Dream About Dog Chasing Me Meaning

Dogs in many cultures across the world are a good omen. Similarly, today commonly, dogs are called man’s best friend. So, in theory, being chased by a dog in a dream may be a bad omen. Furthermore, undoubtedly being chased by a dog can be distressing.

Therefore, dreaming about being chased by a dog may try to express your state of mind, a stressful situation you might be currently going through, or uncertainty. But that’s not always the case.

dream of dog chasing me

Let’s check out below what a dog symbolizes and the most common meaning behind a dream of a dog chasing you.

What Does a Dog Represent?

As already indicated, dogs have always been a good omen. They represent strong friendships and professional achievements. After all, dogs are known for being faithful, durable, and friendly. They are the optimal companion for humans as pets, guides, or guards.

Therefore, dogs symbolize affective bonding, loyalty, generosity, overcoming problems, and success. But dreaming of a dog is not always positive since other elements may affect the dream’s interpretation. One of these elements is the dog itself.

A big dog symbolizes that something significant is about to happen or someone who will have a huge role in your path is about to come into your life. A small dog indicates that a problem may arise at your work, family affairs, or among your friends. However, a puppy symbolizes kindness, purity, and innocence.

Similarly, a white dog is a sign of peace, love, and generosity, while a black dog indicates depression and sadness. However, since a dog is often compared to a loyal friend, these signs may be about a loved one rather than you.

These are the general meanings of a dog, but they can be altered when the dog is chasing you in the dream world. So, keep reading to find out the possible meanings of being chased by a dog in the dream world.

8 Meanings of Dream About Dog Chasing Me

Generally, dreaming of a dog chasing you indicates anxiety and fear. Otherwise, the dream is a result of your vulnerability due to a stressful situation or your belief that someone is trying to harm you.

Also, the dog chasing you represents the individual, situation, or negative energy that is currently bothering you. So, the dog’s appearance and behavior are a reflection of the situation.

However, sometimes the dog could also represent yourself. For instance, you might be terrified of a side of yourself that is more animalistic. Or, you’re hiding an aspect of your personality which is trying to resurface through your dreams.


Indeed dogs are loyal and friendly but also extremely dependent on their owner. Similarly, we all have people around us that can be dependent on us.

For instance, at work, certain co-workers sometimes depend on our opinions or workload to complete a project. At home, perhaps a family member is too dependent on us regarding chores or financial stability. Furthermore, sometimes friends rely on us too much, draining our energy.

So, the dog chasing you in the dream world could mean someone is too dependent on you, and it is necessary to set boundaries. Or, it means you are too dependent on others and need to step up your game to achieve independence.


Perhaps, responsibilities have recently overwhelmed you, and instead of working hard, you’d prefer to take a day off. Therefore, a dream about being chased by a dog may signify intentional or unintentional irresponsibility.

Of course, it is acceptable to take a break and forget the world, but sometimes, instead of taking a break, people end up neglecting essential commitments at work or in their personal lives.

So, the dog chasing you represents your conscience or the disapproval from the people around you. Specifically, the dog might be trying to reach out to you so you can stop running away from your responsibilities.


Since dogs represent loyalty, if you are being chased by a dog, it might mean that you will experience some form of betrayal in your life.

The dog chasing you may represent people you fully trust and have been loyal to you but recently turned against you. The betrayal might have already happened, or it may happen in the future.

Therefore, the dream is trying to warn you that you may need to keep your successes a secret to protect yourself from harm. Also, be careful with your words for some time to not give someone ammunition against you.


You may dream of being chased by a dog if your promiscuity, corruption, or selfishness brought harm to others. Specifically, the dog represents your guilt and fear that the world will discover all the problems you have caused.

The dog is also a sign of your conscience acting up and demanding that you come clean. Or, it could represent the people you hurt who wish to know the truth behind your actions.

Another interpretation is that perhaps your selfish actions have already been discovered, and the dog represents the justice that is about to come out to light. So, the dream is telling you that it is time to reflect and start changing your attitude.


Another possible interpretation is that the dog may represent you. Possibly, in the past, you were always dependent, trusting, and loyal. But because of these traits, you were always getting into trouble.

Therefore, perhaps you are experiencing fear of commitment due to people taking advantage of and betraying you. For example, you could have given all your best at a job, but your superiors and peers never showed any appreciation. So, now rather than working hard and being the best employee, you’d rather act like a background character.

To be more precise, instead of facing these unfair situations, you may prefer to flee and act indifferent. That’s why the dog chasing you represents the feelings that you are running away from.


Whether you are being chased by a dog in real life or in a dream, it is a terrifying experience. So, this dream may be the result of psychological pressure.

Perhaps, you are currently carrying too many emotional burdens and do not rest enough. Sometimes, it is essential to stop worrying too much and let others carry these burdens.

Try to take a break, relax, eat healthy food, and sleep soundly every night. The best practice to achieve that is to find a way to relax before sleeping. For instance, read a book, meditate or use a white noise machine.


Dreaming about a dog chasing you might indicate that you are currently going through a problematic situation you are difficult to face, making you afraid for the future.

Generally, fear is a survival instinct, which is why it is depicted as a dog in the dream world. But fear becomes detrimental when it hinders your progress. So, the dream is a warning for you to summon up your courage and face your problems.

It is important to stand up for yourself and not let your fear limit you. In fact, the dream is a prediction of your victory against any challenges that you may be going through.


When you dream of a dog chasing you, perhaps someone is interested in you and plans to pursue you. This person could be either a love interest or an employer.

Generally, this kind of dream brings good fortune. It means that you will be wealthy very soon. Thus, keep working hard toward your projects or try your luck with the person you desire.

However, the dream can also mean that your ex-lover wants you back. Perhaps, they realized that it was a mistake to leave you and would like to go after you again.

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A dream about being chased by a dog may be described as a nightmare rather than a beautiful dream. But it is simply a warning of your needs. It is mainly trying to tell you that you need to reflect on your actions, relax, and pay more attention to yourself and your surroundings.

So, depending on your feelings during your dream, as well as your current situation, apply these interpretations to achieve any goal you may desire.

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