Dreaming of Full Moon: What Does It Mean?

Humans are amazed by the beauty of a full moon. When people talk about a full moon, what comes to mind is darkness, mystery, and sometimes even supernatural occurrences.
The moon is crucial for all living organisms on Earth, and it has a great effect on our planet.

The moon has been observed and researched since the dawn of time. The importance of the moon can be seen through the usage of the lunar calendar, which is a calendar based on the monthly cycles of the phases of the moon, still used today by many countries.

dream of a full moon

A full moon comes at the end of each month, which is also the end of a lunar cycle phase. Across many cultures around the world, people perform rituals under the full moon.

When it comes to dreams, dreaming about a full moon is a rare occurrence. People don’t dream about a full moon often, which is why you need to take this dream seriously, because the universe is trying to get your attention with it.

In this article, we will talk about the symbolism of these dreams and how you can interpret them.

Seeing Full Moon in Dream Meaning and Symbolism

The moon goes through a lot of phases, and there is a lot of symbolism connected to it. For example, werewolves in movies usually attack during a full moon.

Ancient civilizations have connected the moon with imagination, mystery, and magic. It is used as a symbol in mythology and religion all over the world.

But, what does it mean to have a dream like this? Let’s talk about some possible symbolism.

1. Leaning on Others

The stars and the moon are always in the sky, even though we can’t see them during the day because of the sun. When there’s a full moon, we also cannot see the stars, because the moon outshines them.

What does dreaming about a full moon mean? It means that you’ve made a great achievement in your life, but you didn’t do it alow. You need to acknowledge the people who supported you throughout the way.

For instance, if you’ve successfully finished a project at work thanks to the help of your team, this is a great time to reward them.

2. Calmness

Dreaming about a full moon could mean that you are content with your waking life. You’re being careful with your actions and you don’t look for things you don’t need.

If you keep going like this, you’ll learn how to live a peaceful and minimalistic life in no time.

3. New Romance

If you dreamt about a full moon, it could mean that a new romance is on the horizon. Even though you might not feel like you’re ready for a romantic relationship, you might meet the one.

Once you meet this person, you will be surprised how far you’re willing to go for your partner.

4. Transformation

In movies, you can see people transforming into werewolves during a full moon. Even though this is the typical Hollywood scenario, the symbolism behind this is actually transformation and transition.

Your guarding angels are trying to help you achieve your goals and reach your potential. They aren’t judging you for mistakes, they are just trying to aid you in avoiding them.

Even if it might look like bad luck at first, you need to know that it will turn into something good. This dream is telling you that although the transformation can seem tedious, your guardian angels are protecting you.

5. Creativity

Have you ever noticed how many times is the full moon mentioned in the literature, or painted by artists? The moon has been an inspiration for many throughout the years.

If you see a full moon in your dreams, it means that you will get inspired soon. Maybe you have a talent that you’ve been neglecting lately, such as making music, painting, sculpting, writing, and so on.

Or maybe you haven’t expressed yourself creatively by now? This dream should serve as a reminder that you’re capable of anything you set your mind to, and that you should sign up for a class where you can let your creativity loose.

6. Pregnancy

In the past, when people didn’t understand the biological aspect of fertility, they made up theories about where babies came from. Even though they understood that you need to have intercourse to have a baby, the mechanics of a woman’s reproductive health weren’t so clear.

So, they thought that the moon controls a woman’s fertility and menstrual cycle. For this reason, dreaming about a full moon could mean that you’re pregnant.

7. Unexpected Success

As we previously mentioned, even though the moon is present during the day, it’s really hard to notice it. The sun shines so bright that you can barely see the moon.

So, you might be wondering what’s the connection here. Dreaming about a moon means that good luck and success are coming your way when you least expect it.

You might get a job offer for your dream job even though you didn’t trust yourself during the interview. You might meet a person who you think is not the right fit for you but you will find out they’re your soulmate.

Common Full Moon Dreams

People see different things in their dreams, so the meaning of these dreams varies for the dreamer. Some people see two full moons, some see one, and each of these dreams tells something about the dreamer’s subconscious.

In this section, we will talk about some common full moon dreams and their meaning.

1. Dream About Seeing Two Full Moons

If you dream about two full moons, it means that you’re going to need to make a hard decision in your life. The two moons in your dream are a representation of the two options you’re going to choose from.

When you aren’t sure which one of the options suits you best, the smartest thing you could do is to wait it out, and the answer will come to you. Dreams of two moons are rare, and they represent the struggle to make a decision.

This dream is telling you to relax, and take some time to think through your decision. Don’t allow other people to pressure you into making a decision.

2. Dream About a Full Moon

Dreaming about a full moon is a sign of prosperity and success. The brightness of the full moon is a symbol of the abundance you have in your waking life.

A shiny full moon represents accomplishments, achievement, and an ending to a cycle. In this context, it reflects your satisfaction with your actions, and that your personal desires have been met.

A full moon could also mean that you’ve learned more about yourself on a spiritual level and that you’re now content with yourself.

3. Dream About a Red Full Moon

Seeing a red full moon in your dreams means that you will experience change. A red color moon signifies that you need to prepare yourself because some difficult and challenging times are ahead of you.

Even though this might sound scary, we’re here to tell you that this change that you will go through will positively influence you in the end.

You might feel overwhelmed and unsure about how to manage the situation, but this dream is a form of encouragement, telling you that you’ve got what it takes to be in charge.

All you need to do is trust yourself, and eventually, things will work out. Don’t forget to look at challenges as an opportunity to learn something new and discover yourself.

You might see a side of yourself you haven’t seen before, and grow as a person. Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort so, because things will work out in your best interest.

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Final Thoughts

Dreaming about a full moon has a deep meaning, which is why you need to align yourself and take time out to interpret this dream. Try to question your mind and find the spiritual purpose of this dream.

Knowing what different types of moon mean can help you figure out what’s happening within you. We hope that our article helped you in your quest of interpreting your dream.

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