taking a certain path can alter the course of your life. The same holds for your habits and actions.

You Are Fascinated with Technology

As crazy as it might sound, your interest in technological advancements can give rise to dreams about time travel.

Did you see the movie Back to The Future? Are you a fan of the Sci-Fi movie?

In the 1985 classic movie, Marty McFly travels back to the 1950s in a DeLorean built by Doc Brown. In the second part of the movie, the main characters travel 30 years into the future to prevent a catastrophe.

The point here is that such movies trigger your creative mind. For this reason, you are fascinated with what technology can reveal about the future of humans.

The dream also implies that thinking about technology is your way of coping with the complexities of the modern world.

You Fear the Future

No one knows what the future holds. And this uncertainty is quite unsettling to many people and elicits fear. Therefore, a dream about time traveling to the future could mean you are worried and anxious about what lies ahead.

But keep in mind that fear of the future is a powerful type of fear and can impact several areas of your life and limit you considerably. When you allow this fear to dominate your life, you will no longer have room for rational thinking.

Generally, your imagination gives rise to the fear of the future. Maybe you are afraid of poverty even though you have money. Or, you fear losing your job, even though are an expert in your field.

If you are afraid of the future so much, learn to overcome the fear by strengthening your self-confidence, looking at the fear from a different angle, and focusing on positive thoughts.

You Want to Make Your Future Perfect

Everyone wants to have a successful and problem-free future. However, if you’re obsessed with making your future perfect, you might dream of time-traveling to the future.

While there’s no problem being hopeful, don’t forget to live in the present time. Otherwise, your obsession with your future might drive you to destruction.

This dream prompts you to enjoy every moment you have in life and never take your life for granted. Remember, your thoughts, actions, and habits determine how your future will unfold.

Dreams About Time Travel Examples

dream about time travel

  • Dream of traveling to the past and talking about the future: You will receive good news in your life, even though you didn’t anticipate it. The dream is also a sign of reuniting with friends and making friends with strangers.
  • Dream of seeing a time machine: The dream is a warning of betrayal from your dear ones. Perhaps your girlfriend/boyfriend will cheat on you or a friend will spill your secrets. Therefore, be cautious of the individual you surround yourself with.
  • Dream of time traveling to the past to be with a dead loved one: You are still unwilling to let go of your deceased friends, loved ones, or family member. You feel guilt and regret, though you have nothing to do with their death. Consider the dream a sign to move on and let your loved one spirit ascend to the next plane of existence.
  • Dream about time traveling to historical events: Sometimes you can see yourself in prehistorical times with dinosaurs, in ancient Egypt, or the medieval period. In this situation, the dream reflects your life struggles. If you don’t get help soon, the problem will become worse.
  • Dream about time travel and an unborn kid: You desire to have a child but not just with anyone. You are looking for a person who will appreciate and love you for who you are. The dream might also mean you care about the health and well-being of your children.

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Time-traveling dreams (whether to the past or future) have different meanings. Maybe you wish to escape your reality, desire a better future, or you’re just experiencing nostalgic vibes.

Irrespective of the dream’s meaning or interpretation, you will learn more about the different aspects of your life. Chances are, you might also find answers about certain life circumstances.

That’s all we have for you today. If you loved this piece, share it with friends!

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