Dream About Stealing: What Does It Mean?

Did you know our dreams usually create acceptable themes and symbolic perceptions for us to see or sense? Stealing is one such theme.

Whether you are the perpetrator or victim, dreams about stealing are common. They often relate to the emotional energy inside caused by different events, situations, or experiences.

dream about stealing

In this guide, we will break down the plausible meanings of a dream about stealing and highlight a few examples related to the dream. If you want to get to the bottom of your dream, keep reading below.

Spiritual Meaning of Stealing Dreams

Spiritually, dreams about stealing allude to spiritual deprivation. Your soul lacks any positive spiritual influence, or some individuals or situations hinder your spiritual growth, stopping you from achieving your divine purpose. If you experience such a dream, it’s time to return to the spiritual path.

Sometimes dreams of stealing connect your self-worth and appreciation. For example, stealing gold in a dream implies you struggle with low self-esteem and confidence. Gold dreams might also symbolize your spiritual path and a deeper understanding of the soul.

Besides that, these drams might relate to unfulfilled objectives and hidden desires. If this applies to you, it’s wise to take a step back, re-evaluate your decisions, and prioritize your goals.

What Does It Mean to Dream About Stealing?

Dreams about stealing might leave you shocked, and sometimes you might even question your morality. However, never take dreams literally.

Psychologists, like Sigmund Freud, say dreams reflect our thoughts and emotions etched on our subconscious mind. When we sleep, our subconscious brings these emotions and thoughts to life in our dream world.

Because of this, dreams about stealing can have several hidden messages. But these messages vary depending on the details of the dream. For a proper interpretation, you must consider every detail of your vision.

What did you steal?

Who was the victim?

What happened after you ran away?

With that in mind, dreams about stealing could have several meanings and symbolisms, including:

1. Success

Dreaming about stealing from someone and accomplishing your mission without a hitch could mean that you will achieve your targets or goals in life.

You’re likely to have such a dream after completing an important project or hitting a milestone in your waking life.

If it recurs, it means you’re entering a period of success. Take advantage of the situation and fully utilize your potential.

2. Taken Advantage of

Dreaming of someone stealing from you suggests that a friend, family member, or colleague is taking advantage of you.

Maybe the individual acts super nice whenever he (or she) is around you, but talks behind your back when you are out of the picture. It is also possible the person roots in your failure or means you harm.

If so, the stealing dream is a warning sign from your unconscious mind. It urges you to trust your gut instincts and re-evaluate your relationships.

Also, avoid trusting people easily before getting to know more about them, and be vigilant of those you associate with.

3. Resentment

Dreaming of stealing from someone could stem from resentment towards that person. Maybe he wronged you in your waking life and was never held accountable. That’s why you still hold a grudge against him and always thinking of a way to get your revenge.

However, it would be healthier if you communicate your feelings with the perpetrator instead of suppressing them.

4. Coveting Things That Are Not Yours

Dreaming about stealing could reflect your innate desire to possess something. When you dream of stealing whatever you desire, it could mean you’re ready to go to any lengths to acquire it, even when it already belongs to someone else.

Such a dream points to your overzealous trait to covet what you desire. That is a bad sign. And if not curbed, it could lead to toxic behaviors like entitlement and obsessiveness.

Common Scenarios of Dreams About Stealing

1. Dreaming About Stealing Money

Stealing money from someone in a dream is a good omen. It signifies physical, mental, and emotional growth. Also, it suggests you will embrace spirituality and connect with your inner self.

Also, the dream shows you’re an innovative and resourceful individual. Once you learn to unlock these traits, you will experience significant professional and financial growth. Who knows? Perhaps you will get promoted or invest in a fruitful venture.

2. Dreaming About Stealing Money From A Bank

It might look awful at face value, but dreaming of robbing a bank is a good omen. The dream highlights your toxic financial habits and warns you against them.

Such a dream tells you to watch your spending habits and restrain yourself from impulse buying, overspending, or splurging on luxurious items. If you do not, you might end up in debt and with a bad credit score.

If you’re financially responsible and still have such dreams, it means someone in your household is struggling with these habits and needs help.

3. Dreaming About Stealing a Car

Dreaming About Stealing a Car

Dreaming of stealing a car represents your ambition and desire to get the finer things in life. The act of stealing shows your ability to take charge of a situation and turn it into an opportunity to grow or develop yourself.

Contrary to that, if you found your car stolen, it means someone is trying to sabotage your progress. You might be ticking all the right boxes in life, but some people are jealous of your success.

The dream warns you to be cautious of whom you share your triumphs with.

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4. Dreaming About Stealing Jewelry

Stealing jewelry from a person in a dream denotes envy. You’re jealous of someone in your circle because of their personal and professional accomplishments.

That may be a good or bad thing. Feeling envious and deciding to push yourself to achieve your goals is a good thing. But if you decide to fixate on the other person and try to put them down, you’re a toxic person.

Dreams of someone else stealing jewelry from you warn you to be cautious of those around you. Someone in your group is envious and wants to take advantage of you.

5. Dreaming About Stealing Food

Stealing food in a dream symbolizes a yearning for affection, attention, respect, and recognition. You desire to be seen and acknowledged by your peers or family members.

Essentially, any dream involving the theft of food signifies going through difficulties in your waking life. It also alludes to having insecurities or an inferiority complex. However, every food might convey a different meaning.

  • Fish: Stealing fish reflects your lack of discretion in your waking life. You’re a gossip and have lost the trust of everyone. That has led to several disputes, especially among those who shared personal details of their lives with you.
  • Bread: Dreams of stealing bread denotes financial problems. You have a lavish lifestyle that doesn’t fit your budget and struggle with impulse buying or excessive spending.
  • Nuts: A dream about stealing nuts foretells success in your endeavors. It encourages you to work hard because your effort will eventually pay off.
  • Eggs: Dreams of stealing eggs imply that you are inconsistent and struggle with deadlines, especially when working on demanding tasks. The dream warns you against such behaviors because they may cost you your livelihood.
  • Cheese: Stealing cheese infers to your reluctance to interact with people, especially the ones you’re romantically interested in. The dream urges you to take the first step. You never know, they might also be interested in you.

6. Dreaming About Stealing Gold

Stealing gold in a dream is a sign of greed and self-indulgence. You’re never satisfied with what you have and constantly covet other people’s stuff. That has led to broken relationships and endless conflicts with the few people left in your circle.

You might have such a dream if your recent actions hurt a loved one. The dream warns you against your lack of guilt towards those you’ve wronged. If you don’t change, your indifference will come back to bite.

Conversely, stealing gold could foretell good fortune in your waking life. Gold is associated with wealth, and seeing it in a dream might mean you will come into wealth soon. Since you dream of being rich, you should also put in the work.

7. Dreaming About Stealing and Getting Caught

Dreaming about stealing and getting caught often occurs when you’re facing a dilemma in your waking life. Chances are, you’ve been offered an alluring deal and you’re tempted to take it.

However, you have some reservations. Although the deal feels good, it might become your downfall in the long run. Perhaps it also doesn’t go in line with your beliefs. Such a dream encourages you to look deep within and trust yourself to make the right decisions.

Getting caught while stealing perfumes or makeup implies a desire to imitate someone else. That means you’re afraid to be yourself because you fear getting ostracized. So, you choose to adopt a persona that will make people find you amicable and non-threatening.

8. Dreaming About Stealing and Not Getting Caught

Dreaming of stealing and not getting caught might reflect your hidden desire to acquire something using devious means. It might be a position at work or a highly sought project you’re bidding on. You feel desperate and cornered and want the easiest way out.

Similarly, it could point to your love life. You’re romantically interested in a person, yet you know they’re in a relationship or they’re being pursued by a couple of people. You feel as if you don’t stand a chance against the others so you choose to get the girl or guy through underhanded means.

9. Dreaming About Stealing and Running Away

You might have such a dream if you’re riddled with guilt. Probably, you may have done or said something hurtful in the past and gotten away with it. However, the guilt of your actions affecting other people is eating you.

You can’t forgive yourself, and it is messing with you emotionally and mentally. Your guilt will manifest as dreams of running away after stealing.

To get over this, try to make amends and seek redemption from the people you’ve hurt.

10. Dreaming of Stealing Art

Stealing art in a dream reflects your ambition. You’re determined to achieve your goals, no matter the circumstances. The dream also warns you against being overambitious. You should seek to achieve your goals the right way, not at the expense of your loved ones or your morals.

On the other hand, seeing someone else stealing art serves as a warning. Someone in your circle plans to exploit or betray you. Perhaps you’ve seen the signs but chosen to ignore them simply because you wish to keep your relationship with the other person.

The dream tells you to be wary of these signs. They might help you weed out those who aren’t your genuine friends.

11. Dreaming About Someone Stealing a Purse

Someone stealing your purse might mean several things at once.

First, it might signify the loss of your identity. You’ve lost sight of who you are and your core principles.

The decisions you’re making don’t align with your beliefs, and you are steadily losing the trust of those around you.

Secondly, the dream alludes to your unfulfilled dreams or aspirations. You had set targets for yourself and ended up failing to achieve them. That has left you feeling distraught and dejected.

Such a dream serves as a wake-up call. Stop giving excuses and take responsibility for your actions. Only then can you work towards achieving your goals.

On the upside, losing your purse might mean you will recover any money you had previously lost.

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Dreams about stealing might represent several symbols, depending on your personal, cultural and religious beliefs. Resentment, betrayal, and success are just among the most common symbols related to this vision.

Additionally, stealing dreams could point at your desire for good fortune or things that are not yours. Nevertheless, the correct interpretation of these dreams comes down to the context of the dream and the dreamer’s waking life experiences.

So, get yourself a dream journal and write everything you remember. After that, use this comprehensive guide to decode the potential interpretations of your dream.

If you have queries or need further clarification, inform us in the comment section.

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