Flood Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Floods happen, and seeing them, in reality, will be no surprise, especially during the wet season.

On the other hand, dreaming of floods can raise the hairs on your neck. Nobody wants to experience this disaster in real life because floods destroy lives and properties.

Flood Dream Meaning

However, does seeing a flood in the dream indeed spell doom?

When you dream of seeing a flood, it’s essential to understand that it’s subject to different interpretations. Still, it doesn’t mean you’ll experience a real-life flood. So don’t fret; keep reading as we demystify this fascinating dream.

What Does Dreaming of Flood Mean?

If you dreamt of seeing water or a flood in the dream, it would be hard to get such an image off your head. You don’t need to suppress the thought because there’s a meaning behind this dream.

To understand the meaning of a flood dream, one has to look at the elements involved.

Usually, when a flood occurs in reality, it results from a rise in water level. The translation of this dream can mean that you’re suppressing your feelings. When you do this, there’s a possibility that sooner or later, all those emotions will come flooding out.

Dreaming about a flood could also mean that someone or something is agonizing you. It could be that you need to face the problem before it overwhelms you.

Other interpretations of dreams may indicate a change in events or even new beginnings. It could be a message that you need to make essential changes in your life.

For this reason, we’ve decided to look at flood dream meaning from every possible angle so that you can find the connection to yours.

Flood Dream Interpretations: Spiritual, Cultural, and Religious Meaning

Flood Dream Interpretations

Life has four essential elements: water, earth, fire, and air.

Water signifies rebirth, and the flood relates to emotions. To have a clear picture of what your dream is telling you, we’ll look at it from a spiritual, cultural, and religious angle.

Spiritual Meaning of Flood in a Dream

Water is one of the most powerful elements spiritually. It’s seen as a part of transporting souls to the other side.

In dreams, however, water has a transforming power. It’s perceived as a symbol of rebirth, rejuvenation, and life-bringer.

When water becomes excessive, it has an entirely different meaning. The flood depicts the state of the dreamer’s emotions. It may be a sign that you’re keeping your emotions at bay.

It may also be that the result of your actions will bring about an uproar of emotions. If you’ve been keeping these emotions, the dream is a warning to confront them.

Moreover, this dream could mean you no longer have the will or power to control the things in your life. You might feel constrained due to responsibility or a position you currently hold. This implies that your ideas, feelings, and aspirations are fighting hard to break free.

Meaning of Flood Dreams in Different Cultures

People have been dreaming of floods for centuries. As a result, many cultures have their interpretation of these dreams.

Some see it as a sign of destruction, loss, or a bad omen. Others, on the other hand, see flood dreams as bringing new life.

Let’s examine what each culture says about these dreams:


The Chinese, for instance, believe in the Gun-Yu, a great flood that occurred around 2200 BCE. They believe that dreaming of a flood is a sign of life after a difficult time.

The Chinese also interpret this type of dream as a sign of the beginning of a troublesome era.

The ancient Chinese believed flood dreams to have an impact on medicine. They saw it as an early sign of kidney, liver, and gallbladder illnesses.


The Hindus see the flood as a sign of impending disaster and tragedy. They believed such dreams warned of adverse effects like misfortune, failure, and destruction.

The presence of a flood in a person’s dream means that negative energies surround them.  The Hindus say it reminds people to purge themselves of negative thoughts and undergo cleansing.

The dreamer was expected to face the problems in his life with intuition, intelligence, and purity.

Religious Meaning of Flood Dreams

There have also been religious interpretations given to flood dreams, as we’ll observe below:


Those with Abrahamic beliefs see the flood as a sign that enemies surround a person. They believe that it indicates that the dreamer is vulnerable to attack from the enemy.

It could mean they could fall prey to vices like diseases, devastation, pain, and other negative attacks. The interpretation could also be that your past behavior will bring inevitable repercussions.


In Islam, dreams of a flood imply a negative sign. They believe it signifies an impending danger and possibly barriers around the dreamer.

Biblical Meaning

The Bible interpretation connects to the story of Noah and the great flood.

Noah saved all the animals known to humanity to help preserve life — the flood was the beginning of new life on earth.

Flood dreams for Christians could mean an escape. It could imply that the dreamer is avoiding his problems instead of facing them.

It has also been interpreted as a spiritual attack from the enemy, resulting in warfare. The Bible believers interpret this dream to mean that the spirit of God will fight against the enemy.

Common Scenarios of Flood Dreams and Their Interpretation

1. Dreaming of A Flash Flood

If you dream of a sudden flood, it could signify deep feelings.

If you’re in a relationship, it’s possible you might be feeling overwhelmed by your partner. You may feel like your partner is becoming too demanding, which is taking a toll on you.

It’s also possible that the flood indicates that your relationship may be rocky. It could mean a one-sided relationship and that you care more than your partner.

2. Dreaming of Being Trapped in Flood

If your dream entials being trapped in a flood, it could mean you’re no longer in control of your emotions. You may have suppressed your emotions for so long, and now it’s impossible to control those deep feelings.

3. Dreaming of Being Carried Away by A Flood

If you dream of being washed away by the current, you’re in an impossible situation. You’re likely in a problem that you can’t escape. You can’t run away, so it’s time you decide to face the situation head-on.

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4. Dreaming of A Flood with Clean Water

If you dream that the flood has clean water, it means you’re going through a cleansing.

This dream possibly means you need to start looking deeper into your life. You should endeavor to make good life choices and form good habits. This cleansing may relate to your career, health, and finances.

Dreaming of a clean water flood may signify a significant change in your life. This dream could also mean you’re hoping your problems disappear.

Alternatively, it could be that things would eventually go well for you. Hence, this dream has a positive meaning and will significantly impact your waking life.

5. Dreaming of A Flood with Dirty Water

If your dream about a flood entails one with dirty water, it has an entirely different meaning. This should be cause for concern because dirty water means something impure.

This dream tells you that something in your life is contaminated. This contamination could manifest as a disease or something terrible.

Seeing mud or dirt in a flood isn’t a good sign. You need to re-examine your life and look into your relationships. Make sure to remove the things or people causing these negative energies around you.

6. Dreaming of A Flood with Turbid Water

If you dream that the water in question is turbid, you must undergo cleansing. This time, it may signify a sort of spiritual cleaning which will positively affect your life.

7. Dreaming of Seeing a Flood from A Distance

If you’re standing at a far distance from the flood or a high place, it’s a reflection of your emotions.

This dream could be saying that you’re rejecting a part of yourself. That is, you’re not ready to let out your ideas.

You shouldn’t suppress your feelings or reject them. This dream tells you to accept yourself and identify why you chose to deny those feelings.

8. Dreaming of Heavy Rain Causing a Flood

If you dream of heavy rain and a flood following it, it can mean several things.

It could be that you believe in God to help you cleanse your life. The rainwater from the sky represents the divine powers.

It could also mean that God is protecting you.

Moreover, dreaming of a flood caused by heavy rain could imply that you’ll receive abundant blessings.

This dream could mean happier moments and a fulfilled life. It could also be an indication of troublesome times.

9. Dreaming of A Flooded Swimming Pool

Dreaming of a flooded swimming pool doesn’t mean your pool is about to get flooded — if you have one. It could be that your emotions have reached their peak.

If you’ve kept your feelings to yourself for so long, they’ll eventually break free.  The dream could also mean that you need to relax and enjoy yourself if you’ve been stressed out.

10. Dreaming of A Flooded House

Dreaming of A Flooded House

When you dream of your house flooding, don’t fret. However, it should be a cause for concern.

This dream could imply that your feelings are out of control. Note which part of the house flooded — is it the living room, bedroom, or upper rooms? All these show how you feel.

It could also be that you’re trying to vent but are suppressing it. Summarily, a dream of a flooded house represents how you feel in different aspects of your life.

11. Dreaming of A Flood Outside a House

Unlike the dream where inside a house is flooded, this flood is outside the house. Your dream is pointing out the changes that are happening around you. It could be scary and overwhelming at the same time.

Dreaming of a flood outside your house may be an expression of how you feel at the moment. Depending on what decisions you’re about to make, you may be struggling with lifestyle changes.

This dream also can indicate problems in your waking life. It may be that you’re feeling anxious and overwhelmed with your emotional problems.

12. Dreaming About Escaping a Flood

If you find yourself trying to find a way out of a flood in your dreams, it’s certainly a good dream. This dream means you’re trying to accept your feelings and emotions. It is a sign that you’re making an attempt to deal with your emotional problems.

Escaping a flood in the dream is a sign that you should not relent in your efforts. It denotes that even if you’ve been hurt in the past, you should let it go.

You need to forgive those who hurt you and get rid of all those negative emotions. Ultimately, this dream means you are embracing freedom and surviving.

13. Dreaming of Flooded Streets

Seeing yourself in a dream where the streets are flooded can spell trouble. It could be that you’re going to either cry or feel pain, with nobody to help you.

The dream indicates suffering, helplessness or resolve. It may be that you have given hope on a solution instead of finding a way out.

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Flood Dream: FAQs

Does a Flood Dream Mean I’ll Experience a Flood in Real Life?

Dreaming of a flood means a lot of things. However, it doesn’t mean that a flood is coming.

There are many interpretations of flood dreams. To the dreamer, you need to connect your dream as it represents your waking life.

A flood dream could indicate that you’re overwhelmed by your emotions and feelings. It could also signify a change, rebirth, or rejuvenation.

Why Am I Dreaming of A Flood?

Dreaming of a flood could be a message or warning. It’s crucial you understand what your dreams are telling you.

They connect to your waking life and can help you find solutions to the problems you’re going through. A flood dream isn’t necessarily a bad dream; it could be a change in the right direction for you.

Final Thoughts

Dreaming of a flood isn’t a bad omen, as some people think. It could be that you’re feeling pain or some other emotions that you’ve tucked in. Seeing a flood means it’s time to take bold steps to express your feelings freely; hence, there’s no need to hide or fear, as this will only deter your healing process.

As we’ve already established, flood dreams could mean several things. Understanding what it means in your life is crucial to deciphering the dream’s meaning. On the other hand, ignoring it won’t make the dream go away.

You can instead take a bold step to face the issues before you. It may just be a new beginning or chapter for you — a chance to start afresh and make good decisions in your life.

We hope we’ve helped you connect the dots. When you’re dreaming of a flood, don’t view it literally. It relates to all your emotions; even if it’s a swimming pool, an ocean, or a flooding dam, it may relate to how you feel in your waking life. If you’re emotionally free or imprisoned, your dream reveals your waking thoughts and emotions.

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