Dream About Choking: What Does It Mean?

Dreaming of choking can make you feel uncomfortable and frightened by the idea of happening in real life.

It is a common dream, but its meaning can be detrimental, so you mustn’t neglect it. It carries messages for your physical, emotional, or psychological health.

dream about choking

So, let’s find out the meaning, symbolism, and different dream interpretations to help you stop having these dreadful dreams.

Dream About Choking Meaning

Choking can undoubtedly be a scary experience, even if it’s something small like choking on your saliva. In fact, it can be fatal.

When choking, it means it is nearly impossible to breathe. So, the dream implies that you are or will face serious problems and wish for someone to help you.

Of course, this can have many interpretations. One of them is feeling hopeless and desperate for a way out. However, the dream implies that an exit will appear if you ask for help or by making a change by yourself.

Alternatively, the dream may signify that you will be required to choose a different path. Otherwise, you will keep repressing your emotions, leading you to feel anger and remorse.

Also, dreaming of choking symbolizes the inability to enjoy life. For example, you may wish to escape from a monotonous routine and explore new things.

Spiritual Meaning of Choking in a Dream

In spirituality, when you dream of getting choked usually implies reluctance or fear to seek help or advice. Also, it may signify your lack of understanding of emotions and your surroundings or hesitating to express your feelings.

However, due to this hesitation, you may also be indecisive or too reckless. Similarly, because of your inability to ask for help, you may end up overburdened or even feel hostile towards someone or a situation.

You Hesitate to Seek Help

When you see someone choking, the obvious thing to do is to try and help. That’s why when you dream of choking, your subconscious mind is probably trying to tell you it is necessary to seek help.

However, this dream can also occur when people keep giving you advice and try to reach out to you, but you feel hesitant to accept their help.

This happens because perhaps your subconscious opposes your decision and willingness to follow someone else’s solution to your problems. Or you may be afraid to show others your vulnerabilities and insecurities.

Therefore, the unwillingness of your subconscious mind to accept a particular idea or trust another’s solution is reflected in dreams in the form of choking.

You Lack Emotions

Dreaming of choking represents the opposite of a real-life situation where someone chokes up due to intense feelings. It reflects a lack of feelings or an inability to experience an emotion.

Lacking emotions can happen when you might not know how to express or understand a specific feeling or avoid certain feelings because of different circumstances.

For example, this lack of expression of emotions can be a response to emotional turmoil within yourself or your environment. It can also be self-induced as a defense mechanism or a result of some childhood trauma.

However, due to this lack of emotions, your loved ones may often misunderstand your actions and words. Or, others may think you don’t value them and want to disrespect them. So, this dream warns you to try to understand your emotions better.

You Fear to Express Yourself

A different interpretation of a dream about choking is the inability to express your emotions and understand their significance in life.

It is similar to the previous point, but in this case, it’s about not expressing yourself due to fearing others’ opinions and judgment.

For instance, you may hide your true personality to please others and reach social expectations. But this dream is trying to remind you that you can’t reach your true potential as a human being if you keep masking your authentic self.

So, when someone lacks the ability to express it leads to a dream about choking where the inner soul is suffocating and wants to come to the surface. To stop having this dream, let go of your facade and start loving yourself.

You Feel Hostility Toward Someone

Dreaming of choking on something can be a metaphor for feeling hostility or negativity towards a person or a situation.

Perhaps, currently, someone in your environment keeps irritating you because of their opinions, reckless behavior, or jealousy.

And, since you constantly dwell on this feeling and person, negative energy interferes with your subconscious peace.

So, the dream warns against harboring such intense loathing toward anyone. It reminds you that it is more important to focus on your life rather than others.

You Are Reckless

Sometimes, a dream about choking may indicate that you make too many decisions without thinking about them beforehand, leading to unfavorable consequences.

Perhaps, recently you became too reckless and kept making mistakes both in your professional career and personal life.

For instance, your hasty choice to resign from a job can lead to financial instability that will eventually bring you down rather than progress to something better. Or, some reckless behavior towards your partner may lead to unwanted arguments.

Therefore, you need to take a step back and slow things down before you cause damage that can’t be undone.

You Are Unable to Make a Decision

If you dream of choking on something but can’t swallow it or expel it, it might mean that you are currently required to make a decision, but you are unable to.

Perhaps, you are in between two choices and can’t decide what’s the best for you. Or you have to make a choice but take too long, resulting in you missing an opportunity.

However, this dream can also indicate your inability to make quick decisions because you fear other people’s opinions. For example, you may worry that your choices may hurt others.

So, the dream hints at being more decisive and following your heart.

You Have Regrets

Dreaming of choking may also indicate regrets about your old beliefs, ideas, and habits.

For example, in the past, maybe you were already aware of your regretful actions, negative environments, or feelings. But instead of getting away from them, you got stuck due to the wrong movements.

Or, maybe you wished for a new beginning, a new endeavor in your career, and tried out something novel, original, and unique. But regretted it later due to failures.

So, this dream advises you to accept your failures and mistakes to move forward and try a new path.

You Feel Pressured

Another reason you may dream of choking is that you feel pressured and overwhelmed in your waking life.

Choking in your dream symbolizes feeling restricted by a situation or a person and the inability to make any choices or movements. It indicates that you are currently in a hopeless situation or mindset.

Furthermore, if you’re forced to do something, you feel burdened and challenged to continue on this path. Also, you may feel stressed because of the uncertainty of the success of this project or relationship.

Therefore, the dream is a sign of clearing your mind before continuing your obligations and decisions.

Scenarios of Choking in a Dream

Scenarios of Choking in a Dream

Dreaming of Being Choked by Someone

Dreaming about getting choked by someone means that an individual in your waking life is giving you a lot of emotional stress.

In fact, you might be getting many panic attacks in real life. So, your subconsciousness through this dream is trying to help you realize this tension between you and this person.

Another interpretation suggests that perhaps you have certain feelings for the person you are being choked by but haven’t or can’t express your feelings. So, the dream is a representation of your frustration.

Dreaming of Choking Someone

Usually, when you dream of choking someone, it indicates that you have hostile feelings toward a specific individual, which could be the person you dream of.

It is possible that for personal reasons, you might dislike this person, thus your negative feelings take the form of this dream.

But it is also possible that this dream is a reflection of your desire to stop this person from creating chaos and drama if they reveal a secret or some truth.

Dreaming of Being Choked to Death

Dreaming of getting choked to death signifies the inability to see your life path clearly. It is likely that you are in a toxic environment or relationship that doesn’t allow you to be your authentic self.

Thus, the dream is trying to realize that it is time to find yourself to not let this toxicity lead you to emotional and physical turmoil.

It is necessary to put your priorities in order and start seeing your hopes, dreams, and needs more clearly.

Dreaming of Choking a Child

If you dream of choking a child, it means the people around you are starting to feel disappointed by your actions.

This might be happening because you are no longer taking your responsibilities and obligations seriously. Or, you don’t allow others to depend on you, resulting in others distrusting you.

Therefore, the dream is trying to remind you that it is necessary to learn to share your skills and resources with your loved ones to be more accomplished and respected.

Dreaming of Choking on Hair

If you dream of choking on your hair, it is possible that this is a warning of your failure to carry out your roles and responsibilities.

It is important to remember that you have a part in life, whether that is as a parent, a friend, a colleague, or a partner. Otherwise, consequences might occur.

Thus, the dream warns you against abandoning your loved ones when they need you. Never forget to show your people your presence and love because one day, you may be the one who will need their support.

Dreaming of Choking on Blood

Seeing a dream of yourself choking on blood is a negative sign. It may indicate that an unknown or hidden danger is about to appear before you and may create a significant imbalance in your daily life.

This danger could be hidden enemies and traps from your inner circle, such as a friend or a colleague that wishes to see you fall.

It may be hard to accept that someone will betray you, but it is necessary to be careful of your surroundings and keep yourself away from potential threats that might harm you.

Dreaming of Choking on Chewing Gum

A dream of choking on chewing gum symbolizes your negligence toward your health.

The dream reminds you that your body is the vessel of your spirit and mind. Therefore, it is your most important asset, and you should prioritize it above everything else.

So, even if you are currently burdened by a job or any other aspect of life, it doesn’t mean you should neglect your health. Try to take care of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs too.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, dreaming of choking is related to our body, mind, and soul. It is connected to the negligence of our emotions, dreams, and hopes.

Also, these dreams are a symbol of negative feelings toward others or the pressure we might feel because of these negative feelings or other unfavorable situations.

But even so, when you have such a dream, it brings you awareness of these issues that you can then slowly resolve them

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