Dream of Chasing Someone Meaning

Chasing someone is a frequent dream for many as it is a fear embedded in people’s minds since the beginning of humanity. Specifically, it has always been a natural survival instinct to chase or be chased. Mainly because our ancestors faced both natural hazards and wild predators.

However, dreaming of chasing someone does not have such a literal meaning anymore. Still, the dream’s interpretation depends on your mood and feelings, as well as your current situation.

dreams about chasing someone

So, let’s see in more detail the meaning of chasing someone in a dream.

General Meaning of Chasing Someone in a Dream

Usually, in dreams chasing someone may bring negative emotions rather than positive ones. In fact, it may even feel like a nightmare.

However, in dreams, rather than chasing a person, it might feel like chasing a feeling or notion. Because perhaps you are looking for an answer, so your subconsciousness is trying to reveal the path you need to take.

Alternatively, your mind may be trying to tell you that you are becoming codependent. Therefore, the dream of chasing someone is a message for you to start appreciating your own company.

However, if you are chasing someone you already know, then the dream symbolizes a fresh start. In fact, if you catch up to the person you are pursuing, it means you are determined to pursue your goals.

An essential aspect of the dream is your distance from the person you’re chasing because that can reveal a deeper meaning about what you are seeking. For instance, a small distance usually means you are close to your goal, while a long distance may indicate an unattainable desire.

Spiritual Meaning of Chasing Someone in a Dream

Generally, in spirituality, dreams are seen as visions that come to us at an unexpected time in an unexpected situation.

The dream of chasing someone has several meanings, but usually, in spirituality, it indicates need, sexual satisfaction, attention, and desire.

Below we will expand more on these four spiritual meanings of chasing someone in a dream.


Everyone has needs, and most people can’t be satisfied until these needs are settled and become a reality. And that’s what the dream of chasing someone symbolizes.

When you need something, you are always willing to do anything just to get it. So, the dream may relate to your willingness to get something that you need, while the person you’re chasing symbolizes what you need.

Generally, our subconsciousness shows us the things we want and crave through dreams. So, when you constantly dream of chasing someone, try to pay attention to the details and think about what might be missing from your life or what you need the most at the moment.

Sexual Satisfaction

Chasing someone in your dream may metaphorically mean pursuing someone romantically. In other words, it is an indication that you are looking for a romantic partner.

The dream could also mean that you still haven’t realized your feelings toward a specific person, and the dream is trying to awaken your desire. However, it is essential to try and remember details such as who you were chasing and with what intentions.

Specifically, the dream can be a sign of your feelings for the person you are pursuing. If it is a person you already know and have a bond with, the dream signifies your strong desire for them.

That’s why the dream could be a message for you to try your luck with the person you desire after clearing up your personal feelings.


Dreaming of chasing someone can also mean that you feel lost or have lost your focus on something crucial to you. For example, you may no longer pay attention to a project at work or don’t see your friends or family.

Therefore, this dream can be a sign that you need to refocus and go back to what you may have lost. Because if this is something that holds a special place in your heart or success, you will lose important opportunities.

So, in conclusion, this dream is trying to tell you that you need to pay closer attention to things that surround you and matter to you. Show more devotion to your loved ones and be more diligent with your work in order to not have any regrets later.


Chasing someone can also indicate your desire to achieve a goal in life. It shows your eagerness to complete or fulfill something.

Additionally, the dream could mean that you desire something greater in general, such as a prosperous life, happy marriage, or an impeccable career.

Thus, the dream is a message for you to always go after the things you desire, and you should do everything that is possible to achieve that.

Common Scenarios of Dreams About Chasing Someone

Dream of Chasing Someone You Do Not Know

If you are chasing someone you do not know or are unfamiliar with in real life, it means you are about to get closer to or meet someone who will play a significant role in your life.

Additionally, if the person is a complete stranger, it might mean that you have lost your true path in life and need to redirect yourself. It is time to rethink your beliefs and values regarding your job, love life, or life path.

Dream of Chasing Someone and Failing

Failing to catch the person you’re chasing or having a big distance between you and the person you’re pursuing might mean that you are about to experience disappointment in your waking life.

Just like in your dream, perhaps you’ve been doing everything you can to achieve a goal, but you constantly feel like everything is for nothing.

Therefore, the dream indicates that you should not go after something that seems worthless.

Dream of Chasing Someone and Hiding

If you are chasing someone while hiding may mean that you will face certain problems in your life that you do not want to partake in.

However, when you have such a dream, it is a warning that you need to come out of your shell and be ready to get involved with things that may be undesired but necessary for your progress.

Dream of Chasing a Bad Guy

Dreaming of chasing a bad guy may indicate that you are currently experiencing a tough period in your life that causes you tension and anxiety.

Therefore, the dream is trying to remind you that you are strong enough and capable and can face any problem. It is time for you to overtake your fears and stress and prevail in anything that is bothering you at the moment.

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A dream about chasing someone usually represents our desires, needs, and where we need to put our attention. But it is also a warning of these needs.

So, depending on your feelings during your dream, as well as your current situation, apply these interpretations and be sure you can achieve any desire that may be hidden within you.

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