Floating in Dreams Meaning

It feels nice to float in the air, even if it’s only in the dream world. The weightless sensation is more like being freed from the shackles of life. Basically, the dream has everything to do with your innate desire for freedom. But it can also hold a wealth of meanings that reflects our deepest … Read More

Stabbing Someone

Dream of Stabbing Someone Meaning

So, you’ve killed someone in your dream and now you fear that you might embark on a murderous rampage? No! You won’t. It’s just a dream, but one that you must get to the bottom of it. This dream might seem aggressive and even scary at face value, but it simply points to your defensiveness. … Read More

ladybug on finger

Ladybug Dream Meaning & Symbolism

Out of all the creatures, you won’t expect ladybugs to appear in your dream. But most individuals have encountered these delicate, beautiful insects in their unconscious state. For a long time, people have associated the ladybug with good luck. Whenever it shows up in the realm of dreams, it means that good tidings and prosperity … Read More

dreams about pulling teeth out

Dream of Pulling Out Teeth Meaning

A good night’s sleep is all good until you wake up in cold sweat, heart pounding due to a bizarre dream about pulling your teeth out. This dream can even leave you disturbed and with lots of questions. But surprisingly, such dreams are very common, and many people experience them. The dream, just like any … Read More

Dreaming About Riding a Bike

Dreaming About Riding a Bike Meaning

The bicycle, or “people’s nag” as it was famously known, became an instant hit because it made people mobile. Though a modern-day bike looks nothing like the original one (invented in 1817) it has a place in our life, be it in exercising, navigating, or for fun, e.g. races and hikes. As such, it makes … Read More

Suicide Dream

Suicide Dream Meaning: 12 Scenarios

Even when you are sure you’ve never thought about committing suicide, coming to terms with a dream about suicide is not that easy. Dreaming about suicide can be frightening and disturbing, but fear less because your dream doesn’t mean you will kill yourself anytime soon. You could experience this dream due to a number of … Read More

Dream of Cleaning

Dream of Cleaning: Meaning & Interpretation

Dreaming about cleaning can get awkward and worrying quite fast, especially when you dream about cleaning blood. But with the correct information, the worrying goes away just as quick. For example, a dream of cleaning blood could mean you are recovering or healing from past traumas or experiences. The vision could relate to spiritual cleaning, … Read More

dreaming of crabs

Dreaming of Crabs: Meaning & Interpretation

“Dreams unlock the natural truths of our unconscious mind, beyond our conscious control. They allow us to reconnect with our basic human nature when we are lost or stuck,”–Carl Jung. True to Jung’s words, a dream about crabs represents the hidden aspects of your psyche that you need to confront and embrace. Let’s take a … Read More

Dream About Haunted House

Dream About Haunted House Meaning

A dream about a creepy haunted house is, without a doubt, scary and super unsettling. However, don’t be alarmed or stressed. This vision has a great deal of significance in it. In essence, a dream of a haunted house portrays suppressed fear, unsettled issues, and memories that keep coming back. These dreams also echo the … Read More

dream about the devil

Dreaming About the Devil: Symbols and Meanings

It’s no secret that dreams about the Devil can evoke strong emotions in the dreamer. Far from being forgettable, these visions can rattle us at our core. The mere appearance of a sinister honed entity can leave us with anxiety and fear, and sensations of dream in the dream world. Dreams about devils can have … Read More