Dreaming of A Boat: What Does It Mean?

Boats usually are used to take us from one point to another. But the journey can depend on many factors. Furthermore, the trip is not just a means of transportation. It can also be a form of recreation, a holiday, or a source of income.

So, dreaming of a boat generally represents our spiritual journey that is affected by external or internal influences.

boat dream meaning

For instance, a dream about a boat can symbolize adventure, exploration, new love, or longing for peace and happiness.

General Meaning of a Dream About a Boat

As already indicated, dreaming of a boat is the reflection of a spiritual journey. For example, since a boat is used for transportation, this dream could represent the direction you have taken or the speed you are using to find what you want.

Furthermore, water usually represents emotions. Therefore, a boat can represent your emotional capacity.

Specifically, the boat embodies your subconscious, navigating your feelings and experiences and trying to help you understand what needs to be changed to manifest your desires and goals.

Alternatively, the boat may represent isolation, like a fisherman alone in the sea. Depending on the dream’s other factors, as well as your waking life, this isolation can be unrequited love, missed opportunities, or longing for your family or someone important to you.

Spiritual Meaning of a Boat in a Dream

Desire for a Change

Traveling implies a change of environment. That’s why dreaming of a boat may suggest your desire to make a change. This change could literally be moving to another destination or a form of escapism. Especially if you dream of sailing away from the land.

If you dream of a boat sailing in calm, expansive waters, it means you long for peace and happiness in your life. But, you believe you can only find happiness in a different environment.

Otherwise, if you dream of a boat sailing in turbulent waters, it may symbolize your desire to metaphorically change your world. Perhaps, you want to make shifts in your job environment or your social circle.

Longing for an Adventure

People often get excited and hyped when planning a boat trip or a cruise. So, similarly, dreaming of a boat can indicate the craving for something thrilling and exciting.

For instance, a dream of a kayak, a canoe, or a dinghy, can signify the longing for an adventure. Perhaps, you’ve been feeling drained from the daily routine of a 9 to 5 job and have the desire to explore the world.

Or, in general, you are looking for ways to add an element of adventure into your life. If you’re dreaming of propelling yourself on a small watercraft, it may suggest the exploration of new hobbies.

Necessity to Relax

Generally, boats are slower than any other means of transportation. So, if you dream of a boat, such as a pontoon boat, it might imply that you need to slow down.

It is possible that you’ve had a busy schedule and didn’t take any free time for yourself. Or, you’ve been preoccupied with other obligations and haven’t had a relaxing weekend with family and friends for a long time.

So, like a pontoon boat that allows people to leisurely sail on the sea, your dream is a reminder of the importance of taking a break. Try to do things at a slower pace, or plan a short vacation to revitalize and rejuvenate.

Power and Control

Sometimes people find themselves in situations where they feel immense excitement, fear, or annoyance, yet it is necessary to keep their power and control.

If you are experiencing this situation in your waking life, your subconscious manifests it through a dream of a speedboat or powerboat.

Sailing on these boats can be exhilarating, but the captain must maintain focus and control to ensure safe sailing. So, this dream is trying to tell you the necessity to take charge of your life and not forget your inner power.

Life Journey

As already mentioned, relaxation is a common interpretation of a dream about a boat. But a sailboat, in general, can be the symbol of soothing peace, joy, and grace.

Therefore, dreaming of a sailboat can signify your contentment with where you are in your life. You feel at peace, and happiness is a constant.

Also, a sailboat might symbolize the direction your life is headed. If the waters are calm, this dream indicates that your journey will be peaceful and graceful. But if the waters are wild and stormy, there might be obstacles you will need to overcome.


Dreaming of a sinking boat can be a terrifying experience. And realistically speaking, being on a sinking boat would bring out emotions of hopelessness and desperation.

And that’s exactly what such a dream would mean, hopelessness, inability to control your emotions, and distress. Perhaps you are currently in a situation in your waking life where no matter how much effort you put there is no success.

For example, you might be trying to hold onto a sinking relationship or an unfair situation at work. So this dream is warning you to stay alert and stay strong.


Another possible meaning of dreaming of a boat is resentment or emotional baggage. However, this interpretation is used for a dream about a tugboat.

Tugboats are used to tow large ships. So, dreaming of a tugboat may indicate metaphorically pulling emotional baggage from a romantic partner, a friend, family, or even your job.

Specifically, you might feel you are being dragged down by a situation that won’t end up favorably for you. Alternatively, you might be the one that is tugging along someone who will eventually resent you.

Fear of Commitment

Dreaming of a ferry boat may symbolize your fear of long-term commitments. For example, you may prefer to tread carefully, take your time, and avoid obligations.

Therefore, like a ferry boat that is used for short trips, you purposefully go for short-term commitments in your professional or social life. Perhaps, that is because you don’t want to take more than you can handle or because you have an aversion to long-term commitments.

So, this dream is your subconscious reminding you that it is better to not overcommit than over-committing and under-delivering. Otherwise, your reputation and integrity will be damaged.


A dream about a boat signifies eagerness for adventure and new beginnings. But it can also symbolize doubts and fears over a decision.

This dream manifests if you have already made a bold decision, such as leaving your job for a new career path or traveling the world. However, it does not signify the error of your judgment. It symbolizes your anxiety over the success of your decision.

To interpret this dream correctly, you need to be aware of your emotional state during the dream. If you seem uncertain and doubtful, it is possible you are not fully determined about the choices you’ve made.

Common Dreams About Boats

Common Dreams About Boats

Dream of Seeing a Boat

If you see a boat in your dream, it is a sign of misfortune and a message to always be ready for every situation that may appear in your life. Furthermore, it is warning you to be careful with your decisions and words. Otherwise, misunderstanding may occur.

Dream of You on A Boat

Dreaming of being on a boat can signify your strong feelings towards someone or a close relationship you already have with a friend or your partner. It could also indicate that romantic love may arise from a friendship.

Dream of A Boat in The Open Sea

Dreaming of a boat in the open sea suggests a period of significant changes in your life. Perhaps, you are already experiencing growth in your spiritual journey. Or, you will soon have many opportunities flowing into your life.

However, this dream may also mean you feel lost due to the many options you have and feel indecisive.

Dream of A Boat in A Storm

Seeing a boat in stormy weather is a sign of overdoing things. It might also mean that you haven’t been able to overcome your fears.

This is because you made mistakes before, or you fear that due the decision you already took is the wrong one. So you should stop and think carefully about your professional and personal life and make things step by step.

Dream of A Boat Stranded on Land

A stranded boat usually symbolizes financial difficulties. Possibly, you will soon lose control of your finances due to external factors. However, you might also spend more than you can, creating an imbalance in your economic life.

So, like a stranded boat on land, you might feel unable to get away from this situation. Therefore, it is necessary to refocus your priorities or ask for help.

Dream of A Sinking Boat

A sinking boat in a dream signifies the approach of a significant challenge in your life. This could be in any aspect of your life, and it will test your faith, courage, and determination.

So, the dream is warning you to stay alert and prepare yourself in order to overcome this phase.

Dream of A Boat in Calm Water

Seeing a boat sailing in calm water is undoubtedly a positive sign. Generally, it symbolizes calmness, peace, and joy.

But specifically, if you plan to have a new beginning in life, including in your career and relationship, this is the best time to do that.

Dream of Flying by Boat

Dreaming of a flying boat implies you are an optimistic person. But you deserve to be because you are creative and cunning. The flying boat represents a new beginning or opportunity that will help you develop your skills even more.

So, the dream is a message of not giving up and wasting time and creating a plan to achieve your expectations.

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Generally, a boat is a good omen. It represents spiritual growth and enlightenment. So, dreaming of a boat can imply a new beginning, adventure, peace, and hope.

But still, dreams can have many interpretations and meanings. So, a boat in a dream might also represent hopelessness, resentment, and fear.

Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of your feelings during the dream and its scenario in order to prepare yourself for what is coming toward you.

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