Dream Within a Dream: Scenario, Meaning & Interpretation

Dreams are a special part of our lives. They are a way for the universe to communicate with us. Good or bad, the dreams pass on a message, and understanding this will help you uncover the hidden truths about yourself and embrace the outcome.

A dream within a dream is a very rare phenomenon experienced by very few people. Many theories try to explain why such dreams occur. But they all differ because there are different ways the experience may play out.

Dream Within a Dream

This might involve false awakenings or the dreamer remembering a dream from the past while in a current dream. Fear not, we are here to explore all avenues and their possible interpretations.

Variations of a Dream Within a Dream

False Awakenings

A false awakening is a dream where you think you have woken up and are going through your daily motions, i.e., wake up, wash up, prepare your breakfast and go about your morning duties. Sometimes, the dream might seem perfectly normal, other times there are minute details that seem off. This is because the dreamscape differs greatly from reality.

Once the dreamer starts noticing the little details that don’t add up, it might trigger them into being lucid and aware of their state of dreaming. However, there are times when you believe you’re waking up but you’re being thrown into another false awakening and this cycle could go on for a while before you actually wake up.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re not sure if you are dreaming or not, there are a few things you can do to ascertain this. First, you could check your surroundings. As explained earlier, the little things that don’t add up are a sure way to know that you are dreaming. So inspecting your environment for things that do not seem to fit is a start.

Second, you could try to remember numbers that are important to you like addresses or social security numbers. The dreaming mind is non-linear while numbers are linear. If you’re dreaming, it would be difficult to remember things of a linear nature.

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is a state of dreaming where you’re aware that you’re dreaming. This generally comes as a result of being in between two states, the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and waking states. The difference between false awakening and lucid dreaming is that in a false awakening, your brain is not aware that you are dreaming.

However, a lucid dream could trigger a false awakening, and vice versa. Therefore, you could be stuck in this loop before you actually wake up.

Dream Within a Dream

This is a dream that involves two different yet correlated dreams. Perhaps you remembered a dream from the past and, in turn, it got embedded in your current dream. There is no way set in stone to examine and analyze the relationship between the two dreams. Nonetheless, it’s always presumed that the two dreams relate.

If you have a dream within a dream, here are some possible angles that you could consider while trying to make sense of your dream:

  • The dreams could show you probable outcomes to a situation that has been stressing you in your waking life.
  • One dream could present the problem at hand while the other offers a solution.
  • Both dreams could offer different perspectives on one conflicting matter.

Themes Often Highlighted in Dream Within a Dream Scenarios

Dream Within a Dream Scenarios


Having a dream within a dream may be interpreted as a sign of self-deception. This is a situation whereby you lie to yourself continuously, creating a false mindset that everything is perfect while, in reality, it is not.

This dream calls you out. It points out all the flaws in your mindset. Ignoring this dream translates to you ignoring the truth, and in the long run, will hinder your growth and success. Learn to accept the truth, however hard it may be. It will help you move towards greater goals in the future.

Wake-up Call

Sometimes, having a dream within a dream can indicate that you have attained a new level of conscious awareness. Waking up within a dream could symbolize the need to “wake up” to a certain situation in your real life.

Alternatively, it might indicate that you’re becoming aware of changes in different aspects of your life. Maybe it’s a realization that will help you grow both emotionally and mentally. Such achievement may show up in the form of this dream.


Having a dream within a dream is a sign that you are anxious about something and it has seeped into your dreams. The dreams manifest as day-to-day occurrences that might delay or possibly ruin your schedule.

Perhaps you dream you woke up late for work and missed an important meeting. Or, you were late for school and missed an exam. Such dreams trigger false awakenings, especially if you were very emotionally charged before sleeping.

Having such a dream is the universe’s way of telling you to slow down. Take one step at a time.


Sometimes, you could dream that you’re falling asleep within your dream. This implies that you are turning a blind eye to something urgent. Also, it could mean that you’re losing touch with something equally important in your waking life.

This ignorance will probably get you in trouble, even if it’s unconscious on your part. The occurrence of such a dream is a warning. It points out your faults, and by realizing this, you can easily work on resolving the issue before it gets out of hand.

Spiritual Interpretation

There are several ways for a dream within a dream to be interpreted spiritually.

Divine Communication

Dreams are a message from the divine. Having a dream within a dream or several dreams at once is a sign that the spiritual world is trying to communicate many messages at the same time.

Mostly, the dreams are a buildup of several spiritual messages. This means that the dreams might unfold within each other, each revealing a piece of information that will guide you in interpreting the next.

Furthermore, it could be that an individual from the other side is trying to reach out. And they might not be the only ones. A dream within a dream might be a message from a friend, relative or spiritual guide trying to leave you a warning or good tides. That’s why it’s important to pay a attentions to such dreams.

Spiritual Alignment

Having a dream within a dream might indicate you’re searching for spiritual enlightenment. It implies that your spirit is looking for the right spiritual plane to settle on. Perhaps you have lost touch with your spirituality and you desire to get back to the right state.

You will dream continuously while you search for yourself. This means you will move from dream to dream until you find the right spiritual plane. Once you find the right space, your spiritual state will align itself. This type of dream is described as a journey towards spiritual alignment, awakening, and discovery.

Good News

The universe uses dreams to communicate with us. Maybe you dreamt of losing money or businesses and while the dream was ongoing, you had a different dream where you made profits and opened new investments. The universe is trying to tell you that your suffering won’t last.

The first dream might show the problem that is accosting you in your waking life, while the second dream shows you the viable future and how to get there. The dream within gives you hope and encourages you to press on because good tidings are headed your way.

You Have a Spiritual Gift

Dreaming within a dream might be a sign that you are gifted with foresight. It might be a sign that your gift is trying to find an avenue for expression. Also, it could imply that you are yet to develop your gift of prophecy.

This dream could be the manifestation of your gift and you need to master it before it overwhelms you. Once you learn to control it, you will gain the ability to channel it easily and properly.

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How To Interpret Dreaming Within a Dream

Even though dreaming within a dream is rare, there are several things you could consider while trying to interpret such a dream.

  1. Pay attention to the state of your mind before you sleep: This determines what sort of dream you might have. If you were anxious about something, the dream might show you what is causing your anxiety and offer some assurance and feasible solutions. It could also offer guidance, instruction, or warning.
  2. Pay attention to what occurs in the dream: It is always wise to focus on what is ongoing in your dream. The images or occurrences will help you figure out what the universe is trying to tell you.
  3. Always pay attention to the dream that occurs before the second dream: It is not a must, but it’s always advisable to be aware of what happened in your first dream. Because it might hold a clue that will come in handy while trying to decode the second dream.
  4. Don’t overthink it: There are two different approaches to these dreams. Feeling concerned and stressed about the dream you just had will only make you anxious and worried about what it means. However, if you approach with attentiveness and a thoughtful mind, it will bring clarity and purpose.


Dreaming within a dream is a unique experience. It’s strange, but very informative. Sometimes it gives you the control you seek in your waking life. It could come as a lucid dream or a false awakening.

These dreams help us cope with pressures and sometimes provide solutions for our problems. Don’t be afraid of such dreams. They only come to answer the deepest questions of your heart. Thanks for stopping by. And hopefully, we’ve answered all of all your questions.

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  1. I had many dreams like this in my 20’s, usually during 3 hour naps in the afternoon. I slept a lot back then because of depression. I have always had anxiety so what you are saying makes sense. Sometimes, I would go so deep that I had to will myself to wake. Often “waking up” 5-6 times before actually being awake. I called this dream traps.

  2. I have been having such multiple dreams inside one dream.,..and sometimes what I dream becomes true.

  3. I’m really confused about my dream… I dreamed a friend was telling me they did bad stuff, well I fell out of bed and woke up or so I thought ..I was telling my family about it which seemed very real but it wasn’t because I woke up….like a dream in a dream…

    • When another dream gets embedded in your current dream, it means you’re seeking insight into a situation that’s stressing you. In this case, your friendship is the main subject.

      The first dream points to unresolved issues or worries within your social circle. Falling out of bed and waking up could mean these issues have finally caught your attention. This takes us to the next dream, where your family comes into the picture.

      The second vision shows your desire to share your problems with those close to you so you can find an effective solution.

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