Dream About a Tree Falling Meaning: 7 Scenarios

Often, dreams are seen as a way of escapism. They are interpreted as a way of leaving the real world and traveling in our subconsciousness. Most of the time, they feel like a tangle of bizarre events. But in reality, they are trying to give us a conclusion or a message.

A frequent dream many people have is falling trees. It can be quite a frightening dream since it usually brings negative feelings such as anxiety and fear.

dream of tree falling

But the tree in the dream is a sign of many things which depend on where you are and when the tree falls during your dream.

So, let’s see in more detail what falling trees might mean in a dream.

What Does It Mean to Dream of Trees Falling?

Generally, the dream of the tree signifies hope, strength, personal growth, and power in life. Therefore, dreaming of a falling tree usually represents your inner feelings and life path.

It indicates that you are about to experience some changes in your life. Changes that will definitely bring a period of emotional turmoil or even instability. However, depending on other parts of the dream, they can be either positive or negative.

Religious Meaning of Trees Falling

In many religions, trees symbolize wisdom and progress. For instance, in Christianity, the most famous tree is the tree of knowledge of good and evil from which Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit.

Similarly, in ancient Greece, the olive tree was the symbol of the Goddess Athena who was the embodiment of wisdom, peace, security, and home. Therefore, olive trees indicate knowledge, victory, and harmony.

To summarize, trees are a symbol of the great potential a human has and their need for stability and connection to nature.

So, if someone dreams of trees falling, it could mean mental instability, lack of knowledge in a certain field, aspect of life, or a particular event, or even the need to redirect their life path.

Cultural Meaning of Trees Falling in Dream

In many cultures, trees symbolize the universe and the heart. Or, in other words, dreams about trees are usually a reflection of the self.

For instance, a dream with a tree with neat and beautiful branches symbolizes that you always keep things in order and have a good sense of order.

On the other hand, if the tree has unkempt branches and leaves, then you may have a disorderly personality and poor organization. If the tree has a twisted trunk, it shows your inner turmoil.

From the perspective of psychological analysis, if you can accurately understand your life tree, you will be able to easily reach your true potential and improve your life and personality.

Meanings of Falling Trees in a Dream

Low Self-Esteem

Dreaming of falling trees could signify low self-esteem, especially if you are someone who doubts yourself in almost every decision you need to make.

The falling tree indicates great opportunities that you may have missed in your life or that you might miss.

The dream is a message to start believing in yourself, or a warning to keep out of any new opportunities that will allow you to become the best version of yourself.


Since a tree can symbolize home and friendship, dreaming of a falling tree could indicate a betrayal or conspiracy against you.

For example, beware of your coworkers, who may circulate wrong information about you and bring you down. Also, you should be careful of your friends and family members, who might be jealous of your success.

Another interpretation could be the sabotage of your own self. For instance, the dream could be a sign of your fear to be your true self. So, it is trying to warn you that if you constantly mask your personality, you will eventually feel exhausted mentally.

Strong Personality

As mentioned earlier, trees can represent wisdom, strength, power, and victory. Therefore, dreaming of trees can show that you are reliable and can manage everything head-on and smartly.

Generally, you are strong, influential, and confident, and it is easy for you to balance any situation and feelings and eventually make everything work out in your favor.

So, the falling trees may imply that even though there might be struggles on your path, you will still achieve anything you desire.

Love Connection

Trees can grow tall and have long roots that keep them grounded. So, if you are in search of a love connection, the dream shows your desire for a person who can uplift and support you.

The fall of the trees in the dream can also mean the lack of such a connection. Or, it might predict the meeting with a new person with the help of friends or family.

It all depends on each person’s situation. So, always interpret it depending on your feelings.

New Beginnings

Usually, trees constantly change depending on the season. But no matter the changes, they are always beautiful.

So, when dreaming of trees falling, it could mean that you need to be flexible and adapt to any changes that might be happening in your life.

You should be less strict with your routine, thoughts, or beliefs and go with the flow of life. Don’t be afraid of any new transformations or beginnings.

Common Dreams About Falling Trees

Dream of a Large Tree Falling

Dreaming of a large tree falling signifies unexpected experiences, changes, and hopeless situations.

It is important to try not to force your beliefs on others and the need to see things from a different perspective.

But at the same time, the dream could also signify the hope, victory, and strength that will appear in your life after an unexpected big event.

Dream of a Tree Falling on a Car

The dream of a tree falling on a car is a good omen. It indicates that you have clarity and you can easily express your thoughts.

For instance, you might be looking for a solution to a problem, which you will likely receive from your intuition or a respectful person.

Also, if you are going through any tough situation, the dream implies that you will easily confront any challenges as long as you believe in yourself.

Dream of Tree Branches Falling

The tree branch in a dream shows that something is affecting your well-being. Specifically, the tree branches can signify a drop in your psychological health.

For instance, if you have unexpected anxiety attacks, it might mean that certain aspects of your personality are still unexplored.

Or, if you cannot manage things in life, the dream represents needing to seek help, either from a professional person or friends.

Dream of a Tree Falling on a House

Dream of a Tree Falling on a House

A tree falling on a house reveals a conflict between your personal happiness and pleasing others. It is a message that is important to put yourself first rather than others.

Furthermore, the dream symbolizes spiritual guidance, instincts, trust, good luck, success, and emotions.

On the other hand, the dream could also mean that you feel insecure in some areas of your life. So, you need to be careful to not force your ideas or beliefs on others.

Dream of a Tree Falling on Someone

The tree in this dream represents one’s self, so when it falls on someone, it indicates you need to reflect upon yourself or a situation.

If you are entering a new phase in life, it could also indicate the importance of working hard and with dedication. It is a sign that you are building inner strength to achieve your goals.

Moreover, the dream could also mean that you have negative emotions about someone or a situation. For example, it is possible that you are feeling overwhelmed or burned out.

Dream of a Tree Falling on You

The dream about a tree falling on you conveys financial urgency.

It predicts that you will face a sudden change in the foreseeable future that will require a substantial amount of money.

Therefore, if you spend too much money or do not have emergency funds, you may end up in trouble. So, it is a warning for you to keep your savings safe.

Dream of Cutting Down a Tree and Falling

Dreaming of cutting down a tree indicates that you are wasting your time and energy on unnecessary tasks.

It is essential to reflect on your actions and feelings to understand better what is important for you. For instance, your job may not bring you any fulfillment. Thus try to find a new passion or hobby.

So, take a step back, analyze your daily activities and experiment with a new routine.

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In conclusion, a dream of falling trees can represent new beginnings or changes in any aspect of life. But it is also a warning of these changes.

So, depending on your feelings during your dream, as well as your current situation, apply these interpretations and be sure you can achieve any desire that may be hidden within you.

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