Alien Dream Meaning and Symbolism

While the idea of aliens’ dates back centuries ago, it picked up in recent times. Aliens integrated today into pop culture in movies, television shows, and even video games, like World of Warcraft. With aliens being a recurring theme in our conscious state, they very well might spill into our subconscious when we are asleep. … Read More


Dream of Toads Meaning & Symbolism

The father of modern taxonomy, Carl Linnaeus, believed toads are foul and loathsome creatures because of their pale color, filthy skin, terrible venom, and cold body. But surprisingly, these humble amphibians can teach us a lot about life. Toads might be uglier than Shrek, but they are super confident creatures. Even with a voice that … Read More

White Rabbit

White Rabbit Dream Symbolism & Meaning

When a white rabbit graces your dream, it’s a positive sign. White rabbits, with their snowy white fur and bright ruby-red eyes, are often associated with good luck and success. To meet one in your subconscious escapades could mean you have a positive attitude towards life and this will take you places. If the white … Read More


Dreaming of Grapes Meaning

Fun fact: Grapes are true berries like bananas. Don’t say bananas are not berries; they are, just like pumpkins. You are confused, right? Yeah, so are we. Now, here is the thing: when a grape appears in your dream, it’s no longer just another berry. This delicate fruit is a powerful symbol of great prosperity, … Read More


Dreaming About Graduation Meaning

Whether you are currently in school or long past your academic years, never assume a dream about graduation. This powerful dream goes beyond just tossing a cap in the air. Carl Jung, a famous psychologist, says visions about graduating show that you’ve accomplished something important or are undergoing personal growth. This dream guide explores dreams … Read More

raw meat

Dream of Raw Meat Meaning

It seems we can never agree on the issue of raw meat. Some people love it, but many are grossed out by it. If truth be told, the sight or smell of raw meat can be enough to make some individuals feel sick. Irrespective of your stance on this issue, a dream of raw meat … Read More

brwon horse

Seeing Brown Horse in Dream Meaning

Someone very wise once said – “If there’s a paradise on earth, it lies on the back of horses”. This quote hints at the powerful bond humans and horses have shared over the centuries. It is, therefore, no surprise when a horse gallops its way into our dreams. A brown horse, in particular, says volumes … Read More


Floating in Dreams Meaning

It feels nice to float in the air, even if it’s only in the dream world. The weightless sensation is more like being freed from the shackles of life. Basically, the dream has everything to do with your innate desire for freedom. But it can also hold a wealth of meanings that reflects our deepest … Read More


Dreaming of Puppies Meaning

There’s always a sense of joy and happiness that comes with watching puppies chasing each other or playing with their mum. Don’t you think so? These feelings translate perfectly into our dreams. Cute, cuddly and friendly, puppies pop up in our dreamscape to remind us to appreciate the simple things about life. A sign to … Read More

Stabbing Someone

Dream of Stabbing Someone Meaning

So, you’ve killed someone in your dream and now you fear that you might embark on a murderous rampage? No! You won’t. It’s just a dream, but one that you must get to the bottom of it. This dream might seem aggressive and even scary at face value, but it simply points to your defensiveness. … Read More