Suicide Dream Meaning: 12 Scenarios

Even when you are sure you’ve never thought about committing suicide, coming to terms with a dream about suicide is not that easy.

Dreaming about suicide can be frightening and disturbing, but fear less because your dream doesn’t mean you will kill yourself anytime soon.

You could experience this dream due to a number of different reasons. Maybe you are dealing with depression, which is a common cause of visions that contain death, suicide, or violence. It’s also possible that the dream is a sign that you are letting go of a part of yourself or an unhealthy habit or situation.

Suicide Dream

The meaning of your suicide dream will most likely never be similar to someone else’s dream. Meaning there is no universal interpretation of this nocturnal vision. Regardless, dreams related to suicide reflect your journey through life, including your positive and negative experiences.

If your recent suicide dream makes you feel hopeless or unable to move forward, this post will guide you toward finding potential interpretations to help you better understand your vision.

Let’s first start with identifying the meanings and symbolisms embodied by your suicide dream.

Suicide Dream Meaning

Here’s the thing: suicidal dreams – more so in people dealing with depression – bring to light a person’s desire for revenge, reunions, or rebirth.

If we focus on the psychological point of view, a dream of suicide reflects your need to kill a particular way of living a pattern or belief that you might have about yourself.

In light of this statement, such a dream suggests that you do not believe in yourself, your abilities, or the things you do. And this is not something new to your subconscious mind. It already knows this weakness and is trying to encourage you to kill or eliminate that belief and end the circle of self-criticism.

As you continue to ponder on that, here are other common reasons why you might dream about suicide:

Desire for Transformation

A suicide dream denotes the end of an old behavior, habit, or situation and the start of a new journey.

For example, if you dream about killing yourself yet you’re not suicidal, it may mean you are dissatisfied with some aspects of your life. Perhaps you are in a toxic relationship or engaging in negative habits. So, your subconscious shows a desire for change through the vision.

Feeling of Despair and Hopelessness

Dreams sometimes relate to a specific circumstance, experience, or situation in your life. When it comes to dreams about suicide, it could mean that you feel trapped in an endless, dark tunnel with no room for escape.

The tunnel is sucking off your energy and you feel completely trapped and powerless to do anything. It seems like there’s no hope or light at the end of the tunnel, which is so frightening.

However, if you look at the dream from a positive side, you will notice that it’s encouraging you to understand your depth of despair and find better ways to overcome or cope with it.

There’s always a way”, so don’t lose hope even in the darkest hour. Once you have understood this, you can take the necessary steps to heal and achieve peace in your life.

A Reflection of Your State of Mind

Due to the busy nature of our lives, most people are often on autopilot. What this means is that they go through life without really paying keen attention to the choices they make or their consequences.

But the power of the subconscious mind is amazing. It constantly recognizes and pays attention to everything that you do or happens to you. That’s why people under hypnosis tend to recall, with perfect clarity, various experiences they’ve had.

Consider your dream as a hypnotic state where your suppressed emotions, feelings, and thoughts come to light.

A suicidal dream points to a distressed mental state or stressors you’re currently dealing with. You are likely overwhelmed with more stress than usual due to an emotionally difficult situation or feeling of neglect, isolation, or loneliness.

Your subconscious is working hard to make sense of everything and communicate with you about your current state.

These three common interpretations form the basis of trying to understand why you dream about suicide. To expand your understanding even further, let’s have a look at the meaning of different scenarios of suicide dreams. Your dream may fit one of the scenarios.

Meaning of Different Scenarios of Suicide Dreams

1. Dreams About Killing Yourself

We know you can’t help but feel disturbed after experiencing a suicide dream. You might even think the dream is a bad omen. And you will not be wrong to think like this. Sometimes, suicidal dreams relate to negative thoughts and feelings like self-hatred

In fact, the dream could mean that you’ve been ignoring certain aspects of yourself. Subconsciously, you know this and that’s why these unaddressed facets manifest as dreams about killing yourself.

However, your dream could have a lighter and a much more positive interpretation. Case in point, it could imply that you are making headway in life to become a more integrated and self-aware individual.

We could also say that the dream has a symbolic meaning. The “killing” part refers to getting rid of an aspect of yourself that’s harmful, draining, or doesn’t contribute to your growth.

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2. Dream of Family Member Committing Suicide

A possible meaning of this dream is that you are resentful or angry towards a family member. You may disagree with the family member in your waking life. So, the negative energy between the two of you is reflected through the dream.

This dream shows you are concerned about the family member’s happiness and health. But he/she might not be leading a good life or making the right life decisions, which is causing you so much stress.

If you relate to this, it’s time to confront the supposed individual and tell him how you feel.

On the other hand, you might have noticed that the family member is disturbed or dealing with depression. This could explain why your mind is conjuring such scary imagery in your dream world.

So, the dream is basically your caring instincts sounding an alarm that you need to help the individual to avoid taking a dark path.

3. Dream of A Spouse Committing Suicide

A spouse, be it a husband or a wife, provides more than just companionship. They offer emotional support, understanding, and a sense of comfort.

On top of that, you get someone to share the joys and challenges that life throws your way. Therefore, seeing your partner committing suicide in a dream can be extremely distressing and emotional.

Here’s where we tell you not to be afraid. Your vision simply implies that you are worried about the state of your relationship. Or perhaps you fear losing the support and comfort your partner provides.

Based on this explanation, the notion of “loss” comes out clearly. You unconsciously fear being abandoned by your spouse, either through death or divorce. The acts of “suicide” may also symbolize your obsession and attachment to your loved one.

4. Dream of Your Parent Committing Suicide

Sometimes, our nightly visions have a unique way of manifesting our feelings and concerns through various themes. Where “suicide of your parent” takes center stage in your dreams, it could mean you are undergoing some major emotional issues or life changes.

We often form deep bonds with our parents. But other times, this emotional bond can stir trouble. Take, for example, you are moving away from your parent’s home, maybe for a job or to start a family.

Because you have developed a deep attachment to your mother and father, you might find it hard to leave them. You can even develop feelings of loss, fear, insecurity, or anxiety, which could lead to dreams of the parents committing suicide.

A dream of parents committing suicide could also take another meaning. It implies that you are worried about your parent’s health and happiness. Perhaps lately they have been showing signs of depression, isolation, and loneliness. And this has caused your alarms to go off, which are represented by a terrifying act like suicide.

If you are dealing with such emotions or lingering worries, it is about time you speak with your parents opening and tell them how you feel.

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5. Dream of A Mass Suicide

Are you aware of the collective unconscious or the objective psyche? Well, it is a concept by Carl Jung that suggests you, I, and everyone genetically inherited an unconscious mind that’s not influenced by personal experience.

So, a dream of mass suicide confirms that your objective psyche is active and is trying to teach you about the traumas and troubles people have to deal with.

Besides speaking to your collective unconscious, a dream about mass suicide can be a warning about the teachings you are following. You may be learning and following the ways of a particular group. And these ways might be altering your subconscious negatively.

6. Dream of Jumping Down A Cliff

Dreaming of jumping down a cliff means you are feeling anxious or uncertain about a specific challenging decision. You are fearful and doubtful about the outcome of your decisions. So, you decide to jump down a cliff to escape them. Take this dream as your cue to prepare for the risky decision or opportunity ahead.

If you jump down a cliff and fly freely, it means you will be liberated from something that has been holding you back from success for so long. Your optimism, confidence, and courage will be supercharged and you will be able to achieve freedom beyond your deepest desires.

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7. Dream of Hanging Yourself

Even though sources claim that dreaming about hanging oneself has a solid link to depression, it does not mean you are depressed by default.

If you dream about hanging yourself, it can mean you are feeling suffocated by someone or a specific situation. A lack of autonomy and freedom in your waking life is pushing your subconscious to dream about hanging yourself because it does not want to stay in this situation any longer.

Moreover, you might be feeling indifferent and detached in your waking life. Due to your lack of motivation and interest in various activities, you feel numb and stuck. So, the dream about hanging yourself is a way of your subconscious seeking change or stimulation.

8. Dream of Shooting Yourself In The Head

Have you been feeling indecisive or confused of late? If you have, a dream about shooting yourself in the head is a reflection of that feeling of confusion and indecisiveness. This means your system desires mental clarity to keep functioning correctly.

A dream about shooting yourself in the head can also mean you feel misunderstood in your waking life. This is due to your difficulties in asserting and expressing yourself. This is both a social and emotional calamity. And your brain is communicating this through the dream.

9. Dream of Seeing Your Child Committing Suicide

There’s nothing as disturbing and horrific as seeing your child committing suicide, even if in the confines of the dream world.  But surprisingly, this vision is simply a reflection of your subconscious thoughts, emotions, and sometimes daily life experiences.

The child committing suicide in your dream points represents your inner child. You are letting it die probably because you don’t want to recognize the things that you dealt with as a child.

Maybe it’s that trauma you’ve never overcome or experience you can’t forget. No matter what it is, it’s time to open up and listen to what your inner child wants to say. 

Understand the feelings you are experiencing, like insecurity and anxiety, and how they trigger strong emotions or your old wounds or childhood.

As you know, dreams can have more than one meaning. So, a dream about a child committing suicide could be considered a way for your subconscious to show your need for attention, support, or emotional connection.  The vision might seem scary but it’s telling you that you feel neglected or desire validation for the things you do.

10. Dream of Suicide By A Knife

A dream about suicide by a knife wound could be an indicator that you have borderline disorder. This disorder affects your behavior, mood, and relationships.

Those with the disorder report dreaming about violence and self-harm. So, the dream is a way of your subconscious warning you about the extent of the mental disorder’s damage.

In addition, a dream of suicide by a knife wound may mean you are feeling betrayed in the physical world. The betrayal has led to trauma and pain, and the subconscious is making it known through the dream.

11. Dream of Suicide By Drowning

A suicide by drowning in a dream, especially if it’s in water, means you are drowning in your emotions literally.

Water is seen as a symbol of emotions in dreams. But since your dream seems to take a negative context, it probably means you’re struggling to cope with intense emotions like anxiety and sadness.

Basically, you have emotional burdens that you need to rid yourself of, irrespective of where they come from. And if there’s a circumstance that makes you feel like you are suffocating, it’s also wise to take steps to address and overcome the supposed situation.

The attempt to kill yourself in the dream by drowning also shows a desire for escape. Do you have distressing thoughts that don’t allow you to rest? Or do you desire to escape certain feelings or situations in your real life?

This dream is the sign you need.  It is finally time to end that unhealthy relationship or quit that toxic workplace and find peace.

12. Dream of Suicide  By Taking Tablets of Pills

Just like the previous dream we’ve discussed, the dream of suicide by tablets shows your unconscious desire to escape emotional pain, uncomfortable situations, or distressing thoughts. 

You desire to find a way to forget or nub your feelings until you are in a position to deal with them.  Sadly, this doesn’t usually work, so it is better to face your current challenges head-on.

When we get sick our body is overwhelmed with an infection to the point it can’t deal with it anymore. That’s where we find ourselves seeking pills and tablets to ease the pain. 

But in your dream, you take pills not to ease any physical pain but to the overwhelming stress and pressure of your waking life.  You feel like you can no longer cope with the responsibilities or demands of life and you seek a path to freedom from these.

Here’s where we believe you need, a loved one, a friend, or a family member to talk to.  Don’t push what you feel deep down unless you want your mental health to bear this burden later. So, ask for help and vent things through.

Biblical Meaning of Dream About Suicide

Biblically, dreaming about suicide means God is displeased with your actions. Your disobedience and sins are misleading His people, and He wants to show you the consequences of your actions and decisions. So, it is up to you to confess and repent to avoid the consequences that might befall you.

Other than sin, dreaming about suicide can also be a way for God to test your faith and obedience. God is refining your endurance and patience, just like He tested Abraham to sacrifice his only son, Isaac.

Also, a dream about suicide can be a way of the Almighty showing you the start of a new life full of abundance. If you have been going through hardship, God could be trying to reach out to you so that He can show you the way.

Spiritual Meaning of Suicide Dreams

Besides having a biblical meaning, dreams about suicide also have spiritual meanings. This dream can serve as evidence of spiritual awakening.

If you dream about resurrecting after committing suicide, it means you have been reborn into an elevated spiritual vibration or state.

A suicide dream can also mean you are receiving spiritual assistance and guidance. This is true if you hear a voice before getting to commit suicide. This voice shows the presence of spiritual guardians who are always there to guide and protect you.

Final Words

Suicide dreams can be heartbreaking, shocking, and scary. However, they do not mean you or the other parties involved in the dream will commit suicide. Each of them has a specific meaning and interpretation, ranging from a symbol of transformation to your state of mind.

To decipher the meaning of your dream, keep a record of the details of the dream and analyze your emotional state. Then, go through this article and get to understand the meaning of the dream.

We hope you have got to interpret your dream effortlessly. If you need further guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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