Dream About Lice Meaning and Symbolism

Lice are small parasites that live in the hosts’ hair and suck their blood. They lay eggs called nits and cause skin and scalp irritation, itchiness, and rashes.

According to Sigmund Freud, dreams are our way of organizing our memories, experiences, thoughts, and emotions into a continuous narrative. It’s how we make sense of what goes on around us. In a dream, lice could symbolize toxic relationships, mental or spiritual negativity, guilt, shame, illness, or accusations.

dream about lice

Dreaming about lice could also have positive meanings such as overcoming adversity, acquiring instant wealth, or recovering from illness.

Meaning and Symbolism of Lice in a Dream

Lice can be very irritating and difficult to get rid of. As such, lice in dreams carry a strong symbolic meaning. Here are a few positive and negative meanings attached to dreaming of lice.


Lice dreams could mean you are facing a persistent problem. You are struggling to find solutions to something that has been plaguing you for a while.

In many cases, dreams of lice when facing frustrations usually mean you are on the brink of a breakthrough. You already know the solution to your problems. You just need to be brave enough to act.


Dreaming of lice means you are faced with betrayal amongst your allies. Someone close to you has either annoyed you or passed damaging information about you to others.

Alternatively, it could mean you’re having problems in your marriage or relationship. If someone has recently betrayed your trust, work on forgiving them. Otherwise, you’ll find it difficult to move on.


Sometimes dreaming about lice is a sign of distress. Maybe you’re undergoing some emotional pain or extreme anxiety.

Lice dreams could be a subconscious message that you’re feeling helpless over a stressful situation. In your real life, maybe it’s time to step back and take a break.


Lice in your dream can represent feelings of guilt. You feel you have wronged someone and are afraid of the repercussions.

In your normal life, you need to confront your sources of guilt. Forgive others and seek forgiveness for past mistakes. Take action to replace bad deeds with good ones.


When you find some renewed motivation to overcome challenges, you could dream of lice. Keep working to improve your productivity at work. Be more outgoing and take more risks. Rewards will follow.

Dreaming of Lice in Chinese Theory

The Chinese dream interpretation text by Zhou Duke says that dreaming of lice means you are at a disadvantage. You should be wary of those close to you as they might deceive you.

Different Scenarios About Dream of Lice

Different Scenarios About Dreaming of Lice

Dreaming of lice can hold different meanings depending on the context. For example, dreaming of light lice can mean a different thing to a dream about dark lice. Here are a few scenarios and their possible meanings.

Dreaming of Head Lice

Lice can populate different parts of your body. Head lice in dreams are usually a sign of financial prosperity. It means you will soon earn or win a lot of money.

Dreaming of head lice may also mean you will receive unexpected help from someone.

On the other hand, dreaming of lice on your head can mean you have unresolved issues. You have to take steps to resolve arguments or remove yourself from toxic relationships.

Dreaming of Lice Crawling on Your Scalp

With lice crawling all over your head in a dream, it suggests you have recently made a bad decision or will soon make a bad decision.

The dream suggests you should be careful about your choices. Stay alert and be practical with your financial spending.

Dreaming of Lice on Your Forehead

A dream about lice on your forehead can be a bad omen. It signifies you will soon have a confrontation with a powerful enemy.

In other circumstances, dreaming of lice on your forehead can signify readiness to take risks and reap big rewards. Perhaps it’s time to open a new business or consider new job offers.

Dreaming of Lice on Your Body

A dream about lice all over your body is a bad omen. It signals that you have been careless with your words and your life.

It can mean you will soon suffer from health or mental issues. It may also mean that you have been unfair to someone and will soon damage relationships with those you love.

Dreaming of Lice in Your Pubic Hair

A dream about lice in your nether regions may signify unfulfilled desires. While most such dreams indicate sexual frustrations, they may also symbolize lost opportunities in career and business.

Dreaming of Being Unable to Find Lice on Your Body

If you dream of feeling lice crawling on you but locate them, it symbolizes a period of suffering. You will soon feel miserable and helpless in life.

After the dream, try and make better life choices, especially in your spending. You should also change to healthy lifestyles such as better grooming, quitting tobacco and alcohol, and eating healthier food.

Dreaming of Curing Lice

Curing a lice infestation from your hair in a dream could mean you are about to get a financial windfall. It means financial prosperity is on the horizon.

In your waking life, keep your focus and dedication to your work, trade, or business. Your efforts are about to bear fruit.

Dreaming of Shaving Hair to Get Rid of Lice

Lice leaving your scalp after shaving during a dream could mean you’re about to go back to an old flame even though things haven’t resolved. It means you’re ready to give a former romantic partner another chance and you’re ready to make changes to accommodate the needs of your ex.

Dreaming of Washing Off Lice

Washing off lice from your scalp in a dream may signify a new enthusiasm in your life or work. You’re feeling some new energy and feeling motivated towards achieving your goals.

Dreaming of Lice in Someone Else’s Hair

Seeing lice in someone else’s hair during a dream brings positive energy. It means someone is about to come into your life with good tidings. The symbolism also applies if you dream of lice jumping from your hair to someone else’s hair.

It means a person is coming to help you attain an objective that you’ve been desperately trying to achieve on your own.

Dreaming of Lice When You’re About to Get Married

When you’re engaged and close to your wedding day, a lice dream means you will soon resolve some outstanding issues. It may mean some family secrets will be revealed to make your upcoming marriage more transparent.

Pre-wedding lice dreams could suggest that you should take time to talk to your spouse and future in-laws. Get answers to questions and resolve issues before tying the knot.

A Married Person Dreaming of Lice

When a married person dreams of lice, they may be harboring fears of a cheating spouse. In their relationship, the person is suspicious of her spouse’s behavior.

Dreaming of Talking to Lice

Having a conversation with lice in your dreams means something extraordinary is about to happen in your life. Maybe your career or business is about to get a major boost.

When awake, socialize more with people likely to move your life or career forward. You may be surprised by the opportunities they bring.

Dreaming of Partial Lice Infestation

Having lice on only part of your scalp in your dream means you’re facing tough decisions. You are struggling with difficult choices and don’t know which one to pick.

In your regular life, consult with people who have faced similar challenges. They may offer valuable advice to make informed decisions and avoid negative outcomes.

Dreaming of Lice Eggs

Nits in dreams signify upcoming good fortunes. You are about to succeed in a new project or find happiness in new adventures.

In your waking life, your next moves should be strategic to improving your future endeavors. It could be a sign to clean things up or even fire some people in order to move forward.

Dreaming of A Giant Louse

A nightmare about a giant louse chasing you could mean you have a deep fear of losing your stature. It may indicate that you’re about to be replaced at work or your finances are at risk.

When awake, start taking better care of yourself. Develop good habits to take care of your wealth and health.

Dreaming of Light-Colored Lice

Nits are white and so are some types of lice. Dreaming of white or light-colored lice means you’re about to experience some spiritual awakening.

It may also mean you’re about to face some financial troubles. Avoid new investments and work on paying off old debts.

Dreaming of Dark-Colored Lice

Most types of lice are dark red, brown, or black in color. Dreaming of dark lice means you’re about to enjoy great success in your work. A project or job you’re working on is about to bring you great fame and money.

It means your efforts will be recognized and rewarded. Plus, you’ll get more opportunities to advance in life. In your waking life, invest your time and money wisely.

Recurrent Dreams About Lice

Dreaming repeatedly about lice may mean you’re about to face a season of plenty. Keep improving your productivity at work and take more calculated risks in your business.

It may also mean you’re feeling stuck in a rut. Maybe it’s time to change careers or take a break from work or from a difficult relationship.

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Lice dreams are often a sign of obstacles in your life. Dreaming of lice suggests you should act fast to overcome the hurdles you may be facing in your work, relationships, or business.

Lice in dreams can also represent your enemies. Since lice live on your body, these enemies are often people very close to you. Watch out for people trying to manipulate, betray, or take advantage of you.

In other cases, lice can signify people who come to help you find your destiny. Such people give clarity to your work and help you overcome major challenges in your life.

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